610 Sports Blows Up The Big Show / Parkins & Carrington To Take On KK In Afternoon Drive

The list of vanquished foes Kevin Kietzman has buried over his 17-year career in Kansas City sports talk radio is longer than a Nate Bukaty question. Kietzman began his transition from Fox 4’s third-string television reporter to an afternoon sports shock jock first by knocking off 980’s thought-to-be-unbeatable Don Fortune with the wet noodle day-timer station KCTE 1510.

The late-but-not-great Jerry Green, Union Broadcasting’s initial money man, bought one of Kansas City’s most iconic radio signals in 1999 and moved Kietzman and his clan from a signal that went off the air when the wind blew to the 50,000-watt WHB 810. Many have tried to knock KK from his lofty perch as KC’s sports talk king but all have failed. All. And there are some big names in that casket. Jason Whitlock, Bill Maas, Roger Twibell, Danny Boatright and Soren Petro all joined Fortune as those who have taken Kietzman on and lost.

610’s The Big Show is the latest casualty of the Kietzman Kurse. Starting next week, The Big Show will be replaced during the 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM slot by moving Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison from their midday show to afternoon drive. Jayice Pearson will remain as the only remnant from The Big Show and will attempt to blend his NFL ego with the two 20-somethng KC radio rookies.

Josh Vernier, the former glue for The Big Show’s triple-headed monstrosity, has already been moved out of his chair to replace Robert Ford as 610’s Royals’ pre- and post-game host. Jay Binkley, he of humble radio beginnings from his Three Guys In A Garage podcast, will move from The Big Show to middays to partner with a new 610 talent, Henry Lake from Minneapolis’ KFAN.

It was Lake who leaked the news that 610’s Big Show was about to blow. He posted on his Facebook page that he was moving to Kansas City to take over middays on 610. This nugget started the rumor mills churning and eventually revealed 610’s new programming scheme that is planned to be officially announced on Monday, April 8th.

Henry Lake had been with KFAN since December of 1997. His bio page presents him as a fun-loving black dude who states, “I feel like Shaquille O’Neal, if you don’t like Henry Lake, something is wrong with you.” You can follow Lake on Twitter at @lakeshow73. His Twitter bio reads, “Sports radio talking head at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, lover of food, fashion, hip hop, and member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity!”

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45 Responses to 610 Sports Blows Up The Big Show / Parkins & Carrington To Take On KK In Afternoon Drive

  1. Doug says:

    Big Show was a flop from day 1. No confidence that Parkins will do any better, I have already given up on him on the 10-2 shift. As long as 610 hires triple-A talent they are not going to improve.

  2. omar epps says:

    The Big Show was kind of a weird fit to begin with. Binkley to me is the one who can actually draw in listeners compared to Jayice and Josh neither one who have anything much more interesting to say than my gray cubicle walls.

  3. The Smartman says:

    I know that 420 is lingo for weed, 411 is about info, 187 is cop killing and 911 is emergencies. Is 610 slang for stupid motherfuckers that can’t program a sports talk station?

  4. Renton says:

    Thank God I won’t have the temptation to switch to Dumb and Dumber while Petro is in commercials anymore. With D&D on from 2-6pm, I will NEVER have to hear them. Huzzah!

  5. Dan says:

    Anything is better than Smoke ‘n’ Fire and The Racin’ Boys. And that season is upon us. I know it pays the bills, but when I hear those words it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I’m also getting tired of hearing about Petro’s low testosterone.

  6. JS says:

    This reminds me of Chris and Cowboy who did not work but they have to try something. “The Big Show” obviously did not live up to its name.

  7. MightyMo says:

    I don’t believe 610 wants to beat 810. What the owners want is to stabilize enough in the ratings that 610 contributes to their overall profit in this market(or at least doesnt suck). Its been the main difference in the two stations since there was a competition. To be successful, 810 has to work THIS market. It feeds everything they do. That is why their hosts generate a stron local response (love or hate)–they are us, and we know them. The desire to win for 810 exists from the owners on down. At 610, its mostly local.

  8. Bill says:

    WTF, they are leaving Pearson with Carrington and Danny? How stupid is this GD station. Those two and Pearson are going to be like oil and water. Jeez.

  9. i-pod says:

    Sports(radio) in this town has really begun to suck. The Royals are terrible, the Chiefs are terrible, KU football is a joke, nobody besides KK really cares about KState and MU sports as a whole continues to disappoint. Who needs the heartache and headache?

    • kc says:

      “Nobody besides KK cares about K-State”? Where have you been? Ku football being a joke and mu sports also sucking, is very true. However, many people in this city care greatly for K-State and would like more coverage than is now available. If only KK was even a quarter as much a homer as the other guys on 810, would be nice.

      • Joe Blow says:

        K-State is good once every 10 years, but somehow they should have more coverage?

        • kcredsox says:

          It’s a dynasty Joe Blow, you didn’t know that?

        • kc says:

          As opposed to a non-existent ku football team or very bad mu football or mediocre mu basketball team? A ku basketball team that got beat by TCU? Yeah, K-State sure is lagging! HA

  10. Bibi Jones says:

    DP and CH are by far the best hosts on 610. It makes sense to give them a shot at KK.

    Biggums Binkley is impossible to listen to.

  11. Go State says:

    I never listened to more than about 2 minutes of the Big Show, but now Danny and CDot will be interrupting my KK listening. Petro can just slide along with the same format that he’s had (which I generally enjoy, but can get boring.) People who have always listened to Kevin will still listen because we all want to hear his opinion on things.

    Since I really enjoy Danny and CDot’s personalities (if not always their sports takes), it’s too bad we have to wait until later in the day to hear them now. I doubt I’ll listen to another out of town guy and Jayice Pearson.

  12. Old Man Kissel says:

    Well, another notch on KK’s Gun Belt. Get ready Parkins & Carrington, you’re next.

    Let me see who are all those notches on KK’s Belt?


    Jim Rose


    1250 The Game



    Neil and Marty

    Chris and Cowboy


    Nick Wright

    Now the Big Show

    810 scoops 610 once again…

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      And I’m guessing you’ll be able to add CBS Sports Radio 102.5 to that list before too long!

      • The Word says:

        CBS Sports isn’t too bad. But their best show’s are night time shows. Ferrell on the Bench is great. DA is good, but that’s it. John Feinstein has his moments as well as Gottlieb.

      • J Rok says:

        The morning show with Tiki Barber and Dana Jacobson is terrible. Gottleib’s show isn’t too bad. Jim Rome is still Jim Rome. Haven’t heard any others.

    • drew says:


  13. Buford T Justice says:

    Bring back Nick Wright!

  14. Steve says:

    Nick couldn’t beat Petro and got promoted. Perkins and C-Dont can’t beat Petro and get promoted. And we wonder why no one gives that blowhard Keitz a true run. Hire someone with talent. Don’t just promote cheap mediocrity.

  15. The Word says:

    I honestly think 610 should go more national. Have one three to four hour local show every morning or mid-day and then the rest national.

    610 will never beat KK. Their biggest chance was during the “Maas Exodus.” They have so much hype so much press. Whitlock went on message boards talking like a freed slave. The Star did stories about all the turmoil.

    So of course Whitlock and the Boys blow it royally.

    One local show then national. That’s all.

  16. Joe Blow says:

    Wow, it all sounds really boring. I guess I’ll continue to never listen to KC Sports Talk Radio.

  17. J Rok says:

    I’ve switched to 1320am in Lawrence for 3-6pm sports talk. Lots of KU talk of course, but it’s not the idiots on 610 or 810 so it’s quite refreshing.

  18. E. Jack Hewlett says:

    Parkins and Carrington might be the two most insipid personalities to ever infest the KC airways. They make Nick Wright look like Walter Cronkite.

  19. I think Petro and The Program is the best right now in KC Sports Radio. KK talks about golf WWWWAAAAAAYYYY too much for my taste, and this is epitomized by his weekly segment with Jack Harry (ugh). I am not a 40-ish something Leawood dude who wants to go to Ironhorse all the time…I like running and biking and the Royals and Chiefs, not grilling and golf. Petro is good with stats, and keeps it real. I don’t think 610 will be able to beat 810 in the 10-2 time slot. I am not so sure that they can beat KK in the 2-6 time slot either with Carrington. The Big Show was a disaster…I listened to about 15 total minutes of it during it’s lifespan.

  20. tibor says:

    Some day maybe 610 or another station will get serious about competing with KK and hire Petro who I am confident would beat him….but as one of the earlier posters pointed out they obviously are content with being 2nd in a 2 horse race because they can still make a profit.

    • Old Man Kissel says:

      Are you for real Tibor? You’re sure Petro would beat KK? Did you forget that Petro had his chance to beat KK before and failed miserably twice?????

      Why would Petro want to get his KK butt kicking a third time?

      810 scoops 610 once again.

      • drew says:

        this must be kevin’s mom? old lady kietzman

      • old lady kietzman says:

        old man kissel you’re a saint. i want invite you to the 810 zone for some royal blue balls, compliments of my sweet kevie. pick me up at 6:00?

        love mommy kietzman

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