610 Sports Blows Up The Big Show / Parkins & Carrington To Take On KK In Afternoon Drive

The list of vanquished foes Kevin Kietzman has buried over his 17-year career in Kansas City sports talk radio is longer than a Nate Bukaty question. Kietzman began his transition from Fox 4’s third-string television reporter to an afternoon sports shock jock first by knocking off 980’s thought-to-be-unbeatable Don Fortune with the wet noodle day-timer station KCTE 1510.

The late-but-not-great Jerry Green, Union Broadcasting’s initial money man, bought one of Kansas City’s most iconic radio signals in 1999 and moved Kietzman and his clan from a signal that went off the air when the wind blew to the 50,000-watt WHB 810. Many have tried to knock KK from his lofty perch as KC’s sports talk king but all have failed. All. And there are some big names in that casket. Jason Whitlock, Bill Maas, Roger Twibell, Danny Boatright and Soren Petro all joined Fortune as those who have taken Kietzman on and lost.

610’s The Big Show is the latest casualty of the Kietzman Kurse. Starting next week, The Big Show will be replaced during the 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM slot by moving Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison from their midday show to afternoon drive. Jayice Pearson will remain as the only remnant from The Big Show and will attempt to blend his NFL ego with the two 20-somethng KC radio rookies.

Josh Vernier, the former glue for The Big Show’s triple-headed monstrosity, has already been moved out of his chair to replace Robert Ford as 610’s Royals’ pre- and post-game host. Jay Binkley, he of humble radio beginnings from his Three Guys In A Garage podcast, will move from The Big Show to middays to partner with a new 610 talent, Henry Lake from Minneapolis’ KFAN.

It was Lake who leaked the news that 610’s Big Show was about to blow. He posted on his Facebook page that he was moving to Kansas City to take over middays on 610. This nugget started the rumor mills churning and eventually revealed 610’s new programming scheme that is planned to be officially announced on Monday, April 8th.

Henry Lake had been with KFAN since December of 1997. His bio page presents him as a fun-loving black dude who states, “I feel like Shaquille O’Neal, if you don’t like Henry Lake, something is wrong with you.” You can follow Lake on Twitter at @lakeshow73. His Twitter bio reads, “Sports radio talking head at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, lover of food, fashion, hip hop, and member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity!”

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45 Responses to 610 Sports Blows Up The Big Show / Parkins & Carrington To Take On KK In Afternoon Drive

  1. mark says:

    Danny and Carrington are great! I wish they would have dumped Pearson. He’s just awful!

  2. Herb says:

    Shocking that the Big Show is already done. Vernier sucks. Pearson sucks. I feel sorry for Jay Binkley.

  3. Brad says:

    I feel bad for Binkley’s cat.

  4. Drew says:

    Love SSJ and the Border Patrol, funny, provide good insight and some laughs on the way into the office. Petro is by far the best at having a mind like a coach and has the stats to back it up. KK is a d-bag who clearly does ZERO preparation on day to day sports. He thinks he can get by on opinion and outlandish statements to get by. And then hopes to have one or two blockbuster scoops to secure his place at the top. It’s funny how KK has turned into Don Fortune over the years. If Petro were at 610 he would crush KK.

  5. old lady kietzman says:

    my boy is a saint. he is pure of heart and tells the truth. he has never done anything, but display the best intentions. my boy kevie is the most humble person in the kansas city media, he is always open to everyone’s opinion even if it’s completely wrong. old man kissel are we still on for our date tonight?

    love mommy

  6. Danny Boatright is an impressive name? Karen Kornacki, take II?

  7. Jeff says:

    I am from Minneapolis and Lake is pretty entertaining. I think Parking and C. Dot in drive time with Lake and Binkley in mid day is an upgrade for 610. I thought the Big Show was OK, but the ratings must have been terrible to have is blown up just months into its run.

  8. Boley in COMO says:

    Must not be that great. I’ve never heard of Keitzman. I listen to 610. 810 has never grabbed me as a listener.

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