OTC: 2-13 Chiefs Land 5 Pro Bowlers / Jack Harry Calls Pioli His Friend? WTF?

“The Chiefs had FIVE players selected to the Pro Bowl despite having only 2 wins. Atlanta has 13 wins & only had THREE players selected.”
@SportsCenter, Twitter
GH: The Season of the bizarre continued for the Kansas City Chiefs on the day after Christmas when the NFL bestowed the most unlikely of all holiday gifts – five selections to the Pro Bowl. ESPN was so astounded they used the all-caps button for emphasis on the FIVE. Jamaal Charles is a worthy pick. Derrick Johnson as well. The punter Dustin Colquitt, well, maybe but not likely. But Tamba Hali? No. And the head scratcher of head scratchers has to be Eric Berry, the Chiefs MIA safety. Read on.

“Apparently the ProBowl voting took place before the start of the regular season.”
Jeffrey Field, @kiribatiwriter, Twitter

“We get into this because winning championships is something you can share with someone. You can share with a large group of people. Individual awards and honors is…I don’t want to call it selfish but it’s something that only one person can live with. It’s great you collect those [Pro Bowl] things but…. I have this saying: Individuals go to Pro Bowls, teams win championships. That saying is based on, what we wanna do here is build a championship.”
Scott Pioli, KCTV 5, April 2010
GH: ArrowheadPride.com dug up this Pioli comment from 2010. Here is the link Joel Thorman provided via Twitter to a number of articles that contained similar comments from Pioli. Four of the Chiefs’ Pro Bowl picks are Carl Peterson leftovers. Only the dubious Eric Berry pick is a Pioli draft selection.

“Bad day for Scott Pioli. 5 Chiefs in Pro Bowl. 4 drafted by Carl Peterson, 1 by Pioli. Chiefs reject Wade Smith makes Pro Bowl for Texans. I can remember when the annual pro bowl announcement was not big news in KC. The Chiefs play-off match-up was the big story.”
Neal Jones, @NealJoneskctv5, Twitter

“Will say that 5 Pro Bowlers for Chiefs does 2 things. 1. Accentuates QB issue. 2. Accentuates GM issue for failing to address QB issue.”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, Twitter

“I’d call it an indictment on the selection process.”
Nate Bukaty, @nate_bukaty, Twitter
GH: I agree with Bukaty – five Chiefs on the Pro Bowl roster says more about the lazy voting process than the depth of talent on the Chiefs. I was surprised Matt Cassel’s name didn’t appear from some player’s recycled 2010 ballot.

“FIVE CHIEFS went to the Pro Bowl? In related news, Harvard Business school just hired six former CEO’S from the Enron Corporation.”
Dave O, @daveo933, Twitter

“Also the fact that my timeline is dominated by pro bowl discussion shows you how powerful the #nfl is.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: Did Fescoe just awake from a long winter’s nap? What did he think his Twitter timeline would be dominated with the final week of December, the NBA?

“We want to build a championship because it has this impact on the community and the fans. The fans, sure they love to buy a jersey of Joe Smith and wear it to the game and it’s a nice and wonderful thing because they have this Pro Bowlers jersey on but I’ve seen what championships do to communities. I’ve seen what it does to fan bases. I’ve seen what it does to groups of people. It brings people together on a level that’s so different than all of the individual things.”
Scott Pioli, KCTV 5, April 2010
GH: Pioli can now say he’s seen what a dysfunctional front office can do to a once proud NFL franchise – having been the GM of the Chiefs for the past four years.

“Scott Pioli is a friend of mine. He’s a friend of mine. And I don’t like seeing friends get thrown under the bus.”
Jack Harry, as he listened to Kevin Kietzman call Pioli’s work as the Chiefs’ GM the past four years “football malpractice,” 810 AM
GH: What does it matter who Jack Harry’s friends are if they happen to work in the sports arena where he is paid to report and critique? This is as damning a comment from a professional broadcaster as I’ve heard in some time. We have all heard Harry lash out at professional athletes, teams, coaches, schools, athletic directors, student athletes, etc. with little mercy for their feelings. So now he chooses to run from his job because he is friends with the Chiefs’ GM? I’d fire Mad Jack today if I was his boss.

“He mocked me. He mocked me on the radio. He said he wished I was the general manager of the Denver Broncos.”
Kevin Kietzman, referring to a radio interview he did with Pioli last spring when Pioli made light of KK’s suggestion to offer multiple high draft picks to trade for the chance to draft RG3, 810 AM
GH: I listened to Kietzman interview with Pioli live last May and Pioli’s response was more of a chuckle than a mock. But Kietzman doesn’t handle opposing viewpoints on his show well – unless it’s from the doddering mind of Jack Harry.  

“My thing isn’t personal with Pioli. I got nothing personal with him.”
Kevin Kietzman, attempting to defend his stance on Pioli to Jack Harry, 810 AM

“I don’t know the total picture [with Pioli]. You better know the total picture before you call to can somebody. I told you the guy was my friend and I wanted to hear exactly everything that went on before I made the final judgment on this.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: The whole picture? Has Harry been awake the past four years? Has he listened to his own Chiefs’ postgame show the past four seasons? Pioli has had four seasons to build the Chiefs into a consistently competitive team in the AFC. He will finish his fourth season with the first or second pick in the 2013 draft. Not a pretty picture.

“You think it’s popular for me to [defend Pioli]? You ought to see the emails I get because of my stance on this. I don’t care. That’s where I’m coming from, man! That’s who I am!”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Harry states this as if he is proud to be Pioli’s lackey.

“This is what you and I do for a living and our listeners deserve this discourse between us.”
Kevin Kietzman, as he and Jack Harry’s disagreement over Pioli became heated, 810 AM
GH: What Kietzman’s listeners deserve is to hear him take on a discerning viewpoint from someone who is not Jack Harry or Danny Clinkscale or someone else whose paychecks he signs. KK’s show would improve dramatically if he was willing to be humbled on occasion.

“We lived in Kansas City 3 years and loved it. I love the Hunt family. But I will not be back in coaching, there or anywhere else.”
Tony Dungy, @TonyDungy, responding to an Internet report that the Chiefs were preparing to hire Dungy as their next head coach, Twitter
GH: What a shock.

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26 Responses to OTC: 2-13 Chiefs Land 5 Pro Bowlers / Jack Harry Calls Pioli His Friend? WTF?

  1. S says:


    You realize that Jack Harry is no more a journalist or “professional broadcaster” than Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern, don’t you? You realize he’s paid not to be honest or objectively critique the subjects he covers, but to be a professional agitator, right?

  2. Floyd says:

    KK + Jack Harry = Don Fortune.

  3. Jim says:

    KK statement about it NOT being personal with Pioli made me laugh out loud when he said it. He spent the previous hour saying how Pioli “mocked” him. He drove that point home over and over. You could tell how personal it was with him by the tone in his voice. 15 minutes later his “not personal” statement confirmed what a complete fraud he is.

  4. Mike says:

    What are the odds that Pioli would have any sort of communication with Harry once Scott leaves KC? I can answer that: Virtually Nil.
    Wow. My opinion of Harry just tanked on hearing his Chiefs analysis may be compromised because of some shallow ‘friendship’ with the Chiefs’ GM. If you can’t fairly critique those you cover, then you might have to consider stepping out for a bit.

  5. The Smartman says:

    Whether you cover athletes, celebrities, or politicians, as a “journalist” you can’t be “friends” with them and do your job properly. That’s like cooking meth during the day and working for the DEA at night.. I know, I know, it happens…….

    If Mad Jack, who repeatedly threw Carl Peterson under the bus, drove over him, backed the bus up and did it again, and again, can’t understand that I don’t know who can.

    Either be a journalist or be a homer like Bob Gretz or Mitch Holthus. You can’t have it both ways.

    Maybe Jack and I have a different definition of the word friend. If you call me at 3:00 am and say you need me to wire you ten thousand dollars, no questions asked, and I do it, you are my friend. Otherwise you are just somebody I know or you dialed the wrong number.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Be my friend, Godfather….er, Smartman?

      • The Smartman says:

        C’mon Phaedrus, The Godfather has someone to answer his phone for him at 3:00 am. I’m just a lowly street thug like Jimmy Burke

        • chuck says:

          So frequently visited in my dreams by visages of long dead friends and out of control outcomes from plans gone wrong, a 3AM tete a tete concerning the Chiefs, money or the weather is fine with me.

          I pick up on the first ring.

  6. The Word says:

    I hate to say this but the man who called out Scott Pioli from the start was…Jason Whitlock.

    Whitlock knew something with Pioli wasn’t right when Pioli had the Star reports to dinner, only to brow beat them and yell at them. But I think the tipping point for Whitlock was the whole Brian Waters issue.

    Waters trying to fill his role as one of the team leaders talked to Hailey and Egoli about the team. Only to be brow beaten, yelled at and hear the now famous line of “anyone off the street and go 2 and 14.”

    When the story got out Egoli tried to portray Waters as being a bad teammate and selfish jerk. And of course, the rest of the KC media…including Hall fell for it.

    Oh BTW that selfish jerk Waters later that season won NFL Man of the Year for his charitable work. Real T.O there Egoli…

    • The Smartman says:


    • The Word says:

      Oh and BTW, when Waters got the chance he left KC never to come back. He then went to New England to go to the Super Bowl and the former multi Pro Bowler went to the PB again. Good job Egoli…good job…

  7. rkcal says:

    Jack Harry is just brutal. For someone who has made a career out of communicating, he is borderline inarticulate. Count how many times he says “and that type of thing”; it could be a drinking game if he was on later in the afternoon. I think KK was actually trying to throw him a lifeline yesterday by asking him over and over to take a position on Pioli. Dude wouldn’t do it. Pathetic.

  8. The Smartman says:

    Are you tired of all those sissy, mushy “friendship” poems that always sound good but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that really speaks to true friendship!
    1. When you are sad, …I will get you drunk and will help you plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad.
    2. When you are blue, …I’ll try to dislodge whatever is choking you.
    3. When you smile, …I’ll know you finally got laid.
    4. When you are scared, …I will rag you about it every chance I get.
    5. When you are worried, …I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining.
    6. When you are confused, …I will use little words to explain.
    7. When you are sick…………stay away from me until you’re well again. I don’t want whatever you have.
    8. When you fall, …I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.
    This is my oath, I pledge ’til the end. Why you may ask? Because you’re my friend!
    Send this to ten of your closest friends and get depressed because you can only think of two, and one of them is not speaking to you right now anyway.
    Remember: A friend will help you move. A really good friend will help you move a body.
    Let me know if I ever need to bring a shovel.

  9. tigerdan4 says:

    Jack Harry is buddies with Pioli just like Soren Petro was buddies with Carl. I remember getting so agitated listening to Soren repeatedly defend all of Carl’s moves the last 5 years he was the Chiefs GM. And now Jack can’t give an honest assessment of Pioli because he’s friends with him. What a freaking joke. I don’t give a damn about anyones personal relationships. The Chiefs are a freaking embarrassment and its Pioli’s fault. He HAS to be fired and he DESERVES to be fired. He should’ve been fired 2 months ago. Like I said on Twitter yesterday. If your team goes 2-14 in year 4 of your regime and 80% of your Pro Bowlers were inherited, you SUCK as a GM. And the one Pioli guy who did make the Pro Bowl didn’t deserve it at all. This Chiefs franchise makes me want to puke.

  10. Esteban O'Riley says:

    Jack has to back Pioli. If the Chiefs didn’t suck so bad, his post game call in show would blow. It still amazes me to hear Chiefs fans call in after 15 games and sound as if they’re ready to throw themselves off a bridge after another dismal performance by our home team.

  11. Johnny Utah says:

    Come on, GH. Quoting Jack Harry is about as cutting edge as Don Fortune. I know Harry is boring to listen to, and now I know he’s just as boring to read.

    At least KK is relevant, even when he’s totally off base.

    • KCMonarch says:

      KK relevant? He’s a used car salesman who intermittently mixes in uninformed sports banter between various sales pitches. He’s only relevant to those whose snake oil he is peddling on any particular day.

      810 outsells 610 once again.

  12. JP says:

    I always liked Mad Jack’s Sports Sunday because I “believed” he critiqued from the heart, and stood up for sports fans. Now to hear him whining that Pioli is his “friend” is very enlightening, if somewhat troubling. Scott Pioli took a good young team, and added absolutely nothing. OK, Eric Berry and Justin Houston. But Tyson Jackson-BUST; Jon Baldwin-Major BUST and Matt Cassel-SUPER BUST. Pioli has to go, he has failed as GM. For Jack Harry, who criticizes everyting about the Chiefs to stand up for Pioli now is borderline insane.

  13. Java Man says:

    Wow. That must have been one hell of a Christmas present that Pioli gave Jack. Wonder if Jack is headed to the Pro Bowl as well.

  14. chuck says:

    It is hard to get your hands around all the intricate detail of Scot Pioli’s Shakespearean fall. On every level, in amost every detail, sans the monetary rewards for Mr. Hunt, his reign was and is an abject failure.

    Now, at 2 and 13, sitting in the spew of supercillious “Patriot Way” shit, this engine of his own creation, grinding his formerly glorious reputation to a granular dust, each paritcle separated and available for inspection and ridicule, his fall is complete.

    ” What surety of the world, what hope, what stay,
    When this was now a king and now is clay?”

  15. Old Man Kissel says:

    Wrong, Fortune didn’t have any compitition in this town. When some finally came he lost. KK on the other hand has faced and beat all.

    KK Beat Fortune.

    KK beat Fortune and Petro, then Fortune and Rose. Then Fortune and Petro again. Then Petro.

    KK Beat 1250 the Game.

    KK beat Whitlock and Maas. Then Whitlock.

    KK Beat Neil and Marty. Then Neil.

    KK Beat Chris and Cowboy.

    KK Beat Nick Wright.

    Now KK is beating that three man team on 610.

    He faced and beat all challagers. But hey why let facts get in the way.

    810 scoops 610 once again.

  16. IrishClone says:

    Old man Kissel is right sport’s radio in this town SUCKS,a Douche like kk can win the ratings with the worst show in history.
    One question OMK do you swallow or do you snowball with KK? Wondering mind’s want to know

  17. harley says:

    pioli has more balls than all the broadcasters in kc. The broadcasters in kc would have run for cover with jovan holding a gun. They would
    have screamed for their phones as they ran away from a guy who just
    murdered his girlfriend and was about to take his own life.
    You can shoot your mouth off all day about sports then hide in a
    studio when the players come calling to kick your a$$.
    Gotta give pioli credit. He stood his ground and tried to help
    jovan. He’s got guts and a heart.
    I can’t say that for any of the pu$$y writers/broadcasters
    on any of these sites/stations.
    kk/jack harry etc…they all are weak…and you gotta give
    pioli/gibbs/romeo credit for having some balls.
    happy new year.
    say what y

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