OTC: 610 Sports Hides From David Glass Interview / Futures Game Shows KC As A Winner

“While on with 610 Sports Danny Parkins at the Bartle Hall Fan Fest, Glass was being interviewed about Fan Fest.  He was asked about the rumors of him selling the team and called those claims ‘stupid.’ When questions turned toward his ownership and fiscal management of the team, Glass set down his microphone and walked off the set.”
Chris Kamler, aka @FakeNed, RamblingMorons.com
GH: I did not hear the David Glass interview with Danny Parkins live. I listened to the replay on Kamler’s website, RamblingMorons.com – which is the only place on the web it is available. 610 Sports, which podcasts all of its shows, chose to not post this interview. It appears that was not a popular decision with Parkins’ cohost, Carrington Harrison. Read on.

“Our show had a top 10 moment in the history of sports talk radio in this town today. I’m proud of that.”
Carrington Harrison, @CDotharrison, at 2:13 PM on July 6, 2012, referring to the David Glass interview, Twitter
GH: So why did 610 Sports choose to not post this “top-10 moment” on their website? When that question was posed to Harrison via Twitter, his response was cryptic but revealing. Read on.

“I stand by that statement. Anything else is outside of my control.”
Carrington Harrison, @CDotharrison, Twitter
GH: It is apparent from this tweet from Harrison that he believes the Glass interview should have been available on their show’s podcast. His boss or his boss’ boss must have not agreed. 610 Sports is the flagship rights holder of the Royals radio broadcasts. Someone at Entercom or with the Royals believed the interview to be too embarrassing to Glass or Parkins to post. I’ll let you decide.

“People are talking about whether or not you are going to sell after this big event coming to town. [Glass laughing] It’s like you have this game and then when it’s done then you will sell the team.”
Danny Parkins, to David Glass, 610 AM
GH: This quote and the transcript that follows is from Kamler’s RamblingMorons.com website. As I listened to the replay of the interview, I did not get the sense that Parkins’ questions were unfair or rude. I also did not get the sense that Glass was overly upset (at least verbally) with the line of questions. Read on and make your own conclusions.

“Yeah, that’s stupid. Uhh, I’ve never considered doing that and I would have no idea where that
came from.”
David Glass, 610 AM

Parkins: “You would never consider selling the team?”

Glass: “No.”

Parkins: “What do you say to fans who would like you to sell the team?”

Glass: “Uhh, yeah, I’m sorry.”

Parkins: “Do you know where that comes from?”

Glass: “I don’t have a clue, I have no idea.”

Parkins: “What do you say to fans that wish you spend more on payroll for this team?”

Glass: “Uhh, Well, in a market this size you can spend a certain amount on payroll. You… You’re never
going to be able to spend what the Yankees and the other big market teams can spend but our approach
from the very beginning has been that we’re not looking to make money with the franchise we simply
want to break even and if we have an if we have an opportunity to win we’ll step up and do whatever it
takes to… to help us take that extra step. But for the most part all the money that we can generate we’ll
spend on payroll and singing amateur players.”

Parkins: “Would you be willing to operate a season at a loss in order to sign a big time….”

Glass: “We’ve done that before and I suppose we’d do it again.”

Parkins: “We’re talking with Royals owner David Glass here on the Danny Parkins show…. Putting the
microphone down? Oh… oh… alright. Thank you sir for coming on the show he just put the microphone
down and walked away.”
GH: Maybe the scene played out differently live – but I did not get any sense from the audio of this interview that this was even in the top 100 moments in KC sports talk radio. The bigger story for me is what 610 Sports has refused to make the interview public on their website. How do you trust a radio station that censors its talent and protects the teams they are contractually bound to? 610 Sports took a giant hit to their credibility with this decision.

“I was stunned. The interview was obviously not over; Parkins certainly had more questions to ask. I could not believe that Glass would just walk away from questioning like a spoiled teenager. To make matters worse, 610 is the flagship station of the Royals’ radio network. It just seems like a really bad idea to treat a business partner like that.”
Darrin Watson, writer, pinetarpress.com
GH: Some who heard the interview believe Glass may have simply thought it was over. From Parkins’ comments, I find that hard to believe. Is Glass too old and crotchety to handle these less-than-friendly live interviews? I hope not. The owner of a team as perpetually awful as the Royals needs to be accountable to his fan base.

“Fred pa-TEK.”
Danny Parkins, introducing his interview with the former Royals’ shortstop, 610 AM
GH: 610 Sports has a problem with introducing new talent to this market and attempting to push them to far too fast. Both Parkins and Josh Vernier are new to town but the lead hosts on their midday and afternoon-drive shows. Correctly pronouncing Patek is just one of the credibility problems that new voices present. But it is one that listeners remember.

“4 all the chatter bout what the media would say about KC, this city is shining in the spotlight & showin MLB what great baseball fans r here.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, Twitter
GH: Kevin Kietzman was one of the loudest voices last year declaring the All-Star Game would be a disaster for Kansas City and the way the MLB players and the national media would portray us and our town. I don’t understand anyone who gives a flip about how we are viewed by NYC, LA, Atlanta, Toronto or Vietnam. But it appears many if not all of these Chicken-Little fears have been unfounded.

“Winner tonight… Kansas City. Talk of the media was how big KC supported the Futures and Celebrity Games today. Congrats to KC fans.”
Soren Petro, @theprogramkc, Twitter
GH: I walked up to the ticket window for the Futures Game at 4:00 PM and was told it was sold out. I was flabbergasted. “Sold out???” I asked the nice lady. “We don’t have one ticket left to sell,” she replied. I had to return to the parking lot and purchase one from the scalper I had shunned only five minutes before. “You ain’t with the PO-leese, are ya?” he asked. I assured him I was as much a criminal as he and traded $20 for a ticket.

“40,000 plus at the Futures game. Can’t David Glass see what a winner would do for KC..AND…is pocketbook! How shortsighted can u be?”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“Incredible experience at @MLBFutures today. I’ll never forget the support #Royals fans gave me!”
Wil Myers, @wilmyers, Twitter
GH: I cannot imagine what that atmosphere was like was Wil Myers and those minor leaguers. That had to be a very fun day for them in front of that throng.

“So after the game..the royals send myers back to omaha…why?? He’s done everything he can do in the minors..this is crazy!!”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“Could see them waiting until June 2013.”
Robert Ford, @raford3, on when Royals’ fans can expect to see Wil Myers in Kansas City, Twitter
GH: No one knows what the Royals are thinking in regard to calling up Myers. My guess is we see him as soon as they can dump Frenchy and his contract – if that is even possible.

“Talked to the likes of Bo Jackson and Ozzie Smith over the past hour but am still bummed b/c Bones Jones was supposed to be here and isn’t.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Really? This might be why 610 Sports is in a constant spin cycle.

“Wow — Matt Cassel was BOOED. In his HOME SPORTS COMPLEX. Harsh. Giant boos for Bill Self, too! Wow again. Lots of #mizzou peeps in the hizzy, apparently.”
Jeff Rosen, KC Star sports editor, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: The boos for Self and Cassel upset many KU and Chiefs fans. I see the boos as simply part of the job. Both are multimillionaire performers whose job it is to win games. That is always going to evoke strong passion from those who agree or disagree with how you do your job. I cannot imagine either took the boos as anything more than another day at the office.

“It’s not they don’t like [Cassel] ,they don’t like being told he’s good by Chiefs. Fans can make up their own minds.”
Bill Maas, @BillMaas, on fans booing Matt Cassel at All-Star softball game, Twitter

“Booing Bill Self is a bad look for KC. Remember folks this is on national tv, not just here in KC.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: Fescoe is obsessed with how the national media reports on their time here this week in Kansas City. I would think the boos signal just how great a rivalry the KU/MU battle was/is and how serious Chiefs fans are about demanding a winner. I see both as positives for KC.

“Mark Trumbo’s avg distance of 419.5 feet ranks first in the majors, minimum 10 home runs. 18 of his 22 home runs have been at least 400 feet.”
John Buccigross, @Buccigross, Twitter
GH: Trumbo just might hit one onto I-70 tonight. And at $350/ticket, that’s about as close as I’ll get to tonight’s Home Run Derby contest.

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48 Responses to OTC: 610 Sports Hides From David Glass Interview / Futures Game Shows KC As A Winner

  1. JimmyD says:

    And lets not forget to mute our TVs unless you want to hear Chris Berman doing his back back back back gimmick. Please retire Chris…we all beg you

    • PV_Pathfinder says:

      What are the odds that the radio coverage won’t simply be a simulcast of the TV broadcast, but a different broadcast crew? Bring in the soccer guy from Channel Ocho or Judge Judy or ANYONE but Chris Berman.

  2. Jim says:

    GH – I’m in your camp (and always have been) regarding ANYONE’S perception of KC. Who freaking cares? I’ve been to all of the major citys in this country. Haven’t found one that I would rather live in. Not because they aren’t fine cities and have a ton of things to do and see. I’m just a Kansas Citian. I don’t attempt to apologize for all the shortcomings this city has (and there are plenty). I don’t take offense to anyone’s criticism of KC because I simply don’t give a shit what they think.

  3. nick says:

    The Futures Game/Celebrity Game was a lot of fun. Really proud of KC for filling the stadium and staying filled through the softball game. Self’s boos were expected with MU and KSU fans in attendance. Was awesome to see Self, in the pressure, rip a line drive over the left-center fence!

    The Cassel boos were embarrassing. Maas is likely right that fans were booing that the Chiefs haven’t attempted to get an elite franchise QB, but Cassel is a great guy and a great leader/teammate from all I’ve heard from players. Wish the whole city would really behind him this year…I think he’s gonna lead the team to the playoffs and MAKE fans like him.

  4. JP says:

    Great night for KC, I was at the Future’s Game and am going to both the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. It was very festive and KC represented well on all accounts. There was plenty of cheering also for Self, but the boos could be heard. The Cassel boos have more to do with on the field play. If Cassel takes the Chiefs to the Division Title and long playoff run, those boos will become cheers.

    A quick anecdotal story about Parkins. I was at Fan Fest and a friend of mine went to the concessions. He was in line behind a media member, that had 610 card and was later identified as Danny Parkins. The story goes that Parkins asked the Concessionairre if food was free to media members and was told no. My friend started laughing and Parkins ordered his food, and went right for his phone. Funny, after pressuring David Glass to spend more money (which Parkins was right to do), he tried to get free food out of the Fan Fest. Life is funny, no question about it.

  5. Mark in Columbia, MO says:

    Greg — what I heard from the Glass interview is a guy who is just simply tone-deaf to others of any stripe. He’s the boss wherever he goes, does not mingle with “the people” and certainly not “the fan”. His setting the mic down and walking away simply meant he was done and he could have cared less if he was on the air or being recorded.

    I thought it was clear from his early answers that he was as stunned and shocked as anyone that the Royal’s personnel, and MLB, had pulled it off in KC — he’s stunned and shocked because HE doesn’t believe in KC. And it’s also fairly obvious he never attended anything more than a high level meeting — he wasn’t involved in any kind of day to day basis with the planning and execution of the ASG anymore than he’s involved on a day to day basis with the planning and execution of the Royals.

    Contrast his answer about the perception of KC — “hey, we’re Big League! We pulled this off!” — with his answer about payroll “weellll, we’re never going to be the Yankees.” Yeah, we know.

    Glass was transparent I thought – he wants to break even and if, by some miracle chance of dumb luck, the team has a chance to win, he might, maybe, be talked into spending just a little bit more. But only if the business model supports it.

    Basically, Glass has no vision for actually growing the business model for the Royals because he has no vision period. He’s pleasantly relieved that he doesn’t have to be too embarrassed by KC (hey, this is better than I expected!) at this ASG and he’s pleasantly relieved when he doesn’t have to be too embarrassed by his team at owners meetings (weeeelll, we’re never going to be the Yankees anyway….).

    • Sirr Parker says:

      Glass has been a decent owner the last five years (paid going rate for the “hotshot” GM candidate, has consistently paid above slot in the draft and has allowed the GM to hand out longterm contracts). He hasn’t been great, but decent.

      Unfortunately, we’re still trying to dig out of the 15-year hole he dug us by being the worst owner in baseball.

      • Joe says:

        Are you kidding me Sirr Parker???

        This is the organization that wouldn’t pay a extra million to get Derrick Lowe to come and pitch for us!

  6. Flea says:

    I was not surprised that Self was boo’d by half the crowd. If Gary Pinkel or Bill Snyder would have played in the game, they would have been boo’d as well. I’ve seen lots of comments from kU fans upset that Self was boo’d, but I don’t understand what they expected.

    The Cassel boos were embarrassing. I don’t think the guy is a great QB by any means, but he is the QB of the hometown team, and most there were Chiefs fans. From what I could tell, there were lots of boos during the lineup introductions, and then small cheers every time he batted. Almost like the boo birds themselves were embarrassed by their behavior

    • kcredsox says:

      I didn’t hear many Boo’s for Castle up in the nose bleed section, but there were major Boo’s for Self. There were a couple sitting below us that whenever people boo’d Bill Self they would turn around and scowl at them.

      • Flea says:

        I saw the same thing around me, people scowling at those that were booing Self. Yet I would guarantee that those same people would boo if there was a Mizzou or KSU coach playing.

      • Will says:

        Ha Ha…what a couple of prunes.

        Self said KC was a ku town and KC has proved him wrong. First by filling the Sprint Center for MU’s big 12 championship win. Then by donating 30 million to MU, now this. All in less than 4 months. Poor ku is taking it on the chin for ol’ Bill Self.

        • Mark says:

          I hope you enjoyed that Sprint Center sellout. We certainly enjoyed our run in March.

        • Jim says:

          Yo, Gavin………cut and paste your KU/MU dialogue from a few days ago. Nip this shit right in the bud.

        • BlackJack says:

          For a fanbase of a team that lost to Norfolk State in the first round, you have no bones to pick, especially to the team that lost in the National Championship game to probably the most talented college basketball team in suit up in years.

  7. Smartman says:

    Gee thanks St. David, nothing like hearing an owner say that breaking even is goal number one and winning is a secondary consideration. Thanks for doing us a favor St. David since we all prefer watching shitty baseball ad infinitum as opposed to maybe an AL pennant and World Series appearance every 10 or 12 years.

    More than any other fans I know of Chiefs and Royals fans have no problem finding the money for tickets to support a WINNER. Kids may not eat, child support may not get paid, but they’ll find the shackle for the ducats. If the Royals were a perennial contender they could easily double ticket prices, sponsorships and media rights revenue. That would make it possible to support a payroll of $100/MM to $120/MM. David Glass has to take the first step in spending the money but also getting the right people to identify, procure, coach and manage that talent.

    No one expects or wants him to lose money. He’s played it too cute for too long to earn my respect as an owner or my dollars as a fan. We do not have to live in baseball, or football hell. This community can and will support WINNERS. The NFL and MLB will look for new owners for uslong before they look for new cities for our teams.

    Matt Cassel might be a nice guy but he’s a shitty QB. For the kind of money he’s making and the results he has delivered he deserves to get boo’d. His boos were boos of hate and frustration. The Bill Self boos were boos of RESPECT and jealousy.

  8. Steve says:

    Mark Trumbo is my pick to win the derby tonight. Young guy who wants to win and can blast baseballs a long ways. Also, Keitzman wanted him removed from the derby in favor of Billy Butler and Keitzman can suck it.

    • Smartman says:


    • kcredsox says:

      +1 for Keitzman to suck it, could care less about anything else Home Run Derby related.

      • JP says:

        If anyone should be booed, it’s Robinson Cano. He picked the team and said he would consider a hometown choice. He blew it. Trumbo shouldn’t be booed at. He’s a good ballplayer who can hit the snot out of the ball. My boo bag which I’m taking to the K is reserved for one person and only one person: Cano.

  9. Uncle Dick says:

    I think it is important for other areas to know our reputation. You’ll never see a Japanese terrorist in Independence, those little fuckers remember where Harry was from.

  10. Joe says:

    Oh, who else is tired of that sorry sack robert ford doing post game with his better than you dickhead attitude???

  11. Rick says:

    Why the surprise with the reaction of Glass and questions? Isn’t this the same organzation that banned Fescoe and Rhonda a few years back for asking questions that they deemed unfair?

  12. J-Rok says:

    Here’s an article from Grantland/Charles Pierce about KC and the All star game.


  13. Joe says:

    They were talking about this on 810, you gotta read this article!

    Mr K was one hell of a man…

    Glass couldn’t even come close to Mr K in 5 lifetimes…


  14. Kevin says:

    I didn’t read the other comments, but I can tell u exactly who cares what other people think about their city.. St. Freaking Louis. Obsessed b/c they think they are as big as Chicago but they know they’ll never be Chicago, so they try to pick on other cities, like KC, to make themselves feel bigger.

    This is why it comes as no surprise that the only person I’ve heard who cares one iota what other people think is Fescoe

  15. Big idea says:

    I care what people think of KC.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting the rest of the US to know we have a great city. Those that act like you don’t care are full of it. Just because you care doesn’t mean that it defines you.

    It just says you are proud of our city which we know does not get much love across the country.

    Saying you don’t care what others think about KC is the equivalent of saying you don’t care what other parents think of your child. Of course their opinions don’t really matter in raising your kid, but you want your kids to be known to be kind and polite. It doesn’t mean that other parents opinions will shape how you raise your kid.

    It’s great to be proud of KC and to give people a great impression about our role in the fabric of America.

    • Jim says:

      A city is a thing, an idea, a lifeless entity, a place. Thinking that is the same thing as a child is just ridiculous. PEOPLE are polite, cities aren’t. PEOPLE are kind, cities aren’t.

      If my kids are rude, uneducated and unfriendly that does reflect poorly on me. If a city is dirty, has terrible roads and there is nothing to do, that doesn’t reflect upon me at all.

      Big difference, Big Idea.

      • Big idea says:

        Jim, I respectfully disagree on that. I think the city is a living, breathing thing, like you would say the Constitution is a living document. I guess it’s a metaphorical living thing.

        Our city is a reflection of us, to those who don’t know us. It’s the same reason that Chiefs fans love playing on Monday night and being known as teh “loudest in the NFL” It defines us. We like to say we beat “Big Bad NY” We like to say “we’re better fans” to those who believe we all live on farms (not that their is anything wrong with that).

        We are representing a way of life that does not include sky high rent, 140 million dollar baseball teams, late works nights and kids being sent off to camp for weeks at a time.

        We are representing our way of life, which many of us believe is better. This is our chance to show what makes our lives great.

        You are correct, it shouldn’t affect how we see ourselves and if outsiders still don’t see it who cares, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter or that we shouldn’t try. (and this doesn’t even address the $$$ that can be available if organizers of conventions etc, see KC as a legitimate place to come)

        Again, just respectfuly have a little different view.

        • Smartman says:

          If a city is a living breathing thing then our city should be named Ashante. He’s 35, no GED no JOB, 6 kids with 5 baby mammas, drives a 78 Caprice Classic, lives with his auntie.

  16. Ron says:

    Mr. K was filthy rich. David Glass isn’t. He doesn’t own Wal Mart. I’m pretty sure he’s far from being one of the richest owners in baseball. All the bunk you hear on 810 about how Glass is making $30 milliion a year is purely conjecture on their part, and most likely completely inaccurate. They just want to make Glass look bad because he didn’t force KC to build the stadium downtown (which would have been a disaster).

    There is almost no correlation between spending gazillions of dollars on payroll and winning championships. During their championship years, the Royals had almost all home grown players, and almost no big time free agents, unless you count Jim Sundberg and Lonny Smith.

    For Parkins to start in on Glass about being a cheapskate just reinforces Glass’ decision to stay off the radio airwaves in Kansas City. He doesn’t need the local guppies giving him crap and unsolicited advice.

  17. Arte says:

    Count me in the I don’t really care about outsiders’ perceptions of KC. It is what it is and usually when friends and relatives come to town for the first time, they’re pleasantly surprised.
    However, one pet peeve for me is the natural tall grass growing around the stadiums. I guess it’s good to go green and whatever. But watching MLB and the exterior shots of Kauffman, it looks like a giant abandoned farm shed surrounded by over overgrown weeds. The only thing missing is a rusted out tractor and a ’56 Chevy on blocks.

  18. Joe says:

    I’m sure that Keitzman thinks it’s BECAUSE he made the “chicken little” comments that the KC MLB All-star game is a success. JH

  19. Phaedrus says:

    So Carrington Harrison thinks it’s better to ask stupid questions to get the guest to leave mid-interview rather than asking intelligently phrased tough questions and getting information from that guest?

    610 radio’s target audience must be males aged 13-18.

  20. KKs first wife says:

    I like 610 because it’s not KK and the big corporate partner to the Chiefs. That being said it’s too bad they are pulling an 810 and not posting that interview with David Glass.
    Don’t listen to KK people! He is crazy with his chicken little pandering every damn day!!

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