OTC: 610’s Bill Maas Predicts Chiefs Will Fire Scott Pioli This Week

“I think you’re going to see unprecedented history happen this week in the NFL. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a GM fired in the middle of the season. It’s just become the logical thing to do.”
Bill Maas, on Bob Fescoe’s show Monday morning, 610 AM
GH: Maas dropped this bombshell on Fescoe’s show and he did not do it casually. He sounded extremely confident in what he was saying. Will Pioli get the boot this week? Today? Read on.

“This is Clark Hunt’s team. This is not Scott Pioli’s team. … I trust in Clark and in the end, I think you’re going to be happy with it all.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas was speaking to Fescoe and Josh Klingler but he could just as well have been speaking to the Chiefs’ fan base. Does Clark Hunt have the balls to whack Piloi in October? Maas doesn’t think he has any other choice.

“If [the head coach] isn’t a leader, than nothing else matters – and that’s been the problem the last four years. Therein lies the problem.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Pioli has hired two head coaches as the Chiefs’ GM – Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel. One was a maverick, the other a sheep. Neither got the job done. He does not deserve another chance in the interview room.

“When you look at the Chiefs, the talent is there. It’s just not coming together.”
Nick Leckey, former K-State and NFL player, 810 AM

“There’s talent on this team. A coach with leadership capabilities can come in and turn this thing around instantaneously. Let me tell you something guys, this is a heck of a football team for a guy to come in and take over. It reminds me of 1988 [before Marty Schottenheimer arrived in Kansas City]”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Could it be just that easy? Get a new coach and the Chiefs could repeat the Marty years? We might want to grab a quarterback as well.

“I don’t think the defensive line is good and right now the offensive line’s not good. … There are so many times where it seems like the other team just wants it more.”
Steven St. John, who does not agree that the talent is in place for this Chiefs’ team to excel, 810 AM

“Scott Pioli, according to this report, has yet to sign the [contract extension], with the buyout language of the contract one of the main reasons why the agreement has yet to be struck.”
Marv Albert, on CBS’ Jason La Canfora reporting Sunday that Pioli had been offered a two-year extension, CBS
GH: This news on Sunday morning sent Chiefs’ Nation into a tailspin not unlike the one the guy breaking the record for the longest free-fall from space. Sure glad that buyout language was not to Pioli’s liking.

“My buyout language for Pioli: Argo F yourself.”
Jeffrey Field, @kiribatiwriter, Twitter
GH: I caught Argo this weekend during the second half of Alabama stomping a mud hole in Columbia. Great movie. The 1980 period staging alone [along with the hairstyles] is worth the $10.

“The Chiefs did not offer general manager Scott Pioli a contract extension, a source close to the situation said, contradicting a report on CBS prior to Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt would not answer questions about Pioli’s contract.”
Adam Teicher, Chiefs’ beat writer, KansasCity.com
GH: Teicher posted this story in The Star’s website shortly after the game. It looks a lot like damage control to me. The last thing the Chiefs want is their season ticket holders to have even more reasons to bolt. There obviously were discussions between the Chiefs and Pioli about an extension. Whether it was formerly offered is a bit irrelevant. What does matter is that it was never signed.

“Wow, has Marv Albert been bad today. Two officials clearly point Tampa Bay ball. ‘Let’s see who recovered. No indication.’”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeabolt, Twitter
GH: I have never understood way play-by-play broadcasters are basically allowed to work until they embarrass their legacies to an unrecognizable level. Marv has been a joke for years. Even he should be aware of that fact when he sees he’s been assigned the Chiefs/Bucs game.

“Marv Albert has run out of stamps he’s mailing this game in so hard.”
Mick Shaffer, of Metro Sports, @mickshaffer, Twitter

“Will a producer get in [Rich] Gannon’s ear at any point and say, ‘It Shaun not Shane.’”
Nick Jacobs, of Metro Sports, @Jacobs71, on the continued mispronunciation of Shaun Draughn’s name during the CBS broadcast, Twitter

“I think Scott Pioli’s the right man for the job. He’s one of the better general managers in the business.”
Rich Gannon, CBS
GH: Gannon thinks Pioli’s one of the best GMs in the NFL. Maas thinks he might be fired this week. I’m picking Maas in this one.

“So @ericwinston is correct. They are not gladiators.”
Lazlo, @lazlothebuzz, Twitter

“Are you kidding me? Pioli said mother f—— c— s—— while talking to Schiano? You know he was talking about what fans say to him.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, on a pregame video clip the CBS aired in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs’ game, Twitter
GH: This was more than odd. CBS showed Pioli talking to the Bucs’ head coach and it was obvious to anyone with a DVR that he was retelling how someone had called him or someone else a MFCS. Why would CBS do this to an NFL GM? Did they not take the time to read Pioli’s lips? It was an embarrassing moment for Pioli, who covered his mouth when he cursed but not from the side of the camera shot. I would guess CBS is hearing about this today from the Chiefs and the NFL. Read on for Vernier’s translation.

“Last week he/they were saying ‘you should talk/walk before every game or something, but it’s all you mf’r c-s—er, go back to where u came from.”
Scott Pioli, according to Josh Vernier’s lip-reading translation, Twitter

“You watch the Kansas City Chiefs and there’s just one position that’s hindering them right now and that’s the quarterback position. They’re not getting any kind of plays from it.”
Bill Cowher, CBS
GH: The CBS crew spent some time after the Chiefs’ fifth loss to discuss what is wrong in Kansas City. Eric Winston might call it sickening and disgusting. Read on.

“[The Chiefs’] defense is good enough to win. If Jamaal Charles had a quarterback, he would lead the league in rushing. The guy is a big play waiting to happen every time. … Maybe they need to bring back Len Dawson!”
Shannon Sharpe, CBS

“If you don’t have that quarterback position taken care of, you’re going to see a lot of this from teams like Kansas City. You have to wonder about the decision making as to who is playing quarterback. Who is making the decision to bring these guys in there to play? This is a team that is clearly going in the wrong direction, specifically because of who is playing quarterback for them.”
Boomer Esiason, CBS
GH: It doesn’t sound like Boomer thinks Scott Pioli is one of the best GMs in the NFL.

“[Josh Freeman] has to commit himself. If you want to be great, you have to earn. The players on that [Tampa Bay] team, the ownership of that team, the coaching staff of that team, knows what you’re doing. If you’re committed to your craft or you’re out doing other things.”
Boomer Esiason, CBS
GH: This was a very guarded attack on Freeman. Boomer hinted that there are off-field issues with the former Grandview/K-State quarterback but he offered no specifics. Just a very telling head nod and eye-roll to let viewers know there are problems in Tampa Bay with Freeman’s dedication.

“It was a team effort that screwed things up.”
Romeo Crennel, in his postgame comments after the Chiefs’ 38-10 loss at Tampa Bay, 810 AM
GH: Who says Romeo’s not on top of things at One Arrowhead Drive?

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29 Responses to OTC: 610’s Bill Maas Predicts Chiefs Will Fire Scott Pioli This Week

  1. donkeypunch says:

    Maas is a gut-totting, crack-smoking, worthless piece of garbage looking to break a story with the hope that somebody will rehire him. His “sources”? Laughable. Who would take to this uber-douchbag seriously? traffic
    As far as Pioli and the team, go play in traffic you worthless scrubs

    • Baghdad Robert says:

      ran into Billybob at the Lees Summit Dick’s Sporting goods a few weeks ago. Dude looked po’d walking to his pimped out hummer.

      • donkeypunch says:

        Two reasons he was pissed:
        1) He wasn’t given a discount normally afforded to famous people and when he went with the “Do you know who I am?” card, the pimple-faced assistant branch manager said no
        2) His normal crack dealer didn’t have time for him b/c he was too busy making his $35 commission on the sale of a Sole elliptical e95 to a fat housewife who would only use the damn thing five times

  2. JP says:

    “Sickening and Disgusting!!!” That will become in NFL circles what “Old Man Football” is to college football. It thoroughly describes the Chiefs play. Fescoe had some fun playing that quote all morning on his show. I hope Maas is right on this, but Hunt does not seem like the type to whack somebody mid-season, especially his “prize hire” of Pioli. We may all end up being thankful that Pioli balked at the terms of the extension. That may be Hunt’s way of cutting ties with the worst GM in Chiefs history. Considering Jack Steadman and Jim Schaff were in that position, that’s saying something.

    • chuck says:

      I absolutely laughed my ass off when 610 kept putting in Eric Winston audio bites in this morning’s segment.

      It was freaking hilarious.

  3. Mark X says:

    … I still believe Clark will do the right thing. And he is not stupid.

    My 2 cents. You’re welcome!

  4. brett says:

    fire pioli. fire romeo. offer both their salaries plus $1 million to bill cowher to take over.

    wishful thinking, i know. probably have a better chance of seeing the royals sign greinke to a nine-figure contract.

  5. Observer says:

    The lack of journalistic ethics The Star exhibited this weekend was a page from the Murdock’s playbook. Yes, One Arrowhead Dr. is in control of AT, we all knew that. But The Star flouting its own policies to whore itself to the Chiefs organization is amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised, really.

    Regarding the on-field product, it’s beyond pejorative description. When Josh Freeman’s Buccaneers (27th in the league in passing, 18th rushing) can beat your defense touting how many first-round draft picks on the line, you know there are systemic problems. I’m not convinced that a single coaching or GM change can right this ship. So I claim a dictatorial coach/GM might be the right answer. Forget whether the person is a “players’ coach.” That’s a recipe for disaster for this organization.

    I now advocate for a coach who wants to control the office and the field – the Czar of One Arrowhead Dr. One man, one mind, all responsibility rests on him. No excuses, no finger pointing. Can Cowher fit this bill? Will we be fishing for Big Tuna?

    Many disagree with this approach, but at this point, I’m inclined to say there’s nowhere to go but up. What damage could it do that already hasn’t been done by two coaches who have inflicted their harm already?

    Here’s to hoping our next head coach is named Bill.

    • chuck says:

      It usually doesn’t work, but you might be right at this point.

      Cue Eric Winston sound bite–“I’ve never been so humiliated…”

    • Doo says:

      I would counter that with the fact that since Pioli’s arrival, he’s felt a better route to take would be to give greater access to national media, while shunning the local media. He did this to large degree in 2009 and 10. Having La Canfora run with this scoop first, before anyone else, especially on a local level, smacks of that same policy.

      Don’t think for a moment that Clark isn’t aware of that. That’s why Teicher got a source within the franchise debunking the La Canfora report, which Peter King later confirmed.

      I think it was a power move by Clark, or by him through a lieutenant of Donovan’s, to give crucial information to a local media member countering something untrue, made public nationally.

      My guess is that Pioli wasn’t that pleased with the buyout language in the extension, and leaked something to La Canfora (former NFL Network guy). Word spread, and Clark countered with the Star’s longest-tenured Chiefs beat writer, who is a reporter only, and not an opinion generator like Sam, Babb, Harry, Boal, etc….

      This was a Clark countermove, and it doesn’t mean the Star is in the bag for the team.

    • Draft a QB. says:

      Observer please expound on your first paragraph. What’s an AT?

  6. Observer says:

    Oops, it’s Murdoch. And one too many “already” in 4th paragraph. Sorry for not proofing first.

  7. Joe says:

    As a lifelong Chiefs fan, and a 10 year season ticket holder, I have seen a few good teams – but mostly bad. My spirit has finally been broken. JH

  8. Paul says:

    Hairstyles were different in the 1980’s? Hmmm. Nobody told me. Guess I need to get to the barbershop.

  9. The Word says:

    It’s interesting to me that many on here think Maas should get another shot at the drive time against KK.

    Maas is a hack. The only thing he knows about is NFL Football and even that is spotty.

    Baseball, he doesn’t even know how many strikes you can get before you’re out.

    Big 12/SEC basketball…nothing…

    Hell from listing to this guy the last time he tuned into a college football game, was when he was in college.

    Plus the only time he was entertaining what when he had enough drugs in his system to make a rock star blush.

    Maas is a hack.

  10. The Smartman says:

    Even with a new regime it’s gonna take Time. When you are accustomed to losing in such glorious fashion it takes a while to shake all the institutional doubt and shame. Cowher doesn’t want any part of this mess. Neither does Parcell’s. Holmgren is clearly out in Cleveland with the new owner. He may be a realistic snag but he hasn’t lit the scoreboard up in years. Clark is gonna have to spend upwards of twenty-four million a year to get real talent at GM and HC. He’s got the money to do that but not the balls. The Chiefs and their fans are fucked for at least another 4-7 years.

    • chuck says:

      The unspoken premise, accepted by all (I think.), is that you have to be a pretty smart guy to run the football side of the organization. Setting aside the money side of it (With the salary cap exception.) I would dissagree.

      The key to winning in the NFL, is the ability to evaluate college and NFL talent and assemble a team that is coachable and will work towards a common goal.

      Evaluating talent means watching a mountain of film with others you have chosen to watch a mountain of film. Spending time all over the US checking out the possibilites in person and then after assembling the correct personell, motiivating them accordingly.

      This job description translates to a familiar discipline in myriad companies. The added emphasis on physical ability should make the job easier, not harder.

      I am guessing, and am very serious when I say it, that there are probably hundreds of readers of this very blog, with an interest in sports, who (Had they a rudimentary sports business background.) could do a better job than Mr. Pioli has done, and indeed, no small number of folks who are now toiling away in lesser jobs throughout the NFL, that could get us to a winning season in 2 years.

      My point is, we don’t need John fuckin Milton to re aquire Paradise Lost.

      It’s football, not Cold Fusion.

      What do ya think smarty?

      • The Smartman says:

        There is a specific theorem, somewhat related to ChaosTheory, can’t recall the specific name, that suggests that probability and uncalculated risk must be variables in any equation trying to determine or define success.

        They found the Higgs Boson. That alone provides all the logic one needs to assume that the Chiefs will return to some modicum of success.

        If I’m RC I go the Spartan route and make these fuckers sleep outside on the field, naked, watch Natural Born Killers three times a day and run gassers every thirty minutes between midnight and 5:00 am with the loser having to model the latest lingerie from Lane Bryant.

        This team has no mean, no fire in the belly, no discipline, no balls. Once acquired by whatever means things will change.

  11. MightMo says:

    You can’t fire enough people to cover this stench.

  12. Java Man says:

    Our best hope is that a Tokyo-based corporation will buy the Chiefs.

  13. Observer says:

    Chuck, I’ll be the first to agree with you that it doesn’t usually work, but we’ve tried DV, HE, TH, and now RC all with two differen GMs. I honestly don’t see how this storied franchise can get any worse in any fashion except, possibly, financially. I’m not a fan of the “Czarist” approach to a sports franchise, but why the heck not in this situation? I mean when the mayor is pressing the send button on negative tweets on his home town NFL franchise, does it get worse?

  14. Joe says:

    Doesn’t the fact that Bill Maas has drug, and gun, charges in his past, make him the MOST qualified person to cover the NFL? JH

  15. The Word says:

    I saw this on Fox 4 but just found this interesting.

    “At least one Alabama player wasn’t too impressed with the decor and/or surruundings at Faurot Field in Columbia on saturday. In a pre-game huddle before leading the team out on the field, Crimson Tide LB Damion Square: “Let’s make these (expletives) pay for inviting us to this piece of (expletive).”

    Welcome to the SEC MU…welcome to the SEC…

    Wasn’t the talk from SEC media days was that it would take TA&M a few years to compete in the in the SEC while MU would be competitive right away?

    Also seems like the Aggies have been welcomed with open arms in their new confrence. While with MU, people think Faurot is a peice of crap.

  16. Doubt Maas had anything in the way of inside knowledge to back up his suspicions, but regardless it made for a nice case of Wishful Thinkin’ & California Dreamin’ (I liked it, anyway).

  17. nick says:

    I like hearing Maas on the radio. He thinks the Chiefs need a LEADER.

    Maas refers to Marty a lot. Says Marty could address a room full of players on a Tuesday and lay out what he expects from everybody for an upcoming game. Whether players liked Marty or not, he commanded their attention and respect. Whatever it is that good leaders have, Marty had “it”. Bill Snyder has “it”. Bill Self has “it”. I’d say Jim Harbaugh has “it”, but Norv Turner doesn’t.

    Vermeil seemed to have “it” for the most part. Herm had “it” to a smaller degree. I don’t think Haley had “it” at all, and Crennel only a tiny bit of “it”. Scott Pioli either can’t identify (Haley) or doesn’t want to hire a coach (Fisher) with an “it” personality. For that reason, Hunt needs to find a new GM who can identify a great leader for the team.

  18. Observer says:

    Nick, I believe you are far too liberal with your definition of “it” as a factor in successful coaching. Tom Landry had “it”. Bud Grant had “it”. George Halas had “it”. George Allen had “it”. Bill Walsh had “it”. Chuck Noll had “it”. Vince Lombardi had “it”. Don Shula had “it”. I belive that Bill Cowher and Bill Bellichek both have “it”. I don’t think any of the NFL figures you mention even sniff the “it” of these coaches. As close as KC has been to that is arguably Hank Stram.

  19. Scott Simon says:

    LMAO. Proving my oft-repeated statement; if these so-called great experts ever bet their predictions, they’d be homeless living in a box under an Interstate bridge.

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