OTC: 610’s Parkins & Harrison Harshly Critique The Pioli Interviews – Even Their Own Guy’s

“When I look to see the brand that our competitors have built up, I already think that we have surpassed that.”
Carrington Harrison, on where he and his cohost see 610’s Danny Parkins’ Show in the KC sports radio landscape, 610 AM
GH: When Carrington spoke of his “competitors,” I expected him to knock the talent down the dial at 810. Instead, he and Danny Parkins opened their Thursday show with a detailed critique of the Scott Pioli interview that their coworker, 610’s Jay Binkley, conducted with Scott Pioli. And their critique was not kind. Read on.

“I felt like Kansas City fans got let down woefully by the media yesterday.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Parkins and Harrison were particularly critical of Binkley’s line of questioning to Pioli about fans needing to get to know him more as a person. Binkley arrived in the studio during their last hour to discuss their criticisms. Read on.

“There’s a reason Vernier wasn’t in that interview [with Binkley]. There’s a reason Pearson wasn’t in that interview. There’s a reason that interview wasn’t live on the radio and they make you go to Scott Pioli’s office and sit at his big huge desk. There’s a reason why there’s a PR guy standing in the corner. And you know why? It’s who they want to do it. People will say I’m throwing stones and maybe I am.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Jay Binkley is one who appeared to think Parkins was throwing stones. Read on.

“I’m not upset with you guys at all.”
Jay Binkley, when told by Harrison that he thought looked upset with Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Binkley was obviously unhappy with the shots his coworkers took at him on the air. Read on.

“I’m just saying if you want to do something or ask me my approach [for the Pioli interview] or how I did it, maybe talk to me. Do whatever you want on your show. But before the show, run it by me.”
Jay Binkley, when told by Harrison that he thought he was upset with Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Here is where the media gets a little taste of what it’s like to be Matt Cassel, Romeo Crennel or Scott Pioli. Does Binkley contact the athletes, coaches or front office folks before he airs his opinions of their work? Does it matter that Harrison and Parkins happen to share the same office space? It shouldn’t.

“Listen, I think you got somethings out of him that were really good.”
Danny Parkins, after Binkley came into the studio to discuss their critique of his Pioli interview, 610 AM
GH: Parkins spent much of the opening of his show lambasting Binkley’s, Soren Petro’s and Randy Covitz’s interviews with Pioli. But the first time he is confronted by Binkley, he immediately reaches for the “good job, good effort” bone. In other words, Parkins wasn’t nearly as forceful with his own coworkers as he stated he would be with the GM of the Chiefs inside his office at Arrowhead.

“I clearly didn’t get the answers I wanted. Time constraints considered, I would love to do it again. There were many things I didn’t get to.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Sorry, but you get no mulligans when you get a shot to interview what appears to be a lame duck GM as his franchise burns. This was a huge get for Binkley and he blew it.

“I’ve had thousands of Bob Costases tell me how they would have done this interview differently.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: This ain’t the garage anymore, Binks. You are no longer broadcasting to an Internet-only audience. When you step up into afternoon drive, expect to get critiqued – and sometimes a bit harshly.

“Take solace in the fact that nobody got anything out of him.”
Danny Parkins, to Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I started to wonder if Parkins was going to comb Binkley’s beard for him and get his slippers.

“I think if I had punched him in the face there would have been people who were still angry [with me]. Unless I punch him in the face and we get in a fistfight in his office.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: What BS. Binkley surprised me with his thin skin here. He did a poor job with the interview and he got some heat for it. Instead of learning and growing from the criticism, he appears to want to deflect it with this kind of rot. We weren’t looking for Binkley to fight Pioli. We expected him to challenge him verbally. It was not too much to ask…or expect.

“How we operate on this show is that we don’t talk behind people’s backs. I do not like [810’s] Doug Stewart personally on any level. I told him that to his face yesterday. I don’t like any part of him. I respect Petro. I think Petro has done a good job with his show.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Stewart just does something to the 610 staff that drives them crazy. Nick Wright hated Stewart more than he did a white NBA player. Read on.

“Do I think our show’s better [than Petro’s]? Damn Straight! I think our show’s better than his show.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Thinking your show is better than the established competition is confidence. Declaring it live on the radio is a bit foolish – and not all that attractive.

“We all listen back and forth. We all listen to the competition. I listened to Petro’s [Chiefs’] pregame show, and whenever the La Canfora [report on Pioli’s extension] came out, Petro was patting himself on the back so hard and talking about how he was talking about it on his show all week. Well, when you had a chance to say it to his face, you know what you did? Backpedal!”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“Petro not only said [Pioli] was offered an extension, he said he HAD an extension! And Petro said it was either a four- or a five-year extension! … You freaking coward! You had the report! Stand by your report like a man! You reported it!”
Danny Parkins, on Petro not stating to Pioli he had reported he signed an extension, 610 AM
GH: I really don’t care whether or not Petro owned up face-to-face to Pioli about to his bogus report – but I am entertained when one sports talk radio host calls another a freaking coward.

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15 Responses to OTC: 610’s Parkins & Harrison Harshly Critique The Pioli Interviews – Even Their Own Guy’s

  1. Phaedrus says:

    Parkins can talk. He did wonders when he had his shot with David Glass, didn’t he?

    Parkins & Carrington are unlistenable.

  2. MrBrightsideKC says:

    Danny Parkins is no different than any other loud mouth radio guy – Tough guy behind the mic, scared little boy when face-to-face. Binkley stepped inside his safe zone, and Parkins bent over real fast.

    I have no doubt that a Parkins interview would have produced the same results as any of the other guys.

    I don’t know why Doug Stewart gets all the hate, but he seems to love being a troll to the competition. That’s ok for me, because I think it’s funny.

  3. The Smartman says:

    Yeah, we’ve got great sports radio brands in KC. Like Charmin and Northern, both are ass-wipe. Somebody needed to go Rome vs Everett with their Pioli interview. So you get booted from Arrowhead, maybe lose your job because your boss is a cunt who won’t have your back, but for that one brief shining moment, you get to be in Camelot. Better to be remembered for one moment of greatness than twenty years of being Don Fortune.

    If analingus was illegal in Missouri, Petro, Covitz, Binkley, et. al would still be in jail.

    There are not 1000 Bob Costas’s in the world. There is only one and he’s a brilliant interviewer. Anyone who aspires to that level should spend their nights watching Costas interview reruns and learn to be the Bob.

    610 is like a really bad episode of The Real World-Gay Guys. I’ve seen more nutsack at a convent.

  4. chuck says:

    “I think if I had punched him in the face there would have been people who were still angry [with me]. Unless I punch him in the face and we get in a fistfight in his office.”
    Jay Binkley, 610 AM

    Tyson/Spinks would be “War And Peace” compared to that action.

  5. chuck says:

    I hear Pioli benches 350 without cheating his hips off of the bench.

    Maybe that is it, he won’t draft anybody who can kick his ass.

    Maybe Binkley is a cardio freak, punches him in the parking lot, gets him into deep water and “ropes a dope” after 20 minutes of dancin like a butterfly.

    Maybe Clark thinks Pioli will shift his weight, get one deep outta his thighs and drop his ass if he fires him.

    If Pioli hits Clark, Lamar has a broken nose. That dude is big.

    • The Smartman says:

      If only Pioli would get a toupee it would be like having a second Craig Glazer in town.

      • chuck says:

        I’d like to see Glaze and Pioli go at it for the GM job.

        Pioli is a lot younger and about 75 lbs bigger, but Glazer flat out knows some funny sonsabitches. We surround the cage with comedians and wear the fucker down with Stand-Up comedy. He gets to laughing, comes in close to the fence and Gallagher nails his ass with a sledge hammer!

        Glazer definitely drafts a QB.

  6. chuck says:

    There is probably a “Cage Match” provision in Pioli’s contract that guarantees a shot at the new guy before he gets fired and Clark can’t get anyone to interview.

    Thats gotta be it.

  7. john doe says:

    pioli, pioli, pioli, cassel sucks,
    pioli, pioli, pioli, cassel sucks,
    pioli, pioli, pioli, cassel sucks,
    pioli, pioli, pioli, cassel sucks,
    pioli, pioli, pioli, cassel sucks,

    jeter christ, sports radio sucks when the chiefs suck

  8. Buford T Justice says:

    Is Blinkey a Fat Pig? And how old is Vernier? 20?

  9. kylerohde says:

    Much as I hate to say it, Petro is right. If any of them had hammered Pioli in the interview, they wouldn’t have gotten any responses and they would have been banned from future interviews anyway. So it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation. Babb had more stones than any of those guys, for going throughout the Chiefs front office to find out more than the rest of them combined. Now he’s writing for the 2nd greatest paper in the country. Coincidence?

  10. Peter North says:

    Its obvious that Parkins, Vernier, et al are all disgusted that Binkley was plucked off a message board and a garage and given a drive time radio show.

    I have a feeling the Northland high school education was a little bit cheaper than Syracuse. No wonder they are pissed.

  11. Bill says:

    I was a big Binkley fan when he was doing the garage, but I am not sure he is drive-time ready. It is just out of his comfort zone, and in the times I have listened Pearson eats him for lunch on his foolish statements. He should of stuck to the late slot chumming it up in interviews with Bobby Bowden and Bill Romonowski.

  12. Mike says:

    Who is Danny Parkins?

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