OTC: Are Harbaugh Bros The New Wave In NFL Coaching? Belichick Reprimanded Sharpe-ly

“The Har-Bowl”
Headline, in Monday’s Kansas City Star Sports Daily
GH: Two brothers, Jim and John Harbaugh, grow up to become NFL head coaches and will face each other in Super Bowl 47. Consider the improbability of that statement. Math nerds, please run the probability odds on that happening.

“It’s very possible this will become known as HarBowl One. They will be the media focal point for most of the next two weeks – and it probably won’t be the last time.”
John Feinstein, CBS Sports Radio
GH: Two young NFL head coaches take their respective teams to the Super Bowl in their sixth and second years as head coaches. Both made their bones first as a college coach before moving to the NFL. I think the NFL is moving in the opposite direction of Andy Reid. Let’s hope I’m wrong – as I was on both of my picks Sunday.

“Check The KC Star football section from August. My Super Bowl picks; Balt. Vs SF.”
Randy Covitz, @randycovitz, Twitter
GH: Nice work, Randy – but my KC Star football section from August is long gone – as is that free KC Star website content.

“There’s something to be said about being gracious in defeat. … We’ve seen the New England Patriots five times in the last 12 years be victorious. … Bill Belichick makes it real easy to root against the Patriots. You can’t be a poor sport all the time. You’re not going to win all the time and he does this all the time – and it’s unacceptable.”
Shannon Sharpe, after Belichick refused to be interviewed on CBS after the Pats’ loss to Baltimore, CBS
GH: This is the kind of statement that you rarely get from a network television broadcaster who has been trained and educated in the art of journalism. Most do not have the stones to do what Shannon Sharpe did to Belichick on national TV. They are not as confident in their role as a former athlete is – especially when taking on an NFL icon. Sharpe can be a mumble-mouth disappointment at times but Sunday evening he kicked some major ass – even without socks.

“Thanks to Shannon Sharpe for saying what should have been said a long time ago. The inability to be gracious in defeat is a character flaw!”
Tim Brando, @TimBrando, Twitter

“Just don’t understand coaches who don’t respect the game. The game is much bigger than any one person. Belichick will never get that.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter

“CBS pays the NFL $620 million per year for rights. Expect the league to fine Belichick a hefty amount for refusing a post-game interview.”
John Ourand, @Ourand_SBJ, Twitter
GH: What’s a “hefty amount?” And will/does Belichick give a damn? Not a chance he even blinks at the fine or the criticism – and the media is one of the biggest reasons why. Too often we treat these humans like they were Joe Paterno.

“Media people who welcome a coach to town during a press conference or on twitter are S-O-F-T.”
Matt Lombardo, @MattLombaro, Philadelphia sports talk host at 97.5 FM The Fanatic, Twitter
GH: I am a huge believer in treating head coaches at all levels with respect but little else. Be pro or be a schmo.

“These are the most arrogant pricks in the world, starting with [Coach Bill] Belichick on down. Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. Arrogant [expletive].”
Terrell Suggs, Ravens linebacker, Yahoosports.com
GH: That quote is going to have some legs. Can’t wait for Suggs to retire and get a studio job.

“Ray Lewis to USA Today: Said Lewis: ‘You want to talk to me about something that happened 13 years ago right now?’”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, Twitter
GH: Ray Lewis thinks his murder charge has a shelf life?

“Ray Lewis: ‘God doesn’t make mistakes.’ God spending time picking football winners seems like a pretty big mistake. … Ray Lewis: ‘I try to live a humble life.’ I enjoy his dance of humility.”
@sportspickle, Twitter
GH: Lewis is quickly becoming more hated around the sports world than even Lance Armstrong. His holy-moly act repulses me. The two-week promotion of SB47 will all but saturate us with the gospel according to Ray Ray. I have changed the batteries in my clicker in preparation.

“In his 5th season, Joe Flacco has become the NFL’s all-time leader in road playoff wins with 6.”
@SportsCenter, Twitter
GH: A friend of mine saw Flacco in the NFL combine as he prepared for the draft in 2008. He told me, “Remember this name – Joe Flacco. I saw this guy throw and he has a GUN!” I need to give Andy Reid my buddy’s number. Speaking of the Chiefs’ new coach, word is he is primed to move into a $2.2 million four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Kirkwood, just south of the Plaza.

“I think this town is Chiefs, Chiefs’ offseason and then the Royals.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: The Royals held their Fanfest this past weekend to some mixed reviews. Read on.

“Arrived at 10:50 [at Royals Fanfest], waited 45 min 2 get in – another 1 hr of waiting for nothing – now leaving! Horribly planned and executed!”
Todd Richards, @TRich6225, on his visit Saturday morning, Royals fan, Twitter

Agreed. Terrible logistical shortsightedness. No line or traffic flow assistance AT ALL!
Chintzy giveaways. The mini field is ok.”
Eric Clarkson, @Eric_Clarkson, Royals fan, Twitter
GH: The Royals just can’t seem to get this PR thing right. At almost every turn, they stub their spikes when it comes to their fan base. Ever been in line to get tickets the day of a game at The K? Winning eases the pain of these wrinkles – but that too has been MIA at The K.

“While I think #fanfest was disorganized and overcrowded I do appreciate that fans are given the opportunity to interact with players.”
Michael Smith, @prezmike25, Royals fan, Twitter
GH: Score one for the boys in blue.

“I certainly found him credible and believable.”
Jeremy Schaap, after interviewing the former Notre Dame linebacker late Friday evening, ESPN
GH: And we thought Schaap was good at his job?

“This is a really awful showing by Missouri. Don’t tell me it’s because Bowers wasn’t there. Down 31 with 2:31 to play.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, on MU’s blowout loss at Florida, Twitter
GH: Can it get worse for Mizzou in their first SEC season? Frank Haith thinks so…

“The NCAA is expected to release a notice of allegations as early as this week regarding the Miami investigation. A source close to the situation told CBSSports.com that former Hurricanes and current Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith is expected to be charged with unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance.”
Jeff Goodman, CBSSports.com
GH: After those road trips to Ole Miss and Florida, Mizzou fan might turn Haith over to the NCAA with a smile.

Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi, when asked what NCAA hoops team is the most underrated, Twitter
GH: More bad news for Frank.

“QB Dayne Crist named MVP of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl tonight as he threw for a TD, ran for another & completed 7-10 passes in a W.”
Matt Tait, @mctait, writer for KUSports.com, on the former Kansas QB’s postseason award, Twitter
GH: Good for Crist. At least he can end his disappointing college football career on a high note.

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26 Responses to OTC: Are Harbaugh Bros The New Wave In NFL Coaching? Belichick Reprimanded Sharpe-ly

  1. John says:

    Where is Kirkwood? You mean Crestwood?

  2. dg says:

    It’s a private deveopment on 49th Street, 2 blocks off the Plaza. Mix of condos, row homes, and private residences…

  3. The Word says:

    I disagree with Binkley. The Royals stole a few headlines from the Cheaps in Dec. KC is a bandwagon town…whoever wins leads the conversation in this city. I reallt dont want to hear about the Cheaps until the draft.

  4. Mike says:

    Belichick is an odd one. Almost always curmudgeonly, except for one. I remember when NBC had SB XLIII, PIT vs ARZ, and Belichick was brought in for a film study segment in the pregame. It was a prerecorded segment, but it aired less than an hour before the kick. What I remembered about it is Bill was incredibly gregarious, extremely insightful, and the segment blew me away just from what you could learn from watching Belichick do tape breakdown of both teams.
    Now, this also was the year Pollard took out Brady’s knee, and NE missed the playoffs with a 10-6 record, if I’m not mistaken. But Bill’s disposition while part of this pregame segment made me wonder why he doesn’t even give us 1/4th of that insight following games, win or lose.
    I do agree with Sharpe and others; his attitude really paints him as a poor sport when he blows off interviews and acts like a curmudgeon. I understand being less than happy in the moment, but to just keep that visage through the season is baffling. If it’s that miserable, maybe he can seek something to truly make him happy.

  5. john doe says:

    Fire Mike Alden.

  6. The Smartman says:

    The Harbaugh brothers are the future of the NFL. Andy Reid is Hai Karate. They are Tom Ford “Noir”

    The hoody badger don’t care about CBS or Shannon Sharpe and Roger Goodell doesn’t have the balls to fine or suspend him.

    Friend of mine took his son and 4 friends to Fan Fest. Most disorganized thing he’s ever seen. A perfect reflection of the organization. He said is was kinda like WalMart on Black Friday.

    Mizzou hoops in big trouble after the Gator blowout. Who gets whacked first, Pinkel or Haith?

    Katie Couric is going Mano y Mano with Manti T’eo. Should be a more compelling interview since she’s a man hater.

    Kudos to Andy Reid for not moving to Douchebagtopia. Wonder if sonny boy is gonna live their too so daddy can really watch him 24/7.

    • Uncle Dick says:

      There is a house for sale close to the stadium, the listing says it has new carpets, paint, and they’re throwing in a Bentley.with a full price offer.

      • The Smartman says:

        I heard the arena team, the Command bought it as a team house and they painted “Win or Die Trying” on the wall above the front door.

    • chuck says:

      “Tom Ford Noir”.

      Thats killin me. 🙂

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Katie & T’eo have the same agent.

      News according to contractual connections.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    –Considering the incestuous nature of NFL coaching gigs, it’s not a surprise at all that an NFL family has coaches leading some bigger profile teams to the Super Bowl..

    –Shannon Sharpe is a mush-mouthed, biased idiot from the beginning. His half-statements denouncing the Patriots are exactly the same as Suggs. They mean nothing.

    — Why does anyone like or respect Ray Lewis? He’s a shady character in a glory position, who hams it up at *every* opportunity. He is one of the most self-absorbed, poor sportsmanship people the NFL has seen, yet he’s hyped up as one of the bastions of sports idols. I don’t get it.

    — Does Joe Flacco have a gun? I’ve seen him pop-gun lobs in the right direction, but I haven’t seen him rifle any throws this postseason..

    — Has anybody been to any MLB Fan Fest? They’re all really boring and lame and marginally organized. Score another one up for everyone who wants to pile on the Royals some more, though..

  8. Kyle says:

    mizzourah should sign Mike Alden to a 10 year extention immediately. Between Quinn and now Haith, tigger basketball has never been more entertaining!

  9. KC Resident says:

    “GH: Nice work, Randy – but my KC Star football section from August is long gone – as is that free KC Star website content.”

    I know you are trying to make a larger point about The Star charging for online content, but you get 15 or so free clicks a month and then after that all you have to do is clear your cookies for The Star and it is still free.

  10. Jim says:

    I’d lay some pretty heavy odds on the H-Brothers never meet in another Superbowl. It’s happened once in the last 20 years that the same (2) coaches met in a Superbowl. Throw in the fact that the Ravens did it as heavy road dogs speaks to how unlikely/difficult it is to get there. It’s not a difficult bet when you give up one pick and I get the field.

  11. kcredsox says:

    “Just don’t understand coaches who don’t respect the game. The game is much bigger than any one person. Belichick will never get that.”
    Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter

    So let me get this right, if a coach decides he doesn’t want to speak to the press after the game he doesn’t respect the game? Am I the only one that thinks this is an asinine statement? Why didn’t Seth talk about how Ray Lewis wants the spotlight on him all the time, does he respect the game? I think Seth Davis will never get ‘that’.

  12. newbaum turk says:

    right behind the Planet Sub on 50th & Main

  13. JP says:

    Shannon’s comments were on point. Belichick is a poor loser, and it shows everytime the mighty Patriots (most hated team this side of Duke, Notre Dame, Yankees) lose a big game. Kudos to Sharpe for pointing it out. How come nobody is talking about JIm Harbaugh blowing off the Halas Trophy Presentation. Still haven’t gotten an explanation for that.

    Didn’t bother with Fan Fest, watched the basketball instead and it was the right call. The Royals could screw up a cup of Hot Water if given the opportunity. I have hope that this year may be different and winning does cure a lot of PR ills if you will.

    This is anecdotal but I’ve talked to 3 different friends of mine and they feel like Ray Lewis is a felon who got away with something due to not talking. The hero worship of Ray Lewis is mind numbing, and I expect the questions about the infamous night in Atlanta will come up during the 2 week buildup to the Super Bowl.

    As for “Keeping the Haith”, that 83-52 score may have been explained by Jeff Goodman’s article. Don’t worry Missourah fans, you always pay more attention to Kansas anyway, and this year will be no exception.

  14. Orphan of the Road says:

    To paraphrase Buddy Ryan: Flaco? All that boy can do is win playoff games.

    Wait till The Red Head brings in Jeff Garcia as his QB. Sure he’s been out of the game for two-years but he would be light-years ahead of what the Chiefs had on the field this year. (tongue-planted-not-so-firmly-in-cheek).

    chuck, would you be available on Sundays if I should experience deja vue all over again?

    I still remember the announcers saying to not feel sorry for Marino when he lost the Super Bowl as he would be back many, many times. How’d that work out, eh?

    As proud as Mama & Papa must be of the boys, it really has to be tough on a different level.

    • The Smartman says:

      Hmmm, Garcia at QB. Would play well with the Mexicans with that surname. Andy could call the offense Fast and Furious, running a combo of the pistol and shotgun in hurry up mode

    • chuck says:

      I would, but I usually take a two hour nap from 1 tto 4.

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