OTC: Are The Chiefs Taking Geno Number Uno? / Obama On College Football Violence

“Few teams would want the ‘reward’ bestowed the Chiefs, a team clearly in need of a young franchise quarterback in a year when there doesn’t appear to be one available atop the draft. And therein lies the irony of the 2013 draft — just a year after the NFL was astonished by a rookie class of quarterbacks, several teams desperately in need of one will have to weigh gambling or going with a safer prospect at other positions. The Chiefs, owners of the top pick for the first time in team history, are far from the only team in the top 10 facing a tough decision.”
Rob Rang, cbssports.com
GH: Rang is projecting that the Chiefs will draft Geno Smith, the former West Virginia quarterback, with their first overall draft pick. He has the Arizona Cardinals taking USC’s Matt Barkley with their seventh pick and the Buffalo Bills grabbing Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson with their eight pick. Three QBs to go in the top eight picks and then none the rest of the opening round. I think he’s close to having it perfect.

“I always believe you take your number-one quarterback on your board with your number-one pick. It is very unlikely that the Chiefs will be able to get the number-one quarterback on their board with any pick other than the number-one overall pick.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“If there is a quarterback that you like best in this class then your best bet is to grab him and make him the face of your franchise.”
Rob Rang, of NFLDraftScout.com, on his advice to the Chiefs with their first overall draft pick, 810 AM
GH: I am not in agreement with this philosophy. Why reach for what’s very possibly not there?

“I don’t care [about the risks]. I still say draft a quarterback.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“I would like to see [the Chiefs] go after Geno Smith [with their first overall pick]. … I thought [Rang] made perfect sense to me.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I would take the big offensive tackle from Texas A&M, Luke Joeckel, to minimize picking a bust with the first overall pick. The quarterback class is just too iffy to reach this draft. I also like Oklahoma’s Landry Jones as maybe a third-round pick for the Chiefs. So what do I know?

“I will not
criticize the Chiefs one bit if they take Geno Smith number one overall.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Nor will I. I would just prefer a stone-cold 10-year Pro Bowler with the Chiefs’ number-one overall pick in this draft. I think that’s Joeckel.

“I don’t think [the Chiefs] are going to trade for Kevin Kolb. Because Andy Reid in his heart of hearts, I don’t think he believes in him. You’re talking about a guy who gave up on [Kolb] one day into the season after anointing him.”
Bob Glauber, NFL insider for ESPN, in an interview with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Alex Smith is who I would like to see the Chiefs pursue with abandon. He gets a bad rap from those who think he’s Harbaugh’s Frankenstein. But why can’t he take what he learned in San Francisco and build on it under Andy Reid?

“I know we’re all sick of the Har-bowl story. What I don’t know is why.”
Gregg Doyel, @GreggDoyelCBS, Twitter
GH: People tire of any angle of a story that has a two-week build up – especially when it’s not about their team. I am also far more excited to view the SB commercials than the actual game. Maybe this one will prove to be different but in the end, it’s still two teams I care very little about.

“You read some of these stories about college players who undergo some of these same problems with concussions and so forth and then have nothing to fall back on. That’s something that I’d like to see the NCAA think about. … Now, the problem is, if you talk to NFL players, they’re going to tell you, ‘That that’s the risk I take; this is the game I play.’ And I don’t know whether you can make football (be) football if there’s not some pretty significant risk factors.”
Barack Obama, The New Republic
GH: The discussion is now ongoing but solutions and compromises have been few. Is football too dangerous to play at the amateur level? I believe it is, but I also don’t want it to disappear from the high school and college scene. But my feelings are purely selfish. There really is no good reason to subject our youth to the risks of the sport.  

“College [football] players are especially vulnerable, Obama told The New Republic, since they aren’t represented by unions or heavily compensated.”
Kevin Liptak, writer, CNN.com
GH: College universities are especially vulnerable as well – to lawsuits. This is what will eventually change the game of football at the high school and college level – huge and debilitating cash payouts to the victims and families of head injuries and worse. I think the time is quickly approaching when all of our mammoth college football stadiums are nothing more than decaying coliseums.

“I love it more than people.”
@HowardStern, professing his love for his iPad mini, Twitter
GH: Anybody else have the mini? Why go small when you can go bigger for another $200? What am I missing?

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34 Responses to OTC: Are The Chiefs Taking Geno Number Uno? / Obama On College Football Violence

  1. Jim says:

    Why would a first round bust on a QB be ANY worse than all the other first round busts the Chiefs have taken?! It’s a new age. The risk/money just isn’t the same as it used to be for the first round picks. Pretty simple if you ask me. The greatest need on the Chiefs is a QB. Nobody questions that. Earn your freaking MILLIONS as a GM and HC and decide which is the best one……then take him at 1-1. Having a 10 year All-Pro tackle never got ANYONE to the Super Bowl. Ever.

    • Bill says:

      Nope, but they provide great building blocks to get people there. The 49ers took Staley in the first round in 07. He starts at LT. They took Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati both in the first round in 2010. Both start at RT and LG, respectively.

      Kaepernick was a second round pick in 11.

      The thing I worry about is drafting a QB 1-1 and then him trying to play behind this offensive line and running for his life, especially Geno Smith. Look what happened to David Carr. Dude got lit up year after year and was never what they projected him to be.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree, Greg. Take the LT that is going to be a stud for 10 years. KK keeps trying to hammer home the point that Albert was supposed to be that guy. “They told us that five years ago when they drafted him.” Two things on that 1. He played guard in college. 2. The guys that drafted him just got fired.

    Also, Soren made a great point yesterday. You can’t take a QB as No. 1 overall if you don’t believe he is a program changer. Take one in the second round. Bring in an FA. You can always make a trade in 14 to move up in the draft to get a guy if you think he is a franchise QB. Look at what Washington did last year.

  3. Kyle Rohde says:

    I’m not even looking forward to the commercials that much, since all sorts of marketers (Mercedes, Audi, Coke, VW, etc.) are releasing teasers or their spots early, which ruins the fun. What’s the most memorable SB commercial of the past five years? Almost definitely the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” one with Eminem. It was released with absolutely no build-up or teasing – a complete mystery and that was great.

    • Taxee says:

      That was a good one Kyle; my fave in the last 5 years was the David Letterman/Oprah/Jay Leno bit. Didn’t see that one coming either.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I am trying to avoid the teasers. Both very good picks. I have a soft spot for the kid Darth Vader Volkswagon spot. The force is strong with this one…

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        Also a great one – they ruined it by forcing Star Wars into last year’s spot though – the one with the dog chasing the New Bug and then having Vader for absolutely no reason.

  4. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Trade. Down.

    • Gavin says:

      With. Whom?

      I mean, as a strategy, I agree, it’s a sound one. Who is going to want this pick? It’s not like with St. Louis, with Sam Bradford in the bag and RGIII on the board, who had a huge demand for their pick or something. I just don’t see how the Chiefs can parlay this pick into something much better.

      • Chuck says:

        The importance of the quarterback in today’s NFL could actually make it easier for the Chiefs to trade down in the 2013 draft. There are teams who have invested heavily in franchise quarterbacks and are now faced with that quarterback’s twilight years. These teams need to have a win-now mentality, which means giving up future picks for the player they think can best help the team. This draft is very deep on the defensive line and at linebacker. Not so much at offensive left tackle.

        Look at the teams who have an aging franchise quarterback but are thin along the offensive line- San Diego, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas. If we hear a lot of noise coming out of the combine about how much the Chiefs love Joekel, you can bet the front office is dangling that #1 pick to one of those teams- most likely Dallas or Chicago, almost certainly NOT Pittsburgh.

  5. Jim says:

    Bill, the only problem with free-agent QB’s is that they don’t win Super Bowls. (sans Drew Brees) Offensive and Defensive lineman DO NOT win Super Bowls. Period.

    • Bill says:

      Let’s be honest… Chiefs aren’t winning the Super Bowl next year. Bringing someone like Alex Smith in as a stop gap isn’t going to be a bad thing. Bring Alex Smith in, and then in 14 if you have a guy you really like, make a trade like Washington did with St. Louis last year.

      You are right though in regards to FA QBS. Plunkett, Doug Williams, Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Drew Brees.

  6. Flea says:

    The Chiefs can’t trade down because there is not a team that wants to trade up.

    Drafting a QB at number one just because is effing stupid. You have to get a rock solid player with that pick, and there are not any QBs good enough. You think Jacksonville is liking their Gabbert pick? Screwing up with a QB means setting the organization back at least three years.

    I’d take Joekel, then draft two QBs later. Bring in Alex Smith or Mike Vick as a stop gap.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Flea has it nailed. Draft Joekel. Rookie wage scale means we get him for the first few years at a bargain compared to what Albert is wanting. Albert can take his salary demands and his bad back and head out of town. Good guy but we can replace him with a great one. Draft a QB at 2.1 and go get a vet to compete this year. Draft more QBs next year.

  7. Goose13 says:

    Rumor is Alex Smith is asking for a release, not a trade. If this is true, KC could get him at a good price. Costs no draft picks!

    • Gavin says:

      If he can get that release, sure. The question is, why would the Niners give it to him? He clearly has value so I’m not sure why the team agrees to give him up for nothing. If he decides to be a malcontent to try and force a trade, it might work, but it might also hurt his value and that doesn’t sound like his style anyway.

  8. The Smartman says:

    The 49er’s need to dump Smith from the roster muy pronto. He is the most logical choice to chase. Smith, Barkley and Wilson are dreck. They don’t have NFL mojo. If Andy wants to roll the dice with Jeff Garcia I’d support that. He’s a gamer, a leader and has it together between the ears.

    Superbowl ads are shit. Lots of money pissed away and they don’t really move the needle when it comes to selling product. I don’t want people talking about my product I want them BUYING it. When’s the last time a Superbowl ad made you spend any money? When’s the last time you saw a TV ad for WD40? NEVER! But I’ll bet you have a can or two or three at your house or in your garage. GREAT products sell themselves and don’t need Madison Avenue douchebags spending millions of dollars to get people to try it, if it’s a shit product to begin with.

    The crews at 610 and 810 are just whale shit on the bottom of the ocean awful. Have clients in from Boston this week. They are laughing their asses off at how bad these guys are. I don’t dare let them listen to Parks and Wreck or Darla.

    • Gavin says:

      The last ad I heard about actually moving product was two or three years ago for a company called, I think, Sales Genie. The ad was absolute shit. You want to talk about dreck. Dull. No production values, no interesting story, no humor. Bad sets and, as I recall, some cheap animation mixed in for good measure. It was for a company that sold leads to salesmen.

      I recall hearing the company blew its entire year’s ad budget on one 30-second spot for the Super Bowl. And it worked. Because everyone in the whole damn country, including the target audience of salesmen was watching this unironic, boring ad that only told salesmen to call them to buy leads for sales. And the people at Sales Genie said it worked like a charm. The ad was horrible, but airing it in front of that enormous audience did the trick.

  9. MightyMo says:

    I would rather trade for Smith. You get him at a decent wage and for a couple of years. As an UFA, he’ll get $3-$5 million more per year. Maybe I am just living in a dream world where the Chiefs need cap dollars to go out and try to seriously upgrade their 2013 roster.

  10. JP says:

    First of all, I wish our President would spend as much time on the job at hand (economy, military, etc.) as he does talking about pop culture and sports issues. The Libs are out to ban football, and I agree with Bernard Pollard that the sport will not be the same in 30 years. What ever happened to assuming the risk. I played football in the 70’s and I knew there were dangers of getting hurt. This is nothing new, but has become the liberal issue du jour.

    As for the Chiefs, I am open minded, but I like the Alex Smith trade deal, with this proviso. The Chiefs still draft a QB in the second round. Just in case, so we don’t get Casseled in the future.

    • Gavin says:

      What libs are out to ban football? I mean, I’m sure there are some tree-hugging, dirt-munching, Birkenstock-wearing, dreadlock-sporting, patchouli-reeking druids out there that would be happy to ban it, but what liberal policymakers are trying to ban it?

      • Sirr Parker says:

        They’re coming for football while they come for our guns. These God Damn Liberals are trying to make everyone ghey. It’s the pussification of America. They can take my football, like my gun, like Saint Charlton said, “When they pry it from my cold, dead hand.”

        • January says:

          You and JP are typical paranoid right-wing nuts who exaggerate everything. There aren’t going to be black helicopters landing in your yard to take away your guns. Football is going to have to change. You can’t allow men to be maimed as a form of entertainment.

          • JP says:

            Wha’t’s a “ypical right wing nut”? Who wants to watch people getting maimed as a “form of entertainment”? Listen Obamabot, I understand the concussion arguments, but many times it comes from not using the right techniques. Those can be taught at High School and lower levels. Don’t lead with your head. As for football, there is a contingent of Liberals who are jonesing for a fight with the NFL. The likely reason is to pad the trial lawyers pockets. The truth of the matter is many of these players knew the risks, even the risks of concussion. Shouldn’t they be held responsible for their choices.

            BTW, since you apparently don’t like football, why are you on this blog again.

  11. Joe says:

    Hopefully the combine produces someone that another team is willing to trade up for. Give it some time.

  12. John Phog says:

    you gotta love NFL football fans. Who else actually looks forward to commercials?

  13. aleitel says:

    Smith apparently has some sort of roster bonus that he can collect if he is on the roster March 1. 49ers would rather cut him than eat that money for no reason.

    • Gavin says:

      Now that makes sense.

      It’s weird that he’s asking for a release. It seems like he’s in a no-lose situation. He keeps his mouth shut and he’s perceived as a team player. The 49ers either pay him and make him even wealthier or they cut him and let him become a free agent and he can go make a deal with a QB-starved team like the Chiefs. Strange that his agents would be agitating for his release, especially during Super Bowl week, when all that could do is hurt his image.

  14. Chuckles says:

    “Why go small when you can go bigger …”

    Funny … that’s what Tony Botello’s ex said, too.

  15. Ronnie says:

    I usually agree with you Greg, but not on this one. How much does a “franchise” tackle really help your team? What did having Anthony Munoz ever do for the Bengals? What has Jake Long done for the Dolphins? When was the last time you heard of a left tackle leading a team to the Super Bowl, hell, let alone the playoffs? The risk reward is always greater for a quarterback.

  16. PV_Pathfinder says:

    Had a full size iPad a year ago and hated it. Size was awkward for the random internetting that usually accompanies a lazy weekend of basketball and football on the couch. The Mini is easier to hold and use with one hand, leaving the other hand free for…

  17. Chuck says:

    The 2013 quarterback class isn’t impressive, but it is deeper than next year’s QB class appears to be. There are really only two QBs that project to the top of the 2014 draft order at this point- Alabama’s A.J. McCarron and Clemson’s Tajh Boyd (barring early entry by Teddy Bridgewater or massive turnaround by Logan Thomas). Boyd would be wonderful in Andy Reid’s offense, but to get one of the top-of-the-draft quarterbacks, the Chiefs would have to be, you know, at the top of the draft. Which would mean they would have to suck again. Which is something nobody wants.

    The best option for the Chiefs is to trade down (if possible) but stay in range of getting one of the top OLBs, DLs, or the best CB, then find the best late first-early second QB and trade back up to get him- someone like Glennon, Bray, Nassib, or Wilson. Sign a free agent or trade for Alex Smith, et al. to give the rookie time to develop and to give the veteran core a realistic shot at a winning season. Concentrate on filling the holes the Pioli regime left in the roster with guys like Stedman Bailey, David Amerson, and Tony Jefferson in the middle rounds, then take a flyer on a quarterback like Colby Cameron in the 6th and 7th rounds.

    Of course, if D’Vigorous Lover or Ononimus Leek are still available in the third round, you have to get one of those two.

  18. Observer says:

    John Phog — You are so calling the kettle black. I’m a soccer fan, but the most egregious commercialization of sport comes with soccer. You can’t even tell who a team is by their jersey with all the sponsors plastered all over them. You can’t stare at a pitch without being blinded by the annoying neon glow of the electronic billboards on the pitch’s perimeter. You can’t escape the onslaught of corporate logos, messages and brand blasting that has so taken over European soccer. I’m not saying there isn’t corporate influence in the NFL, but don’t poke at a few people who say they are looking forward to the ads that will play during one single game during the entire season of a given sport. That’s just rich.

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