OTC: Are The Chiefs Trying To Build A Cassel Out Of Sand? Whitlock Skewers JoPo’s Paterno

“It’s the most high-profile job in Kansas City – and that’s over the mayor! It’s the most scrutinized job.”
Jay Binkley, on Matt Cassel as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, 610 AM
GH: Well, maybe…other than a sports talk radio host’s gig. We do like to scrutinize our sports media folks here at the OTC. Read on.

“Cassel completed 19 of 24 for 168 yards with a touchdown and a hideous pick that Earl Thomas returned 75 yards for a touchdown late in the third quarter. Earlier in the quarter Cassel was sacked and lost a fumble.”
Blair Kerkhoff, columnist, on Cassel’s outing against Seattle, Kansas City Star
GH: Cassel looked hurried all evening – not a good sign about his revamped offensive line. On the same night where Seattle’s rookie QB, Russell Wilson, looked like Warren Moon in his heyday, Cassel struggled with rhythm, a fluttering high ball and composure. Even his TD celebration was poorly executed.

“This isn’t just based on the quarters we’ve seen [Russell Wilson] play. This is based on the practice and the challenges that he’s undertaken here on the practice field. We’ve combined everything and with the circumstances that have been presented he won this opening challenge here.”
Pete Carroll, Seahawks head coach, on his decision to choose Wilson over the former Packers’ back up, Matt Flynn, AP
GH: It will take years before we know if Wilson is anywhere near as good as he has looked this month, but the Chiefs may be haunted for decades over passing on him in the third round. We all still remember the Chiefs’ pick of Todd Blackledge over Dan Marino pick, right? Decades.

“There are probably 20 quarterbacks in the NFL with bright futures and Matt Cassel is not in that group.”
Jeff Chadiha, of ESPN.com, 810 AM
GH: When you consider that there are only 32 teams in the NFL, that statement should make Scott Pioli invest in Depends. Speaking of Pioli, did you happen to see his face while he was in the TV booth during the second half of the Chiefs/Seahawks game? He looked like Joe Posnanski after reading any recent review of Paterno. Pioli looked devastated, bewildered and lost. Much like his team.

“Seriously, most puddles are deeper than ‘Paterno’.”
Jason Whitlock, in a scathing review of his former coworker, Joe Posnanski’s book, Paterno, FoxSports.com
GH: Whitlock and Posnanski were not the best of friends when they were both columnists at The Kansas City Star. The newspaper attempted to portray their relationship as compatible and even the two writers often refused to publicly acknowledge the bitterness between them. But longtime OTC readers have known for years of how Whitlock felt about JoPo. Whitlock resented that JoPo was presented as the polished writer while he felt he was thought of as the lucky black guy. Jason saw JoPo as more of a make-believe kind of writer than one who stuck to the facts. Read on.

“A mere 26 pages in and the ‘journalist’ who reportedly had unprecedented access to Paterno, the coach’s family, confidants and football program is reduced to retelling a story spoken by a female football intern at a Paterno memorial service…”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: Placing quotes around the word “journalist” is not done without conscience thought. Maybe even a bit of malice. Possibly more than a bit.

“That’s the thing about this league. If you’re not producing, they don’t hesitate to get you out of there. They’re paying you a lot of money.”
Joe Montana, when asked about the proliferation of young quarterbacks replacing veteran signal callers, ESPN Radio

“The preseason is an illusion.”
Adam Schefter, NFL insider, ESPN Radio
GH: As Chiefs’ fans, we need to adopt this as our August mantra.

“I asked Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe if they expected [the Chiefs] to pass much this year. They both just kind of said, ‘Well, I don’t know.’ But you could tell from their facial expressions that there’s absolutely no way.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Carpenter’s take is that the Chiefs will not pass nearly as much in the regular season as they have in the preseason. He expects them to rely more on Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis to move the ball on the ground. It all depends on the success of the defense. If the defense can’t stop teams any better than they have in the preseason, Cassel will be firing 40-plus passes a game.

“I’m pretty smart.”
Dwayne Bowe, when asked about his ability to learn the Chiefs’ new offense prior to the season opener, 810 AM
GH: The Clarks can verify this…or not.

“[The Chiefs] look to me to be mediocre. It all comes back to the quarterback, Matt Cassel. That’s a .500 team at best.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: A .500 record sounds a bit optimistic after the embarrassing outings against St. Louis and Seattle. But as Schefter said, the preseason is an illusion.

“I don’t think there is anybody in that locker room who has anything but cross words to say about their former head coach, Todd Haley. He treated them all like employees.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: While Hobo Todd continues to receive few plaudits from his former team [and the Steelers as well as far as I can tell], RAC City is now under some heat for his team’s last two performances. Kent Babb writes in The Star that he believes Romeo should give up the dual roles of DC and HC. I don’t think it’s his DC duties that are distracting him. It might just be that Romeo isn’t cut out to be a head coach.

“Is Peyton really a Bronco and could this look any more bleak?”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, as Manning went 10 of 12 for 122 yards and threw for two TDs in his third preseason game with Denver, Twitter
GH: Manning’s excellent game was perfectly timed for fantasy football drafts. I was not swayed. Kietzman is dead on and has been about the Chiefs needing to take drafting or obtaining a quarterback more seriously. We differ on what we think of Manning but not at all when it comes to how important the QB is to an NFL franchise. I would really enjoy KK getting 20 minutes with Pioli to discuss this on BTL.

“Pinch yourselves, Broncos fans. Against a 49ers’ team that went 13-3 last season on the strength of a defense that allowed only 14.3 points per game, Manning showed in his abbreviated final preseason test that if he hasn’t completely regained previous form, then he’s encouragingly close.”
Mike Klis, writer, Denver Post
GH: But is he durable? What kind of a toll have those 14 seasons and multiple neck surgeries had on the future HOF quarterback? I don’t think the Chiefs will even see Manning on the other side of the line of scrimmage this season. He won’t last that long.

“So excited to join the FOX NFL Sunday Show!!! I have no idea what we’re gonna do, but we’re gonna fun… I know that!”
Rob Riggle, @RobRiggle, on the report that Riggle, a KU grad, will replace Frank Caliendo this season on Fox’s NFL pregame show, Twitter
GH: Kind of cool that a local guy is getting this gig. I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Riggle, Bradshaw, Howie and Jimmy. Fox’s pregame show continues to be my favorite on Sunday morning.

“Nothing against Frank, we love Frank. But it’s been nine years. We wanted something fresh. Rob is on the edge of becoming a huge star. We want to help him. And that helps our show too. Now, everybody just knows him as the guy in that movie.”
Chris Pizzi, Fox producer, on Riggle replacing Caliendo, USA Today

“The Madden going on sale tonight at midnight. There’s not a man, woman or child in America not excited.”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: Well, there is at least one…


“Greg, c’mon…….no comparison between Lance doping and Sandusky “sanduskying”.”
P, OTC Reader Comments
GH: I have read the readers’ responses to my Lance/Sandusky comparison and received a number of emails disagreeing with it as well. As I wrote in a recent email response to a reader, it was not my proudest moment as a writer. While I didn’t mean the comparison to come off as many have perceived, I have no one to blame for that perception other than myself. It was a poor choice of words and one for which I would like to apologize.

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33 Responses to OTC: Are The Chiefs Trying To Build A Cassel Out Of Sand? Whitlock Skewers JoPo’s Paterno

  1. J Rok says:

    I liked Madden 13 more when it was called Madden 05.

  2. Jim says:

    Does Porkchop ever get any run anywhere besides OTC? Please GH, let eating dogs lie.

  3. Kyle says:

    I was praying for the Chiefs to draft Wilson in the 2nd round. He is short, but he has a game saavy that most NFL veterans do not have. But hey, at least we have Stanzi!

  4. Smartman says:

    ESPN had a comprehensive ranking of all 32 QB’s. Matt came in at 20. When you look at the names from 21-32, 20 might as well been 32.

    Crennel was an easy choice. The players love(d) him cause the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. He’ll kiss Pioli’s ass. He’s a black head coach so the Clark’s probably feel good about that. He’s NOT a winner, but he gets to pick up a few million more dollars to shore up the retirement he’ll probably start in 2013.

    If the preseason is an Illusion than the regular season is The Grand Ilusion.

    • newbaum turk says:

      I’m in seven fantasy leagues (ridiculous I know, but only two are for money). Cassel wasn’t drafted in a single one.

      • billy bob thorton says:

        Oh, well we know that all fantasy geeks know exactly the outcome of every season, so Cassel must be a bust, right?

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    Perhaps there should be a new corollary to Godwin’s law which incorporates Sandusky references. Sandusky comparisons are the new Hitler analogy.

  6. Huskerfloyd says:

    I will not stoop to read Paterno, but Pork Chop’s pettiness toward Posnanski is laughable. That imbecile has been mailing in columns for longer than Rick Reilly and couldn’t string together enough words to fill a pamphlet, let alone a book.

  7. Rick says:

    QUESTION FOR GREG. On Saturdays I’m hearing fromer 610 employee Mark Carmen on 1510 Yahoo sports program. Is this a national gig or local? If its a national program doesn’t that mean he has already suceeded beyond Nick Wrights desires?

    • Jess says:

      Carman does not come off as a colossal douche, so he as already surpassed Nick

    • Taxee says:

      Rick, Yahoo Sports (used to be Sporting News Radio) is a national network based in Houston which is ironic since Nick is there now. I have heard Carmen on there the last couple of weekends.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I missed Carman’s network appearance on 610 last Saturday. You could send him a tweet at @thecarm.

  8. Smartman says:


    Didn’t you mean to say the PosnanSKI was the more Polish writer?

  9. Java Man says:

    Come on, Greg. If you start apologizing for all the stupid things you post, when will you have time to train?

  10. Kyle Rohde says:

    It’s unfortunate that Whitlock let so much of his past anger towards Posnanski influence the column and that he, and his editor at FoxSports.com, did not feel the need to state anywhere in the column that the two worked together for close to a decade. I don’t think Posnanski’s book is a great one, by any stretch, but to pretend like Whitlock’s review was based solely on it and not his personal vendetta against Pos, is ridiculous.

  11. tiad says:

    Jesus H. Christopher, Greg, that “apology” is even worse because it sounds (and it is) so trite. Just take the sanduskies and move on without the apology. You said what you said, don’t back down from it now.

  12. ron says:

    Anyone who ever thought Whitlock is a good writer is delusional. He was a one trick pony, and the trick was a willingness to state outlandish opinions that were designed to offend and get attention. Any facts or truth in his columns were merely accidental. Whitlock actual writing skills were high school sophomore level, at best.

    • Phaedrus says:

      I agree….I only remember ONE column that was well written. Perhaps Greg can fill us in on that one…I’m sure he knows the content.

    • nick says:

      Over time at the Star, I thought Whitlock’s writing lazy, predictable, overly-mean, un-funny and uncreative. Like KK, Whit was obsessed with battering Carl Peterson. And Whit was clueless about any sport but football. Then he started writing more political pieces, which were vomit-inducing.

      I really enjoy Posnanski’s writing. I have his blog bookmarked and read it every week. Whit’s off my radar. I only remember him when he purposely starts a firestorm of some kind. I’m sure with the election coming up, Jason will say/write something to make MSNBC or CNN want him on a political round-table. Yawn.

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        I loved Whitlock’s work at the Star; I’m less impressed with his work at FoxSports.com. I’ve told him that on Twitter and gotten a response from him that essentially said he hasn’t change and I’m remembering his work at the Star better than it actually was.

        Battering Carl Petersen was fair game; the guy stayed in his role for 18 years without a Super Bowl appearance.

    • B.A. Homer says:

      I disagree. Whitlock always wrote insightful well thought out articles

  13. Herb says:


  14. MightyMo says:

    I think the formula can still work. See the 1990 -1992 Chiefs. Commit to the run, use play action, and go win 9 games while taking a couple of brutal ass kickings on the road. Hell, if your feeling really nostalgic, throw a tie in there to ruin somebody’s playoff formula.

  15. Herb says:

    No prob, Greg.

    PS – takes a real man to apologize.

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