OTC: Bruce Weber Has Chance To Purr At KSU / Ole Miss’ Top Recruiting Class Baffling

“Before the game [at Texas Tech on Tuesday night], I could tell them about Florida/Arkansas which at that time was about a 23-point lead for Arkansas. It was a good way to get their attention and for motivation. I don’t know if it did the trick.”
Bruce Weber, on how he used Florida getting upset at Arkansas as a motivational tool as his team prepared to take on the Red Raiders, 810 AM
GH: I found it interesting that Weber felt comfortable enough in a live interview with The Border Patrol to mention how he and his Wildcats were not only paying attention to another basketball game while they dressed in Lubbock but that he would use that game to motivate his team. I know when I flipped on my satellite radio on the way home from the office and the digital interface showed the Hogs leading the Gators 39-19, I thought my radio was broken.

“Who’d [Arkansas] beat? They beat Florida? Bad job, bad effort out of me. I can’t even lie my way out of that one.”
Danny Parkins, after Carrington Harrison mentioned that Arkansas upset Florida Tuesday night, 610 AM
GH: Parkins made this comment at 1:40 PM on Wednesday, about 18 hours after the biggest upset in the SEC this season went final. I don’t expect Parkins or any sports talk show host to have their finger on everything that happens overnight in the world of sports. But I damn sure expect the host of a four-hour midday sports talk show to know about and have in-depth knowledge of when a headline upset like this hits. At least Parkins realized he sounded clueless. Maybe there is hope.

“One [reason] is that Jordan [Henriquez] is a senior and I think it gives him a sense of pride to start. And then the guys that play well get in [the game] at the end.”
Bruce Weber, on why he is starting Henriquez but playing Thomas Gipson more minutes, 810 AM
GH: I am starting to warm to the alien-sounding pipes of Bruce Weber – mostly because his team looks well coached. The Cats have two huge games staring at them – a revenge matchup with Iowa State on Saturday and a second chance at Kansas in Lawrence on Monday night. Win both of those and Weber’s voice will sound like John Facenda to Wildcat fans.

“Michael Beasley got pulled over doing 71 in a 45 on a suspended license in a car with no license plate. He also had a gun w/ no registration.”
@KansasSports, Twitter
GH: Oh, Beasley. This guy should be the poster child for those who say one-and-done college basketball players have no good reason to stay in school for a second year.

“Our phones breaking up and I can tell you’re a busy man. We’re going to let you go.”
Danny Parkins, as he cut off Laurence Bowers in the middle of his answer as to the difference between playing in the Big 12 and the SEC, 610 AM
GH: I did not intend to make this a bag-on-Parkins column but the kid makes it all too easy. The phone connection was piss poor but that could have been rectified by having him call back. Bowers was heard telling someone he was on the phone but it wasn’t like he wasn’t answering Parkins’ and Carrington Harrison’s questions. Parkins came off sounding like he couldn’t be bothered if Bowers wasn’t able to give him his complete attention. So he hung up on the Mizzou forward and spent the next five minutes telling us what he thought of MU’s effort in the SEC. He may have droned on longer than that but I switched channels not long after Parkins’ killed his call with Bowers.

“Manti Te’o shuts down twitter acct. to focus on draft?! Should have whacked it when the corpse called. You get fished, you don’t tweet.”
Jim Rome, @jimrome, after Te’o shut down his Twitter account on Tuesday, Twitter

“[Conner Frankamp] had 48 points off of 11-20 shooting tonight. 19pts in the 4th qtr, 21-22 from the line. Dude is gonna be a star!”
Ben Mantoth, @bman2th, on the KU recruit out of Wichita North, Twitter
GH: Frankamp looks like he could be the Jimmy Chitwood of Kansas basketball. He’s got a perfect jump shot to go with a deadly crossover dribble and a cardio system that is ice cooled. I hope to get down to Wichita yet this year to see him live – maybe for the Kansas High School state tourney. You can follow him on Twitter at @CFrankamp_23. He likes to retweet compliments about his game – which I find very next century when it comes to high school athletes.

“I was very excited going into that [Michigan State/Indiana] game to see [Indiana’s] Cody Zeller, but I was very disappointed. I didn’t see quickness. If you’re putting [Ben] McLemore and him in the same top five, McLemore is better – and there were kids on Michigan State that were better. It was not what I was expecting to see from an All American who is averaging 16-17 a game in that [Big 10] conference.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

“People–myself included–need to stop talking about what [Indiana’s] Cody Zeller isn’t and start talking about what he is: a great college center.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Oh how I wish Kansas was playing in the Big 10 this season. The quality of basketball looks to be so far superior to what we are getting in the Big 12. KU’s win at Ohio State tells me they could challenge Michigan and Indiana for the conference crown. Last night’s OSU at Michigan game Tuesday night was as good a regular season game as I’ve seen this season. I can’t recall one game in the Big 12 that was even close to being played on that level.

“Spoke with Fred Hoiberg in prep for Iowa St game. He will get the Cyclones to a final four in the next few years. He has the ‘it’ factor.”
Rich Zvosec, @CoachZZ, Twitter
GH: This is what you call a BOLD statement from Coach Z. If The Mayor gets ISU to the FF in the next five years, or the next 20! – he deserves to have Ames renamed Freddieberg.

“Texas has a Big 12-best 5-star (8) & 4-star (60) signees since 2009. One 10+ win season. K-State had 0 & 2. Two 10+ win seasons.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, Twitter
GH: All the more reason to bow as you drive by that Manhattan Exit on I-70. Bill Snyder is a flat-out football genius.

“This fax machine is pretty important today.”
Chad Moller, @ChadMol, in an early-morning tweet on college football’s National Signing Day, Twitter
GH: I have two fax machines stored in our basement that haven’t been plugged in for personal use since 2004. Does the NCAA require these contracts be faxed rather than scanned and emailed? Does the faxed paper roll up and need to be sliced off like in 1989?

“The Big 12 has 25 players in the ESPN300. Ole Miss has 10.”
David Ubben, @davidubben, Twitter
GH: The shocker of the college football recruiting season is how Ole Miss and their new head coach, Hugh Freeze, have been able to grab some of the nation’s highest rated recruits to come to The Grove and play at a middle-of-the-SEC program. The Rebels recruiting class is so loaded with talent that rumors of cheating have been raised…but none verified.

“I’d be willing to bet that in three years Missouri [football] has every bit the chance to be as good as Ole Miss.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman followed up this statement with absolutely nothing to back it up. It was pure Kietzman.

“I would say he’s the guy 90% of men want to be.”
Bob Fescoe, on the Patriots’ wild-man tight end, Rob Gronkowski, 610 AM
GH: I thought 90% of men want to be Smartman…and the other 10% are gay.

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33 Responses to OTC: Bruce Weber Has Chance To Purr At KSU / Ole Miss’ Top Recruiting Class Baffling

  1. Steve says:

    I hardly ever post, but the Elijah point shaving thing has me fired up. Been quite a week for Parkins. Baseless point shaving allegations, not even bothering to look at a top 25 scoreboard and being too big to be inconvenienced by a bad phone line. Not to mention how appalled he acted when Will Shields got left out of the HOF despite the fact the Bears fan has probably never seen Will play. I get the sense he is looking for his Jim Everett/Jim Rome moment so he can get some attention and leave town. Quit pretending you care about Will Shields and the Chiefs while all the while trying to get out of town. He’s trying to get sizzle that he can promote nationwide (as is evident every time he sends his stuff to the big lead on twitter). If you want to leave just do it.

    • john doe says:

      he’s probably been smoking too much weed lately. He has talked about smoking before, on 96.5.

  2. Hot Carl says:

    The entire 610 lineup is a joke but Parkins has somehow done the unthinkable and dethroned Fescoe as the biggest dumb ass on local radio.

    • The Smartman says:


    • Taxee says:

      C’mon now, I can’t be the only listener that can’t wait for Pardkins to drool on the air about the budding relationship between Carrington and whoever that TV bimbo he’s trying to get in the sack.

  3. Barles James says:

    It really is too bad about Beasley, you hope his story ends better than it has started. Guess it proves money doesn’t fix real problems. I will be shocked if Freddy H. turns out to be a star coach. He’s pulled in a lot of transfers and decent talent, but he looks clueless during games.

    • Red says:

      I can’t imagine a second year at KState or any university would have done anything for him though.

      • Barles James says:

        I’m not saying it would have. No telling what he had to deal with growing up, and just how many close family members are sucking off him still. Quite a thing to go from rags to riches, and for so many leeches to know you’re the golden ticket by the time you’re in middle school.

  4. john says:

    i can’t imagine anybody who isn’t a ku fan listening to 610

  5. Barles James says:

    also, when listening to 810 commercials, does anyone else picture the gaslight grill as the seventh circle of johnson county hell? Never been inside but I picture lots of deepfried meats, slow music and sadness.

    • The Smartman says:

      It’s where the Touché crowd dines. The smell of Depends and Hai Karate is overwhelming.

      • Taxee says:

        It’s easy to picture Dexter, er, Danny Clinkscale driving to the GG in whatever free car he shills for now on 810 while getting a free small order of fries from Dick “Well Danny” Hock for doing the commercials.

        • T Rich says:

          I was thinking about hanging out at the Gaslight Grill and asking the ladies that show up if they would like to be introduced to Dick’s brother “Mike Hock”

  6. P says:

    Recruiting makes absolutely no sense with KSU’s success. Props to them. Basically, the way it works is if Alabama, ND, etc. is interested in a kid he automatically gets a two star upgrade. Not always, some guys come highly ranked from the get go but at the end of the day, a lot of them garner their rankings off of who’s recruiting them.

    I thought Beasley was past all that garbage….I guess he just gave up the weed and switched to booze?

    I made the mistake of going to The Gaslight Grill a couple years ago. I mean, the food was fine and the place is very nice, but criminy, everyone but myself and my wife was over 70. It just made me sleepy being in there.

  7. The Smartman says:

    Coach Z is smoking some really good weed! Des Moines will overtake San Francisco as a tourist destination before ISU gets to the Final Four.

    Unless it is an NCAA violation for recruits to get a blow job during their visit Ole Miss is squeaky clean.

  8. The World says:

    Horrible, day for MU. They had a year to start pipelines in SEC recruiting grounds and what do they do? Nothing.

    Only one kid from Florida. A state that you need to recruit heavy in the SEC. Only one GA recruit. And only one guy from LA. Hell it looks like the well from the state of Texas has dried up.

    Pinkel, you might want to call someone soon about selling your house.

    • john doe says:

      everybody is trying to pull kids out of Florida. It’s hard to do coming off a losing season and with a coach on the hot seat. I’d like to see them go after Chizik after Pinkel gets fired or quits

      • The Word says:

        Yes, everyone goes after kids from Florida. So why couldn’t he get more then one? Every SEC, ACC and Big East school gets kids from that State, even some Big 12. Geno Smith anyone?

        In the SEC you need kids from FL and GA and LA. He only got one from each state.

        Arkansas had a horrible year last year…but they got the No.1 RB from that state. Pinkel just isn’t a SEC coach. By the time he figures the SEC out he would of long been fired from MU and is back to the MAC or WAC.

    • estoniakat says:

      Good things happen to universities that run like little bitches.

  9. Steve says:

    Conner Frankamp – perfect shot and killer cross-over. Sounds like Spencer Laurie.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Know what else is baffling? KU losing to TCU. WTF?

  11. mike t. says:

    i’m actually not surprised. surprised they did it in a spectacular fashion. self’s tongue lashing, beat down on johnson, tharpe and the team in general, imo, backfired. and, to top it off, he threw a little more fuel on the fire last night too saying it was the worst offensive performance ever at KU, except maybe an early naismith coached team. i love bill self and respect the hell outta what he’s done at kansas. but the tough love is driving his team to distraction right now.

  12. mike t. says:

    no one tho’ can STARE like frank martin. that’s pure intimidation that right there is.

  13. Jayhawk Ted says:

    I am hearing a some rumors about Bill Self from some pretty good sources and now wonder it this is the reason for the implosion. If they are true then why in the hell haven’t the talk shows or local media mentioned it?
    What are you hearing Greg?

  14. Poitically Incorrect says:

    I know what you are talking about and can’t believe the media is afraid to address it. Maybe it takes losing to the worst team in Division 1 basketball for our soft media to bring it up!

    Doubt Greg will either!

  15. chuck says:

    Mike Beasley is a great Basketball player. Even before he went to college, he could shoot, drive and run.

  16. Mick says:

    KU Atheltic Department tweeting about a formal rival who gets in trouble with the law. And just how does that relate to them or their university?

    You stay classy, Jayhawks.

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