OTC: Charlie Weis In A Battle w/ KU Student Paper & First Amendment

“Wait, before you start reading this post, just know that Kansas coach Charlie Weis did not give us permission to write it. And since it’s going to be a post about the way Weis and his staff have been treating the Daily Kansan, a student paper, during the past week, this might be the last thing you read from Dr. Saturday. …Here’s an undeniable truth: If Weis’ teams lived up to any of the hype he received as a former NFL coach with a “decided schematic advantage” then he wouldn’t have to go around carrying a black censor bar and intimidating young reporters.”
Graham Watson, columnist, YahooSports.com
GH: I am working on my Chicago Marathon story today but this writer’s take on Charlie Weis and his abuse of the first amendment is a good one. Read it here.

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12 Responses to OTC: Charlie Weis In A Battle w/ KU Student Paper & First Amendment

  1. Careless Donkey says:

    A Mizzou graduate sticking up for the Kansas student paper? What has the world come to?

  2. Mike DeArmond says:

    I wish the student had asked a question with an edge along the lines of “why was I warned by your pr person about asking you a question.” And word to udk editor. Leave the kid on the beat. Otherwise you let the bully win.

  3. nick says:

    Oh no. The coach of my alma mater is a jerk and an asshole and huwts the feewlings of innocent wittle journalists.

    “Sports” stories have evolved into TMZ-style reporting. Roger Goodell’s a mafia-like hardass for enforcing rules, Romeo Crennel clumsily attempted to say that he wants his teams to play hard and competitively but reporters tell us Crennel would rather lose close than try to win big, Scott Pioli doesn’t eat hot dogs at half-time of the Chiefs games anymore so he must be paranoid of answering questions, Bill Snyder eats Taco Bell at midnight for his lone caloric intake of the day, Eric Winston must hate all Kansas Citians because he clumsily stood up for his friend/teammate, Pinkel’s divorce is causing turmoil at MU….

    I have no sympathy for the Kansan “journalist”. Like many in print, radio, and TV, his #1 goal is to get himself attention. I could give a shit about reporters’ spin. If my coach and team isn’t breaking the law, all I care about is that they play hard, compete, and win more than they lose.

  4. The Smartman says:

    I say to Charlie Weiss as Colonel Nathan Jessup said to Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee in the classic movie A FEW GOOD MEN. “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

  5. Gavin says:

    OK, first of all, the linked piece is a great takedown and Weis absolutely has it coming. He is being a bully and I think that a really good response to that UDK artwork would have been not playing such a shitty game. If you don’t want the team portrayed as roadkill, why don’t you not ACT like roadkill?

    All that being said, can we all please agree that this is not a First Amendment issue? The First Amendment has to do with state-based censorship. Neither Barack Obama nor Sam Brownback are calling this kid and trying to use the power of their office to get the totally fair criticism of the KU football team removed from the paper. Charlie Weis is NOT the State of Kansas or any aspect or branch of the government. I’m not even certain he’s a state employee as I assume his contract is with the KUAD, which is a corporate entry. But even if he IS a state employee, this STILL isn’t a case of the government trying to force a journalistic enterprise into censoring itself or somehow still the UDK’s free press.

    So bash Weis all you want for this. He’s a bully and he deserves it. But can we please stop with all the overheated talk (in both Greg’s headline and the linked piece) about how this is a First Amendment violation?

    By the way, being a member of a free press sometimes means people will get pissy with you for your reporting. Getting pissy actually IS a guaranteed freedom. To not have people get pissy with you is NOT. Keep in mind, Weis blathering like an idiot on Twitter is also a right accorded to HIM under the First Amendment.

  6. Red says:

    As Gavin said, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the First Amendment. You would think a journalist would understand that.

  7. abartonkc says:

    Don’t worry Charlie… basketball practice starts tomorrow and all of Lawrence will ignore you for the rest of the season.

  8. Donkeypunch says:

    TO GH’s credit, he is just a software guy

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