OTC: Chiefs At Steelers On MNF / Is Marty Schottenheimer Being Wooed By The Clarks?

“People say, ‘Man, I feel bad for you – you’ve got the Chiefs this week.’ Are you kidding me? It’s Monday Night Football!”
Mike Tirico, ESPN’s play-by-play voice for MNF, on the Chiefs visit to Pittsburgh tonight, 810 AM
GH: There was a time when the match up didn’t matter. America was tuning in to see and hear Howard and Dandy Don and Frank. While the NFL is more popular now than ever, games like Chiefs/Pittsburgh make it very easy for much of America to ignore Monday’s most popular show. The NFL did not expect the Chiefs to be 1-7 at this juncture and yet to lead a game in regulation. But that is exactly where they are.

“I’ve learned that the Kansas City Chiefs still have not paid Todd Haley the rest of his salary when he was there. Millions of dollars! They were in arbitration. Oh yeah, there’s bad blood there.”
Jay Glazer, NFL insider, Fox Sports
GH: This is not a new story. I believe The Star or one of the local radio stations had this news shortly after Haley was dismissed by the Chiefs. Rumors are that the Chiefs believe Haley is not owed the remainder of his contract because he made disparaging remarks in the media about the franchise. Kent Babb’s candy-wrapper story in The Star comes to mind.

“I believe [Clark Hunt] is honoring his part of the relationship. … Here’s the nuts and bolts of it – it cannot go forward with these two guys as head coach and general manger.”
Bill Maas, on why Hunt has not yet fired Scott Pioli, 610 AM

“There is no evidence [Marty Schottenheimer] could be a GM…or even a consultant. For me to think he could be good in any other fashion [than a coach], I would have to see it to believe it. How could a guy who believes the head coach should hold all the power be an effective GM?”
Danan Hughes, who played for Marty in Kansas City, on rumors that the former Chiefs’ head coach has talked to Clark Hunt about returning to the Chiefs as a GM or consultant, 610 AM
GH: Marty and Clark are close. Understandably, Clark has a great deal of respect for the man he watched bring great pride to his father’s franchise.

“[Clark] has identified the problem by going and looking for answers. He knows there’s a problem here. He knows you have nothing to hang your hat on as far as offense, defense and special teams. There’s been no progress. He’s been handcuffed by poor decision making and poor leadership. This is what he is addressing right now.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas had led us to believe the changes would occur much faster than they are. He is now softening that stance by stating Clark is an honorable man and simply making good on the contract he signed with Pioli – but make mistake, Maas believes both Pioli and Crennel are dead men stumbling. I find it funny that Clark is adamant about honoring Pioli’s contract but in arbitration for withholding Todd Haley’s money.

“Sometimes [to emphasize corrections] you basically have to threaten them — so if you fumble it I’m going to take you out of the game. Then they will get the message.”
Romeo Crennel, ESPN.com
GH: I was surprised at the reaction the Border patrol got from the Chiefs’ former head coach, Herm Edwards, when they asked him about Romeo’s latest attempt to improve the Chiefs’ turnover ratio. Read on.

“I’m sure if somebody loses the ball he’s going to take them out [of the game], but when you have to do that, you’re grabbing.”
Herm Edwards, on Romeo Crennel’s announcement that any Chiefs’ player who commits a turnover will be taken out of the game, 810 AM

“Why can’t Stanzi play tonight?”
Gary Lezak, who wants anybody but Cassel behind center for the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: Steven St. John agreed with Lezak and stated he too would like to watch Stanzi. If Stanzi can’t get even a sniff at quarterback ahead of Cassel and Brady Quinn, I am pretty sure none of us want to see him on MNF.

“The only reason to watch the game tonight is to see if the Chiefs can get the record for not leading in a game – ever!”
Gary Lezak, 810 AM
GH: We are making history here in Kansas City. The wrong kind of history but history just the same. History that one day will simply be referred to as “The Pioli Years.”  

“We’re not talking about the ’07 Patriots [coming into Pittsburgh tonight] who can hang 50 on anybody.”
Mike Tirico, play-by-play voice for MNF, on the Chiefs visit to Pittsburgh, 810 AM
GH: No we are not. More like the ’12 Chiefs who can’t get a lead on anybody.

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19 Responses to OTC: Chiefs At Steelers On MNF / Is Marty Schottenheimer Being Wooed By The Clarks?

  1. Red says:

    Tirico was talking about how the Steelers wouldn’t necessarily be able to run up the score on the Chiefs with the 07 Patriots comment.

  2. donkeypunch says:

    Sad when Monday night fooball games involving KC used to mean leaving work early to meet up with the guys and hoping to get a seat in a bar. The next day was always brutal sporting a massive hangover. Now I’m more excited about getting in 90 minutes of cardio then watching this turd sandwich. Sad state, indeed

  3. MightyMo says:

    I think Clark does things the right way generally. Stay out of the head coach business. Replace your GM and let that person pick the coach. If Marty wants to assemble the kind of staff he had n San Diego, (top notch coordinators working for a motivating head coach), he could be another Vermiel. Might even cry.

  4. P says:

    Tirico is doing his very best to polish the turd that is Monday Night Football tonight.

  5. goonzablazin says:

    if the NFL is more popular than ever, shouldn’t ratings for MNF be higher than ever?

  6. The Smartman says:

    A broken clock is right twice a day. Bill Maas hasn’t been right twice in a month.

    I get a hangover just from listening to John Gruden. If he was any more self absorbed he could be a tampon.

    You can still honor your agreement and whack the two people responsible for turning your franchise into an international laughingstock. It’s called a severance package Clark. It begins with sever…..get it? As for not paying Todd Haley, that sounds like a Pioli decision.

    When I fumbled in high school I had to carry a football with me all week to classes. It was the job of the upperclassmen to try and remove the ball from me. It was hard eating lunch with one hand.

  7. kylerohde says:

    The Border Patrol has got to stop with the idiotic Lezak segment every day. Between morning TV, smartphone apps, the Internet and looking out your window, we can all tell what the weather is going to be. Wasting 10+ minutes talking to him, followed by an equally inane Ryan Weebe plug makes me not even turn the dial to 810 from 7:45 AM to 8:10, which is frequently when I’m driving the 15 minutes to the office. Steven and Nate mail it in with this crap far too often.

    I guess I understand the Marty hysteria in this town, but not really. The guy was a very good coach for a long time and never a great one. The Chiefs teased this town for most of the 90’s but never managed to even win a playoff game after ’93, let alone get back to a Super Bowl for the first time since the year after Woodstock. Why would you want to bring back a coach that couldn’t get it done, 15 years later when he’s far too old to be a NFL head coach anymore? I can’t think of another city where they clamor for the good enough but not great coach.

    • The Smartman says:

      And with that observation you have defined the very meaning of the new Kansas City. We are happy with good when we should be demanding GREAT!

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Interesting. I really enjoy their segment with Lezak every day and make a point not to miss it. I’d listen to them BS with Lezak a 1000 times before I’d go down the dial to listen to Fescoe puke on himself.

  8. If I was a probable lame duck HC like Crennel, I’d at least want to take some of the sting off this “worst team ever” contention prior to getting my walking papers. They already can’t finish with the worst record ever, but the “never leading in a game” futility has taken on a life of its own. Crennel should spend the entire week game planning for the first offensive possession (and nothing else) just to get to the “no lead” thing behind them. I’m talkin’ every waking hour devoted to putting together one decent opening drive — complete with flea-flickers and maybe a staged distraction or two in the stands or on the sidelines. Along those lines, if Crennel would consider coming out the tunnel all decked out in pink velvet, that couldn’t hurt, either.

  9. Java Man says:

    Wondering if we will see the Jon Baldwin breakout show tonight.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Sheezus, did you see that shitshow last night on MNF? The Steelers were terrible, and the Chiefs were worse. Just when you think the Chiefs can’t sink any lower, they somehow find a way. These assholes have managed to figure out a way to get penalized on plays that don’t even count. Not to mention, they are doing some jackoff end zone dance that looked like Kid n Play from the 1990’s. Two idiots doing the dance, with 5 other Rhode’s Scholars standing around chanting and waving their arms around like epileptic mongoloids.

  11. Observer says:

    Got to love a thung culture, GWSWOT.

  12. Observer says:

    Ahhh, yeah, though should be “thug” not “thung”. Sort of took the effect of the comment away. Damn.

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