OTC: Chiefs’ Brandon Albert Says He’s Not Moving To Guard / KU’s Blue-On-Blue Bad

“Of course [I want to stay in Kansas City]. I’ve been here five years. I was drafted by the Chiefs. My home is there, been living there, and Chiefs fans – for the most part – have been kind to me. I want to be a Chief.”
Branden Albert, Chiefs’ left tackle, in a phone conversation with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I heard a taped version of Albert’s conversation with Parkins and Harrison on 610 when it was replayed by The Big Show. Joel Thorman of ArrowheadPride.com also did a nice job of transcribing the money quotes here on his website. Read on.

“I’ve worked hard to be a left tackle in this league. I’ve worked hard on my craft. From where I started to where I’m at now is a hell of a jump. I’m not a guard. Point blank. … I haven’t played guard since college. It kind of upsets me a lot. I’ll be the first one to tell you. Sometimes it bothers me [to think about moving back to guard].”
Branden Albert, addressing the possibility of the Chiefs drafting Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel with their first pick and moving Albert to guard, 610 AM
GH: Who could blame Albert for not wanting to give up the lucrative position of left tackle? I sure don’t. But the NFL is a business and a business always do what is believes to be best for the business, not the employee.

“I’m just speaking from the heart and speaking the truth… came from the bottom to the top…. hell yea I have a chip on my shoulder.”
Branden Albert, @Balbert76, responding to a follower who thought Albert sounded like he was upset about the talk of moving him to guard, Twitter
GH: Parkins and Harrison deserve some kudos for being the source of this story. The Chiefs’ highly-regarded left tackle is upset with the talk of moving him to guard but this story remains somewhat quiet. It deserves more discussion in both The Star and nationally.

“A lot. There’s still a lot I have to sort through. It was unlike anything I’ve ever been through.”
Scott Pioli, when asked by Dan Patrick, “What don’t I know about this yet?” regarding Pioli’s experience in witnessing Jovan Belcher’s suicide, Dan Patrick Show
GH: Pioli looked comfortable talking to Patrick in his “man-cave” studio. Pioli told Patrick that he was a not a victim that day but that there were real victims in the dead girlfriend, her family, the baby and Belcher’s family. Pioli sounded genuine as he discussed the tragic details. We didn’t see enough of this Scott Pioli when he was with the Chiefs.

“No. I think he had a personal situation. … Football and his mother were the only things that gave him worth.”
Scott Pioli, in response to Patrick asking him if he thought football played a role in Belcher’s actions that day, Dan Patrick Show
GH: Belcher sounded like a troubled man even before he got to the NFL. But you and I could probably say the same about a half dozen coworkers. How do you predict who will lose it and when? You don’t.

“I just don’t get it. I don’t know why people are saying there are no quarterbacks [in this year’s draft].”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: The six at the Senior Bowl excited almost no one. That leaves Geno Smith and Matt Barkley – mostly because they were not at the Senior Bowl. The NFL draft scouts haven’t all gotten together to diss this crop of QBs because the Chiefs need one. They simply don’t see one who deserves to go one-one.

“You can’t take a quarterback that high and miss. Coaches get fired. GMs get fired. People get fired that way every single season.”
Paul Burmeister, of the NFL Network, discussing with Kevin Kietzman his desire for the Chiefs to draft a quarterback with their number-one overall pick, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman didn’t like this logic but he said little to argue Burmeister’s point. That is until they hung up the phone…

“Isn’t it time to miss on a quarterback? If you’re not sure that Joeckel is a 10-year All-Pro left tackle that’s never going to get hurt… If there’s no guarantee at [one-one], and you’re going to be taking a chance no matter who you’re picking, you’ve got to take a quarterback!”
Kevin Kietzman, expounding on his thoughts after Burmeister was off the phone, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs need a quarterback – no one outside of Matt Cassel’s family disputes that fact. But wasting the top pick on an iffy maybe is not good business.

“This quarterback class is getting panned like none we’ve ever seen! There’s a chance there are no good quarterbacks in this draft class!”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Nate will not be appearing on Between the Lines anytime soon.

“Maybe [San Francisco] is willing to take a fourth- or a fifth-round pick for [Alex Smith], but I don’t think he’s worth any more than that. … I know some people think he’s the next Matt Cassel. I think he’s better than Matt Cassel.”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: Chadiha thinks Alex Smith, a west coast kind of guy, will end up choosing between Arizona and Kansas City. Let’s hope he likes BBQ and Arrowhead over authentic Mexican fare and the NBA.

“A fourth-round pick? Yes. A third-round pick? You’d have to think about it. But anything more than that and you’d have to pass on it.”
Steven St. John, on how much he would be willing to give up to trade for Alex Smith, 810 AM
GH: A third-round pick for your experienced starting quarterback? When you consider the options, that ain’t all that bad.

“On the field he’s been a model citizen. Off the field he’s had some issues.”
Jeff Chadiha, of ESPN.com, while discussing the rumors that Ray Lewis may be tied to a report that he used PEDs, 810 AM
GH: Some issues? That is a nice way of depicting a double-murder charge. Chadiha often name drops NFL players during his spots on The Border Patrol. His penchant for taking it easy on thugs like Lewis allows him to float within their secure circles.

“Super Bowl rate for 20 min car service ride from New Orleans airport to French Quarter hotel: $250.”
Bonnie Bernstein, @BonnieBernstein, Twitter
GH: The distance from Kenner Airport to the French Quarter is less than 15 miles. I’ve flown to NOLA from KC for less than $250. BTW, has anybody ever taken a cab from KCI to the Plaza? I’ll bet that can’t be real cheap.

“KU has same problem they’ve had all season…Elijah Johnson is NOT a point guard and Naadir Tharpe ain’t helpin’…it’ll bite them in NCAA’s… How ya like that guard play now?? Still not worried??”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, during KU’s win at West Virginia, Twitter
GH: Everyone from Bill Self to the KU message boards are calling out the Jayhawks weak offensive sets, their half-court offense and Elijah Johnson, their senior point guard. Read on.

“I think it’s safe to question KU’s point guard play. 19-1 is terrific; looking at EJ however you see an average (at best) player right now.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, Twitter

“Elijah Johnson to me is the key to how far Kansas goes in the NCAA tournament.”
Brad Doherty, 810 AM
GH: Johnson played great last March – especially shooting the three and hitting clutch buckets. I keep expecting that same play to emerge but the hour grow late.

“Don’t forget people hate change, though. If you like blue, you like these unis. Lots and lots of blue. So much blue.”
Gary Bedore, writer for KUSports.com, on the blue-on-blue Kansas uniforms on display at West Virginia, Twitter
GH: I’m not sure the Smurfs would have liked those KU bluenies. I do like the look that is rumored to be heading to Allen Fieldhouse in late February. Read on.

“[Kansas] is supposedly rocking these 1988 throwback unis against TCU on Feb. 23rd.”
@KansasSports, Twitter

“While watching the #kubball game, it struck us that in 25 years, Michael Jackson went from looking like Kevin Young to Jeff Withey.”
Lorenzo Butler, @LorenzoButlerPR, Twitter

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21 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Brandon Albert Says He’s Not Moving To Guard / KU’s Blue-On-Blue Bad

  1. Renton says:

    I can’t wait for the draft in April. Just so KK can STFU about drafting a quarterback.

  2. Jim says:

    No, I’ve never taken a can from KCI to the Plaza, but I’ve seen plenty of good ones walking around after I got there.

  3. Kyle says:

    All blue uni’s were terrible. Every bit as bad as KSU gray and mu babyshit gold. All 3 local teams actually have good base uni’s if they would just stick with them.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I think a lot of the “out there” uniforms have to do with what the athletes like. I’m sure those blue-on-blue looked cool to the KU players. Same with some of Mizzou’s and KSU’s unique combinations.But I can live with temporary insanity — it’s the crazy ones you marry that kill you.

  4. KJK says:

    I took the exact same NOLA cab ride in September for the Chiefs’ game and it was $40 for two people, with tip.

  5. The Smartman says:

    The Branden Albert story doesn’t deserve any more attention. As of this writing Albert is still part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    I liked the blue on blue uni’s. But I also liked the teal, pink and yellow uni’s Bo Ellis designed for Marquette back in the day. Blue is a very calming color. A great way to mentally disarm your opponents.

    Getting whacked for being a shitty GM and otherwise arrogant pompous ass has a tendency to make one change their demeanor and attitude. Pioli was “auditioning” on the Dan Patrick show. But remember, a leopard can’t change it’s spots.

    Everyone is getting raped in NOLA this week; cars, hotels, food, blowjobs….EVERYTHING has doubled or tripled. It’s still payback for Katrina cause since then the convention business in NOLA is way down since Nawlin’s is pretty much like being east of Troost without the patois and muffaletta’s

    KK’s insistence that the Chiefs take a QB with the first pick is actually stupider than Yael the Goat Herder wanting to take away everyone’s guns. How do we wind up with such a high concentration of absolute fucking morons in the media here?

    • john doe says:

      I think that if you lived somewhere else, you would have the same opinion on that city’s media.

      • The Smartman says:

        All due respect JD but I travel at least 100 days a year and spend a lot of time listening to sports talk, local political talk, reading local papers,
        alt rags, sports rags, etc. Our local media blows.

    • Don King says:

      arent you fighting glazer tonight?

      • The Smartman says:

        Float like a butterfly
        Sting like a bee
        Glaze can’t hit
        What Glaze can’t see

        Off came his rug
        Body like jello
        At first I thought
        This is Tony Botello

        Left to the head
        Right to the jaw
        A brutal invasion
        Just like shock and awe

        He said I no showed
        He’s the real coward
        His fists are weak
        Mine nuclear powered

        He lost his gig
        At KCC
        And lost his pride
        To little old me

        He makes up a story
        With Nigro and Jeff
        I know the truth
        Don’t give an F

        The Lord is my Shepherd
        I shall not want
        Little old Glazer
        Is still just a cunt

  6. Paul says:

    Greg I usher at the K. Some Chicago visitors said they paid $70 from KCI to the stadium. Seems impossibly high.

    • The Smartman says:

      That’s about right. Thing that can kill ya taking a cab from KCI to the K is sitting in traffic. That can add an extra $10.00.

      KCI to Plaza is $50.00. I pay $60.00, without a tip, for a Town Car from Brookside to KCI.

  7. Phaedrus says:

    Must be because there are no worthwhile media critics here… 🙂

  8. PV_Pathfinder says:

    Maybe they are going to let Albert walk because they are eyeing a left handed QB? Ahem…. Vick. (I pray to god that’s not the case)

  9. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Greg.. Cab from MCI to downtown… $40-55

  10. MightyMo says:

    I think one angle that people are not talking about is cost. With the current rookie salary scale, Joeckel, even as a No. 1 pick, would cost $5 million plus per year LESS than Albert. Andy Reid made a living letting guys move on once they were about to cash in.

    • JP says:

      Great point Mo. Remember Donavan McNabb and others. He was too early on Brian Dawkins, but Reid likes to keep rotating players so that nobody gets too old in their positions. A philosophy that killed the 1970’s and 90’s Chiefs was hanging on to too many players past their prime. Something that Reid appears philosophically opposed to.

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