OTC: Chiefs’ Brown Out In Cleveland / Jabari Brown To Ignite MU? / KU Looks Ready To March

“The Chiefs have been the least competitive team in the NFL in one of the most competitive seasons in league history.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: One simple sentence that says a lot about the desperate position Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel have placed Clark Hunt’s team in as they flounder on at 2-11. Getting rocked 30-7 in Cleveland might be a new low in a season of record lows.

“Crennel is a winner as man but a loser as a football coach. Forget sentimentality: needs to be fired at year’s end.”
Yael Aboulhalkah, @YaelTAbouhalkah, Twitter
GH: Crennel’s job is unsalvageable – right? Scott Pioli cannot be allowed to hire a third coach in five years, right? The Clarks Xmas present to his fan base will be an active broom with a wide, wide swath.

“This is a group clearly in over its head, overmatched against NFL teams. They call timeout to get the ball back at the end of the first half, only to run out the clock with a draw that everyone back in Kansas City knew was coming. They gave up an accidental 93-yard punt return, missed a short field goal, kicked it off out of bounds and threw jump-ball fade routes to Jamar Newsome (recently promoted from the practice squad) instead of Jonathan Baldwin (the first-round pick two years ago).”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Just reading through that list of ineptitude has to make even the most ardent Chiefs’ fans cringe. It is time to reboot this franchise.

“You can forget that one. Cousins is almost as valuable to Washington as Griffin bc of injuries like today’s.”
Kent Babb, responding to Todd Leabo’s tweet of how good Kirk Cousins, the Redskins backup QB, would look in Chiefs’ colors, Twitter
GH: The Redskins grabbed Cousins in the fourth round after trading up to draft RG3 with the second-overall pick. You could say it was the opposite of how the Chiefs viewed the 2012 draft – one that is proving to have been rich with QB talent. While Babb may believe Cousins offers the Skins valuable insurance, he is even more valuable as trade bait. I expect him to be dealt for some team’s #1 draft pick in 2013.

“[Steve] Tasker just gave me a new line for the times when I say something stupid. My brain pulled a hamstring…”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, on the color analyst for the Browns/Chiefs game, Twitter
GH: When you’re 2-10, you don’t get the best TV analysts for your games. My question is why are there so many bad color analysts? With only 16 games a week, I would think the networks could find 16 very talented voices to fill those seats. A few former NFL players make great analysts – but very few. Phil Simms is not good – despite his status. Jon Gruden thinks almost everybody is the best and greatest. Solomon Wilcots is in way over his skis. Dan Dierdorf went from bad to good and is now bad again. Tasker is just a mess of odd words and thoughts. Dan Fouts doesn’t bother me too much. Mike Martz might be the worst NFL analyst working. Troy Aikman does a good job. I can take or leave Brian Billick. Daryl Johnston is also tolerable. Cris Collinsworth ticks off a lot of folks but I like his work. Who do you love or hate?

“Next year the Chiefs cannot make the playoffs if Dwayne Bowe is not on the roster.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Is this true? Looking over the options at wide receiver it appears to be a given – even with an upgrade at quarterback. Jonathan Baldwin and Dexter McCluster are two of Pioli’s biggest busts that continue to haunt this team’s offense.

“It is a foregone conclusion that Dwayne Bowe will be gone next year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Franchise Tag – The Sequel.

“The Chiefs have a huge need for a wide receiver right now.”
Adam Teicher, 810 AM
GH: It seems like this need and the need for a quality quarterback have been a constant part of the Chiefs’ decline during the Herm Edwards-Todd Haley-Romeo Crennel spiral.

“He can say all the right things but Dwayne Bowe is going to go to the highest bidder. The only way Dwayne Bowe comes back to be is obviously if they franchise him or if there is a new general manager who makes a commitment to Dwayne Bowe long term.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“1: Emotional weekend for Dallas CB Brandon Carr. He joined former Chiefs mates in Austin for funeral of Kansandra Perkins Saturday … 2: Carr then boarded Jerry Jones’ plane+flew to Cin to join Cowboy mates grieving death of LB Jerry Brown, w/NT Josh Brent jailed for it.”
Peter King, @SI_PeterKing, Twitter

“Upset pick of the day —- Colorado over Kansas at the Phog. Love these Buffaloes.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, just prior to the Buffs game at Allen Fieldhouse, Twitter
GH: Rothstein wasn’t the only hoops expert hinting at an upset win for CU over KU – but he was one of the more entertaining. Read on for is mea culpa on the Jayhawks 90-54 win.

“Kansas looks like vintage Kansas today. Looks like I’ve got all different flavors of crow to choose from for my next meal. Can’t believe how poorly Colorado has played today. Totally uncharacteristic of this team so far this season. Note to self. Never pick against Kansas at Phog again. Ever.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter

“I know I said I definitely would not start [Jabari Brown] so I want to make sure you guys don’t think I’m lying to you. I don’t know yet what we will do. I want it to be a competitive week. We get to bring it back to first day of practice this week. All bets are off. Let’s go compete for playing time.”
Frank Haith, on Jabari Brown, the 6’5 redshirt sophomore shooting guard transfer from Oregon who is expected to be eligible for Mizzou’s next game against South Carolina State, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Brown is expected to fill the void left by Mike Dixon’s departure – and some expect his presence to vault Mizzou into the national championship talk.

“Not only can he shoot the ball but he can score.”
Frank Haith, 810 AM
GH: That might be one of my favorite coach quotes. We can all shoot it, right? I mean, except that dude from Appalachian State on the free throw line. Check out his “shot” here.

“There’s no greater non-conference game that I’ve been a part of.  Walking out of the stadium and seeing it half filled with Illinois fans and half filled with Missouri fans, 22,000 people. It’s just a special, special game. I’m really glad that both administrations have extended it. For our fan base, it’s something to look forward to every year. I do think you can have great rivalries with teams that are not in the same conference. And credit to both universities for keeping that thing alive.”
Frank Haith, 810 AM
GH: Do you think Haith was directing his point toward that school that lies about three hours due west of Columbia? There is a huge difference in MU continuing a rivalry with a school like Illinois that was never a conference foe and continuing their bloodbath with Kansas. But I’d sure like to see the Border War renewed at least on the hardwood.

“[Phil Pressey] could be better. He hasn’t hit his stride yet. I’ve got high expectations for Phil. We’ve got to get back to the level where he’s making guys around him better.”
Frank Haith, when asked by Steven St. John his thoughts on Pressey’s play so far this season, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou has not played like the 12th best team in the country. They may be overrated or maybe Brown makes them a legit Final Four contender. Kansas sure looked the part in taking Colorado down. And what about K-State? Their win at George Washington was not pretty. January will tell us much about our local cagers.

“Getting a lot of anger from KSU fans over Heisman vote and results. Klein had a great year, I had him 2nd. No reason to be upset purple ppl.”
Gabe DeArmond, Twitter
GH: Klein’s third place finish in the Heisman is a tremendous accomplishment for him and Kansas State. I don’t see a negative thing about it. Those who do simply don’t understand how incredibly difficult it is to get to where Klein is and forever will be.

“Iowa State sold out their full allotment of 10,000 Liberty Bowl tickets in less than 72 hours. That’s impressive.”
Sean Callahan, @Sean_Callahan, Twitter
GH: Damn. To play Tulsa [for the second time this season] in Memphis. Those Clones fans are flat dog crazy. I love ‘em.

“I think watching how both coaches approach offense is going to be remarkable to watch.”
Curtis Kitchen, of CurtisKitchenKC.com, on K-State’s date with Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, 610 AM
GH: This is the one bowl game I cannot miss – not that there are many of them. Watching how Snyder attacks Oregon and how Oregon attacks KSU’s defense is going to be fun. This one might end up in the triple digits.

“That’s the shocker of the silly season to me. It way out-shocked Bielema to Arkansas.”
Dennis Dodd, on Tommy Tuberville leaving Texas Tech for Cincinnati, 810 AM
GH: Lubbock has never looked worse – and that is saying a lot.

“With hirings of Butch & Malzahn, there will be 6 SEC teams running a Spread (UT, Miss, MSU, Mizzou, A&M, Auburn).”
James Crocker, @JamesRCrocker, Twitter
GH: Old Man Football just might have retired.

“A coach once told me ‘show me a good loser and ill show u a loser’… Let’s step back and see if this is what u want your kids to be learning.”
Elvis Fisher, @ElvisFisher72, former Mizzou offensive tackle, Twitter
GH: Here’s hoping Elvis goes into coaching.

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39 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Brown Out In Cleveland / Jabari Brown To Ignite MU? / KU Looks Ready To March

  1. Gavin says:

    Mike Martz looks like Mrs. Doubtfire’s lesbian older sister.

    That is all.

  2. Jim says:

    Heisman results puts just another chip on the chip-heavy shoulders of KSU fans.

    • Barles james says:

      More fuel, for sure, but most of us realize how good it was to have ck as a finalist. I watchedthe show at johnnys Saturday, and even ku fans were pulling for him.

  3. The Smartman says:

    MU? Jabari Brown? National Championship? NEVER!

    Whatever the Chiefs do with whomever they are still aeons away from competing in the NFL. No one with any common sense wants a piece of this mess as GM or HC. Those two positions alone will cost The Clark’s $20-25 million per year…..to get guys that will really make a difference and turn things around in 3-5 years.

    Kirk Cousins is a backup. Nice play on Sunday but that is not who he is. You would have to be INSANE to give up a first round pick for him. Mr. Shanahan….Scott Pioli on Line One.

    Heisman Thoughts. Johnny Football = Todd Marinovich. Manti T’eo = Brian Bozworth. Collin Klein = Joe Flacco.

    The Ducks are gonna drive the Cats batshit crazy. Can’t wait to see what uni’s they roll out.

    As has been stated here ad infinitum, spread only works with a Newton or Tebow at the helm. Smash mouth old man football RULES!

  4. donkeypunch says:

    Here’s to hoping KU never plays MU again

  5. Prospectaholic says:

    Looks like KU will win a weak conference for the 50th year in a row

    • J Rok says:

      You know it! Just like MU will lose a weak conference for the 100th year in a row. Some things never change, right?

      • Greg says:

        In basketball, yes Missouri never won the Big 12. But they won the Big 8 plenty starting in 1976, 1979-1983, 1987, 1990, & 1994.

        • Gavin says:

          In basketball? Did Mizzou win a Big 12 title in ANY sport?

          And the 1994 season/title was nineteen years ago. There are Freshmen at Mizzou who weren’t alive when Mizzou last won a league title in hoops. But don’t worry. This doesn’t sound like living in the past.

        • J Rok says:

          I was just exaggerating on the 100 year comment as the original poster exaggerated on the 50 years comment.

    • KCPRGuy says:

      What does that say about MU the past 49 years?

    • Gavin says:

      This is a tremendous slam, Prospectaholic. I think we KU fans feel as if we just got fisted by Satan, this hurts so much. And when one considers that every one of those championships happened with Mizzou in the league, well, that just makes this slam otherworldly. I mean, the savage wit that went into this deserves nothing but respect and admiration.

      • Prospectaholic says:

        It managed to piss off 3 KU basketball fans, which was very predictable.

        It’s not a slam if it’s true, which makes it not a slam.

        I’m sure you’ve been fisted by more people than just Satan

        • Gavin says:

          I’m not pissed. I think it’s cute. It’s absolutely ADORABLE the way Mizzou fans say they don’t care about KU but then go trolling for them and the best they can come up with involves admitting that their own team has been consistently shitty.

    • MrBrightsideKC says:

      College basketball as a whole is down this year. The Big East and ACC, who are usually the best, even look weak.

  6. tigerdan4 says:

    Since my school is in the SEC now, I don’t have much to say about the Big 12 (10) but yes it’s a very weak basketball conference this year. As usual, everything breaks right in favor of KU. The Jayhawks will likely win it yet again & easily. All these conference titles every single year are just feeding the monster. What’s going to happen one of these years when they slip up and finish 2nd or God forbid, 3rd? Will you people be wanting to fire Self? Will he be on the hot seat? He’d BETTER win the league next year or he’s out! I can see it now.

    • Gavin says:

      Uhhh…No you can’t. He took over a team that played in the national championship game and promptly got bounced too early in two consecutive years by Bucknell and Bradley. No one was screaming for his head then. When we eventually don’t win the title will it sting? Yes and I’m sure Mizzou fans will be there to pour salt in the wound, but no one will be saying Bill Self needs to be fired.

      But God help him if he doesn’t win it the FOLLOWING year.

      • Johnny Utah says:

        What will happen when MU’s coach bolts for a better school, like Arkansas?

      • Lou Brown says:

        Gavin – Self’s first KU team went to the regional final before losing to Ga Tech. Probably his best coaching job with a team still smarting from Williams departure, and recruits who didn’t want to be there. And JR Giddens.

  7. john says:

    kansas looks like a final 4 contender after stomping colorado? uh, isn’t this what all decent big 12 teams have done for years. i’ll be impressed when ku beats somebody who is ranked… or at least good

  8. Jim says:

    KU fans do not feel entitled to the Big 12 championship every year, but it IS their expectation and goal. Every school should have expectations for their athletic teams. I know damn good and well the big boys in the SEC do. Winning titles doesn’t “feed the monster”, TD4. It’s celebrated without apology. You can downgrade KU’s consecutive Big 12 titles by saying the Big 12 is a weak league. But, when they continue to make Final 4 appearances and win Nation Championships that argument seems irrelevant. They continue to live up to all those expectations by actually WINNING in the “weak” Big 12. An accomplishment that our former “brothers” in the great State of Missouri could never achieve.

    • JP says:

      It’s not entitlement, it’s called results. KU has won the Big XII all these years, and earned it each time. They also have 1 National Title, 2 Final Four Appearances, 5 Elite Eight Appearances and 6 Sweet 16 appearances under Self. Not a bad resume, and one that every Missourah fan wishes it had.

      BTW, When did the SEC become the dominant basketball league. They have one primary basketball school (Kentucky) and one other dominant program (Florida). It’s not like Missouri will be running a gauntlet in that league. That trip to Auburn or Georgia wouldn’t frighten UMKC, let alone Missouri. It is quite possible that Missourah fans will delude themselves to how good there team is, based upon the weak SEC.

  9. Kyle says:

    tigerdan…worst post. ever.

  10. P says:

    The Oregon game does not set up well for KSU. If Oregon gets up by 2 TD’s, it’s over.

  11. John says:

    Kansas will continue to win the conference title but as far as Self being fired…we are talking about a coach that delivered a championship for the first time since 1988. Additionally, the man took a Kansas team on a ‘down year’ to the championship game last year. He is the best coach in college IMO…in short, the man would have to be bad for more than a season for him to be fired.
    S/N Can someone tell Greg when you type in the comment section…the first few lines you can’t see because of the set up.

    • Greg Hall says:

      This text issue seems to be a WordPress glitch that only appears in some browsers. I have experienced it once or twice on my machines but it’s very sporadic. We’ve run all the updates but it still seems to haunt some users. We’ll keep trying to clear it up.

  12. Dan says:

    This isn’t a slam on KU or Missouri, I’m just curious. Why will KU play Colorado but not MU?

    • Gavin says:

      Bill Self has said that he doessnns’t begrudge Colorado because when they made their move, the Big 12 was under assault and there was serious doubt it would survive. They had a chance to leave what they feared was a sinking ship.

      Mizzou, on the other hand, left after the conference had stabilized and caused more instability in the process.

      Also, he and Boyle are friends and Boyle is a KU alum.

      Also, playing CU is good for KU fans in Western Kansas and Colorado who can go to Boulder. KU already caters to its KC-area fans so another game at Sprint doesn’t do anything for anyone.

      Finally, Self and the KU admins made it clear that if MU left, the Border War was over. No such pronouncements were made about Colorado. Was it an attempt at arm-twisting to get MU to stay? Yep. But it was still KU’s position so MU fans can’t complain that they didn’t know what they were getting. They made a value judgment that a new conference affiliation was more important to them than the Border War. I don’t blame them but I don’t see why KU should have to play them when they knew the consequences of making that decision.

      And this is just my opinion, but I think Self is stoking the fires a little bit. I think he’s giving MU the finger with all his talk about how “KU owns Kansas City” and the KU billboards that say “We are KANSAS City.” Either he’s really saying “fuck you” or he’s stoking the flames for whenever he does decide to go ahead and play the game. Much like Hiath was doing with his not-even-thinly-veiled comments Greg noted above.

      • KRush21 says:

        “They made a value judgment that a new conference affiliation was more important to them than the Border War.”

        This is what KU fans cannot grasp. Mizzou’s decision had NOTHING to do with KU. I truly dont understand the opinion that MU chose the SEC over playing KU yearly. No, they chose the SEC because they were offered a spot in the most stable, prestigious athletic conference in America. Also, you claim the Big XII was stable when Mizzou left, but not when Colorado left? You do realize that the Big XII was extremely fragile at the time Mizzou left due to the departures of Nebraska, COLORADO, and Texas A&M. Furthermore, before Mizzou left, it was well known that the Larry Scott and the Pac 12 said “thanks, but no thanks” in response to UT, TT, OU, and OSU’s open flirtation with that conference.

        The only thing I agree with you on is that it all comes down to Bill Self giving the finger to MU. Spare me with the bullshit that the game does nothing for KU. This rivalry means a lot to both sides, whether you want to admit that or not. Bill Self is denying both fan bases of what would be an incredible atmosphere annually at the Sprint Center.

        • Gavin says:

          I grasp it and it’s on me for not making myself more clear. Mizzou did what it felt was best for itself. I have no quarrel with that. But you make it sound as if MU made this decision in a vacuum and didn’t know there would be repercussions to doing so. MU did consider the rivalry. Perhaps the value of the rivalry was so small as to be inconsequential in the eyes of Mizzou fans and administrators, and that’s fine. But it was clearly one of the (very few and very small) factors Mizzou had to weigh when making its decision.

          You don’t have to believe me on this, either. Go back and listen to the tape when the Board of Curators announced its decision to allow MU to negotiate with the SEC. They specifically crafted the announcement to include that they were giving permission to MU to also negotiate to play an annual game at Arrowhead against a “traditional” rival as well as to allow them to negotiate to play at Sprint against a similar school. Who do you suppose they had in mind?

          As for Bill Self denying both fan bases something they want, I swear to you that I’m not lying when I say that I don’t know a single KU fan who wants the game to continue. Are we being petulant? Maybe. If the game were to be rescheduled would we have it circled on our calendar as the only game we HAVE to win? Absolutely. But if we never play Mizzou again, it’ll be fine with me and every KU fan I know. So, if anyone is being denied anything, it’s Mizzou fans. And I’m cool with that.

          • Prospectaholic says:

            When the Big 12 South started flirting with the Pac 10, AFTER the Big 12 was allegedly stable, Missouri decided to leave. It was a good move, and will look even smarter after the conference breaks up.

            Missouri obviously understands and respects tradition and history more than the guys across the border. Instead, the ones left behind chose to get their panties in a bunch and pout.

  13. John Phog says:

    why would anyone think that Jabari Brown could be a replacement for Dixon? Has anyone even seen him play? Not likely since he’s never stepped foot on a college court in a real game.

    What missouri needs is someone who can play defense on the perimeter. Haith’s teams don’t defend worth a damn. A freshman who has a reputation as a headcase isn’t likely to change that.

    • Big C says:

      He played in 2 games for Oregon last year. He scored 12 points and had 11 turnovers. Was 1-7 on threes. If you can’t look at those stats and see the potential for greatness you are blinded by your crimson and blue colored glasses.

  14. Doo says:

    Phil Simms said before the season that he didn’t much care for stats when evaluating and studying team/player performance and ability. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about him, then I can’t help you.

    When you compare the top-line announcing teams across the NFL (even knowing that NBC, ESPN, and NFLNet use only one team), it readily appears that CBS has the weakest #1 announcing team. I just don’t have much love for Nantz/Simms. I enjoy Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts a lot better, and of course, I sit partial to Kevin Harlan as well.

    But I see your criticism of color analysts, Greg, and I happen to agree. There are precious few of them that are worth much. The ones I enjoy listening to the most:

    Al/Cris Collinsworth – The gold standard, by far. Collinsworth does his homework, and can oftentimes tell you what’s going to happen before it does. Al is the prototype of what the modern TV PBP guy should be. Fluid, researched, good-humored, doesn’t take himself too seriously, with enough of an edge to surprise you at times. Of course, it’s no coincidence that he’s a link to the slightly more freewheeling style of the old ABC days of the 70’s and 80’s, before Al got on MNF.

    Buck/Aikman is an enjoyable listen…I think Buck’s dispassionate tone serves him a lot better in football, because too often announcers get worked up over nothing.

    Brad Nessler/Mike Mayock on NFLNet may just be the second-best team on TV. Mayock is in the Collinsworth neighborhood when it comes to well-researched analysts, and Nessler is smooth.

    The problem with the networks is that it’s still very much an old guy’s game. I don’t know why Marv is in the booth. The networks have to start looking at younger guys that can be the face of a broadcast….like Spero Dedes. Don’t know much about him, but it’d be wise if they made him nearly an every-week guy. Give the Marv’s, the Bill Macatee’s, etc. a break. Maybe they should start looking at some ESPN guys, even though The Mothership prefers their full-time guys incredilbly milquetoast. Maybe a network can target a guy like Tessitore to do NFL.

    I look across the landscape to see who would be the next Al Michaels in 10 years, and I just can’t spot him…

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