OTC: Chiefs’ Lilja Wants, “A Damn W!” / National Media Picking ND Over K-State For BCS

“I’m enjoying [my new role playing center for the Chiefs]. But I’d like to get in the freaking end zone! I’d like to get a damn W!” Ryan Lilja, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM GH: The next time Eric Winston calls for a gathering of the media to hear his words, let’s tell him to take a seat. We would much prefer to hear from the kid from Shawnee Mission Northwest – that cross country high school.

“I will never pick the Kansas City Chiefs to win a game ever again if they have Romeo Crennel as their head coach. … They are not only losing, that 10-point loss to Oakland was their second closest loss of the year!”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs get their game out of the way quickly this week with a Thursday Night kickoff in San Diego. The woeful 3-4 Chargers are only a game behind the division-leading 4-3 Broncos. The 1-6 Chiefs have yet to lead in regulation this season. Happy Halloween. 

“I probably would not have hired Romeo Crennel to begin with. … I just want him gone. I don’t want him influencing anybody else.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM

“When we come back – the Honey Badger is my guest! Kansas City’s own Ryan Lilja!”
Mitch Holthus, introducing the Chiefs’ center on the Chiefs’ Kingdom Show, 810 AM
GH: As I listened to Mitch’s introduction, I wondered who the Honey Badger was? Collin Klein? Tyrann Mathieu? Ryan Lilja’s name did not appear in my mental Rolodex. Does Mitch just make these nicknames up on the fly?

“We’ve got a great group of guys. If it doesn’t hurt, then you don’t care enough – and there’s a bunch of hurt going on.”
Ryan Lilja, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: For the first time this season I am beginning to question the quality of the Chiefs’ “group of guys.” Maybe these players just aren’t very good. 

“We’re so loyal! The fans in this town are the best!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: This kind of cheerleading from the media turns my stomach. Kansas City is a great sports town. It is unique in that we have a passion for both our local college teams and our “professional” teams. But there are a lot of great sports towns in the USA. Did anybody catch the SF Giants fans during the playoffs? Who thinks of sports fans when you think of San Francisco? But those folks were having a great time rooting on their overachievers. People love their cities and their teams – in a lot of places outside KC. 

“There’s all the elements there for a let-down for Florida.”
Soren Petro, on the Gators taking on Mizzou while coming off their first loss to Georgia, 810 AM
GH: A Mizzou win at Florida would cure a lot of Southern-fried belly aches of the Tiger faithful. But is it realistic to even consider? 

“I think the score is going to resemble the Florida/South Carolina game. If [Mizzou] can’t turn Florida over, they’re getting hammered.”
Kurtis Seaboldt, 810 AM
GH: Florida beat the Gamecocks 44-11. The Gamecocks beat Mizzou 31-10 [but it looked like 51-3]. This does not bode well for Mizzou. James Franklin has not had a great game this season. Saturday would be a good time. 

“I think there’s a better chance of [LSU beating Alabama this Saturday] than people think.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: People talk like Alabama should be playing on Sundays. In 1984 they said the same things about Nebraska before Bernie Kosar and Miami got the Huskers in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma’s team-of-the-century was spanked hard by Darren Sproles and K-State in 2003. Alabama looks good but if the SEC is as tough as advertised, they should have to sweat at least a couple of times before Thanksgiving. So far though, it’s been a waltz for the Tide.  

“The one thing that Kansas State fans need to learn is that college football is not always fair. You and I respect the hell out of Kansas State – BUT at the end of the day I don’t know at the end of the season you have Notre Dame and you have Kansas State [both undefeated], I just don’t see how the voters leave Notre Dame out of it. They’re going to get all the press. They’re Notre Dame.”
Chris Childers, evening sports talk host with Chris Leak, Sirius XM 91

“The bottom line is this; Notre Dame is Notre Dame and Kansas State is Kansas State.”
Chris Childers, Sirius XM 91
GH: This is why college football remains the largest joke ever perpetrated on an American fan base. All-Star Wrestling at least winks at its fans and knows we are all in on the gag. College football pretends to be a legitimate sport. It is not. I love the game but abhor the way we crown champion like it was a beauty pageant. 

“I really think that the most important team in the BCS right now is USC – because both Notre Dame and Oregon have to play them.”
Chris Leak, Sirius XM 91
GH: USC? The only things relevant about the Trojans this year are those healthy sweater-wearing cheerleaders who make every USC game TV worthy. 

“If all [four] of these teams finish undefeated, you can’t just base it on the ‘eye test.’ That’s not fair.”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: If I hear another broadcaster/writer mention “the eye test” when referring to picking the BCS title contenders, I am sending them with Frank Boal to scale Mounty Baldy while wearing Coke-bottle lenses.

“I’ll tell you the thing I’m getting aggravated with – everybody’s trying to poo-poo Notre Dame’s schedule! Alabama’s strength of schedule is 26th. Kansas State’s is 30th. Oregon’s is 62nd. Notre Dame’s is 10th! Everybody wants to say, ‘Notre Dame’s schedule’s not as hard as we thought.’ Okay, you’re right. It’s not the toughest – it’s tenth!”
Mike Golic, ESPN Radio
GH: It is not about strength of schedule. It is about someone in the national media [Mike & Mike for starters], taking a stand and demanding a four-team playoff NOW! Even if one of these teams loses, I would love to see the jockeying involved with who gets into that final four. 

“I am firmly of the belief that someway, come heck or high water, they will find some way to put Notre Dame in the national championship game.”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: Notre Dame deserves it. Kansas State deserves it. Oregon deserves it. It is an Alabama birthright. They are all deserving. None deserve to be shut out. 

“In about 20 minutes, we’ll have the bride who got married in the Target parking lot.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I sometimes wish I listened to the Danny Parkins Show more often. But then I hear teasers like this and know I probably listen to it far too often. Click.  

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25 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Lilja Wants, “A Damn W!” / National Media Picking ND Over K-State For BCS

  1. Renton says:

    Holthus has called half the team Honey Badgers. (Which in a 1-6 season may be appropriate, since Honey Badger don’t care)

  2. Gino Toretta-Charlie-Ward Chris Weinke Ron Powlus says:

    GH: This is why college football remains the largest joke ever perpetrated on an American fan base. All-Star Wrestling at least winks at its fans and knows we are all in on the gag. College football pretends to be a legitimate sport. It is not. I love the game but abhor the way we crown champion like it was a beauty pageant.
    Amen – tradition should have to be defended every game, every season. If the Cats go undefeated and win their BCS bowl (should they get shut out of the NC), I will consider them national champs.

  3. I don’t think All-Star Wrestling’s been around for about 25 years. But alas, that’s one relic of the 80s that I wouldn’t mind bringing back. Now I’m gonna have Sheik Abdullah, Harley Race and Gypsy Joe on the brain all afternoon. Thanks a lot.

  4. donkeypunch says:

    I listened to the “Target bride” on Parkinson’s show. Horrible horrible radio. Then again, my alternative was listening to Frank Bole. I should have gone with option C; run my fingernails down a chalkboard

    • Taxee says:

      So Frank thinks the Chiefs should not have hired Romeo eh? I’d love to hear a tape of any of the 92 shows he would have appeared on 810 during the week Romeo was hired to hear what he said then.

  5. Doo says:

    Poor Mitch. If there’s anyone that should be given a pass to drop a loud, frustrating “MOTHERF**K” on the air during another Griefs turnover/busted play, it’s him. I can’t imagine how almost impossible it is to give window dressing to this team week-in, week-out. It has to suck that he’s been the voice of the team for nearly 20 years, and he’s called exactly 0 playoff wins.
    Hell, the radio voices of two of the most dysfunctional organizations over the last 10 years have at least called a Super Bowl (Raiders and Cardinals).

    New Dysfunction, thy names are the Griefs.

    And how was it that the two voices of the team in the last 27 years (Harlan and Mitch) were both on-hand to see perhaps the lowest point in the franchise’s history? Fitting.

    • The Smartman says:

      MH: MOTHERFUCKER LENNY! That’s the 12th 3 and out today. What the fuck!
      LD: No shit Mitch, these guys really suck the donkeys balls.
      MH: So whadya do at this point Lenny?
      LD: Beats the shit out me Mitch. Good things Griggs isn’t here to see this. He might hit the bottle before the game .
      MH: Negative 37 yards of total offense.This is not BEEYOUTEEFULL football Lenny.
      LD: No Mitch, no it’s not.

  6. nick says:

    GH: “I love the game but abhor the way we crown champion like it was a beauty pageant.”

    I agree. But should KSU and ND both go undefeated and ND get the nod, I think it’d be more than beauty to get ND in. It IS hard to separate the Irish and Wildcats.

    Both beat Miami handily. Both beat OU on the road and Notre Dame’s OU win was more recent and more impressive.

    ND has had more close games, but K-State didn’t look like a #2 team against North Texas or Iowa State. And if were talking blowout wins, Oregon might be the team to jump K-State.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Nick, ND definitely deserves their spot in the title discussion. But how else do you justify picking the Irish over Oregon or KSU if not by their looks? Don’t waste time comparing scores or giving these teams the eye test. If any of these four get left out of a title game it’s a loss for college football — no matter what colors you wear on Saturday.

      • Gino Toretta-Charlie-Ward Chris Weinke Ron Powlus says:

        also, the ND OU game was tied up with 8 minutes to go. K-State had control of the game from the second quarter on. ND is good, but you can’t argue their win is better.

        • Floyd says:

          Can’t say ND win is better, I agree. However, OU actually held the lead over K-State going into the 4th quarter, 13-10. K-State then went ahead early in the 4th. You can’t say they had control of the game from the second quarter on. If you did, one could counter that K-State was +3 on turnovers and only won by 5, while ND was only +1 and won by 17.

          • Gino Toretta-Charlie-Ward Chris Weinke Ron Powlus says:

            but turnovers are part of winning. If a team is consistently plus on turnovers, you can’t punish them for that.

      • goonzablazin says:

        I’d like to see all four in the BCS final too, but how would your ideal 4 team final game work, Greg?

        How about having each team face each other team for 15 minutes. Then take the two teams with the most total points and have them play an overtime.

        Or would you go to a six-sided field and have all four out there at the same time? I’d like to see that. It would look like those old figure 8 demolition derbies. Snyder would figure out a way to win it.

    • Chris says:

      Notre Dame barely beat Purdue and BYU at home, both by 3. The refs gave them the Stanford game. Their only impressive victory was at OU. Michigan state is 1-3 in the hapless big 10 for crying out loud.

      • Floyd says:

        ND goes +5 and only beats extremely average Michigan by 7 at home, then beats OU by 17, a team most concede is the 2nd best in the conference. Let’s be careful bragging about the greatness of the Big 12.

  7. Gavin says:

    Greg, I’m starting to worry for you just a little bit. You need to understand something about a college football playoff: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. Not this season. All four teams can go undefeated and it won’t happen. You keep talking about the powers-that-be as of the NCAA has some means to make it happen when the NCAA isn’t in control of this. The BCS controls it and they don’t care what you want. They don’t want a playoff and only begrudgingly agreed to one that WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS SEASON. Keep screaming for a playoff and you will have as much luck as King Canute when he told the tide to stop coming in.

    And, again, it bears repeating that all four schools are members of BCS conferences and each of them gave their support to the format we have. They all asked for this. Now that a couple might suffer the consequences of supporting this fraudulent sham or an arranged marriage, I’m sure we’ll hear some whining if they are the ones left out of The Big Game, but they have no one to blame but themselves. The BCS is corrupt and its only interest is in making money and each of these schools supported it so this is all on them.

  8. Greg Hall says:

    G, As long as you have been wasting somewhat valuable company time to read my scribblings, I am stunned that you would think the rules of the day would have an affect on my leanings. Just being a member of the BCS does not mean each school is an enemy of a playoff. Do all Catholics refrain from premarital sex? Do all Democrats favor Obamacare? Do all Kansans hate Mizzou? (Uh, scratch that last one.) Just because you’re in the club, doesn’t mean you follow all the rules.

    • Gavin says:

      That’s an excellent and fair point. But I’d say that if you claim to be a practicing Catholic and your priest knows you’re banging your girlfriend, you don’t have a right to bitch when he denies you communion and tells you he will do so until after you go to confession. If you don’t like the rules, you can stop being a Catholic. If Notre Dame doesn’t like the rules it helped write, they can drop out of the BCS.

      All I’m saying is that it’s really hard to have any sympathy for any of these schools that have supported this corrupt system for years and kept cashing the checks all along the way but now that it might affect them in a NEGATIVE way to lobby for a change is way beyond mere hypocrisy. And, yes, I know, I know, college sports and hypocrisy go together like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese’s Cup. Still, it’s unseemly.

    • The Smartman says:

      All that needs to happen to resolve the pedophilia issue in the Catholic Church is to have the President issue an Executive Order banning ND from playing in the BCS until the Catholic Church turns over all information it has on offending clergy to federal prosecutors for adjudication. The Vatican would make the Julian Assange document dump look like a popcorn fart.

      Or maybe in an evil twist of end times fate, ND will be scheduled to play in the National Championship game and the world will end on 12/21/12 according to the Mayan Calendar.

  9. nick says:

    GH: “Nick, ND definitely deserves their spot in the title discussion. But how else do you justify picking the Irish over Oregon or KSU if not by their looks?”

    I’ve not said I WOULD pick ND over KSU, it’s just hard for me to separate the two. ND’s red-zone defense would be my first argument for ND.

  10. BlackJack says:

    Sorry, all of this chatter speculation about mythical college football national championships bores me to death. I’ll leave the window-dressing and beauty contest debate to you people interested in these over-hyped college football games. Personally, looking forward to Sunday afternoon – Sporting KC plays Houston in the first leg of their playoffs. Interesting too see, as this is a replay of last years’ disappointing exit for SKC. My fear is that somehow Houston just has SKC’s number, or some other weird matchup problem going on.

  11. Johnny Utah says:

    The chanaces of 4 undefeated teams are less than 3%. they would all have to win 4-5 more games each. it’s simple math.

    so rather than argue about a football playoff, how about the lazy radio sports host favorites like pete rose in the HOF or the DH or some fantasy football?

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