OTC: Chiefs’ Pioli Grants 810’s Petro An Audience & The Program Kneels In GM’s Presence

“Any time we get Scott Pioli on The Program it’s always, ‘He’s got about nine minutes.’ We got more time this time.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Pioli is making the media rounds during the Chiefs’ bye week in what appears to be an effort to calm the rising storm calling for his head, the firing of Romeo Crennel and for Clark Hunt to seize control of this franchise and lead it back to respectability. He was also schedule to meet with 610’s Jay Binkley for an interview that will likely air this afternoon on The Big Show. Read on.

“I have to get better at my job before this team is going to get better.”
Scott Pioli, in an interview with Soren Petro that was recorded this week, 810 AM
GH: Not everyone is all that eager to wait that long, Scott. Petro treated Pioli with the respect his position as the Chiefs’ GM deserves. I would even categorize their conversation as friendly. It is obvious Petro likes Pioli. I believe this is a tactic that Pioli uses to disarm an interviewer whom he invites to his big office at Arrowhead. Petro rarely asked any pointed follow-up questions of Pioli. He appeared to have a list of questions and did not vary from it. Was that the agreement? If not, why wasn’t Pioli ever pushed on his answers?

“I’m as confident in Romeo today as the day I hired him.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Petro completely let this bombshell comment slide. Unreal. How can a GM who has watched his team that was picked to win the division, start 1-5 in embarrassing fashion and state that he is as confident in his head coach as he was when he chose him? Petro draws a head slap for fanning on this one.

“Expectations are an interesting thing. … Because you still have to play games on Sunday.”
Scott Pioli, when asked about the Chiefs not meeting expectations, 810 AM
GH: What a cowardly answer to a simple question. So you too had no expectations of your Chiefs, Scott? Screw expectations! You are in the business of WINNING! The goal is to WIN! How about just doing what you were hired to do? How is that going, Scott?

“There is a long list of things that we have to get corrected.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Oh how I wanted Petro to stop Pioli here and ask him to list five of them. Give us some specifics, Scott. We deserve more than these broad, toothless responses.

“Any general manager that thinks they know how to do the head coach’s job better than them, I think they’re sadly mistaken.”
Scott Pioli, in answer to the prevailing thought that he is directing Romeo on what quarterback to start, 810 AM
GH: Well, we all know of at least one GM who has proven to be “sadly mistaken” quite a few times during his career with the Chiefs.

“I was in high school in 1983.”
Scott Pioli, when informed that the Chiefs haven’t drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1983, 810 AM
GH: Okay, so what is your excuse for the last four years? Have you been too busy monitoring the candy wrapper caper?

“I think it’s opportunity. For as much criticism I get about that – I look at everything. As I look back on those drafts, the top quarterbacks picked after we’ve had picks, I’m not sure how many of those guys are playing well. It’s about opportunity. I don’t want to be disrespectful to those players but there wasn’t a better solution out there.”
Scott Pioli, when asked to address why he hasn’t drafted a quarterback in the first round in his four years with the Chiefs, 810
GH: Petro again whiffed here by allowing Pioli to skate with this lame response. I KNOW Petro has a handle on every quarterback the Chiefs have passed on but he offered no names for Pioli to refute. Pioli was not asked even the simplest of questions like, “So why not move up in the draft to get your quarterback?” Petro spent far too much time laughing with Pioli than doing his job. It was just a disappointing performance from The Program’s host.

“No, actually I didn’t know there was a debate last night.”
Scott Pioli, when asked if he watched the presidential debate Tuesday evening, 810 AM
GH: The NFL employs some very, very odd folks.

“I will get this corrected.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Petro let this bombshell go without even tweaking the fuse. A simple, “How?” would have appeased my ears – but we got nothing. Binkley gets his chance this afternoon with Pioli. I am eager to discover if he was more professional in how he handled one of the worst performing GMs of one of the more embarrassing franchises in the NFL.

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26 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Pioli Grants 810’s Petro An Audience & The Program Kneels In GM’s Presence

  1. KCPRGuy says:

    Petro spent 30 minutes after the interview saying we shouldn’t be surprised by Pioli’s answers – he wasn’t going to drop a bombshell. I agree with that – no matter what the questions, Pioli wasn’t going to go away from his talking points.

    That said, you still have to ask the fricking questions. Petro’s question to Pioli on Romeo – is he overwhelmed as HC and DC? Why not ask if Rome is the right guy to coach the Chiefs?

    On Cassel, Petro asked Pioli’s reaction to fan/media criticism of QB play, not, is Cassel the right QB for the job.

    Again, Petro would never have gotten decent answers but at least ask right questions.

    • Steve says:

      So your solution is to ask questions that guarantees a non-answer?

      • KCPRGuy says:

        Just the questions you want to ask – don’t tiptoe around the issues. And if you know he isn’t going to say anything, why have him on to begin with?

  2. donkeypunch says:

    Exactly what I expected….nothing. I don’t blame Petro for this. He wasn’t going to get any answers anyway. I believe Kietzman may have asked “tougher” questions, though we wouldn’t have learned anything more. So I basically wasted 15 minutes of my morning, as expected

  3. rkcal says:

    Just another example of what they think of the fans. Trot Scott out in front of the rubes, look down, shufflefeet, say you’re sorry and will try harder. Awww, he feels bad…thats ok then. Let me renew my season tickets.

  4. The Smartman says:

    Absolute horseshit! Based on his massive girth it’s clear that Soren has more flab than fire in his belly. This is a bigger whiff than Nick Wight had with JW. This is a date with Jenna Jameson ending with a handshake, with the limo driver. Pioli, Crennel and Cassel have worn out their welcome. They aren’t gonna rip off ten in a row. There are no words, or satisfactory reasons or excuses. They haven’t got the job done. They aren’t going to get it done. STFU! Get the hell out of town you sorry ass excuses as leaders of men.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    And this is why I don’t bother listening to any interview with a Chiefs employee of ANY sort. You aren’t going to hear anything of substance. And if Petro ever wants to have an interview with anyone associated with this regime, he won’t go busting Pioli’s balls live on the air. Even if he did throw caution to the wind and ask the “tough” questions, Pioli isn’t going to answer them.

  6. AndreaIL says:

    I live in central Illinois and while popping up and down the radio dial have twice heard Chicago 670 dicuss Pioli and the Chiefs in the last 18 hours. This morning they had Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Pompei on (I think they’ll post a podcast of his interview later). I only caught the back end of Dan’s interview, but he talked about Pioli going on a media blitz today and how Pioli doesn’t understand the business he’s in (the entertainment business). It was an interesting interview and it was nice to hear some rational radio discussion regarding the Chiefs instead of the buffoons at 610 and 810 in KC.

    But my point is, if a local Chicago station is talking about KC, then “houston we have a problem”. I realize there is a Chiefs connection to the Bears with the Bears GM, Chicago sports radio doesn’t exactly lack topics to discuss.

  7. The Truth says:

    If you think its going to be any different this afternoon on 610 you are kidding yourselves….just saying

  8. JP says:

    I think it’s fair to say Petro will never be known for hard hitting journalism. He could have followed up with questioning why they have stuck with Cassel and whether that was a mistake in hindsight. This is simply Pioli trying to save his job, by going out and sucking up to certain local media. Petro better not start whining about Pioli, when he wussed out on asking real questions that the fans want to know, not how to save his fantasy team, or some joke Kurtis told. Soren proved with this interview that he is truly “out of touch” with the common fans.

    Hopefully Binkley will be a little more hardhitting in his interview today. I am not holding my breath.

  9. buford t justic says:


    Petro is a fat slob and a ass kisser of the first kind!

  10. chuck says:

    I was on my way to my second gig this morning and heard the interview and Petro’s preface to it. It was dissapointing.

    The entire city is lighting torches, grabbing pitch forks and ready to storm Clark’s Cassel and Petro was lobbing softballs like he was auditioning for “A League Of Their Own”.

    I guess it is their league. A general consensus of football fans with a cursory knowledge of the game would have, in the last 4 years, in my opinion, garnered by hook or crook, a far better QB than the Chiefs now have, or have had on their roster since Trent Green.

    Those doing this for a living, probably take note of the high quality QBs who pilot NFL teams into playoff waters. We here in KC find ourselves aboard a slow boat captained by the Joseph Hazelwood of NFL GMs.

    Petro shouldn’t have been fishing for compliments in these waters, he should have been hunting for an oily shark.

    • Hot Carl says:

      “We here in KC find ourselves aboard a slow boat captained by the Joseph Hazelwood of NFL GMs.”

      Solid work right there.

    • The Smartman says:

      At least Hazelwood knew how to hit something!

      • chuck says:

        Come on smarty! A Captain with a belly full of Gary Pinkel “Jumbos” haulin a tanker with a belly full of oil, through Prince William Sound is way easier than draftin Tyson Jackson RIGHT IN FRONT OF BJ RAJI!!

        BJ Raji!!

        Joe Hazelwood texted me this during the 2009 Draft (I’m his sponsor.).

        “Goddamn am I drunk. I think the Chiefs just drafted Tyson Jackson!! Ok, I am done. If a guy is hallucinating after 2 beers, he needs to quit, right? BJ Raji is still on the board. Right? Jesus, I don’t feel that drunk.”

        I got right back to him.

        “Order up a triple, then drive home. You’re fine.”

  11. Steve says:

    Pioli is doing interviews all over the place today and he will have no substance to any of them. I understand that is it the job of Petro or any other interviewer to get them to say something, but it is also Pioli’s job to say as little as possible. You do not get to the position of GM of an NFL franchise without knowing how to do that with any question that is asked of you.

    • Java Man says:

      Pioli just made a training tape for the rest of the organization. Guys, this is how you handle the media.

      Petro should be embarrassed, but he’s not.

    • JP says:

      That doesn’t mean you don’t ask the questions. Everyone knows Pioli is going to stammer and deflect. So what, at least make him do it. I think Soren totally dropped the ball here, thinking if he got hardhitting, he would never get another interview. You can ask the questions, but be civil about it.

      • Taxee says:

        Pioli’s responses made any of Frank Boal’s comments on his 79 appearances he makes weekly on 810 sound good.

  12. KCPRGuy says:

    FYI, here’s a different Pioli interview with the tough questions asked. Did we learn anything different? Probably not. But interesting response to the Star’s draft question.


    • Mark says:

      I’m a fan of Petro. Saying that, this Star interview is LIGHT YEARS better than his.

      Unreal that Pioli dropped Tyson Jackson’s name on the question about good draft picks.

      Greg, this Covitz piece is the interview you should be dissecting.

  13. nick says:

    Pioli: “No, actually I didn’t know there was a debate last night.”

    I don’t believe that. When asked, Pioli first had an awkward long pause, then said, “uh…huh….what”?

    I think he wants people to think he’s SO busy trying to fix the Chiefs that he knows of nothing else. NO WAY he didn’t know about the debate. I think it’s another example of Pioli trying to control how other’s think of him. He later was asked if he dresses up for Halloween. He said he never dresses up for Halloween.

    I don’t know. Just kinda weird.

    He told Soren that the NFL isn’t much different than it used it to be. Anybody who plays Fantasy Football and sees the points racked by QB’s, WR’s and TE’s would disagree.

  14. Stop looking to the KC Media for help in holding anyone’s feet to the fire. When it comes right down to it they’re all jock sniffers. Just give a listen to the questions asked of Jamal Charles after the Chargers game. I’ll remind you that he fumbled TWICE and made the comment that he ‘sucked’ that day. The first question asked of him was along the lines of how can you say you sucke today when you had 2 TD’s and man that 37 yard run was a thing of beauty. Are you kidding me? It’s as if the questions were strictly about his day from Fantasy Football purposes.
    These media guys also tell us to continue to support these teams because we’re lucky to have them. It’s a loser’s mentality. The ONLY way to get the owners to pay attention is to STOP GOING. Don’t show up! Demand better.

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