OTC: Chiefs Run All Over Colts And Into The Dark Depths Of The NFL

“This is supposed to be professional football.”
Len Dawson, as he evaluated the deplorable play of the Chiefs scoring offense this season following their 20-13 loss to the Colts, 810 AM
GH: Out of the mouth of the most famous and beloved Chiefs’ player to ever don the red and gold. This truly is supposed to be professional football played in the hallowed grounds of Arrowhead Stadium. I think Lamar Hunt would concur with Leonard. What we are seeing is not what we have been sold.

“The Colts did it despite being outgained by the Chiefs, 507 yards to 288. The did it despite yielding 352 rushing yards, the third-most bloated total in the Colts’ 60 NFL seasons.”
Phil Richards, writer, Indianapolis Star
GH: That is an almost unbelievable statement. Except that we saw it happen. At home in Arrowhead.

“I was surprised the quarterback [Brady Quinn] threw the ball. I was in such perfect position and he still threw it. It was coming right to me, and I’m like, hey, oh, wow, he threw that. I had to get it.”
Vontae Davis, Colts’ cornerback, on the easy interception he made in front of Jon Baldwin, Indianapolis Star
GH: Neither you nor I were surprised.

“God gave me a gift. I can just run.”
Jamaal Charles, after rushing for 226 yards and a TD in a losing cause to the Colts, Kansas City Star
GH: What a waste. Kansas City has been home to some sensational running backs the past 10 years. What has it got us? Probably the first pick in the 2013 draft. Sam Mellinger does a nice job of describing the sorry plight of Charles in his KC Star column.

“It’s the No. 1 outside stadium I’ve ever been in. Arrowhead Stadium has got a very unique flavor to it. I mean it was built state of the art at its time and it’s still state of the art with the parking and the tailgating and the whole thing they have out there is fabulous. It’s great.”
Bruce Arians, Colts interim head coach, who was the Chiefs’ running backs coach from 1989-92, Indianapolis Star
GH: How sad is it to read Arians’ words and then view the vacant seats inside Clark’s Arrowhead? Arians now hands the Colts back to Chuck Pagano after the head coach took three months off to battle cancer. This is a storybook season building in Indy that no screenwriter could have conjured. The team is just average…maybe not even that. But they are in the NFL playoffs one year after finishing 2-14, losing Peyton Manning and having their head coach stricken with cancer mid-season. You tell me there’s no Santa Claus.

“This is Spielberg stuff. To call it a storybook is almost an understatement. It’s been bigger than that.”
Ryan Grigson, Colts’ GM, Indianapolis Star
GH: As I watch the Colts this season, I admit to wondering if that could be the Chiefs of 2013. The Clarks have given us no reason to think this but as fans, we rarely work on reason. Magic, hope and miracles are what we feed on.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with the Colts over the years, all those double-digit victory seasons, all those deep playoff runs, but this one was utterly unique and special. Because it came out of nowhere. The players and coaches can say it all they want — ‘Yeah, we could see it coming’ — but I don’t believe a single one of them. Nobody had the audacity to see this coming. Nobody.”
Bob Kravitz, columnist, Indianapolis Star
GH: So maybe it could be us in 2013? I need something to get me through the next seven months.

“Grigson gazed around his locker room. It’s between him and Denver’s John Elway for Executive of the Year. If I had a vote, I know where mine would go. Are you kidding? A complete rebuild? With more than $38 million in salary cap money allocated to players no longer on the team? … The Indianapolis Colts, 2-14 last season, rebuilt completely, are miraculously, ridiculously, incredibly, preposterously IN THE PLAYOFFS!”
Bob Kravitz, columnist, Indianapolis Star
GH: There are great no-name people out there who can do what Scott Pioli could not. It is Clark Hunt’s job to find one.

“Arians directed the Colts to a 9-3 record in Pagano’s absence, tied for most wins in NFL history by an assistant who has taken over for a head coach during a season. He’s eligible to be voted Coach of the Year even though no interim coach has won it.”
Mike Chappell, writer, Indianapolis Star
GH: So what about this guy, Arians? He’s not a big-name coach but he has something that makes men want to play hard for him. Some might say that is luck, as in Andrew Luck. But he should rate an interview with Clark come January.

“I haven’t had the joyride some coaches have had in 20-some years in the National Football League. To have this job given to me and to be able to do it and be able to hand it back with a football team in the playoffs, I really can’t put into words.”
Bruce Arians, Indianapolis Star
GH: The more I see, read and hear, the more I like. The Chiefs could do far worse that hiring Arians to replace Romeo.

“I don’t think [Bill] Cowher is the right guy for the [Chiefs’] job either. The league has changed, man. It’s changed! They’ve got to get somebody who’s IN the league. How many years has it been since Cowher’s been in the league? The players are different than when Bill was coaching. And the style of play is different.”
Jayice Pearson, who played for the Chiefs when Cowher was an assistant under Marty Schottenheimer, 610 AM
GH: Jayice might be the first voice I’ve heard who doesn’t think Cowher is a good fit. I think he’s on to something. I like a hungry employee. Cowher’s fire burned out in Pittsburgh. I don’t see him getting it rekindled in KC.

“I don’t want to see some random skank be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Josh Vernier, comparing the Chiefs’ hiring decision to being at the bar at closing time and grabbing whoever is left, 610 AM
GH: I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to talk radio hosts — but Vernier strikes me as a bargain that 610 Sports should have left on the shelf.

“I still feel like there’s a lot of talent on this team — I really do. There’s a strong nucleus on this team.”
Eric Winston, Chiefs’ offensive tackle, in an interview with Bob Fescoe prior to the Colts’ game, 610 AM
GH: I sure hope some worthy head coach feels the same way. But without a quarterback, the Chiefs are just Buffalo in a warmer climate. No one even notices.

“I’d say in the top three or top five [most disappointing Chiefs’ players this season] is Eric Berry. What I’m seeing from #29 is just a bunch of tackles. I haven’t seen any plays made. I haven’t seen any turnovers. I haven’t seen anything that shows me what he did in his rookie season can be a staple throughout the rest of his career.”
Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: Eric MIA Berry. The safety that plays like a linebacker…and covers like one too.

“Good LUCK with your #1 draft pick.”
Sign at Arrowhead, held up by a Colts’ fan
GH: The Colt fan may have done this to tweak Chiefs’ fans. I took the sign as maybe a gesture of goodwill during the holiday season. We won’t get Andrew Luck but maybe our future QB awaits in 2013. Watching Luck, RGB and Wilson sure makes being a fan look fun.

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9 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Run All Over Colts And Into The Dark Depths Of The NFL

  1. Mac6uffin says:

    Of course the Chiefs will get the #1 draft pick the year there isn’t a great consensus pick for #1.

    Hell, last year had TWO guys that could’ve gone #1 if they were in separate drafts.

    I remember all this talk throughout the 90s about how the Raiders were cursed by some former employee that hated Al Davis. Perhaps King Carl put a curse on the Chiefs.

    • Sirr Parker says:

      I share your sentiments, Mac. But you know what, Russell Wilson was available and we passed on him three times. Same can be said for Andy Dalton the year before that. Our GM can’t evaluate talent, at coach, QB or any other position, truthfully. There are players every year in every draft. You just have to know where to find them. Scott Pioli can not.

    • Taxee says:

      Oh there is a curse for sure……….from the original coach. You know, “The Curse Of The Strambino”.

  2. the word says:

    I find it interesting that Bruce thinks so much about Arrowhead. IMO its the most overrated park in the NFL. Its a ugly 70s relic that doesnt have the titles or personality to make it tolarable. I wish they tore down that thing and built a new one.

    • Mike says:

      Are you insane?
      Have you seen some of the stadia built in the 90s and early 00s? Cincinnati, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Washington, Nashville, St. Louis, Atlanta…hell, even Denver, are to an extent facing varying levels of obsolescence, and those stadiums don’t feature amenities that are readily available, and found, at Arrowhead.
      It’s completely apparent that you’re trolling, but I had to rebut anyway.

      • the word says:

        Arrowhead is what it is…a 70s relic that got a new coat of paint. Its OK, nothing more…sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Barles james says:

        Must give tiger fans some slack this year. Theyve been dealt a steady diet of coal since august.

  3. The Smartman says:

    There is no Santa Claus. There are QB’s that can lead. The Colts have been biblically blessed to have had the Manning run and the transition to Luck happen the way it did. You can’t teach or coach what those two have.

    The Chiefs are truly fucked heading into next season. Custer had better odds at Little Big Horn.

  4. chuck says:

    Smartman is right.

    The Hunts were Hitler in previous lives.

    There is no QB worth taking at number one according to EVERY sports guy in the universe.

    The Chiefs are cursed.

    Pioli was a great hire 4 years ago. There is NO ONE who didn’t think he would bring some titles to KC. Behind the scenes, fans did not know about Hunt’s pecuniary inhibitions and Pioli’s ego.

    Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton and Benard Pollard–if those guys were on this team, what is the record?

    If you think Salary Cap issues are in play, it is Christmas Eve. Shouldn’t you be putting cookies on the mantle for Santa?

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