OTC: DeadSpin Solicits Readers For Embarrassing Comments About Sports Media Folks / Whitlock & Lenny Listed

“We asked for your stories about gross reporters being gross or obnoxious reporters being obnoxious, and here are snippets of the best entries we got so far. By all means, keep ’em coming.”
Dom Cosentino, writer, DeadSpin.com
GH: DeadSpin is a destination site for sports media people and their like. This recent effort to out some of the well-known sports media folks from broadcasting and print has caused quite a flutter from those named and those who might have volunteered information. How accurate are these tales? Debatable. But they make for some delicious voyeurism into the off-air personalities of these talking heads. Read on for a sampling.

Len Dawson: “Each time he needed a refill, he’d hold his glass [empty] in the air and yell, ‘BOY!!,’ at which point one of a number of waiters would come over to refill said drink.”
GH: Lenny The Cruel? I am not sure what press box or media event Len was supposed to have attended where there were waiters but we get the gist of this story. I wonder if Lenny had Dave Stewart and the Channel 9 staff fetching his food and drink inside their Kansas City studio. Is that why Dave headed off to Metro Sports?

Jason Whitlock: “I was amazed both by his caloric intake and his lack of work ethic.”
GH: This entry could have been sent in by no less than 4,567 different people. Maybe more.

Woody Paige: “They were serving hot dogs in those big tin pans like they have at buffets, and Paige was reaching his hands in there, grabbing hot dogs and just wolfing down on them.”
GH: I just can’t get the visual of this scene out of my head. How many guys do you know who hit a buffet line and then start bare-handing weenies right out of the steamer into their pie holes? Is beef that scarce in Denver?

Bonnie Bernstein: “CBS producer moved her industrial-sized can of Aqua Net to set up a camera and she lost it on him.”
GH: Bonnie has long been one of my favorites to look at on the tube. But following her on Twitter has revealed to me that she is far prettier than she is bright, interesting or even aware.

Mike Lupica: “I mean, screaming questions at them, demanding to know why they didn’t start earlier in case it did rain…” Another reporter who was also there confirmed this story and told us, “What an utter asshole.”
GH: Damn, if this one doesn’t depict Lupica in exactly the same light as I have come to know him from afar.

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6 Responses to OTC: DeadSpin Solicits Readers For Embarrassing Comments About Sports Media Folks / Whitlock & Lenny Listed

  1. donkeypunch says:

    I met Whitlock at the Rome tour stop several years ago. Dude couldn’t have been a bigger dbag

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Wow, those are really boring stories.

  3. Kansas State Fan says:

    Cant…stop…yawning…oh well back to stealing Bill Snyders garbage.

    • Baghdad Robert says:

      I’m betting you found a discarded invite to the SEC, a one-sided business-card sized gameplan for outcoaching Pinkel in 2011 and a denture cream box. No?

  4. chuck says:

    I have met and worked with (Way back in ‘The Day’.) Steve St. John, Kevin Kietzman and a smattering of other sports jocks locally.

    Very nice guys.


    Now, Telly Savalas, that is another story.

  5. Herb says:

    They’re all a bunch of self-absorbed asses. Even Bill Simmons has become one. And Kent Babb will be soon, too.

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