OTC: Derrick Washington Tryout W/ Chiefs / Gottlieb Tells Petro To Shut It / Coaches Gone Wild

“Former Missouri running back Derrick Washington, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a former tutor in 2011 and is a registered sexual offender, will be given a workout with the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday.”
Jeffrey Flanagan, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: I had great hopes for Washington’s career when I watched him play at Ray-Pec High School. I thought he was going to be a great one. Read on.

“According to a report in the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune about Washington’s trial, his former tutor, a 24-year-old University of Missouri graduate at the time, told the jury she was asleep June 19, 2010, in her apartment after a night of drinking when she was awoken by a man sexually touching her in her bed. The newspaper also reported that she said Washington shared a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with her roommate and was known to visit the apartment during the early morning.”
Jeffrey Flanagan, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: That proved to be one very costly error in judgment for Washington. He was soon kicked off Mizzou’s team and out of school.

“But Derrick has been very forthcoming about what has happened. He has always maintained his innocence. He has been willing to talk about everything about his past with teams who are interested.”
Matt Marino, Washington’s agent, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: Derrick and his family believe he was wronged in this ordeal. I have personally heard from his mother and her belief that her son is innocent. I let her know I disagreed. What any of us believe now is irrelevant. Washington was convicted, sentenced and served his time. He appears to be attempting to move on.

“He’s a good kid who just messed up, he’s been a model kid [here at Tuskegee]. I don’t bring bad kids into any program. My reputation as a coach goes well past this place and no one has ever questioned the kids I bring in. Derrick’s a good kid. He spent 120 days in prison. That changes a person.”
Willie Slater, head football coach at Tuskegee, where Washington played his senior season and was a finalist for the Harlon Hill Award [the DII Heisman], Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: The odds of Washington making the Chiefs or any NFL roster are long. But getting a second chance in life at his age is one I hope he takes advantage of and prospers.

“I don’t think he’s back at Mizzou next year.”
Soren Petro, on Phil Pressey’s pending decision to enter the NBA draft or return to Mizzou for his senior season, 810 AM
GH: The overwhelming info I can gather seems to point to Pressey not returning to MU. I hope that information is wrong. Flip looks to me to be in need of another year of college – and not just to hone his basketball acumen.

“I personally would go back and be a finished product.”
Doug Gottlieb, responding to Petro’s above comment on Pressey, 810 AM

“Let me finish! You’ve got a couple of more hours to rant and rave about this. I have limited time!”
Doug Gottlieb, after Soren Petro repeatedly cut in on and talked over his comments to disagree with Gottlieb’s takes on Phil Pressey returning to MU or turning pro and comparing Pressey’s game to Trey Burke’s, 810 AM
GH: I listened to this give and take between Petro and Gottlieb Tuesday afternoon and I almost applauded when Doug yelled at Petro for cutting him off and verbally bullying him. Gottlieb expressed exactly what I was thinking at the time – I listen to the Gottlieb segment on The Program to hear Gottlieb’s takes, not Petro’s. Sure, I want petro to challenge Gottlieb in his interview but Petro seems to think his view is so important that he needs to shout down his guest. Newsflash to Petro – you ain’t all that – no matter what your fan boys are telling you.

“I am transferring to another school and will be getting released [Wednesday]. Love this team no matter what!!! I learned a lot here!!”
Rio Adams, @WarLordRio, KU reserve freshman guard, Twitter
GH: Everyone saw this coming and it should not reflect poorly on Kansas or Adams. I think college athletes should have as much freedom to change schools as their coaches. It is up to the players’ parents to provide direction as to when it is smart to go or stay. I think that is one reason college coaches like recruiting underprivileged kids from one-parent families. Those kids have fewer options when it comes to bolting.

“He probably got the message that there won’t be a lot of playing time. He may want to go somewhere else.”
Jack Harry, on Adams decision to leave KU, KSHB TV 41
GH: Rio Adams has some game. If Harry was attempting to paint him as not good enough to play at Kansas, he is simply wrong. Painting athletes who transfer as the problem is how Mike Rice and Rutgers happens.

“In case you followed it during the tournament, [Rio Adams] was the one that did the cereal eating after the Iowa State loss. So, [that] may be one of the ways you know the guy.”
Christa Dubill, news anchor, KSHB TV 41
GH: Jack Harry and Dubill’s co-anchor, Mark Clegg, uncomfortably stared at Dubill and then politely moved on. Christa was a bit out of her comfort zone with this one but I found her contributions at least as accurate and entertaining as Mad Jack’s.

“Former Kansas State guard Wally Judge, now a junior at Rutgers, told ESPN that [Mike] Rice never put hands on him and that practices were harder at K-State.”
Blair Kerkhoff, Kansas City Star
GH: I can only imagine a videotape of Frank Martin’s practices after seeing his disgraceful antics in front of a full house and network television cameras. Bozos like Rice and Martin need to be sent out of education and into an occupation where their coworkers can kick their ass if they want to play bully.

“I’m not going to watch it. I very rarely watch the last game. I’ve probably only watched a couple of them, unless it ended in a win. I won’t watch this one. I’ve replayed it in my head, like I’m sure all the players have of what happened and what went wrong.”
Bill Self, on not wanting to view the season-ending loss to Michigan, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: In any other business [most anyway], examining your mistakes and learning from your losses is how you prevent repeating them. I think Self is wrong in not wanting to examine where he might have improved his team’s chances to win. Sometimes you have to shelve your ego to get better.

“I’m going to tell you, I don’t think anybody wants to see the behind the scenes of the practices at their [college] program. … I don’t think anybody wants to see the cow getting hit in the melon for their marbleized steak.”
Soren Petro, on the Mike Rice firing at Rutgers, 810 AM
GH: Are most coaches rougher on their players than a chemistry teacher is on his class? Yes. But I don’t believe most of these coaches are firing basketballs off their players’ noggins or calling them MF’ers. Those who are need to be exposed and banned from the game.

“If she’s the best on the board, we’ll take her. If we have the 60th pick and she’s on the board, we still might take her. I’ve thought about it already. Would I do it? And right now, I’d lean toward yes, just to see if she can do it.”
Mark Cuban, on drafting Baylor’s Brittney Griner, Dallas Morning News
GH: No way Dallas or any NBA team drafts Griner. No way.

“[Yu] Darvish said he realized he had a perfect game going around the fifth inning because none of his teammates were sitting by him in the dugout. That was also about the same time the Astros realized they were in trouble too as Houston players started donning rally caps in a game that was 1-0 at the time.”
Anthony Andro, after the Rangers’ pitcher gave up a ground-ball single up the middle with two out in the ninth, FoxSports.com
GH: Rally caps in the fifth? Now that is respect!

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  1. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    On the tape… I saw some shoves that seemed in context of play in a very physical and rough sport.

    But throwing a basketball at someones head at full blast and kicking someone and calling someone names is wrong. And don’t give me that old school crap. It was not acceptable in the 70s and 80s and would have got coaches fired then as well. Coaches have always screamed, thrown things against the wall etc…. but that it not assault and abuse.

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