OTC: George Brett Accepts Offer As Hitting Coach & Hopeful Savior Of Moore & Yost

“This is the last move we’re making. Like I said… Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”
Dayton Moore, when asked if the Royals were done making any personnel moves after demoting the two Royals hitting coaches and hiring George Brett and a guy named Pedro , 810 AM
GH: Moore’s lack of comfortableness while answering this question spoke volumes. The Royals GM HOPES this is the last personnel move this season. The next one will likely send him and Ned Yost packing.

“I don’t think (making Brett the hitting coach) was done for PR reasons.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I can’t think of any other reason that makes sense than for the Royals to do this as a PR move and to buy Moore and Yost some time. The Royals have fallen into their annual abyss with more velocity than Jonathan Sanchez’s Lamborghini. Bringing Brett on removes the focus from Moore, Yost and the awful on-field results – at least for a few weeks. But this is nothing more than an iron-on patch on the Titanic.

“People said to me, ‘Well Vernier, they’ve got to do something!’ But isn’t that just like the Royals? To do something but not fix the problem?”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM

“The George Brett press conference was fantastic!”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I understand how and why so many Royals fans got excited about the news that Brett was joining the team and how his words at the press conference inspired some. But the media needs to be better than just fans. Brett said all the right things for the fans’ ears and many of the wrong things when it comes to helping this team win. Read on.

“I’m not a big analyzer of film because I never did that.”
George Brett, on his approach to teaching hitting, 810 AM
GH: Brett looked old in the dugout last night and he sounded even older talking about analyzing “film.” Studying video with a hitter takes a lot of time. I did not get the feeling Brett is all that interested in using the myriad of tools and data that technology brings to MLB in 2013. Some may think “old school” is how you get things done. I think “old school” gets you fired.

“I knew what a good swing felt like. I’m gonna try and get these guys to know what a good swing feels like and to be themselves.”
George Brett, 810 AM
GH: Sure George Brett knew what a good swing felt like – he’s George GD Brett! I’ve never taken a good swing in my life – even with a hammer. Now Moose and Hosmer have better swings than me but I don’t see George Brett in either – and Frenchy’s swing doesn’t even look like he and Brett are of the same species.  

“A lot of times home runs kill rallies.”
George Brett, 810 AM
GH: WHAT? If the new batting coach for ANY major league team makes this asinine comment at his introductory presser, he gets lit up by the media like he was Luke Hochevar on opening day. But George got a complete pass from those folks in St. Louis. That will not last.

“You could just feel…you could just FEEL the presence of George Brett at this press conference. He just overpowered it – even though I wasn’t in the room.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: These comments from Kietzman just made me ill. Hey, we are all big fans of George’s career with the Royals but this kind of hyperbole is just goofy. KK could “FEEL the presence of George Brett at this press conference,” even though he wasn’t there? What kind of fan-boy ridiculousness is that? Hey, I hope I’m wrong and George gets this team hitting the ball, scoring runs and winning games. But I don’t see any reason to think that is going to happen just because #5 put his jersey back on.

“Honestly, I was shocked when George was named the interim guy.”
Kevin Seitzer, 610 AM
GH: Seitzer appeared on both 610 and 810 Thursday and he sounded like a guy who really, really wants to return to the Royals as their hitting coach. Read on.

“Well, I don’t know. He’s never done it before. I don’t think he’s going to have any magic pills or potions where home runs are going to start flying out of the park.”
Kevin Seitzer, when asked by Danny Parkins how he thinks Brett will do as the hitting coach, 610 AM
GH: Doesn’t sound to me like Seitzer is rooting for Brett to succeed. Brett is the interim hitting coach and he said he and Moore will evaluate his desire to remain after 30 days and again after six weeks. That’s not a guy who is dying to make a commitment to the Royals’ cause.

“I’ve been sitting by my phone hoping but… I know these (Royals’ hitters) like the back of my hand. … I feel like I’ve got a good relationship with everybody in that organization. Have they talked to me about coming back? No…but I’m always hopeful. … When George says he wants to remove his interim tag, I’ll be the one who wants to take his place.”
Kevin Seitzer, 810 AM

“There were probably some other circumstances that played into (Seitzer getting fired as the Royals hitting coach). There probably wasn’t a good working relationship between Seitzer and Yost.”
Brian McRae, 810 AM

“Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer are California kids who have been pampered their whole lives. They’re about to have their world rocked!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t remember Brett being the hard-ass disciplinarian that Kietzman expects him to be with the Royals’ hitters. Brett strikes me as a guy who likes to pal around with the players and hope his encouragement helps them improve. I don’t see George rocking anybody’s world verbally. Maybe he’s different on the practice field and in the cage but I don’t think that’s his style.

“It’s gonna be awesome! It’s gonna be awesome! It’s George Brett, man! You can’t say enough good things about that guy!”
Mike Moustakas, when asked what he thought of Brett as the new hitting coach, 810 AM
GH: I think Moose agrees with me on Brett being a buddy more than a drill sergeant.

“Mark my words! (Brett) will commandeer this baseball team away from Ned Yost the next two weeks. The guy who is running this baseball team is gonna feel like George Brett. (Moore) just brought in the henchman and he is going to do his thing.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Consider KK’s words marked. I think it is far more likely that Brett executes his escape clause in four or six weeks and heads back to the golf course.

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28 Responses to OTC: George Brett Accepts Offer As Hitting Coach & Hopeful Savior Of Moore & Yost

  1. Herb says:

    Greg, wasn’t it just awful last night when Frenchy’s homerun killed the Royals rally before it even got started?

    • Derek says:

      Tying the game up WAS the rally–we just happened to only be down one run. I think George’s point is that, when you’re trying to come back from 4, 5, 6 down, you want the guys coming up to just keep the momentum going, get a single or draw a walk, keep the pitcher and defense thinking about the guys on the bases. God knows this team isn’t going back-to-back-to-back with a 3-run defecit. 🙂

  2. rkcal says:

    RIght KK. Because there’s nothing like a pampered California kid to motivate other pampered California kids. Rockin’ their world,dude.

  3. Ultimate Dude says:

    Brett deserves criticism if this doesn’t work. I don’t care who he is. The KC media will be giddy and orgasm all over themselves, much like they do with ku, but there’s no way this works out. Listening to Kietz say 810 is full of alpha males, yet Brett still owns the room around there was hysterical. Star struck much, Kietz? I don’t think he knows the difference between alpha male and a full of themself, narcissist. “Sweet little old lady” Kietz needs slapped for raising that dipshit. Petro’s mom as well.

  4. Ryan says:

    Does Hosmer know he is a California kid? It seems he lived most of his youth in FL.

  5. The Smartman says:

    Wonder if George is gonna get the guys to wear the Ionic bracelets and necklaces he was pimping a few years back to ” improve performance”?

    Video is where it’s at. Surely George got some exposure to video when his fat fuck buddy Rush Limbaugh was on the Haney Project. Problem is George isn’t new school enough to understand how to use it, break it down and make it a learning and training tool. Having spent a small fortune on golf lessons I can appreciate what a good swing feels like but it helps to know what it looks like too.

    Still, the swing is only the final part of the equation. If the hitter can’t pick up the ball as it releases from the pitchers hand, see the rotation, sense the speed and velocity, the swing, more often than not is a guess. As I’ve said before great hitters are born and not made. The Ol Royals have guys that can crush a ball. They just can’t do it when they have to. That is something that cannot be taught. It’s primal, it’s instinct, it’s in your DNA.

    • Java Man says:

      The video analysis that Smartman described has to help. Look at your own swing, make adjustments, and maintain.
      The other use of video of studying pitchers tendencies, not so much. Let the advance scouts and stats do their job of breaking them down.
      I’ll still be watching. What the hell, they’re my team.

    • chuck says:

      Little off subject here smarty, but a couple of years ago I heard Limbaugh on the radio talking about his golf score. He said he was always around 80 or better. It kinda stuck in my mind, cause I suck pretty bad and hit 90 on wide open bullshit courses on a great day. I suck, but I love the game. Anyway, again, I hear Limbaugh over the course of a couple of months talking golf and by chance, see him with a pro out on the course on TV.

      They are shooting the shit and Limbaugh tees off on par 4 and he plays about 3 holes, I watch.

      UGLY!! OH MY GOD!! Jim Furyk and Helen Keller’s flipper baby has a better swing.

      Jesus it was terrible. I made my kids leave the room and my chi wau wau started howling at the flat screen.

      I turned it off and have never been the same.

      God Bless George Brett.

      • The Smartman says:

        Rush has an old fat guy swing but he actually is a pretty good player. I play in a scramble league. Guy on our team is a retired neurosurgeon, 67 years old, swing makes Charles Barkley look like Bobby Jones but this sonofabitch has the accuracy of a fucking Marine sniper. As he constantly reminds me, “getting there is more important than how you look getting there”.

  6. Ultimate Dude says:

    In case you missed the best parts of the introduction of George,

    “The Royals have bought me everything I own. Made all my money in the state of MO, but I chose to live in ks, and send my kids to ku cause 1. Low academic standards allowed them in. 2. Lawrence is KCMO 3. I like teams that are good in regular season, but not do much in post season. 4. I can follow ku hoops, Neb football, the Bulls cause they were good once. Dallas Cowboys. Fairweather all the way around.”

  7. Greg says:

    I heard some of the press conference. That was a media event where they guy who is going to be the interim manager of the Royals was speaking. Brett will be interim Manager by Tuesday’s home game. Yost will be packing. And not much will change. As long as David and 85-IQ son Danny-boy own the Royals they will define suck.

  8. Derek says:

    I agree with KK on commandeering; I got that exact sense last night in the 9th when George was the guy at the dugout steps and Ned was standing behind him.

  9. nick says:

    Holy buzz kill.

    It’s getting close to total overhaul mode. But before that happens, I like that we all get to see what Brett can do. Maybe he’ll suck and the hitting woes will continue. Or maybe he’ll make something click with Hosmer and Moose. Brett’s never done this before, but I wanna see how this unfolds.

  10. Kyle says:

    Bitter much UD?

    • E.Jack Hewlett says:

      you would be bitter too, Kyle, if you were hung like a chipmunk and sounded like one, too.

  11. geoknows says:

    Hosmer was born and raised in Florida. He is not a “California kid.”

    • yuri says:

      KK said “California and Florida” on the radio, just didn’t make the transcript here.

  12. tiad says:

    Exactly. I knew what Brett meant, but he probably could’ve said it better. Maybe, just maybe, a little bit of old-school won’t be so bad right now, since the “new-school” sure isn’t getting it done.

  13. chuck says:

    What the hell, lets bring back Hal too.

    I loved that guy.


  14. Matt says:

    Brett’s comments about home runs killing rallies was in complete context with him talking about guys trying to hit 3 run homers with no one on base, and went on to say that players can’t expect to do more than they are physically able to.

    In a vacuum, it’s a ludicrous statement. In the context of the interview, I understood what he was saying.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      +1 – Thank you for injecting some truth and common sense to the comments section. From other comments you’d think everyone on here either played or coached at the major league level.

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