OTC: How Should The Chiefs Solve Their QB Problem? The #1 Pick? Trade? FA? Punt?

“I would take Tim Tebow today over Chase Daniel [Saints] and Matt Flynn [Seahawks]. At least Tim Tebow has proven he can take a team to the playoffs and win a playoff game.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: This from your 28th-ranked sports talker in the nation. Now you know what you need to get noticed – the balls to be outrageously and embarrassingly dense.

“Timing is everything. If the KC had the #1 pick in last season’s NFL draft, they take Andrew Luck. This year? A QB-version of Tyson Jackson.”
Neal Jones, @NealJonmeskctv5, Twitter
GH: Is the draft that bereft of quality quarterbacks? Probably not. But I don’t think anyone is under the impression that the next Andrew Luck or RG3 is waiting in April. Read on.

“You absolutely have to draft a quarterback with the first draft pick! I’m not in favor of drafting two quarterbacks [in this draft]. … Get a stinking quarterback! Are you kidding me?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: No one on in the KC media has been more vocal about the Chiefs need to draft a quarterback with their first pick. KK swears his relentless hammering of the Chiefs refusal to go after Peyton Manning or any other viable quarterback options in the off-season is the reason Scott Pioli refuses to appear as a guest on his show. One thing is very clear to me – since Pioli has refused KK’s invites, Kietzman’s show has changed from Chiefs’ caterer to Pioli baiter. Screw the exclusive Chiefs radio contract and Mitch Holthus’ riveting Chiefs Kingdom show. “We have the Lake Lotawana Lizard here tonight and her underwater school of Beermaids at the bar!”

“It’s okay to reach [in the draft] for a defensive tackle like Tyson Jackson but it’s not okay to reach for a quarterback?”
Nate Bukaty, on Pioli picking the underperforming Jackson with the third overall pick in 2009, 810 AM
GH: Hard to argue with this logic – except to say that why duplicate a dumb pick? Picking Jackson third overall looks ridiculous now. Will picking Geno Smith at number-one overall look just as foolish three years from now?

“Why do we want everybody else’s garbage? Let’s get our own garbage.”
Bob Fescoe, who is not in favor of the Chiefs signing another team’s back-up quarterback like Kirk Cousins, Chase Daniel, Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, 610 AM
GH: I’d prefer to stay away from garbage. Isn’t that why Pioli and his fellow GMs get paid millions – to evaluate and talent? Pioli couldn’t correctly evaluate Matt Cassel – and he watched him practice and play in New England for FOUR YEARS. There is definitely some thievery going on at Arrowhead, but I’m not sure The Clarks understand who is picking their pocket.

“There is no game-changing quarterback out there [in the upcoming draft]. Even if there were, this organization has not shown the wherewithal to uncover a guy like that.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Bang! Right between the eyes! The Pioli organization has proven to be an absolute disaster in football operations – especially at their most important job, finding and developing a starting quarterback.

“Why do you want to go with a back-up quarterback instead of drafting one in the first round?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Because there are no drop-dead gorgeous, can’t-miss quarterbacks in this draft. There are plenty that will be available with the 33rd pick. Take a can’t-miss player at number-one and then grab your first QB with the first pick in the second round. I would be tempted to grab a second QB with the Chiefs’ third pick as well.

“I want Geno Smith! I want Geno Smith!”
Steven St. John, on the impressive but flawed West Virginia quarterback, 810 AM
GH: I won’t be upset if the Chiefs gamble and grab Geno or another QB with the first pick. I just don’t think any of the top four or five are all that much better than the other. Here’s a shocker for you – I like OU’s Landry Jones with a late pick. He is going to be an excellent NFL quarterback. His experience and accuracy are going to allow him to play early in his NFL career.

“I think [Geno Smith] is athletic but not an athlete by NFL standards. I want to make it clear – he’s not RG3. He’s not Cam Newton. He’s not even as good a runner as Andrew Luck.”
Soren Petro, on the West Virginia quarterback, 810 AM
GH: We need to get over the idea that if a QB is black, he’s a fast-running, quick-scrambling QB. Not all short white wide receivers are Wes Welker and not all black QBs are Michael Vick. Geno is as stationary as Matt Cassel and even less daring on the run – but with a far better arm.

“He’s not getting drafted! Drafted for what?”
Soren Petro, while discussing the possibility of Collin Klein’s NFL draft stock, 810 AM
GH: Chase Daniel sat in New York at a Heisman runner up and then watched the NFL draft pass without hearing his name called. Is Klein headed for a similar fate? I think he’d make some team a great tight end. I agree with Petro that he has almost zero chance of playing quarterback in the NFL – although Tebow is still employed.

“I don’t know that there is a bigger hot-button issue in Kansas City sports than the quarterback position of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Bob Fescoe, on what pundits, fans and experts think the Chiefs should do to resolve their starting quarterback woes via the draft, free agency or a trade, 610 AM
GH: Getting the Chiefs an NFL worthy starting quarterback is definitely an important topic amongst KC sports fans. But is it number one? Kansas basketball fans would laugh at that notion. Missouri basketball fans have much more invested in whether or not their band of strangers can bond to become a team that challenges for the SEC title. K-State fans are thinking about almost nothing else [including Wildcat basketball] but a 12-win football season. Royals’ fans are agog over the Wil Myers/James Shields trade and can’t wait for Opening Day. Chiefs’ fans want heads to roll – specifically Scott Pioli’s and Romeo’s. So, is the Chiefs’ lack of a QB important to KC sports fans? Sure – but it’s not the Chiefs have lost their all-encompassing hold on this city’s fan base. While we still care, we are far from crazed over the decisions made by this now embarrassing franchise. I’m not sure there is a hot-button you could mash on the Chiefs’ fans’ interface. It is as cool as the empty seats that have overtaken Arrowhead like the flu.

“I’ve been saying all year long that when healthy, I think the Chiefs have a top-five offensive line – and I think Brandon Albert is a big reason why. [Donald] Stephenson is a really light-on-his-feet offensive tackle, and there’s not really a lot of them. He’s progressed quicker than I thought he would.”
Matt Williamson, NFL writer for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: I am guessing this guy will be in the top 10 of sports talkers in 2013.

“Thank you for subscribing to The Kansas City Star through Press+. Your qualifying subscription has been confirmed, and we hope that you are enjoying your online access. We will review your subscription status periodically and will contact you if at any time we cannot confirm your required subscription.”
Press+ Customer Care, email to me this week as a subscriber to The Kansas City Star, that allowed me to access their online content without an additional charge
GH: And the newspaper business wants to know why they are failing? This is an industry that was built on communication. They hire and employee talent that is educated and trained to communicate through the written word. So who was it at The Star who thought it was a good idea to email a subscriber in good standing since 1988 and basically threaten them? “We will review your subscription status periodically and will contact you if at any time we cannot confirm your required subscription.” Merry Christmas to you as well, Mr. Grinch.

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43 Responses to OTC: How Should The Chiefs Solve Their QB Problem? The #1 Pick? Trade? FA? Punt?

  1. Steve says:

    I don’t really see how that’s a threat.

    • Greg Hall says:

      It’s all in how you communicate to your customer. Why leave a client with even the perception of a threat? I read it as a vendor contacting a customer and letting them know they currently have access to online content but be assured, we will be checking in on your status as a subscriber periodically to make sure you keep your account active. How about this instead?

      “Dear Greg,
      We are happy to alert you to the fact your subscription to The Kansas City Star allows you free and complete access to our award-winning online content. Please enjoy both our published edition and our easily accessible online features. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with our services more enjoyable. Happy Holidays!”

      They can check up on my status as a subscriber all they want to make sure I’m not reading online content w/o paying. Just don’t add it to the note informing me I qualify for services for which I’m already paying.

      • Steve says:

        I guess it just depends on who you are because I don’t even see the perception of a threat. What I take it to say is that they’re going to let you know when you’re subscription is due to expire. Why’s that such a bad thing? Most companies won’t even do that, they’ll just renew your subscription without telling you and charge it to your account, whether you like it or not. Sure, they could have come off as a little more friendly and upbeat, but I just your idea of it to be picking nits a little bit.

        • Greg Hall says:

          Steve, Yes, they might see my complaint as picky, but why give me that opportunity? Write a better note is the solution, not blame the customer’s intrepretation of the note.

  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Pitchers and catchers…Feb 11th

  3. Gavin says:

    Greg, I was listening to Kietzman but not the whole show. Are you sure he didn’t say he WAS in favor of drafting two quarterbacks? Or maybe “not against” it? Because I thought he said something like draft two now and draft another one or two every year because QB is that important. I could be wrong, of course. . .

    • Greg Hall says:

      That comment from KK about not wanting to draft two QBs is probably a couple of weeks old. I often stockpile comments to use when a topic peaks or I have other quotes to play off of it. He very well may have changed his mind, I just didn’t hear it. In other words, we could both be right.

  4. mike t. says:

    go after alex smith, draft 2.

    • Hot Carl says:

      I hear this idea floated out there a lot but Alex Smith is Matt Cassel in a 49er uniform. He was a complete bust until Harbaugh got there. Who the hell is going to coach him up in KC? Brian Daboll? I’d rather get an unknown commodity and see what he can do. We know Smith is a bust, at least as a starter. He’s nothing more than a competent back up.

  5. tigerdan4 says:

    Here’s what I would do if I was the new GM. Try to use the top pick to trade down and really stock up on picks. Maybe trade with a team with the 6th or 7th or 8th pick that really wants Manti Teo. And then use that pick on a QB. Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson. The next pick has to be an impact WR. And then use the rest of the picks to fill needs on the o-line, d-line, and secondary. Bring in Michael Vick as a free agent. He isn’t what he was a couple years ago but he’s still very athletic and way better than anybody we have right now. Maybe even draft another QB in the 4th round like the Redskins did with Cousins. Release Cassel & Quinn & Stanzi. Go into 2013 with Vick, Wilson/Smith, and whoever we draft in the 4th. Vick would start the season and if/when the team falls out of contention, turn it over to the rookie. That’s what I would do.

    • KCPRGuy says:

      Maybe it’s the Christmas season – or maybe the Mayans are right – whatever, I actually agree with a Tiger.

    • Greg Hall says:

      TD, I liked just about everything in your comment except bringing in Vick. I don’t see where he could help any team that is rebuilding. I think Alex Smith would be a perfect Band Aid for next season’s transition phase. KK acts like whatever QB we draft will immediaitely be the starter. I think whoever the Chiefs draft is going to need a year of work.

      • BS says:

        Recent history suggest you have about a 50% chance of taking a successful starting QB in the first round. Odds go way down if you wait past that. Consider the past 12 drafts:

        (15) 1st round success : Luck, RG3, Cam, Stafford, Freeman, M Ryan, Flacco, Cutler, Alex Smith, Aaron Rogers, Eli Manning, Big Ben, Carson Palmer, Mike Vick, Bradford?

        (16) 1st round flop: Grossman, Vince Young, Tebow, Gabbert, Ponder, Sanchez, JEMARCUS RUSSELL, Brady Quinn, M Leinart, Jason Campbell, Leftwich, Kyle Boller, David Car, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Losman

        (4) 1st round undecideds: Tannehill, Wheeler, Locker

        (6) 2nd round or later successes: Dalton, Kaepernick, Schaub, Matt Cassel?, David Garrard?, Tom Brady (had to go back 13 years for that).

        (104) 2nd round or later flops

        (6) 2nd round or later undecideds: Osweiler, Foles, Cousins, Mallet, Henne, Matt Flynn

        Seems to me you get a GM/coach that you trust to evaluate talent and take your shot. Maybe you trade down to like the 10th pick, but it strikes me as dumb to not take a QB in the first round unless you trade or FA sign a guy you like.

  6. b12 says:

    With the attrition rate the Star has…nobody will be there to periodically review your status anyway.

    • Greg Hall says:

      b12, You may be right. I think this might be the year the published version of The Star goes the way of the head slap.

      • Luvtheroyals says:

        About two weeks ago, I had nothing to do on a Sunday morning. Went to the local Hy-Vee, bought a dozen donuts for the kids and the Sunday Star for myself, which I hadn’t done in awhile. As I was making my purchase, I envisioned the newspaper sprawled out on the kitchen table, me drinking my coffee, enjoying the paper cover to cover, while the kids ate their donuts. Took me about 5 minutes to get through the paper. It was all old news and stuff I had read the night before online. As much as I love the idea of reading the paper like I remember my dad and grandpa doing, those days are long gone. The published version is worthless and nothing but a bunch of ads anyway. The feel and the smell of the newspaper is gone, and the way we read the news is changing. My kids look at a VHS tape and wonder what the hell that is. Pretty soon they’re going to say the same thing about a newspaper. Kind of a bummer, but who would have thought that I would have easy access to any newspaper of any city in the world with a click of the button. Progress, I guess.

        • Barles James says:

          yep – it went downhill pretty steadily in the 2000s. They still have a few very good writers and editors, but the daily paper is incredibly thin. once the big chains started bleeding them dry in the late 90s, you knew the print edition wouldn’t last long-term – even with their sweetheart deal to build those beautiful new presses right off I-70.

        • The Smartman says:

          Get a Sunday only subscription to the NY Times. Between the Times, beignets and coffee the kitchen table is a total mess by 9:00 am

      • Esteban O'Riley says:

        I wasn’t even aware you could PAY for online content of the KC Star. I no longer get the newspaper…which I do find sad. But times change. We know longer need a daily ice delivery to keep things cold in the ‘ice box.’

        I now read the Star online, but don’t pay. Why pay for information that is regurgitated from the previous day?

  7. Joe says:

    I don’t love the QB options at #1 overall. Who is worthy of the #1 overall? Talk amongst yourselves. P.S. I am getting the feeling that Matt Barkley may be available late First or at #33.

  8. The Smartman says:

    Haven’t seen one draft board from the “experts” that has a QB going in the first round. The Chiefs really are screwed and deservedly so. The Clark’s could spend Lamar’s entire fortune on office, coaching and field talent in 2013 and wind up with a team no better than 8-8. Paybacks to Dame Karma are a bitch.

  9. Xavier says:

    On the QB question – got to start with a cold, hard fact – the Chiefs must have one of the worst talent eval orgs in the NFL. They’ve missed on more picks, FA’s and trades – especially at QB – than nearly anyone I can think of including Al Davis.

    So, what do you have out there: Vick, Smith, Flynn are the only viable available. VICK is most proven but has the shortest shelf life | SMITH is proven but who the hell knows if he’s Cassel 2.0 simply stacked up behind a great cast…do you really believe, Harbaugh shelves a guy for a hot hand with literally one game of experience vs. a guy with a career 100+passer rating with ~1% interception rate if he doesn’t know what he’s really got in Smith? | FLYNN is the wild card with the littlest knowns, but might be the one who actually works out. When he didn’t start in Seattle, I thought he was Cassel 2.0 until I saw Russell Wilson. All I know is he was groomed by the same guy who groomed Favre & Rodgers – both of those worked out well.

    One challenge however, the following teams need QB’s desperately as well – Jets, Raiders, Vikes, Cards, Browns, Eagles to name just a few off the top of my head….so, if the Chiefs are even lucky enough to get one of these guys, grab one and punt on the 2013 draft class….

    • Greg Hall says:

      True, there is some competition out there for a QB — despite the supposed lack of quality in the draft. If every one of these teams takes a QB with their first pick, the Chiefs would still get the 7th best QB in the draft. The big question is — how much better is Geno and Barkley than… Ryan Nassib (Syracuse), Mike Glennon (NC St.), Aaron Murray (UGA), EJ Manuael (FSU), Logan Thomas (VT), Zac Dysert, QB, Miami of Ohio and Derek Carr*, QB, Fresno State? I’ll bet not that much.

  10. Stringer Pete says:

    Mr. Keitzman, et al, sound like impatient fans whose time horizons extend only as far as the upcoming season. Reaching and busting with a high pick will only set the franchise further back. The reality is the Chiefs picked the wrong season to be truly awful. I’m guessing there will be few opportunities to trade down so I’m with Greg — take the best overall prospect in the first round and take a QB at the top of the second, then sign a young free agent or identify a promising back-up and trade for him.

  11. JP says:

    While QB is important, I have to disagree with Fesco that it’s the “biggest hot button” issue in sports radio today. I believe it is the status of Pioli and Crennel. There is a belief that the Clark’s may stick with Pioli another season. That would be a gigantic mistake, as his football judgement is atrocious. If he sticks around, he will bungle the drafting of a QB. That appears to be the only thing that’s guaranteed. He will find the Tyson Jackson/Jon Baldwin of Quarterbacks.

  12. chiefwood says:

    I am old enough to remember how far Dan Marino fell in the draft because of his bad last year at Pitt. (Chiefs passed on him for Todd Blacklidge) If he could of came out as a junior he would of been a #1 pick. Maybe it would not be a bad idea to really look at Matt Barkley.

    • chuck says:

      I guess you could draft him (Barkley) under the “USC is due” strategy.

      Those QBs from USC recently are brutal, just brutal.

      • The Smartman says:

        Barkley will make Matt Leinart look like Johnny Unitas. Will be interesting to see how Greg McElroy performs this Sunday against the Chargers. He might be an interesting trade.

  13. rbt says:

    Greg, you must have pissed off The Star somehow and wound up on their black list – maybe while you were working there, ha ha. I too am a longtime subscriber in good standing, also since at least 1988 or perhaps even earlier, and have not received such an email. And, to boot, I sheepishly admit that, while my credit is excellent and I don’t pay my bills late, I am not particularly vigilant about making sure that this particular bill is paid on time.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I am on The Star’s “just charge my credit card whatever and whenever you want” plan. It’s not the smartest way for a consumer to get the “best deal” but I’m always too slow or too busy to adjust it.

      As for me being on the Star’s shit list — that’s a real possibility. I link photos in my OTC column from all kinds of websites and online newspapers. I try to avoid using photos from The Star because they are about the only site that once they discover I’ve liked to one of their photos, they kill the link. It has never made much sense to me other than maybe they don’t like my content. But why would a business that is eager to add customers want to sever links to their wedsite?

      I’m a big fan of The Star and the work they do — not unlike the many radio shows, TV sportscasts and sportswriters I critique. But just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you can’t differ on opinions from time to time. I’ve noticed that some folks don’t get that.

  14. Maybe Pioli never actually saw Cassel practice in New England because the blinds in his office were closed?

  15. Ron says:

    Bill Kenney passed for 4,000 yards for the Chiefs, and they never “pee’d a drop” as Petro likes to say. There are very good quarterbacks in the NFL whose teams are still bad. Keitzman’s premise that a new QB…any QB…will vault the Chiefs to the playoffs and beyond is extremely flawed. The Chiefs need a lot more than just a QB.

  16. dixon cider says:

    I remember two years ago when Cassel had 27 tds / 7 ints, and threw for 3100 yards

    The fans will deny it now, but they loved him then.

    Chiefs fans have a good reputation nationally, but they are pretty serious bandwagoners

    • Esteban O'Riley says:

      I disagree Mr. Cider. Although I agree that there are ‘bandwagoners’ for every sport and at every level (note KU basketball), I truly believe that the majority of Chiefs ‘nation’ understand pro football. What’s scary is that it seems sometimes that the Chiefs nation knows football better than the decision-makers at One Arrowhead Drive. Who wouldn’t be on board with a QB that had that TD/INT ratio THAT YEAR? But I don’t think most educated Chiefs fans have been on board with Cassel since that year. If there’s a bandwagon for Cassel, it’s bandleader has been Mr. Pioli.

    • Joe says:

      The fans of EVERY sports team are bandwagoners – AKA appreciating excellent performance, and despising pathetic performance. I don’t get the reference to KU bball? – that wagon has been blazing a trail for a LONG time – what fans have ever jumped off?

      • Esteban O'Riley says:

        First off, that was no slap against KU BB. This was a slap of the ‘fans’ of KU BB that buy the sportswear and state KU as their preferred BB team, but who really don’t know a thing about the team or it’s players. Believe me, there are a TON of people like that in KC and surrounding areas.

        • dixon cider says:

          I think you could include the fans who love KU basketball, but couldnt tell you a thing about KU basketball

  17. Joe Blow says:

    Remember when the Royals finally got the 1st pick in the draft, and they had to pick between Andrew Miller and Luke Hochevar?

  18. Esteban O'Riley says:

    I think this is old news but new to me. I’m not sure this comes under the category of ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’, but I just read in the Star that 102.5 FM will become a 24/7 sports talk station for CBS Sports. HOPEFULLY they will have someone who can compete against KK’s show from 2-6p. That would vie for the BEST Christmas gift ever! I’m looking forward to listening 1/2/2013.

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