OTC: Huggins’ Warm Return To KSU Will Not Mirror Mike Anderson’s Frosty Return To MU

“What Bob [Huggins] gave us was so exciting, yet so disappointing, because when he left, he was clearly getting us going again in basketball. He did set the foundation for what was to come.”
Tim Weiser, who was the K-State AD when Huggins was hired and then departed after one season, now deputy commissioner of the Big 12, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: Huggins won 23 games in his one year at K-State, the current record for a first-year KSU basketball coach. Bruce Weber already has 21 in his first season in Manhattan. Huggins’ departure at the time was faced with a grim press conference and a nasty fan base that felt betrayed. This is very similar to what Missouri’s fans felt for Mike Anderson when he headed back home to Arkansas.

“We all go through our ups and downs and we all go through different cycles, but the thing it did for me is you can put your trust and believe in people that are trying to do things the right way.”
Bob Huggins, on his time at Kansas State, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: Okay…but wasn’t Huggins time in Manhattan fraught with some of the most corrupt goings on inside the athletic department in the school’s history? But Huggins’ view of “the right way” hasn’t always been pure. This is a guy who while at Cincinnati rarely had a player graduate. Why he continues to garner praise and adulation makes little sense to me. I listened to Stan Weber talk about him Monday on 810 like he is some savant of basketball superiority. He’s also a rude and inconsiderate oaf who I enjoy watching get his ass kicked in the Big 12.

“The Big Monday appearance was the second in as many weeks for K-State, which is ranked 13th. A good crowd — not full — greeted Huggins, who interacted with familiar faces before the game and was received warmly, then was his stormy self after tipoff.”
Kevin Haskin, columnist, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: K-State fans greeted Huggins’ return to Manhattan like an old friend coming back to visit. Any chance Mizzou does the same for Mike Anderson when he brings his Hogs to Mizzou Arena on March 5th? None. You would sooner find Norm Stewart decked out in a Jayhawk jersey than find polite applause for Anderson and his bunch when they arrive at MU. The stories of Huggins’ and Anderson’s departure are not that dissimilar – but the fans who were left behind view the two vastly differently.

“I’ve not been impressed with Mike Anderson. He has too much talent on this team to be producing so few wins against such tepid competition.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, who formerly covered Arkansas, Twitter

“It would not surprise me at all if Missouri gets beat in Fayetteville by 15 and then Missouri wins in Columbia by 25.”
Gabe DeArmond, prior to MU’s game at Arkansas, 810 AM

“The NCAA said it is continuing the case against Miami, even after acknowledging ‘missteps’ that led to the replacement of its enforcement department and the throwing out of all ill-gotten information gleaned from two depositions that could have been damaging for the Hurricanes.”
San Francisco Chronicle News Service
GH: These “missteps” included paying Nevin Shapiro’s attorney $19,000 to ask questions in a deposition on behalf of the NCAA’s case against Miami. Texas’ Myck Kabongo gets a 23-game suspension for lying to the NCAA. But when the NCAA cheats it’s merely missteps. Convenient.

“We have been wronged. Sadly, the NCAA has not lived up to their own core principles.”
Donna Shalala, University of Miami president, in a press release damning the NCAA investigation against her school
GH: 20% of the NCAA investigation has been reportedly thrown out. How will this affect the ruling on Mizzou’s Frank Haith? It can’t hurt.

“Miami University president Donna Shalala…”
Kara Marxer, KMBZ reporter, 980 AM
GH: Marxer was reading this news report Monday evening during the 6:00 PM newscast when she pronounced Bill Clinton’s former cabinet member as Sha-la-la – as in tralala or La la land – with no hard ‘A’ sound. KMBZ’s website has this to say about Marxer’s professional profile; “Kara has two bachelor’s degrees from St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana (its literally in the middle of a cornfield, no joke); one in Political Science and a second in Mass Communications.” If Soren Petro pronounces Shalala like he’s never heard of her, that is unfortunate but understandable. But when the news reporter with a political science degree on Kansas City’s most popular news/talk radio station sounds like she’s never heard of Shalala – it’s causes a credibility problem.

“Maty Mauk is an unknown quantity. We’ll have to see how he develops.”
Andy Hill, on Mizzou’s redshirt freshman quarterback, 610 AM
GH: My question is why is Mauk an unknown quantity? Sure, he hasn’t taken a snap yet in the SEC but Hill and the MU staff have been living with Mauk for a year now. I sure as heck hope they have a read on his talents. I expect Mauk to give James Franklin some heated competition this spring and next fall. Coach Hill makes it sound like that is wishful thinking on my behalf.

“I’m not interested in scheduling a game with anybody unless we see how it’s going to benefit us. Right now it’s not on the table. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t change over time but right now that’s not on the table. I’m going to schedule and do what’s best for Kansas and not what’s best for people in the area that want us to play the game. That may not be a popular answer but that’s the way it is right now.”
Bill Self, when asked the possibility of KU scheduling Wichita State in the future, Hawk Talk
GH: Self has addressed this question a number of times and he has always been consistent in his answer – not while I’m the coach at Kansas. It’s a selfish viewpoint and one that I wish the KU fan base would apply more pressure in forcing him to change. But we won’t see KU scheduling MU anytime soon either. Once again, the coach wins and the fans of college basketball lose.

“You can’t really put that into words what [having Salvador Perez for the whole season] does. Salvy is a freak. I mean that in a positive way. … He’s off-the-charts good. He’s a future All Star for years to come – from both sides – the defensive standpoint and the offensive standpoint.”
Dave Eiland, on the Royals’ second-year catcher, 610 AM
GH: How much different will a healthy Perez mean for the Royals this summer? He is a big part of why some are expecting the Royals to compete for a wild card. He is being called the Royals next George Brett. That’s what we do in the spring of a career and a baseball season – we think thoughts of grandeur. What else do we have to do in Kansas City?

“There’s no reason to panic about Hosmer and Moustakas until 2014.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: If Hosmer and Mouse again stumble through 2013, I reserve the right to panic.

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100 Responses to OTC: Huggins’ Warm Return To KSU Will Not Mirror Mike Anderson’s Frosty Return To MU

  1. January says:

    KUsports.com did a survey and asked their fans what was the highlight of last season. The win over Mizzou won out over beating UNC to reach the Final Four and playing in the national championship game. I think this proves KU fans would love to see future MU/KU games.

    • john doe says:

      it also proves they are full of shit when they say it wasn’t a real rivalry. It proves they are full of shit when they say MU doesn’t matter to them. It proves they are full of shit when they say they set their sights on bigger and better things, like regular season conference titles (the conference tournament title is only meaningful when KU wins it), final 4s and title games.

  2. Kyle says:

    Barles, you are cracking me up! I am assuming you are somehow being sarcastic mentioning Waldorf (coached ksu for exactly ONE season 79 years ago) and Gibson (33-52 record at ksu). Please mention the rest of the ksu coaching greats. I can’t wait to hear. Oh and as far as KU coaches, I actually mentioned 5. There have only been 7 all time. The other 2 were Dick Harp (won over 60%) and a guy named James Naismith.

  3. Barles James says:

    Kyle – how long did Naismith coach at Kansas, and how many national titles did he win? That’s right. Self > Naismith – at least until the paternity test is made public.

  4. Kyle says:

    Jesus guys, that was over 100 years ago. You obviously do not get the point. Trying to hold a rational discussion not a good idea on my part.

  5. JP says:

    This conversation is soooooo 2012. Whatever side you are on, it’s over. Decisions were made, please MOVE ON!!!! This is like talking about KC’s NBA or NHL team. It is hypothetical. I will post when there is something relevant to discuss.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Ok. Thanks for the post!

    • john doe says:

      So hypothetically, this was a relevant issue to discuss?

      • JP says:

        Who is talking about these team’s playing. It’s not happening, life goes on. I’m sorry that there is so much emotional distress on both sides over the issue, but move on!!! I have.

        If I want to read these comments, I will go on the KC Star page.

  6. Rock Chalk '97 says:

    Of course it was a rivalry… of course it mattered. But MU bolted the big 12… if there’s no great financial benefit for KU playing MU, why should they? I guess I’m just tired of the argument “Mizzou left for the SEC because that’s what was best for Mizzou… but KU should play Mizzou because that’s what’s best for college basketball”. Mizzou can be selfish and KU can’t?

  7. JB says:

    The “KU won’t play MU because there is no financial benefit” is complete BS. Maybe that applies to basketball, but surely your football program could use the money that playing MU in football would bring, not to mention the national exposure of playing an SEC team. Hell, KU would probably have a nationally televised football game, imagine that.

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