OTC: Is Andy Reid The Chiefs Next Head Coach? Clark Hunt Goes All In

“I will be surprised if Andy Reid is not the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Chris Mortensen, ESPN
GH: Just two days ago Reid to Arizona was all but a done deal. I’m not ready to buy that this deal is done – at least I hope not.

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com reported that [Andy Reid] met with Chiefs brass for nearly nine hours in Philadelphia [Wednesday]. Reid texted Frank saying the meeting ‘went very well.’ Reid then flew to Arizona to interview with the Cardinals, which was scheduled for Thursday but could get pushed back to Friday after he arrived later than originally planned, according to the report.”
Kevin Patra, writer, NFL.com
GH: A couple of things jump out from Patra’s report. Nine hours is a long time to meet with a head coaching candidate unless both sides are very serious. There is little doubt Reid is Clark Hunt’s first choice. The question is how high is Kansas City on Reid’s wish list? The second thing is that Patra reports Reid flew to Phoenix to meet with the Cardinals. There have been conflicting reports on Reid’s whereabouts since his meeting with the Chiefs. Some believe he is still scheduled to meet with both the Cardinals and the Chargers. Read on.

“We should point out that Reid wouldn’t tell the media if the interview didn’t go well. It could be a leverage play to extract more money or power from Arizona or another team. If there was any doubt, however, Reid’s Kansas City interview cements the fact that he is one of the biggest fish in this market, and before the coaching carousel comes to a stop he could have his choice of seats.”
Kevin Patra, writer, NFL.com
GH: Again, how high does Kansas City rate when it comes to comparing the Chiefs’ vacancy to those in Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Buffalo? Clark is making a very public play for Reid. Plan B appears to be to hope Plan A works.

“I think Kansas City is very attractive to me. Is Kansas City a great NFL town? Absolutely. … The tradition of the Chiefs could appeal to Andy as well.”
Chris Mortensen, 810 AM

“What sane individual looks at those two jobs and says Arizona is the more attractive [NFL ] job than Kansas City? I think Arizona is the least attractive job in the National Football League. That thing’s not attractive! That thing’s a turd!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I would guess the five million people who live in and around Phoenix would disagree. I love where I live but I am not blind that most folks are attracted to the coast, sun, mountains and warm weather. Fescoe sounds like, well, Fescoe.

“I never could make it through a full book. I still can’t.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Your top-30 sports talk show hosts of the new millennium.

“Apparently it was a six- or seven-person dog-and-pony show that went to Atlanta [Tuesday] – including Scott Pioli [to interview the Falcons’ Dirk Koetter]. … What was happening in that meeting in Atlanta apparently was that non-football people were asking football questions.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: How does Pioli’s presence increase the chances of hiring Andy Reid? How does Pioli’s presence do anything but question the leadership capabilities of Clark Hunt?

“I really wonder if he believes in himself as an owner.”
Soren Petro, on reports that Clark Hunt took Scott Pioli and multiple people with him to interview Dirk Koetter in Atlanta and Andy Reid in Philadelphia, 810 AM
GH: One of the signs of a great leader is to understand your weaknesses. Hunt obviously sees himself differently than Jerry Jones. That’s not all bad.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense at all the way the whole process is going.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“What you’re sending out to everybody in the NFL is what everybody already thought – that franchise has no clue!”
Frank Boal, on Clark Hunt’s reported traveling entourage to interview head coaching candidates, 810 AM

“Spoke with several Chiefs players today who would love to see Andy Reid hired as the next head coach.”
Matt Miller, @NFLdraftscout, Twitter
GH: We heard the exact same thing when Romeo Crennel was named the Chiefs’ interim head coach. This Chiefs’ hire might need to appease the Chiefs’ fans more than the players.

“Reid was fired Monday because he authored the most absurd season a head coach has produced in recent professional sports history. The Eagles’ 2012 devolved beyond debacle status; beyond surreal, and into impossibility.”
Marcus Hayes, columnist, Philadelphia Daily News
GH: Wow. Where else but the world of head coaching can you get fired from a job you failed at miserably and demand a huge pay raise and almost unlimited power? And they call what we do Fantasy Football.

“No franchise could endure two seasons like Reid’s 2012. Every incident, every misstep, every misevaluation, lay at the feet of Andy Reid. A cataclysmically awful signing; the drug-related death of a nepotistic hire; the insistence by his agent that he could coach in Philadelphia forever; the firing of a loyal, if miscast, lieutenant, and the subsequent, disastrous ascension of an overmatched assistant; the late-game injury to the most valuable player on the team in an unwinnable game; the dismissal of an insubordinate defensive lineman, then his insubordinate position coach. And, throughout, Reid’s pernicious refusal, in defiance of his owner’s dictate, to put a congenial face on the franchise he represented. These things actually happened. We checked our notes. Maybe teams like the Cards [and Chiefs] did not.”
Marcus Hayes, columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

“For those complaining about Andy’s 4-12 record this year, Jon Fox was 2-14 in his last yr @ Carolina. Look at him now. Fresh starts help.”
SaveOurChiefs, @SaveOurChiefs, Twitter
GH: So does a HOF quarterback in Fox’s huddle.

“They’re interviewing Andy Reid. I’m of the mindset if you don’t land Andy Reid then you’ve failed. … What does it say when you interview Dirk Koetter and then he signs an extension?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“I’m just going to say from an educated view, Andy’s not going to want Scott around [if he takes the Chiefs’ job].”
Chris Mortensen, 810 AM
GH: This is just so odd. Again, why drag Pioli to Philadelphia to interview a guy who doesn’t want to work with him?

“Is there a part of me knowing Andy that wishes he would take a year off? Maybe. … I think a change of scenery will reenergize and refresh Andy Reid.”
Chris Mortensen, 810 AM
GH: Kevin Kietzman got ugly Wednesday while discussing the personal issues Reid has faced with his family and the possibility of Reid being the Chiefs next head coach. But ugly is about the only way you can address Reid’s past year – at home and on the sideline.

“A legitimate knock [against Reid] is the way he deals with the media. Sometimes he’ll be miniscule in the information he will dole out. He took a lot of heat in this town with his dealings with the media. That was legit. But Andy didn’t care about that stuff.”
Ike Reese, former Eagles linebacker and current Philadelphia sports talk host, 610 AM
GH: Sounds like Andy and Ned Yost would get along just fine.

“If he happens to come out there [to Kansas City], just put food in front of him and you’ll be okay. Kansas City has great food out there. Just as long as he has food, he’ll be okay.”
Ike Reese, former Eagles linebacker and current Philadelphia sports talk host, 610 AM
GH: What if Reid made his decision on where to coach based solely on the city’s cuisine? Fish tacos in San Diego. Authentic Mexican in Phoenix. BBQ in KC. I’ve sampled them all – repeatedly – and there is no wrong choice. Attach a $7-million annual salary and you could even put up with Buffalo wings.

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  1. Hugo Bezdek says:

    Maybe the Clarks brought Pioli along so Reid could interview him and see if Reid wants to keep Pioli. Just a thought.

  2. Xavier says:

    Chiefs would be more that fortunate to get Reid. He’s a proven winner in both Green Bay & Philly and, despite the last 2 years, has been stellar at picking talent and making tough talent decisions. He might have picked Vick over Kolb, but Kolb didn’t exactly knock it out of the park with Fitzgerald in AZ.

    I think he takes the job b/c: a) talent isn’t that bad, b) he gets a #1 pick to convert into a QB or multiple other picks, c) he will get lots of control which means he gets to go shopping in free agency to win a little more now while he builds a draft & develop organization.

    It’s huge to get arguably the one proven NFL, offensive-minded coach available quick to get after a staff equally quickly. I bet they also grab the Packers GM-in-waiting, Dorsey…that franchise does one of the better draft/develop jobs in the NFL.

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