OTC: Is Romeo Too Much Of A Lover & Not A Leader? / Mellinger Wants You To Love Sporting KC

“[Romeo Crennel] has to go down as one of the coaches in the NFL that instills the least amount of confidence in his fan base.”
Aaron Swarts, after commenting on some of the head-scratching comments made by Romeo about the Chiefs’ poor play this season, 810 AM
GH: I had high hopes for Romeo’s press conferences after he took over for Todd Haley. He appeared to be more forthright and less vague than the homeless golfer. But Romeo’s pressers have turned into confusing comedy routines. His grandfatherly style elicits more sympathy than real anger. But some have had enough. Read on.

“I don’t want him as my coach. He shouldn’t be here. Go back to Cleveland. … That’s why they play uninspired out there. That’s why they quit.”
Jake Gutiérrez, after Romeo Crennel laughed and said he had no interest in reminding his players the Raiders have won five straight at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: There is no laughing during Raiders Week. We have the fortunate or unfortunate background of what the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry once was. Romeo, Scott Pioli and most of the football players dressed in the Chiefs’ colors do not. Len Dawson’s teams initiated the rivalry. Marty Schottenheimer and Carl Peterson made the Raiders the Chiefs’ main focus. This city reveled in those games and the victories. For Romeo to not understand that is more than sad. It is a dereliction of duty.

“The guy wearing the whistle around his chest for this team says, ‘Be positive guys. It’s all good. We’re going to get through this.’ All I’m saying is that hasn’t been working. … It’s why these coaches get $10,000 speaking engagements. They write books – because they are great motivators of men. They’re great leaders.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs thought they hired an experienced head coach in Crennel and what they got is a guy far too happy to have a second chance at being the head guy. Romeo is so happy he’s the head coach he has worked to avoid pissing some people off. Sometimes it takes being the bad guy to be a champion. Grandfatherly types need not apply.

“It’s a tradition. The Raiders, they come in, they cheapshot, they hit you. I’m not saying [any] names. It is what it is. We’ve got to be ready to play and keep our composure, stayed poised and be able to get this win. The core guys that have been here, they understand what we’ve got going on Sunday. [The Raiders] are coming in and they’re a good team and a fast team and they play dirty. We’ve got to come out swinging.”
Tamba Hali, Kansas City Star
GH: Ben Davidson would have taken great pride in Hali’s comments. The Raiders’ Richard Seymour did not. Read on.

“In terms of being dirty, going out to hurt guys, I don’t think I play that way or any of my teammates [play that way.] I don’t stand for it. But we do play tough and physical. I do believe that’s the way the game is supposed to be played. I respect guys that play the same way.”
Richard Seymour, Raiders’ defensive lineman, Kansas City Star
GH: Translation: Buckle your chinstrap, Tamba.

“I have a hard time picking the Chiefs against anybody right now with Brady Quinn behind center. Not that Matt Cassel would be any better – but I have no faith in Quinn. Kansas City is just so bad at the quarterback position.”
Matt Williamson, ESPN NFL writer, 810 AM
GH: Williamson picked the Raiders to beat the Chiefs for the sixth straight time at Arrowhead, 17-14, in what he called a bad game between two bad teams.

“I’m no proponent of Matt Cassel as a long-term answer. However, he’s better than Brady Quinn.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“[Darren McFadden] used to be one of the nastiest, look-for-contact runners. He doesn’t run with that same anger and I think that’s as much a problem as anything.”
Matt Williamson, ESPN NFL writer, 810 AM
GH: I am often reminded how quickly an NFL running back’s greatness can turn to ordinary. We saw it with Larry Johnson. My fantasy team is suffering through McFadden’s fall from heaven. It is shocking how quickly it sometimes goes. Jamaal, get what you can while you can.

“I don’t think any city deserves the NBA more than Kansas City. Fans here are so supportive.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, tweeting from Sprint Center while watching the Heat and the Wizards Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: Kansas City was a whirlwind of midweek sports activity Wednesday night as the NBA was in town for an exhibition game, Sporting KC secured the MLS East Division title and the World Series flickered on televisions sets in homes on both sides of the state line. My Twitter timeline captured much of it. Read on for a sampling.

“Official attendance tonight at @LIVESTRONPark: 19,428. Another game, another sellout. You guys are the best.”
@SportingKC, Twitter
GH: Sprint Center announced the attendance for the NBA game at over 16K. That’s 35K out and about on an October school night here in KC. Me? I was glued to the WS game on my couch. How ‘bout that Kung Fu Panda dude? The Babe, Reggie, Pujols and Panda. Three dongs and a cartoon.

“Don’t know how anyone could sit down and really watch the NBA and hate it. It’s beautiful. How effortless the game looks for them, the athleticism and fluidity of the game, the talent. It’s basketball at the highest level, it’s art”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter

“If you’re attending an NBA preseason game with a Sporting KC match in KCK & the World Series on the tube, I question your common sense.”
Craig Brown, @royalsauthority, Twitter

“I’ve never heard 18,000 people be so quiet. This is why I don’t like the NBA.”
Brian McGannon, @BrianMcGannon, Twitter
GH: The NBA still suffers in this town I believe because of “Allen Fieldhouse Syndrome.” We in KC expect the pro game to mimic the experiences we have at KU, MU and K-State. It is why Arrowhead is such an anomaly in the NFL – we treat the Chiefs like a college team.

“It’s a who’s who of Kansas City Chiefs courtside at the preseason NBA game. Flowers, Albert, Poe, Dex, Breaston, Moeaki, among the crew.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: If that is a “Who’s Who,” it SCREAMS Kansas City.

“This isn’t about the soccer. Some of you can’t make that leap. Some of you never will. Some of you don’t want to, don’t care, and of course that’s your choice. Your choice to miss out. Because even if you’re stuck in the 1980s and refuse to think of soccer as anything more than orange slices and Capri Suns, you must at least wish your team could model the thorough, smart, and fan-first success of Sporting KC.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Here we go again with the bashing of those sports fans who refuse to love soccer. “Your choice to miss out.” What is happening with Sporting KC and at Livestrong Sporting Park is fantastic. But the Cerner boys built that neat little stadium to seat 20K for a reason – it’s a niche sport. It’s a really cool niche with a passionate fan base but after 16 years the MLS Wizards/Sporting still schedule their season and their games around the big three – the NFL, MBL and NBA. That’s not changing, Sam.

“Think about this: Sporting KC is not only on its way to joining the mainstream local sports scene … the franchise is changing it.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: How? Where? When? This is simply not true. Again, I love the excitement and success Sporting has infused into this city – but it is not causing an evolutionary change in Kansas City’s landscape. It’s a great chapter in KC’s sports encyclopedia.

“Look at this with an open mind, and the franchise that commissioner Don Garber calls the MLS’ greatest success story is perfectly positioned to take advantage of market conditions both in and out of its own control. So this is about much more than just soccer, but if that’s not your thing, then fine.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The open mind that is missing here is Mellinger’s. I understand him and the Sporting fan base WANTING us all to know what they know and feel what they feel. Saying it loudly and writing about it passionately does not make it so. Maybe in another 16 years.

“It’s just that you’ll be missing the best part of Kansas City’s current professional sports scene.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Don’t forget to keep an open mind, Sam.

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51 Responses to OTC: Is Romeo Too Much Of A Lover & Not A Leader? / Mellinger Wants You To Love Sporting KC

  1. kc says:

    I just want to say that I LOVE the picture on the top of the page! K-S-U WILDCATS!!

  2. Jimmy Pop says:

    I enjoy watching and going to SKC games. Fans in this town are so desperate to root for a winner that they are latching onto Sporting. But even if SKC wins the title this year, it won’t mean nearly as much as if the Royals or Chiefs won.

    Also, I do agree that the management of SKC is changing the sports landscape, not just in this city but nationwide. The experience they give fans is second to none. They show controversial replays on the video boards. And they have free wi-fi in the stadium. Most other stadiums for any sports I have been to you can’t get any sort of phone signal. The management has also partnered with The Cauldron, to give those fans that are most passionate more access.

    Soccer is definitely a niche sport, and it may always be that way. But the Royals and Chiefs could take some lessons on how to make the in stadium experience better for fans.

  3. Red says:

    I don’t like MLS much in general because the game on the field just can’t compare to the EPL and would never watch on TV, but the environment at the games is the best in town by a long way. I have chiefs season tickets and go to a dozen plus royals games a year and the atmosphere isn’t close. SportingKC is the only one of the three my wife likes to go to and she hates sports. It is just really fun.

  4. Gavin says:

    “It’s just that you’ll be missing the best part of Kansas City’s current professional sports scene.”

    OK, I’m not a soccer fan and haven’t been to a game at Livestrong, but it’s hard to argue with this point even if it’s only by virtue of the absolute wasteland that is Kansas City’s remaining professional sports teams. I mean, Jesus. When the competition is the Chiefs and the Royals, you can’t deny that a place that sells out every game and won its division is probably the best part of the pro sports scene in this town.

  5. JFP says:

    “This is simply not true. Again, I love the excitement and success Sporting has infused into this city – but it is not causing an evolutionary change in Kansas City’s landscape. It’s a great chapter in KC’s sports encyclopedia.”

    The average season ticket holder age (non-premium ticket) at LSP is 27. If you are 27 years old and are from the KC area, the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game, you were 9 years old, and weren’t even born when the Royals last won a playoff game. If you are a kid that grew up playing soccer at some level, from little kids playing bunchball up to high school or further, now you are a money spending adult. Why would you NOT gravitate towards winning?

    Much like Arrowhead in the 90s, LSP is becoming a place to be if you are a sports fan with money to spend having a good time while watching a lot more wins than losses…and it doesn’t cost $27 to park at LSP, hell, it doesn’t cost anything at all.

    You can’t look at sports and say things will never change. You just can’t. There was a time within the last 100 years in this country where the two most popular sports were boxing and horse racing. Basketball was a “niche” sport for years, look at the stoned-out NBA of the 70s. It’s very easy to wonder if baseball will ever be as popular as it once was ever again.

    I think a lot of Americans have problems with soccer on a basic level because it is not “ours.” Baseball, football, basketball…those are all American sports historically. We can’t dictate to the rest of the world what we want done with it and what we would do to change it to make it “better.” MLS tried that and failed miserably. All those teams in Europe, Man U, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc…those teams have been around at or over 100 years. It’s established. No one is changing anything about the basic rules of that sport.

    Greg, you whining about non-soccer fans getting bagged on is hilarious. You yourself have had bagged on soccer plenty. Don’t act so shocked and innocent.

    • JP says:

      In the 70’s the sports rankings were Baseball, NFL Football, College Football, Boxing, Horse Racing (the Triple Crown). Auto racing revolved around one event-The Indianapolis 500. Tennis was getting big. The NBA and NHL were still trying to find their place. My point is that tastes will always change. I do see a day where MLS is up there with the NFL and MLB. That day is sooner than the skeptics want to believe.

  6. JP says:

    Greg, why do you keep fighting it? Soccer may be “niche” today, but it will be the SPORT of tomorrow. The MLS has done a great job, has a workable business model. What is happening today is that fans are becoming loyal to their teams. Tomorrow their kids will be indoctrinated into the sport and told stories by their parents. MLS is probably where the NBA was in the early 50’s and we saw what happened. These teams are building fan bases that will be talked about in the future.

    Sporting has done a great job at building their own fan base. These people are loyal fans, and they will keep Livestrong sold out now and in the future. Sporting’s success has mollified the need for an NBA or NHL team. Furthermore as someone who came to the sport in the last 2 years, it is very exciting. A 0-0 game has more suspense than you would imagine. Because there’s no score doesn’t mean the journey was dull. Last nights game had some great highlights. Accept it Greg, MLS Soccer is here to stay.

  7. Brummy says:

    I totally agree with Mellinger in that SKC is the best pro scene in KC, by far. How many OTC columns have been devoted to poor management (team, fan, etc.) of the Chiefs and/or Royals?

  8. BlackJack says:

    The thing I have come to understand about Greg and the rest of rapidly decreasing group of soccer haters – by the way, you are sounding increasingly more whiny and sensitive, the more success soccer is having lately – is that somehow this thing is personal. They feel threatened that soccer is becoming more on par with the major sports in this country, and that is apparent in thier flippant dismissiveness of said success i.e. “it’s a nice little story, but it is still just a niche sport.” Um, I’m sorry, but lacrosse is a niche sport. Packing 20K+ in the stadium for each game, and having every game on high-def TV is not a niche sport.

    It also seems that the disparity is somewhat generational. Younger people “get it”. For the most part, people over the age of 40 are stuck in the past, with the bloated, corporate major sports. In alot of ways, the people who are phobic about soccer seem to be turned off that it is a world sport, therefore un-Amaerican, and a.k.a not legitimate.

    I remember following the Wizards back in the late 90’s when the MLS was a fledgling league, and we were lucky to get 10K at Arrowhead. What a long way it has come in 15 years!

    • goonzablazin says:

      to expand on your points, the reason why Greg and the rest of the sports hackery in Kansas City does nothing more than opine about whether soccer will ever escape niche sport status instead of actually reporting on SKC games, players, opponents etc is that they don’t want to admit how ignorant they are about the sport. They are all at a crossroads- they can either embrace the sport on it’s own terms or keep arguing that there is no reason to. So far all of them are clinging to the faint hope that soccer will never “take off”, so why bother to know anything about a team that’s selling standing room tickets, or know who plays on the team that represents their country in the worlds most popular sporting event when they’re playing right here in town.

      As a soccer fan it hacks me off that all we get are these stupid articles about how soccer will never become as popular as the NFL or MLB, as if this is even relevant. The reality is that the sport and SKC are popular enough now to warrant something more substantive than just going over the same tired arguments.

      Can anyone imagine if an NHL team moved here, and after two years none of local sports media types knew the names of any of the players, ever discussed the games or the league other than to argue that it would never pass the NFL in popularity? Hell no, Jack Harry would be taking French lessons so he could pronounce the names and KK would be trying to make everyone think he knew the difference between a cross check and a bounced check. But hockey really is a niche sport globally compared to soccer, and arguably no more popular in the US. But somehow with soccer all the hacks want to do is convince us all that it will go away, and in the meantime retreat to the safety of debating Matt Cassell vs Brady Quinn ad nauseum, and accuse soccer fans of being thin-skinned for responding when they take potshots at their sport.

    • Ronnie says:

      So if its not a niche sport in this country, why didn’t they build a 80K seat stadium for the masses?

      I’m not a soccer hater, I feel I’m a realist.

      What happens if Sporting starts to lose? Are they still going to fill Livestrong? What happens if (and that’s a big if) the Chiefs or the Royals become relevant again and start to win? I’m not soothsayer, but I gotta believe you will see the attendance there start to plummet if either of those things start to happen.

      Hell, I hope I’m wrong. I would love for this town to be able to support multiple professional franchises.

  9. The Smartman says:

    We treat the Chiefs like a college team alright, like the KU Jayhawks. Nice to see Romeo choosing the soccer boppers over the brass knuckles this week. Wouldn’t wanna get anybody hurt and ruin the playoff run. All Romeo is doing this season is padding his retirement. I’ve been more inspired by the twenty something’s in the P&L trying to make it to the bathroom before they blow chunks. When the world is spinning around you and you’re trying to navigate a crowded floor in 6″ heels, a mini skirt and no panties while the mixture of Jaeger, Stoli and Taco Bell is blasting up your esophagus at terminal velocity, burning the back of your throat like a propane torch and all you wanna do is get to the porcelain throne with the single minded determination of a starving cheetah tracking down a gazelle on the African plain in order to avoid being the next YouTube sensation…..you go girl. At that point it’s all about pride, of which the Chiefs have none……zero, nada, zip.

    Tough to be a punishing runner in the NFL. When you start the season at 6′ and end it at 5′ 10″ it tends to make you think about your priorities. Every time you have the ball there are at least 5 or 6 guys hell bent on destroying you. Tough way to have to earn a living.

    Good for SKC and the owners. BOOYAH! Now STFU. MLS is still second rate soccer compared to the rest of the world. MLS will never be the equal of the NFL, MLB or NBA that truly are best of breed in the world. So excuse the fuck out of me if I prefer my steak from Ruth’s Chris instead of Golden Corral. Now go bang your stupid drum and drink some more pussy ass imported beer you self important, holier than thou foot fairies.

  10. Steve says:

    So how many more years do we have to listen to people say that soccer is the sport of tomorrow or that soon enough it’s going to take off like basketball and football here in the US? I think it’s awesome what the owners of SPKC have done and the experience they give fans. Hunt and Glass should definitely take a page out of their book. But Greg makes a good point – why build a 20K seat stadium? Because you put 40K seats in that place and it’ll look deserted, just like a mid-week Royals game. The only difference is, if/when the Royals are good again, Kauffman will be packed and there will be 40,000 strong most nights. SPKC is a great team right now and they wouldn’t fill a 40K seat stadium. It will be interesting to see how packed and rocking Livestrong is if SPKC starts to lose. Hopefully, the Chiefs/Royals stench will avoid them.

    • The Smartman says:

      Exactafuckingmundo! Limiting the size of the crowd is Business 101 when it comes to creating DEMAND for a great product. As long as the product is great, no problem. Most of us lived through this BS with the Comets and the proclamations that MISL would surpass the NBA. MLS is only as strong as its’ weakest link. While SKC is awash in cash and popularity the same cannot be said of the rest of the league. If they don’t seal the deal this season I doubt that 2013 will hold the favor and interest of fans.

      • kylerohde says:

        By the 20K seat logic, almost every NBA and NHL team would also qualify as niche sports, as would almost all of college basketball. The fact that the average season ticket holder is 27, like JFP said, is incredible. I bet the average season ticket holder for the Chiefs or Royals is close to 20 years higher than that. MLS is growing, and within five years, it likely won’t be any less niche than the NHL or NASCAR.

        However, others are right – SKC winning the Cup won’t be anything like the Chiefs/Royals winning a title would be. There’s a big gap there still.

        • Steve says:

          Yeah, that’s a good point. But don’t you agree that several NBA and NHL teams could build stadiums with 30,000-40,000 seats and still either sell out or come awfully close? I have a feeling even a handful of college basketball teams might be able to.

          And I still don’t agree that in 5 years much progress will be made as far as how niche the sport is. Why now? What’s changed? People aren’t coming from far and wide to come watch SPKC play. But you know who people will travel to see, at least in my opinion? Kevin Durant. Derrick Rose. Dirk. LeBron. Kobe. And maybe that reaches another point, that there’s no real stars or household names in soccer. Oh yeah, probably because it’s a niche sport.

          • goonzablazin says:

            NHL and NBA teams don’t play in 40,000+ seat building because there would be too many bad seats in a building that size. The NCAA gets away with it for a limited number of games, but not many people would pay for season tickets to watch 40 hockey games from the upper sections of the Superdome.

            You might be surprised at how many fans are trekking to KC from Omaha, Iowa and Wichita to watch SKC. I see Husker and Hawkeye gear there pretty much every game. And when the USMNT plays the fans come from all over.

          • kylerohde says:

            Not a chance would almost any NBA/NHL team sell out an arena that big. From what I remember, even the Heat didn’t sell out all their games.

          • BlackJack says:

            Um, no,I don’t believe that several NBA or NHL teams could build stadiums with 30,000-40,000 seats and sell out or come close. You understand that the average NBA game attendance is about 17,000 right? So SKC is above the NBA average. Last season was the novelty first season in teh new digs. This year, attendance at SKC actually went up.

  11. MrBrightsideKC says:

    Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City have higher payrolls then the Yankees. Until the MLS can compete with the payrolls of the EPL and La Liga they will always have the stigma of being second tier, at best, level soccer in the world. And we all know that Americans like the perception that they are the best at everything.

  12. dman says:

    Exactly. The reason Track & Field, Swimming, and Basketball are the most watched sports in the US in the Summer Olympics is because we have gold medal contenders. There’s a reason NBC doesn’t show team handball and table tennis in prime time. America wants to watch winners and tell themselves that they are the best in the world. Until the MLS has the payroll of the EPL, they won’t be.

  13. john doe says:

    soccer sucks

  14. kylerohde says:

    Greg, I can’t quite agree with you saying we treat Arrowhead like a college game. We treat it like a great football game. Period. Unlike basketball, both pro and college football get big crowds that tailgate and are loud in the stadium, just like Arrowhead. It doesn’t happen at all stadiums in the NFL, just like it doesn’t in all college football stadiums. But there isn’t much difference between Lambeau/Camp Randall, Happy Valley/Pittsburgh, etc.

    • Bill says:

      Agree. I have never been to a college game where a fight broke out. The last three Chiefs games I have attended, I have seen multiple fights in the stands. They don’t sell beer in college stadiums on campus — which most are. Don’t sell beer at Arrowhead and see how many show up to watch that shit show.

  15. Rick says:

    Remember people, it was the players who lobbied hard for Romeo to be named the head coach last season. They knew he would be a pushover and they are playing like it.
    The inmates picked the warden and Chiefs’ management agreed with it.

  16. George Wilson says:

    Greg gets upset if Mellinger or anyone else writes a column extolling soccer. Yet he has no problem posting a number of lengthy columns telling us about marathon races and what a great experience they are. Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

    Also, it’s funny how many of the same posters who slam MLS for being a second rate league because they do not have rosters full of world class players eagerly post about college football and basketball. You’d have to be a complete idiot to think K-State football or KU basketball could hold their own against NFL or NBA teams. But that doesn’t stop alums and non-alums alike from avidly following college teams stocked with rosters which are obviously grossly inferior to the best talent in the world.

    • The Smartman says:

      At least when I’m watching K-State, or even Rockhurst, Liberty or Blue Springs I am watching some kids who are going to go to the NEXT LEVEL. MLS is the glass ceiling for American Soccer. Sure, guys like Landon Donavan could probably play in Europe but prefer staying in the US for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Then you have wunderkind failures like Freddy Adu.

      Kids with REAL wicked mad soccer skills get plucked from around the globe at an early age by the major international clubs. Their skills are vetted and honed and in return they get a WORLD CLASS education so when they can no longer keek de ball en score de gooooaaaaallll, they can earn a proper living inside or outside the sport.

      The MLS will never, NEVER, be able to create a world class product. It can’t even be considered a developmental league for the world stage. Let’s just agree that it is second rate soccer. If that’s your cup a tea mate, God Bless and God Save The Queen. As for me, I prefer two ply toilet paper when I wipe my ass. Single ply doesn’t get me excited.

      • George Wilson says:

        Classic bizarre Smartman post. The second sentence calls MLS the glass ceiling for American soccer, immediately followed by an example of an American player who can (and did) play in the English Premier League. Hey numbnuts, do you realize there are dozens of Americans who currently play in Europe, including some with Champions League clubs? Some glass ceiling. But about the post I expected from someone who thinks it’s necessary to make an ethnic or racial remark in most of his posts.

        Maybe to save face you can tell us all about your really cool motorcycle again just hours after posting that you don’t need expensive toys to validate who you are, like you did on Hearne’s site.

        • BlackJack says:

          If you have come to know smartman’s posts, you will realize that his schtick is to basically knock everything – regardless of whether he knows what the fuck he is talking about or making sense.

          So basically you just learn to ignore the posts and move on…

  17. nick says:

    SMARTMAN; “MLS is still second rate soccer compared to the rest of the world. MLS will never be the equal of the NFL, MLB or NBA that truly are best of breed in the world. So excuse the fuck out of me if I prefer my steak from Ruth’s Chris instead of Golden Corral. Now go bang your stupid drum and drink some more pussy ass imported beer you self important, holier than thou foot fairies.”

    Ha! Great post. I’ve seen SKC a few times and it’s actually pretty fun. But why? Because they’re WINNING and it’s like a big party out there. If/when they’re under .500, we’ll see how fun it is to go out there.

    I’ve been to NBA games and they’re mostly dull. To my eyes, I don’t see much effort until the end of the first half, and the last half of the the 4th quarter in a close game. It looks to nonchalant and lazy. Playoff NBA basketball IS great. Season basketball is only great if you’re at a conference-season college game.

  18. husker82 says:

    You people are giving me a headache. I happen to love Soccer, especially EPL and international tournaments like the World Cup and the Euro Championships. No soccer fan would argue that MLS matches the level of play of any of those competitions.

    If you don’t care for soccer, that’s fine. I don’t watch NASCAR or the NBA. They seem to be doing fine without me. If those are your favorites, God Bless You! Enjoy them. I get why you love them, I’m just not into it.

    I don’t care if any of you like / love / watch / don’t watch the MLS or soccer in general. That’s why my cable package has about 40 different channels dedicated to a variety of sports. Watch what you want. Both soccer haters and defenders come off as whiny jerks.

    • BlackJack says:

      “No soccer fan would argue that MLS matches the level of play of any of those competitions.”

      While that may be true, that only serves to underscore the point of soccer’s growing popularity in the U.S. right now. If they are this popular with an inferior product, imagine how it will really take off if/when MLS actually gets up to snuff with most of the professional European leagues.

  19. johnmf says:

    I wish you were right for once, but as usual you are talking through your ass. Sporting is very likely to lose Roger Espinoza to the EPL at the end of this season when his contract runs out. They’ll have to some work to do in order to keep Zusi in MLS, and even Matt Besler could be a target in another year or so. MLS has lost several young players to the EPL recently, including Geoff Cameron and Stuart Holden. These are all American kids who are coming up through US Soccer and MLS, and there will be more.

    Now you are probably correct that MLS will not be able to compete for these players, at least not for the next few years, due to salary caps and rules on #s of designated players. So England or Spain will be able to outgun MLS for players they want. But it’s ridiculous to say that you are not watching players who have the ability to progress to higher leagues. You are watching several right now if you pay attention to SKC.

  20. Joe Blow says:

    “Don’t know how anyone could sit down and really watch the NBA and hate it. It’s beautiful. How effortless the game looks for them, the athleticism and fluidity of the game, the talent. It’s basketball at the highest level, it’s art”

    The same reason people like amateur porn better than professional — sometimes it’s the rough edges and sheer enthusiasm that keep it from being a gigantic snorefest.

    As far as Sporting KC — you know, I like Spring Training and the AZ Fall League as much as anybody, but I know at the end they’re just glorified exhibitions, and I’m not really watching the best players at the highest level.

    So, yeah, as long as they’re winning, I’m sure you’ll get an excited crowd eager to fall over themselves telling you they’re following the best team/sport in the city, but as soon as they suck, I doubt you’ll see nearly as many vocal supporters..

    • BlackJack says:

      Thank you, Mr. Brainiac for the expert insight. Gee, we wouldn’t have guessed that when a sports team starts sucking that the fan support will diminish. Because we have never seen that before with a local area sports team, except for … oh, never mind.

      • Joe Blow says:

        It’s almost like Sporting KC people are talking up their awesome support for a minor league winning team as compared to the average support for the other major league struggling teams in Kansas City as a badge of honor. There’s a brand new stadium hosting games for their low-level team, and somehow the fact that they’re contending for a championship is supposed to overtake fan interest for well-established teams that have been in the metro area for decades? These things ARE cyclical, and your smartass response doesn’t diminish the fact that when the new stadium wears off, and when they start sucking, they’ll draw like the T-Bones. The Royals have sucked for years, and still fuckin outdraw Sporting KC 81 times a year..

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