OTC: Is This A Slow Sports Month Or Just Lazy Sportscasters Month? Lefebvre On Hudler

“How about this – grilled watermelon salad!”
Kevin Kietzman, introducing his grilling show Wednesday afternoon, 810 AM
GH: How about this – click.

“This is the last slow week of summer in these parts I have concluded.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the dearth of sports stories to discuss in the middle of summer, 810 AM
GH: One of the reasons KK mentioned for his optimism that sports talk radio would begin to be more interesting next week was the fact that 810 will take their annual trip to Tahoe to interview celebrities as they come off the gold course. I always considered WHB’s annual Tahoe junket as one of the main culprits when it comes to slow summer sports talk radio. I’m sure Petro, KK and Chad enjoy this trip to paradise but as a listener, it ranks right up there with talking about grilled watermelon salad. I have an idea if Kietzman wants a lively hour to add to this dead zone time of the year – open up the phones and let unscreened callers weigh in on what they think of the Tahoe interviews. Talk about grilled!

“Everybody’s just filling time until football starts unless you’re in a market where there’s no relevant baseball. This is the most relevant the Royals have been in July in a decade.”
Danny Parkins, on the slow summer period for sports talk radio, 610 AM
GH: I hear this complaint every summer from the sports talk guys. Jack Harry also mentioned how he struggles to fill his short sports segment on KSHB TV 41 each night. How lazy can you get, guys? Okay, so you just can’t pick up the morning newspaper this month and have it fill your show’s content. (And don’t pretend that’s not a large part of your show prep – despite how much you malign the day-old news in The Star.) Use this “slow” period for some innovative and outside the box ideas. 610’s The Drive at least tried to get creative Wednesday with a game-show format pitting their afternoon hosts in a white/black music challenge. It was off the wall but I’m sure it had listeners interest. (Props to Jayice for getting that Beatles song.)

“Wade threw the ball fine. The numbers weren’t good, but the numbers don’t always tell the story.”
Ned Yost, after Wade Davis gave up eight earned runs in five innings to collect his eighth loss in an 8-1 beat down by the Yankees, Kansas City Star
GH: This comment tells all of the story you need to know about Ned Yost – he’s not a numbers guy. He’s a seat-of-the-pants guy. He refuses to use raw data that screams at him to remove Davis, one of baseball’s worst statistical starters, from his lineup. He refuses to remove Alcides Escobar from the two spot in the batting order despite the fact the guy is a gift to opposing pitchers. Ned hates numbers almost as much as he hates a solid question – because he doesn’t have any answers.

“At least we finished the homestand .500.”
Ned Yost, as the Royals started their road trip in New York, Royals Radio
GH: Ned will never be accused of shooting for the moon – or even the ALC title.

“The Kansas City Royals announced today that they have placed right-handed pitcher Wade Davis on Paternity Leave List and recalled left-handed pitcher Donnie Joseph from Triple-A Omaha to take his place on the roster.”
Mike Cummings, Royals Assistant Director of Communications, Press Release
GH: How convenient is that? No wonder Davis was getting clubbed – the guy was nine months pregnant!

“That’s certainly something I wouldn’t say on the air. … I knew the potential of how that could be twisted and I did my best to point him in a different direction.”
Ryan Lefebvre, when asked on WHB’s The Border Patrol about Rex Hudler’s comments imagining Salvador Perez in Yankees pinstripes, 810 AM
GH: Lefebvre made a live appearance on WHB’s Border Patrol Thursday morning and he was very frank in discussing the controversial exchange between him and his TV analyst, Rex Hudler. Ryan is starting to get it. He didn’t crucify Hudler during this segment but he didn’t go out of his way to make it sound like there was no reason for anyone to get upset over Hudler’s comments. It was good radio. It also made Kietzman goofy rant from a couple of days ago moot. KK went on and on about how he wanted to call Lefebvre but how unfair it would be to ask him to discuss this issue. Maybe it’s a good thing The Border Patrol boys don’t have much of a conscience.

“This is my team.”
Ryan Lefebvre, on his commitment to the Royals a broadcaster and a fan, 810 AM
GH: Booyah! Score a big one for the Beav. I tweeted out a comment from Lefebvre during the broadcast when Billy Butler’s home run was tossed back onto the Yankee Stadium turf. “It still counts, buddy!” was Ryan’s response to the act. The Beaver just might be coming around.

“Ryan Lefebvre was put in a terrible position (by Rex Hudler) Tuesday night. What you will hear in this (audio) clip is that Ryan Lefebvre is one of us. … I think he’s a lifer. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I think he’s going to broadcast his entire career with the Kansas City Royals. He is one of us.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“You’d be ten times as good as this as Steve Physioc is. This whole thing is flawed. There are plenty of ex-Royals who can do this job. Monty can surely do it. I’m a big fan of Les Norman. You’d be way better at this than him.”
Kevin Kietzman, as he talked to Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: I sure as heck am not a fan of Physioc’s formal and floral work on the Royals broadcasts – but would Danny Clinkscale be an upgrade? I don’t see the personality there that I want in a nightly play-by-play guy. And Monty and Les Norman? Who is KK kidding? Monty is just stone-cold boring and Norman has zero feel for broadcasting. The topics for his one-hour evening show would put Bill Snyder to sleep.

“Some of these Royals PR types have gotten their swagger back. Most of them don’t want to deal with reporters. They want cheerleaders, cut from the mold of Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc – two of the biggest homers when it comes to broadcasting games.”
Jack Harry, KSHB.com
GH: Who are the biggest homers in the Kansas City sports media? Here are my top five; 1) Bob Davis, KU 2) Mitch Holthus, Chiefs 3) Bob Fescoe, KU 4) Stan Weber, KSU 5) Jack Harry, MU

“When we were playing we couldn’t go over there (after getting a hit) and talk to you at first base. We would get fined. There was somebody up in the stands watching and they’d fine us. It was unbelievable, man. They kind of kept us away from each other.”
Willie Wilson, 610 AM
GH: Wilson seemed to infer that MLB teams used to forbid players from interacting with the opponent to minimize player movement from team to team. It is an interesting premise and one that sounds plausible. These same owners would like you to think that you’re a “fair-weather fan” if you don’t support the team with positivity even when the team stinks. I prefer to think you’re just smart.

“What they do now when they make that little gesture after they get a hit? In our day I felt like someone was going down. But now everybody seems like all family and friendly now.”
Willie Wilson, on the Royals’ players waving, winking, hand-jiving and whatnot to celebrate a base hit, 610 AM
GH: I was hoping old-school George Brett would have put a stop to that sophomoric reaction to expected success. Man, I think it looks bush.

“I think the fact that Eric Hosmer almost looks like the hand gestures after singles and doubles is a nuisance at this point is a good sign. Hosmer’s hitting SO WELL right now his own shtick is becoming annoying to him. GOOD SIGN.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, Twitter

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28 Responses to OTC: Is This A Slow Sports Month Or Just Lazy Sportscasters Month? Lefebvre On Hudler

  1. Tom says:

    I can’t believe they are still doing the hand signal bullshit. Little leaguers are more professional.

    Here’s a bunch of them in GIF form from back in May. So stupid!


  2. Bill says:

    I would say that list of homers is pretty dang spot on, Greg. I think Mitch and Bob are probably 1 and 1a.

  3. Ptolemy says:

    One thing Hud is not is a homer. What other commentator on the Royals broadcasts has called out players for not hustling in running out grounders, etc?

    And on Hud’s Salvy to NY observation – he was right. Salvy’s talent and potential would make him a perennial all-star in the media zoo that is NY. If we fail to acknowledge that as fans, how sad does that make us look?

    • Steve Dean says:

      Yeah, how many times has Dudler called out Royals players? Twice, three times? But you’re right, he’s not a homer. He’s a traveling circus clown. My boy always asks me why Dudler says stupid things right before the commercial break. I tell him, “because that’s what he does best, son”.

  4. Steve Dean says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the little gestures after a hit. Baseball just took a little longer to join the other sports in the boorish, self-congratulations after simply doing their job. To me, there is nothing more maddening, and amusing, than the extreme insecurity of millionaire atheletes

  5. Perhaps the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to Ned was Clint Eastwood changing his mind and deciding to do another film last year, “Trouble With the Curve” — a preposterously plotted picture that craps all over the notion that stats and computers should have any relevance in modern pro baseball. Clint, please do not encourage this man! As it stands, Ned’s managing takes another cue from Eastwood; this time the old man’s notorious appearance at last year’s gop-er national convention. Stiff and stale.

  6. rkcal says:

    This is the time of year where the 610 guys could make some hay in the afternoon. Kietzman eschews national stories for the most part, has no sense of humor or discernible fun in his personality. It’s deadly dull radio.

    • Steve Dean says:

      Yeah, but he makes up for it by knowing it ALL.

    • Jess says:

      This should tell you how bad the guys on 610 really are, if they cannot beat KK they should quit.

      I leave work early and turn on 810, KK announces that it is the grilling segment. I turn it to 610, they are talking about NBA stuff. So ipod it is.

      • rkcal says:

        Yeah, it would be nice to have an NBA team here. Then we could at least talk about how good KC’s best player would look in a Laker uniform.

  7. Twy's Gibman says:

    I think broadcasters can be good homers or awful ones. Stan Weber is incredibly knowledgeable and honest about K-State, but Holthus sounds like a tin siding salesman when he gets on a Chiefs Kingdom roll. Bob Davis is so unobjective and whiny, but Mizzou’s play by play guy is so plain and boring he makes Davis look like Vin Scully.

  8. The Smartman says:

    810 is an ESPN affiliate. They should have access to their roster of talent when they need to fill dead time. Bring on Suzy Kolber!

    Clink on a Royals broadcast is like Melissa McCarthy being a stripper.

    Of all the homers, Holthus is the most annoying to me. I still cringe when I think of the words Centaur and Chiefs Kingdom.

  9. JP says:

    These radio guys ought to thank Rex Hudler. He single-handedly got them a week’s worth of programs. Otherwise, it would be even more grilling segments. I’m surprised that you did not include KK with KSU with your list of homers. The way he pounces on other schools cannot be called fair and objective in most cases.

    Finally, thank you Greg for calling out the 810 Tahoe broadcasts for what they are. It’s so these clowns get a free vacation and provide very little in the form of interesting radio. The only thing that was ever interesting about these segments is the A-Rod picture flap that occurred in 2011. Otherwise, I feel like these guys are rubbing in their free vacation to the rest of the listeners.

    • Cletus Frade says:

      Keitzman is the King of swag. He beats the trucks to Spring Training every year and pretends to getting the latest low down on the Royals. He could have just talked to them before they left town and got the same info. He’s only there to play golf for 4-5 days. Yesterday when some local bar-be-que guy was talking about his trip to New York with the team to promote his BBQ meat, Keitzman couldn’t believe he had to pay for his own hotel room. You could tell he’s never paid for his own hotel room since he started the station 20 years ago. It’s the same all over the station. Lasic surgery, siding, refinancing, roofing, cars, sports tickets, concert tickets, etc., etc., nobody on WHB has paid for anything they’ve bought or done for years out of their own pockets. It has to be annoying to folks who work for a living. Shouldn’t they be paying taxes on the value of all these freebies? The IRS should check into it. They could pay for a B1 bomber or two at WHB alone.

  10. Hot Carl says:

    It’s amazing to me that Holthus can even talk anymore after stuffing the Hunt family’s balls so far down the back of his throat. He makes the Gretz/Peterson relationship look like a mere schoolgirl crush. Mitch is the biggest homer on the planet. “Time to put the hammer down,” indeed.

  11. Java Man says:

    At this point, I’ll take the grilling segment over another mention of Dwight Fucking Howard!

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Post of the day!

      • IrishClone says:

        Sound’s like alot of people on here think local Sport’s talk is this town is DEAD………As for you’re comment to me on the last story you are 100% wrong just because I have lived here for a long long time doesn’t meen I have too listen too this local sport’s all day every day BS, NIGHTY NIGHT MRS.MARCUS

  12. Ultimate Dude says:

    Gotta agree with the Homer list, though KK is more of one than Jack Harry. Harry only follows Mizzou because everyone else is a ku or KSU fan. MU grads don’t flock to KC for a job in broadcasting/journalism/”entertainer”. They get jobs at ESPN, Fox, CBS etc… The ku/kstaters only have KC, MO as a possibility. A lot of options with those ks degrees. That’s why every show in this town blows. I know Petro and Parkins are Syracuse guys, as are a lot of guys nationally, which is why I don’t care for either of them.

    Perez would be a star in NY. Royals fans know it; which breeds insecurity, then hatred, then delusion.


    • E.Jack Hewlett says:

      it’s a freaking miracle that guys like Kevin Harlan, Gary Bender and Roger Twibell were able to escape their KU shackles for gigs with the networks. Right, Ude?

  13. bdoggkc says:

    I think Joe Carter would be a good broadcaster. He sounded good last month when they had him in the booth.

  14. Herb says:

    810 and KK has gotten so bad it’s starting to really make 610 sound good in the afternoon despite Parkins and Pearson. They talk a lot about stuff other than sports, but at least it’s relatable compared to grilling watermelon and Jack Harry’s diaper brand.

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