OTC: Kansas Wins Thrilla Looking Vanilla At OSU / Rio Goes Rogue On Twitter

“This is probably as excited as I’ve been coaching in a game in a while. I definitely was more animated with the officials tonight, but I’ll be honest, I look forward to watching tape. I think I could have been more (animated), to be honest.”
Bill Self, after Kansas’ double OT 68-67 win at Oklahoma State, KUSports.com
GH: Ugly doesn’t do justice to this Kansas win. But Self’s team won where few expected them to win. That is what Kansas do. Read on.

“Sometimes you just take the win. 5 assts 16 turnovers … 1-8 FG in OTs. A win is a win.”
Josh Klingler, @joshklingler, Twitter
GH: Add to those fugly stats that Ben McLemore was present but unaccounted for during his 49 minutes on the court. And Kansas still won! You want to know why Missouri fans hate, hate, hate KU basketball? Missouri usually loses these games, Kansas usually wins these games. Heck, every other team usually loses these games!

“I spent most  of the night on Twitter lamenting the game being played by Kansas sophomore guard Naadir Tharpe. I questioned his shot selection, his passing, his defense, his hair, his sneakers. But it was Tharpe who had the last laugh by making KU’s last shot in a 68-67, double-overtime win against Oklahoma State in Stillwater. I’m in disbelief.”
Bob Lutz, columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: Those of us who watched that game [KU, MU, KSU fans and the rest] were sure that Tharpe had been sent to Stillwater as a Cowboy spy dressed as a Jayhawk. He clanged more iron than Tony Stark. He treated KU possessions like they were Domino’s Pizza coupons.

“Tharpe was so bad in the second half that Kansas coach Bill Self chose not to have him in the game during the first overtime. But when Elijah Johnson fouled out toward the end of the first OT, Tharpe was back. And he wasn’t good. But when the Jayhawks needed someone to step up and make a shot something no KU player had done in either overtime, believe it or not Tharpe came through.”
Bob Lutz, columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: Tharpe’s game on this night would make a great Disney movie. He plaed awful but made one big play — and for that he will not only be remembered but placed into David Padgett’s comfy place of KU legendary shots.

“Coach just said, ‘You hit the game-winner.’ A lot of people don’t believe in me. (Self) does.”
Naadir Tharpe, following the game, KUSports.com
GH: I have heard Self repeatedly sing the praises of Tharpe’s ability to shoot. I have yet to really view that part of Naadir’s game but Self has assured us it is there. Tharpe plays like it never left.

“Performing well isn’t a prerequisite to [Tharpe’s] self-confidence, as was evidenced with his play tonight. He’s a believer, whether we are or not.”
Bob Lutz, columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: Not a bad way to go through life.

“If you watched this game without knowing about reputations, and then were told that the projected No. 1 overall draft pick in some circles had played, you would have named five players before you got to Ben McLemore. The Kansas freshman had seven points and six rebounds in 49 minutes. He made three of 12 shots. Sometimes, you forgot he was even on the court, even though no one played more.”
Berry Tramel, columnist, Daily Oklahoman
GH: McLemore has never looked more lost. There were times he was tripping over his own feet. Scared is a term you hate to label an athlete with, but that’s how it looked to me. Self called it “not plugged in.” My question is how, why and WHAT?

“There are times, most times, when McLemore looks like an All-American. But he has a tendency to play quietly, even with a game that screams. And that confuses me. He’s the one KU player capable of taking over a game offensively, and he has shown he’s capable of doing that. … There was no destruction in his heart tonight, though. Imagine McLemore with Tharpe’s conscience, or lack thereof.”
Bob Lutz, columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: If McLemore had Tharpe’s mental make-up…just ship the NCAA’s crystal ball to Lawrence.

“Perry Ellis: Had two rebounds, a turnover, and two bad fouls in seven minutes.”
Jesse Newell, KUSports.com
GH: Perry Ellis cannot be as weak as he appears. His play has regressed as KU’s season has moved into Big 12 play. He is only a freshman but he plays like he should be at Concordia.

“He’s a man! He’s Forte!”
Sign in the Oklahoma State crowd, on OSU’s shooting guard, ESPN

“Yeah the situation I’m in is great and all but it’s obvious they want me to quit… All I was Tryna show this man is he had a guy that will take 50bullets for him but he’s blinded by his favorites… There’s no question that I would of been getting mad minutes anywhere else in America people its a #FACT.. It’s 2 Late Now…. ALot of Hype can get you far I see it every time someone makes it and gets far…I just wanna be happy and play ball.”
Rio Adams, Kansas freshman guard, who broke ranks yesterday on his Twitter account, Twitter
GH: I grouped a number of Adams’ tweets into one paragraph above. He went rogue yesterday and vented on the most popular social media venue in the world. That is not what you want when your team is battling to win a ninth consecutive Big 12 title. Read on.

“He is frustrated. He didn’t have a great shootaround today. I talked to him about it (tweets). I’m disappointed he’d say (tweet) anything negative. He will not be doing anything negative in the future or he won’t be around. I read them. They were not the best in the world; they were not the worst, either.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com
GH: Rio doesn’t sound like he’s as sure about his future comments as his coach. Read on.

“Haha this is funny I tweet and its direct towards my team and KU give me a break if I feel I need to say something about my team ill say it.”
Rio Adams, responding to tweets from fans, who did not Twitter
GH: This tweet came before Self’s comments. I expect Rio to head south soon.

“None of my tweets were ever directed toward KU but it seems everytime I tweet it so happens that’s who I’m talking bout thats not rite#AtAll.”
Rio Adams, after he was called out by some fans for his tweets, Twitter
GH: Uh, okay.

“Even when I’m chillin I’m thinkin bout gettin it. I think I gotta problem.”
Eric Berry, @Stuntman1429, Twitter
GH: If Berry is thinkin bout what I think he be thinkin bout, ain’t nuttin wrong no how wit him. Even when I be chillin, I be willin.

Show me some snow. Nothing is going to happen.”
Lazlo, @lazlothebuzz, late Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: Ummm, a mighty swing and a miss from the Pastor of Pentulance himself.

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18 Responses to OTC: Kansas Wins Thrilla Looking Vanilla At OSU / Rio Goes Rogue On Twitter

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    If Naadir would just realize that he has the ability to be the next Jacque Vaughn/Aaron Miles for KU, he’d be so fantastic. Play within yourself, drive to the basket, shoot rarely and make sure you’re getting the ball to your scorers. I couldn’t stop screaming at the TV last night as Withey fumbled the ball, Young fell down and Tharpe missed shots, while Releford and McLemore didn’t hardly touch the ball down the stretch and into OT. What an ugly game, but it’s a win.

    Self’s next challenge is solving McLemore – the guy that showed so much guts against KSU and ISU (at home) was totally lost last night. But to be fair, that’s his first bad game in a LONG time.

  2. tigerdan4 says:

    I guess the Earth is back on its axis now. Its snowing in February and KU is back on track to win the Bill Self conference. Oh well. Hopefully Mizzou can get a win in Lexington on Saturday. If that happens, things will be looking pretty good.

  3. Kyle says:

    Great, gritty win by the Jayhawks. That’s how you win championships. It’s not always pretty, but the W’s all count the same. Love Tharpe’s mentality. Nothing fazes the kid. BMac is still a frosh. He’s allowed a game like this. At least he had one sick putback dunk. RCJH!

  4. Kyle says:

    td4, my guess is Missouri by 12-15. UK is in big trouble at this point.

    • tigerdan4 says:

      Yeah its a great opportunity. Perhaps the easiest chance MU will ever have at Rupp. But I just can’t assume anything with this team on the road. Hell, I’m even nervous about the South Carolina game later on.

  5. Barles James says:

    I thought Kevin Young’s play late in the game was more detrimental than Tharpe’s. Unbelievably awful officiating again from Big 12 refs last night. I have never seen a big man bait more foul calls by bouncing off of post players than Withey.

  6. b12 says:

    Perry Ellis should be playing at Concordia? Which one, Kansas, Missouri, or Seward Nebraska?

  7. Gavin says:

    I’m trying to figure where Rio Adams Twitterstorm falls on the KU freshman guard knucklehead conduct line. This is probably worse than Russell Robinson’s refusal to go into a game but better than Micah Downs’ refusal to go into a game (because Downs’ was doing it because he was holding out for a transfer but hadn’t told anyone yet). It’s hard to see how Rio comes back from this and it’s hard to see how Self gets too worked up about losing him. Adams had a great opportunity here and he seems to think he isn’t getting playing time because Self is playing favorites. I got news for you kid: Self’s favorite is the player who is going to help t he team win games. If he doesn’t think that is you, he isn’t going to play you. Shut up, keep your head down and next year, maybe you can be that guy. Based on the bouncing around you did in high school, it’s clear you had the propensity to be a knucklehead and now you’re just letting that play out. You had a hell of an opportunity here too.

  8. JP says:

    The heart of a champion. Great win by the Hawks and another banner appears headed for Lawrence!

    • mike t. says:

      maybe. i don’t know k-state’s schedule, but we have iowa state away yet. all of our remaining home games ‘should’ be a W. overall, we dodged a bullet pulling that win out last night. i’d feel better about our chances if ksu would lose one.

  9. Piso Mojado says:

    “that’s what Kansas do”?

    Seriously, Greg?

  10. The Smartman says:

    Rio Adams is an idiot. Academically, he’s at the right school. Rio’s greatest KU performance may be in the Harlem Shake video.

    Game last night was probably the worst college hoops game I’ve ever watched. Smell inside Gallagher Iba had to be like JJ’s before it blew. I’ve never see two teams so not want to win a game. Effort on both sides last night made the NFL Pro Bowl look like a marathon P90X training session.

  11. Jason Sutherland says:

    Is Kevin Young the dirtiest player in the Big 12?

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