OTC: KC Star’s Mellinger Calls For Chiefs To Trade Eric Berry & The Media Responds / Royals Bats Powerless

“Most of you will think I’m nuts for this, but the Chiefs should trade Eric Berry.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: The Kansas City Star’s highest profile voice on their sports page wrote a column in the Sunday edition of The Kansas City Star advocating that the Chiefs trade one of their most popular players, the three-time Pro Bowler safety, Eric Berry. If you can get around The Star’s paywall you can read it by clicking here. If you can’t, read on for an excerpt on his reasoning…

“The Chiefs are in a bind. The bill on last offseason’s improvement is now due, and the Chiefs have to find a way to pay up. Trading for quarterback Alex Smith means no second-round pick this year (they also gave up their 2013 second-rounder). Signing wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to an extension means they’re down to about $4.7 million in cap space (only four teams have less). The Chiefs have a lot of holes to fill, especially for an 11-win team, and a lack of cap space and second-rounder means their options are severely limited. Trading Berry would give them options.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: This is the type of column that gets talked about in the media and online. This is the kind of column that Mellinger should write more often. No, I don’t think he should call for trading Eric Berry or Sal Perez every Sunday but he needs to shake the tree with more controversial and passion-inducing topics. This one created some serious buzz. Read on.

“No, you don’t dump players like Berry. You build around them. If the Chiefs need to find some salary-cap space next year, there will be other candidates. Dwayne Bowe immediately leaps to mind.”
Adam Teicher, ESPN.com
GH: I found Teicher’s comments interesting because it allowed him the opportunity to publicly disagree with his former KC Star coworker. In Teicher’s new role at ESPN.com, he is allowed to write more opinion-based articles on the Chiefs than his days as a Chiefs beat writer with The Star.

“Yes, this is the type of column that comes up during the quiet NFL days in April. The likelihood of the Chiefs trading Berry ranges somewhere between ‘extremely unlikely’ and ‘Andy Reid fitting into his old punt, pass and kick’ uniform. That doesn’t mean columnist Sam Mellinger is completely off his rocker.”
Gregg Rosenthal, writer, NFL.com
GH: The irascible Kent Babb may disagree with Rosenthal assessment of the stability of Mellinger’s rocker but it Berry is likely going nowhere. I don’t think he would garner near the quality of draft picks required to replace his worth – which I have and do believe is overrated.

“(Berry’s) contract is handcuffing the Kansas City Chiefs. If he wants to be on this team, he needs to find a way to restructure that contract. He is absolutely killing the Kansas City Chiefs with that contract. We all know that.”
Tim Grunhard, former Chiefs All-Pro center, 810 AM

“The Chiefs‘ salary cap issues are significant, but there’s no reason to blow up their team. Berry isn’t a problem. He’s the type of leader and player that you hope to find in the draft, not deal away. His contract is an unfortunate remnant of pre-CBA life, but dealing him away only creates more problems on a roster that has already lost a lot of starters.”
Gregg Rosenthal, writer, NFL.com

“It isn’t that trading Berry doesn’t make sense, because it does. It just doesn’t make sense to do so now after free agency is mostly over and Kansas City’s own free agents have signed elsewhere.”
Ben Nielsen, writer, ArrowheadAddict.com

“I think he’s an excellent football player. I think he’s a leader. I think he’s our generation’s Deron Cherry. I just hate to lose a guy like Eric Berry.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM

BlNftf0CEAAKcp6“I pray to baby Jesus they at least consider these.”
Arian Foster, @ArianFoster, on a possible Texans’ uniform remake,  on the Texans’ prototype uniform pictured to the left, Twitter

“I’m going to say (Kansas) needs to win five games for Charlie Weis to survive.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Five wins would be more than KU football has managed in a season since Mark Mangino was KU’s head coach. It sure doesn’t sound like much of a high bar unless you’ve followed Kansas football under Turner Gill and Weis. I listened to the KU spring game and Kansas might need to schedule themselves to reach five wins – twice.

“I’ve sat in on these (meetings to determine whether or not to dismiss a college football player). I’ve always been for giving the kid a first chance, a second chance and a third chance. I worry about the kid now that the safety net’s gone. I hope he doesn’t end up in jail or dead.”
Tim Grunhard, former Kansas assistant coach, on Mizzou’s decision to dismiss Dorial Green-Beckham from their football program, 810 AM
GH: While the safety net ay MU protected DGB, it was allowing him to be a continued risk to the student body at Missouri and others who came across his path. DGB’s incidents have escalated each time. First it was smoking dope in the stadium parking lot with some friends. Incredibly stupid but forgivable. Next, he is caught in a car with enough weed to distribute. Not a good look at all but who knows of the weed is his? Most recently, he allegedly kicks in an apartment, pushes a couple of girls around and then drags another out of the place. So MU was supposed to wait around for incident number four? Just to make sure DGB has a safety net? No. Here’s a thought, maybe DGB should be in jail. Tom Osborne sold Nebraska’s good name to try and protect Lawrence Phillips. Does anyone look at Nebraska the same since then? What did it do for LP? It allowed him to screw up a number of other people’s lives because he was not worth saving. I hope DGB figures it out and gets his act turned around. But that’s his job now. He blew his chance at Mizzou.

“Royals thru 11 games:
28th in hits (83)
30th in runs (32)
30th in HR (1)
30th in RBI (30)
30th in slugging % (.312)
30th = last in MLB.”
Johnny Kane, @johnnykaneKMBC, sports anchor, Twitter
GH: Sounds like that “Be Royal” slogan could represent exactly what the organization was trying to avoid – their past.

“It’s obviously Kevin Seitzer’s fault. They had to fire him because they didn’t hit enough home runs. He’s now the hitting coach at Toronto. They have 16 home runs.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“That’s where (Johnny) Knoxville got the idea with the bull and the cigarette – from watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon.”
Bam Margera, one of Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass crew members in an interview with Howard Stern, Sirius
GH: Stern asked Magera if they watched old Three Stooges skits to come up with some of their ideas. Magera said they tended more toward watching cartoons for their ideas. Makes sense if you have enjoyed any of their crazy-ass but hilarious films.

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18 Responses to OTC: KC Star’s Mellinger Calls For Chiefs To Trade Eric Berry & The Media Responds / Royals Bats Powerless

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    KU’s Spring Game showed exactly what the year is going to be like for KU Football. Booze and waiting for KU Basketball. Happy Trails Fatman part Deux

  2. Mike says:

    Ned’s eventual undoing will obviously go back to his falling out with Seitzer, and rightly so. Last year was a promising waste of time, and we can’t harp on Grifol too much yet, because he hasn’t even been in the position for a whole year.
    This is squarely on the players and front office now. The front office because Dayton allowed Ned to can Seitzer, and as Soren and others say, the front office clearly has been complicit in overvaluing their own, and coddling their own picks, than continually looking for improvement.

    The players may love playing for Ned in the same way that my favorite teacher in high school was the one who ceded all classroom control to the students. (aka inmates running the asylum) In short, that is in no way productive, nor conducive. Ned needs to start pulling guys for lack of production. There’s a bench player that can do more than Butler’s piddly-ass numbers, just as Valencia can be no worse than Moose. Of course, the Royals shoot themselves after again sending Gio down after ACTUALLY PRODUCING SOMETHING in his only game played. (I hope Gio can escape this ungrateful club before he hits Seratelli’s age. Jeeeesus Christ….)

    • Husker Royal says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I am so frustrated by this manager and team I find myself finding something to do during the game so I don’t have to watch it. My colleagues give me a hard time for liking a team that makes me so mad all of the time.

  3. JP says:

    “I listened to the KU spring game and Kansas might need to schedule themselves to reach five wins – twice.”

    The backups were beating the first stringers 7-0 at halftime. I had a chance to go, but decided that yard work would be a much better use of time. As a KU fan, I think 3 wins will be a miracle this season. This team looks dreadful again.

    This could be a disaster if the Royals implode. I agree with MIke that this front office is very Pioli like in holding onto “their guys” (example Moustakos plays 3B every day). If this team crashes, it will fall onto Dayton Moore and by extension Ned Yost. They built this team, albeit it under Dan and Dave Glass, but it’s their disaster. If there is a losing record, I have to think heads will roll at Kaufman Stadium. But if the Glass’ are making money, will they care?

  4. Hot Carl says:

    So glad I still hate baseball. I’m not missing anything.

  5. Tommy says:

    Shocking Tim Grunhard would give the benefit of the doubt to a 3 time loser like DGB. Spoken like a guy who has been arrested several times for drunk driving! Why don’t we get Larry Johnson’s take on what he thinks about DGB as well!

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      I’m certainly no Grunhard fan, but did he really have multiple DUIs? I could be wrong but I don’t remember that. Confusing him with Bill Maas, maybe?

  6. Jackson says:

    Great point Tommy. Let’s get a fired KU O-Line coach with multiple arrest opinion on DGB. What a freakin joke!

  7. Alex says:

    While we are at it, why don’t we get KK”s opinion on why radio announcers who are getting blown by their intern, shouldn’t be arrested.
    Thanks for your opinion Grunny.

  8. Royals on pace for 15-16 home runs this season as a team. They need to slow down their pace if they want a chance at the all-time MLB record, which is 3 home runs all season by the 1908 Chicago White Sox. But they ain’t completely out the runnin’ yet! I would suggest they improve their chances a bit by hitting the pitcher in DH slot. And maybe also pluck a little midget like Eddie Gaedel off the third base tree to replace the current empty uniform over there. (Source: http://www.baseball-almanac.com/recbooks/rb_hr7.shtml)

    • Gassedup says:

      The Royals are trying to redefine the Mendoza Line from .200 down to .100 and maybe rename it the Moustakas Line. Heard from the Royals dugout…..”Mike a walks as good as a hit”…”Walks as good as a hit”….”that might be the only way he gets on”…..”come on Mike you can do it…you can do it”…….”geezz I hope he walks”…..

  9. Nick says:

    Dwayne Bowe immediately leaps to mind.

    Dwayne doesn’t leap anywhere, much less immediately; stumbling around in a haze would be more accurate.

  10. Renton says:

    Mellinger stirring the pot is fine, but his retweeting the column about the Royals being disappointing this year in the immediate aftermath of their latest loss — that’s just being a scabby dick.

  11. Herb says:

    Adam Teicher is still a dumbass no matter who employs him.

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