OTC: Kevin Harlan Says Pioli Hired To Rid Chiefs’ Org Of Possible Illegal Activity

Scott Pioli General Manager Scott Pioli of the Kansas City Chiefs hugs owner Clark Hunt prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Arrowhead Stadium on December 2, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri.“Clark feels indebted to Scott Pioli. What they found when they were taking over the day-to-day [operations of the Chiefs] was not very pretty. There were some very ragged business practices…bordering on illegal.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: These are some damning comments about Carl Peterson’s regime from the former voice of the Chiefs. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to more details. Nate Bukaty boldly asked Harlan if he was saying that Chiefs employees were stealing from the organization. Read on for his response.

“I don’t know enough of the specifics to comment. It probably isn’t my place. The people who cover this team know, and certainly people in the [Chiefs] organization. I just know when they brought in Pioli it was a charge given to clean things up. I think you can deduce from that what you want to.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: What I deduce from those comments is just what Bukaty deduced – King Carl and his court were stealing from the Hunts. Those are wickedly damaging words from Harlan that drop a wide net over Peterson’s entire cast – especially without him naming names. We heard all the sob stories from the former Chiefs’ employees who were rudely and methodically canned by Pioli. Harlan’s spin on these firings makes these fired souls look far less the victim of a new regime gone mean. It would appear that there is a story here that has not been told. Where is Kent Babb when you need him?

“My impression is that inside [the Chiefs organization], the business side is far more efficient. They have streamlined it. So from that standpoint, they feel like they have made tremendous strides.”
Kevin Harlan, when asked why Clark Hunt would even consider retaining Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: If Pioli has been as successful as Harlan states in cleaning out the Fagin-like thieves inside One Arrowhead Drive, it makes sense that the rumors about Clark signing Pioli to a two-year extension prior to the start of this season – an extension that might be very costly to eat if he is to fire Pioli next month.

“I’ve never seen them look worse than I saw them look in Oakland on Sunday. Not just their performance. This team looked like to me in almost every regard to have a lack of focus. You hate to say effort…but I was so disappointed.  I can’t recall a team going south so quickly and I can’t recall a team in this franchise playing so poorly in a single game. I have done hundreds of NFL games. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall a team playing worse. I’ve called a game every weekend since 1985. I can’t recall a team playing worse than the Chiefs did this weekend.”
Kevin Harlan, who did the network TV play-by-play of the Chiefs/Raiders game, 810 AM
GH: Harlan is a regular voice on all of 810’s daytime shows. The content and value of his comments usually differs regarding what show he is on. I find his Friday afternoon segments with Kevin Kietzman almost worthless. Too often their conversations are yuck-fests that start out with each verbally slapping the other on the back and then they spiral downward from there. KK is far better interviewing someone he is not close to – or those which he pretends to be chummy. Harlan’s appearances on both The Program and The Border Patrol carry much more meat. His conversation with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty Tuesday morning was one of those hearty meals. Read on.

“[Jon] Baldwin! I can’t believe how bad he is! I’m just stunned! I’m stunned at how bad he is!”
Kevin Harlan, on the Chiefs wide receiver who was the team’s top draft pick from 2010, 810 AM

“What’s so interesting about this team is that they have this undying respect for this coach – which is so strange for a team with such a horrible record and performance. [Clark Hunt] has a real problem on his hands. The players love this coach.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Strange is a great word for the lack of productivity and success for a team that loves and respects their coach. I disagree with Harlan, though, when it comes to Hunt having a problem. This is one of the easiest firings in the history of sport. The players may love Romeo but they love winning much more. Any athlete who doesn’t isn’t worth keeping.

“I’m stunned at the lack of playmaking. I’ve stunned at the lack of any kind of threat. I’m stunned … There’s no weaponry.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

“It’s so absurd and so inexplicable. You don’t even know where to start.”
Kevin Harlan, on the dire depths of the Chiefs’ franchise, 810 AM
GH: I do. Start by firing Pioli and Romeo the day after the Chiefs final game. Hire the best head coaching candidate you can find – regardless of experience. Save money on the GM by giving the head coach all the power. Draft two quarterbacks in 2012 and again in 2013. Hope to hell you start winning.

“There’s a possibility.”
Romeo Crennel, when asked if Ricky Stanzi might start Sunday against Indianapolis in place of the injured Brady Quinn, Kansas City Star
GH: The Theatre of the Absurd, formerly known as Arrowhead Stadium, is about to get ratcheted up another notch. We got a glimpse in Oakland as to why Jon Baldwin has been out of sight. We are about to get an even brighter spotlight on the yet-to-be-seen Stanzi Nation. Just imagine how bad this guy is when you consider he couldn’t beat out Cassel or Quinn. I would not be surprised to see Vegas take this game off the board if Stanzi starts – or place the Chiefs as 20-point home dogs.

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  1. nick says:

    I concur with Smartman and Tigerdan…as a fan, all that matters is what I see on the field on Sundays. If Hunt continues to let Pioli run the football side of his franchise, all hope is shattered for Chiefs fans. Pioli coming back in 2013 would even more solidify the Hunt family reputation of “profit 1st, winning 2nd.”

  2. harley says:

    I hate ro have to remind all the readers who follow my blogs but i read this piece in fascination. I mentioned this about 7 or 8 months ago on the
    kc confidential blog and dropped it. I will try to go back and find it because there was a strange relationship between the chiefs office and ticket brokers throughout the nation. I will follow up on this story and get details reported but when some friends tried to buy super bowl tickets for the saints
    game there was some serious questions about where the tickets were coming from. I also belive the name ornstein will play into this eventually as he was the
    go between for tickets for many years. Mike had a relationship with carl and many of the players on the team since about 2004 and my work with mike
    had me finding some connections for tickets that were beyond comprehension.
    As always i will be getting further details about this entire incident but
    its something that was hush hush among the people on the fringes of the

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