OTC: KK Flips & Flops Over Chiefs’ Recent Signings / KU, KSU Rule The Texas 12

“I like these moves.”
Soren Petro, after the Chiefs made it public that they had signed Dwayne Bowe and punter Dustin Colquitt to long-term contracts and assigned the franchise tag to Branden Albert, 810 AM
GH: Petro likely speaks for the vast majority of Chiefs’ fans. What’s not to like? The Chiefs secured their best free-agents and allowed them more flexibility with the number-one pick in the April draft. Dare we say things are looking up in Kansas City? Hell, even the Royals are kicking Arizona ass!

“Do not let good players go and fill them with draft choices. It is the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard. Meet the new boss – same as the old boss! I think it’s coming.”
Kevin Kietzman, prior to the announcement that the Chiefs had signed Bowe and Dustin Colquitt to a long-term contract and franchised Brandon Albert, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman started off his Monday talk show in a sour mood. He was pissed at Kansas fans for riding his ass about K-State’s two losses to KU and how KK’s Cats didn’t deserve to share the Big 12 title. Kietzman then lit into the Chiefs and how John Dorsey was going to simply make the same mistakes that Pioli had made in driving the franchise into the ditch. But KK’s mood changed dramatically when word came out of what the Chiefs had done. Read on.

“You know what I’m thinking about doing? I’m thinking about just quitting this job and becoming a GM! It’s the Kietzman Plan! The Pioli Plan is out and the Kietzman Plan is on! I’ve been talking about this for a month! Nobody thought about this like I thought about this! Nobody!”
Kevin Kietzman, after the Chiefs moves were announced Monday afternoon, 810 AM
GH: Well, I wouldn’t say “nobody.” John Dorsey obviously had considered it.

“I have just schooled you guys today! … The Chiefs did exactly what I’ve been saying!”
Kevin Kietzman, talking to Danny Clinkscale and other 810 employees after the Chiefs announced their moves, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman must have forgotten the first hour of his show [and the past month] when he was deriding Dorsey for how stupid he was in not seeing things the Kietzman way.

“To me this was just common sense. Common sense to me is not exciting.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Clinkscale didn’t challenge KK about his about face opinion of Dorsey but he also refused to join in KK’s celebration. While Kietzman treated the news as if he had been crowned king of sports talk radio, Clinkscale just shrugged and acted like it was just another Monday in the studio.

“You cannot damn this [Chiefs] regime for the sins of past regimes.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Well said. I wish Clinkscale would steal SSJ’s line and use it on BTL.

“Thank you Jesus, the Chiefs Football Club & especially The Hunt Family for another 5 year opportunity to be in the Chiefs Kingdom ALL IN!”
Dustin Colquitt, @dustincolquitt2, Chiefs punter, Twitter
GH: I have never heard of a punter getting an $18-million contract. Maybe Jesus was involved in this negotiation.

“That’s strong. That’s where the punter market is going. I give a lot of credit to the agent there because you have a player there who was facing a very low franchise tag.”
Andrew Brandt, ESPN’s NFL business analyst, 810 AM

“Wanted to thank @dustincolquitt2 for coming on the show tonight. It was great talking to you! Good luck next season!”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, evening host on 810 AM, after interviewing Colquitt Monday night, Twitter
GH: This is just way, way too gushy for my taste. I understand that Carpenter is happy to get a real live Chiefs’ player to come on his evening show but he looks desperate and juvenile in sending out a public, exclamation-filled, thank you note to Colquitt. Have some pride, man.

“Today was a great day for KC but fans need to remember they have Smith, Bowe, Albert & Colquitt on the books. That didn’t come cheap.”
Nick Jacobs, @Jacobs71, of Metro Sports, Twitter
GH: Chiefs’ fans aren’t currently thinking about the long-term ramifications of signing a wide-out with a questionable attitude, a left tackle with a bad back and Colquitt to the highest contract ever given to punter. There are gambles in putting together an NFL roster. For now, it is kind of fun to see the Chiefs roll the dice instead of roll into a ball and hide.

“Some guy this John Dorsey is. Would have put Bowe resigning long term < 10% before his arrival. + Albert, QB & flexibility @ No.1.”
Josh Looney, @JoshLooney, Twitter

“[John Dorsey] doesn’t sound like a smart man. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to put it. He sounds like a guy who used to play linebacker who took a few dings. And Scott Pioli was smooth.”
Danny Clinkscale, on the Chiefs new GM, 810 AM
GH: The first time I heard Dorsey speak at the Chiefs’ press conference I had the same reaction to his voice – “Oh, oh, this guy sounds dumb.” We chose our leaders oddly here in the states. We like men with a full head of hair and women with a deep voice. I wonder if Dorsey’s jock-talk voice was the reason he was one of the last to find a GM job out of the talented front office in Green Bay.

Q: “Vic, I know it’s a little early, but with the trade for Alex Smith and the hiring of Andy Reid, do you think the Chiefs could be one of those teams that makes a big, one-year turn around?”
Vic: “Yes, I do. I think they’re more talented than their record last season would suggest. Smith gives Reid a quarterback who knows how to manage a game, and Reid will give Smith the kind of finesse offense Smith played in at Utah. John Dorsey might’ve fallen into something real good.”
Vic Ketchman, blogs for Packers, Packers.com
GH: The more I hear about Alex Smith, the more excited I am to see him play as a Chief. I especially like that Kevin Kietzman thinks he’s a bum.

“Alex Smith doesn’t have the arm to throw it 40 yards downfield anyway.”
Kevin Kietzman, on why he believes Dwayne Bowe’s limited skills as a deep receiver don’t matter, 810 AM
GH: Alex Smith had the 49ers a play away from the 2012 Super Bowl. I think Andy Reid can work with that. At least I sure hope so. 

“[According to @TylerDreiling] Four of K-State’s 5 losses have been to teams ranked No. 1 in either the AP or Coaches’ poll at some point this year.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, Twitter

“The K-State senior class has a chance to go 27-4 against Texas schools over a four-year span on Tuesday. That’s freaking remarkable.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, Twitter
GH: How about the fact that the two little Kansas schools are set up to share the conference title that was designed to only be held by a school south of Tulsa? This has been one helluva year for the kids in Kansas.

“If you Kansas fans can’t figure this out, this is not therapy on the radio! I’m not doing this for you! If you want to claim that Kansas has won eight Big 12 conference titles in a row, you cannot play the card that K-State is not co-champs! You can’t do that!”
Kevin Kietzman, sounding exasperated by KU fans who continue to remind KK that K-State lost twice to their Jayhawks this season, 810 AM
GH: It appears that KK’s season-long bellyaching that the Big 12 title was simply a foregone conclusion and that Kansas was going to win it all again is coming back to bite him in the KKan.

“I do think there are times when we take more joy in enjoying the losses of our rivals more than the wins by our own team. I don’t know how other KU fans feel. I don’t know how the team feels. Even when KU wins, to me anymore it’s not enjoyable. It’s more of a relief that I don’t have to be trolled on Facebook and Twitter.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Ahhh, the problems of a spoiled Kansas basketball fan who happens to also have a daily sports talk radio show. And we ask why our parents’ generation wonders what happened to their kids?

“He hadn’t even attempted a three and he just threw that one in, nothing to it!”
Bob Davis, as Jeff Withey hit his only three-point attempt of his KU career from the top of the key on Senior Night, Jayhawk Radio
GH: Withey now joins former KU big man Scot Pollard as having the highest three-point shooting percentage in Kansas history; 1.000. What are the odds Withey casts another trey before he’s done? I think he has another one or two in him. Treys are like Lays chips, it’s tough to eat just one.

Greg Gurley: “Sometimes crazy things happen on Senior Night.”
Bob Davis: “Yeah, just ask Big Country.”
GH: Bob Davis getting in a zinger at OSU’s Bryant Reeves, who went scoreless inside Allen Fieldhouse on Senior Night in 1995. Was it really that long ago?

“You hate to call him a garbage man but that’s kind of what he is. They don’t run any plays for him but he’s always around the basket.”
Greg Gurley, on KU’s Kevin Young, Jayhawk Radio
GH: Kevin Young gets more love for his fro than his game. But the guy has been a steady offensive player in a very inconsistent offense.

“I’d vote for Travis Releford.”
Jon Sundvold, when asked by Kietzman who he would vote for as the Big 12 player of the year, 810 AM
GH: Sundvold said he appreciated Releford’s consistent play throughout this season as to his reasoning for picking him over his more popular teammates, Ben McLemore and Jeff Withey. Sundvold also surprised me with his SEC POTY pick – Travis’ younger brother at Alabama, Trevor Releford. That is a talented brother duo from Bishop Miege HS. Should the Rush clan be nervous?

“They are gonna boo the hell out of him. They are going to boo the hell out of Mike Anderson.”
Steven St. John, on the Arkansas coach’s return to Mizzou Arena tonight at 6:00 PM on ESPN, 810 AM
GH: ESPN could get a great 30-minute pregame show out of the reception Anderson and his Hogs are going to receive tonight. I will be leaving the office early to get a good seat on the couch for this one.

“I don’t think people understand! [Mike Anderson] did not recruit! There are people who think he was recruiting for Arkansas!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: SSJ is beyond pissed at Mike Anderson – and he echoes more Tiger fans’ feelings than not.

“I’ve heard this from so many people who act like Frank Haith can’t coach, and that he walked into such a favorable situation. He walked into a mess! … That thing was torn apart! That thing had come off the rails!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: A mess? Haith won 30 games with Mike Anderson’s team. Haith was national coach of the year with Anderson’s players. If that’s a mess, what do you call what Turner Gill left Charlie Weis?

“I’m over it. I think it’s great. Missouri ended up with a better coach in Frank Haith.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: SSJ ain’t over anything – and it makes for way better radio because he’s not.

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    Reid and Dorsey are playing OLD MAN FOOTBALL. Works for me. They have willingly put their balls and reputations on the chopping block with no equivocation. That’s more than their predecessors have done in the last decade. I’m not drinking the Kool Aid yet but if I do I hope it’s strawberry.

    Keitzman is completely off his rocker. The only way he could be more self serving was if he worked at Golden Corral. He’s Alonzo Washington with a job.

    Hugo Chavez died today. The world has one less asshole in it.

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    something about living in Missouri makes people really angry

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