OTC: KU Hoops Continues Its KSU Dominance / Mizzou Stumbles Past USC / Haith Watch Is On

“Can’t believe KU can win at Kstate 23 of 25 times…just remarkable.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: We take this streak a bit for granted here in Kansas City because we have lived with it now for a quarter century through three different but very successful Kansas coaching regimes. What makes this one kind of different is how the two schools flip sides during football season.

“That senior group, they almost refuse to lose.”
Bruce Weber, on his appreciation for how KU’s seniors took over the game in Manhattan, 610 AM

“Good game KSU. Good game. But let’s lose the octagon of doom thing…”
Eric Stonestreet, @ericstonestreet, following KU’s 59-54 win in Manhattan, Twitter
GH: How do K-State fans feel about the “Octagon of Doom” nickname for Bramlage? It became popular during Frank Martin’s reign, despite his less than perfect home record. I think the Cats need a new nickname for their lair. How about you? [And no Jayhawk fans, AF West is not what I had in mind.]

“Is anybody better than Bill Self in the post game? Always compliments opponent and actually gives some insight to the game.”
Soren Petro, @TheProgram, Twitter
GH: I could not care less about a coach complimenting his opponent – they almost all do to a fault. I heard KU’s Norm Roberts this morning talk about Oklahoma like they are Duke in waiting. Self is great with the media – maybe the best I’ve ever seen/heard. But do not be lulled into believing his coachspeak. He deals from the bottom of the deck just like every other salesman.

“Is Elijah [Johnson] more athletic that Spradling? It’s not a night and day thing. I don’t think Elijah’s a freak athlete, do you?”
Doug Gottlieb, while discussing the matchup between the KU and KUS guards with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro openly guffawed at Gottlieb’s above comment. “Elijah has bi-time ups and Spradling is nailed to the floor,” said Petro. Score this volley 15-Love in favor of Petro.

“[Perry Ellis] is getting better and better. He’s getting better every day. He’s understanding how strong he has to play. That’s what happens with freshmen.”
Norm Roberts, KU assistant, on the Kansas freshman, 810 AM
GH: I like how Ellis is gradually progressing from scared to confident. It will be interesting to see if the absence of Danny Manning retards his growth as a post player. I am betting it will not. He could be a Big 12 POTY candidate by his junior season.

“Coach doesn’t think Naadir [Tharpe] is a good shooter, he thinks he’s a great shooter. We want him shooting the basketball.”
Norm Roberts, KU assistant, 810 AM
GH: KU needs to give the great Ben McLemore some help when it comes to outside scoring. Is Tharpe the guy? It looks like Self thinks he is. I am holding out hope for Elijah Johnson’s jumper to return. If both he and Tharpe are cooking come March, expect Kansas to add to Self’s Final Four war chest.

“Zero per cent. They have no chance of winning at Allen Fieldhouse. In the last 103 games, [Kansas] has loss once.”
Carrington Harrison, on K-State’s chances of winning the rematch at Kansas February 11th on ESPN’s Big Monday, 610 AM

“I’m not going to read too much into it – but I think there’s a little bit of a rivalry there.”
Danny Parkins, after his interview with KSU’s Bruce Weber, on his testy relationship with Bill Self, 610 AM
GH: The postgame handshake between the two head coaches was brief with no words spoken by Weber. Read on for his interesting explanation of why he held the mock funeral for Self at Illinois.

“That [mock funeral for Bill Self] thing was a long time ago. I took over at Illinois; Bill had done a great job there and was beloved by the fans. The players liked him. The thing that happened there was the media wouldn’t stop! He had left! It was kind of bass-ackwards for me. I couldn’t understand it. I wanted to be there. He left, and people were mad at me. It was him that left.”
Bruce Weber, on staging his mock funeral for Self after he took over the Illinois job, 610 AM
GH: Weber has a bit more ego than I thought. This might get to be a fun little backyard spat after all – someday.

“Missouri needs to show some courage.”
Adrian Branch, studio analyst, as MU trailed South Carolina 35-27 at halftime at Mizzou Arena, ESPNU
GH: Branch looked dead-on into the ESPNU camera and called out the Tigers – twice using the word “courage” to define what he thought Mizzou was lacking. The MU shot chart from the first half that Branch and ESPNU showed was one of the reasons Branch thought the Tigers lacked courage. It showed the Tigers shooting 20% and jacking up a host of three-point shots from outside with arc with few attempts in the paint.

Gut check win by Mizzou hoops tonight. Frank Haith didn’t let NC2A probe deter him or his team tonight vs the SC Gamecock!”
Howard Richards, MU radio football analyst, @how_rich, Twitter
GH: Mizzou won but that is about they accomplished in knocking off lowly South Carolina at Mizzou Arena. And it took a deep three from the corner by Jabari Brown late in the game to secure this must-win game. Is Laurence Bowers that valuable to the Tigers? They went from a top-10 team to an NIT afterthought since his injury.

“If you’re Missouri, you would have felt better with some style points last night.”
Josh Klingler, after Mizzou’s 71-65 win over South Carolina, 610 AM

“I do know that we’re getting close to the end and that’s exciting to me.”
Frank Haith, commenting on the NCAA findings on their investigation into his time as Miami’s basketball coach and a disputed $10,000 payment, 810 AM
GH: Talk about coachspeak…

“It is unfortunate that CBSSports.com’s unnamed source believed violating the NCAA confidentiality rules was worthwhile. The report did not advance anyone’s interests (except the source’s) and is making a mockery of what is supposed to be a fair process. Nevertheless, based on the testimony of my client, the media reports of other persons’ statements and the voluminous records we shared with the NCAA, any allegations asserted by Nevin Shapiro against my client cannot be supported.”
Michael L. Buckner, Frank Haith’s attorney, responding to Jeff Goodman’s story posted on CBSSports.com, ESPN.com
GH: I am not nearly as concerned with the source choosing to violate the NCAA confidentiality rules. I am concerned with the truth – as should be Mizzou, Haith and the NCAA.

“While most are focusing on the obvious questions — Will MU fire Haith? Should MU fire him? — the most important ones are largely ignored. Like, how did the report surface before Haith has even seen what he’s charged with? What is the source’s motivation?”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The report surfaced like any breaking news story surfaces – motive, reporting, relationships, etc. I do not find those questions nearly as important as Mellinger. Again, the truth is what matters. Did Haith or did he not pay the $10K to a recruit? Why is this bad for the public to know this now? I understand why Haith’s lawyer wants this squashed but why would a sports columnist tread lightly?

“And are we really in a place where a man should lose his job over something his accuser reportedly says it can’t even prove?”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Mellinger is attacking Haith’s “trial” as if the accused Mizzou head coach has the constitution to fall back on for justice. He does not. The NCAA calls all the shots here. It is part of the deal when you sign on to coach college kids for millions of dollars.

“The NCAA has emphasized sticking punishments with coaches more than schools, and if it’s proved Haith cheated, and especially that he lied about it, then he has earned the punishment. But we should also keep in mind that in the world of college basketball, these accusations essentially translate to a speeding ticket — maybe in a work zone. Haith just had the misfortune of being at a school with a football program under investigation by a relentless reporter.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The misfortune? Of being caught? And now Haith has brought his alleged sins to Mizzou to taint an innocent team, school and state. If Haith is found guilty, the misfortune lies not with Haith but with those he has deceived.

“Supporters of longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno are marking the anniversary of his death with a candlelight vigil. … Organizers say they will light 409 candles, one for each of Paterno’s victories before 111 were stripped as part of NCAA sanctions in response to the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.”
Associated Press
GH: Priorities, people. Priorities. This news makes me ill.

“Joe Paterno, knowing facilitator of serial child rape, has been dead for a year. A vigil for him is a sick disgrace.”
Dan Bernstein, @dan_berstein, Twitter

0121_manti_te_o_Matthew-Hiltzik-katie_couric_articleWhat would you do?”
Manti Te’o, in an excerpt from his interview with Katie Couric, when asked why he perpetuated the lie after he knew his girlfriend did not exist, 610 AM
GH: Here is another insulated star athlete who is shocked when confronted with the reality that exists outside his football-centric protective cocoon. Te’o is still peddling his bullshit and thinking we’re up for buying it. Maybe Te’o should give Lance Armstrong a call. 

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