OTC: KU Travels To K-State To Welcome Bruce Weber To The Big 12 / On 38 The Spot???

“Hey, it’s less than 48 hours until the Sunflower Showdown and there’s absolutely no anger on my twitter timeline. Don’t be slacking.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, two days before Kansas traveled to Manhattan, Twitter
GH: With KU ranked third and K-State at eleven, this game is a rare January treat for us Midwestern ballers. Read on.

“A lot of people are looking at this and saying, ‘How did a game like this end up on regional television?’”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Yeah, what gives? This game is on 38 the Spot tonight in Kansas City. I sure hope they have wiped the petroleum jelly off the HD camera lens for tonight’s game.

“I have not received one email about Bruce Weber.”
Danny Clinkscale, refuting Kevin Kietzman’s claim that Kansas fans hate the new K-State basketball coach, 810 AM
GH: Weber was probably more unpopular with K-State fans than KU fans before he knocked off Florida and his Cats went on an 11-game winning spree. But one sure way to get the Jayhawks’ fans’ anger directed toward Weber is for KSU to beat KU. That could very well happen tonight.

“I don’t think at Kansas they’re talking about first place in the middle of January.”
Greg Gurley, on Bruce Weber’s comments about tonight’s game being a battle for first place in the Big 12, 610 AM
GH: Kansas fans are more amused by Weber than angered by him. It’s hard to get worked up over that screech of a voice.

“This is a game where K-State may be able to attack Kansas bench.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: Kansas has looked downright awful at times on the offensive end. At KU this conference season it’s pretty much been; “McLemore & Withey –  then pray the D holds ‘em to fitty.”

“They go through some stretches where they don’t run offense and they shoot it too quickly.”
Doug Gottlieb, on why Kansas sometimes has trouble scoring, 810 AM

“I think [Kansas] won a couple of games last week playing poorly and I think that’s a good sign.”
Fran Fraschilla, on KU’s tough win home over Iowa State and an ugly road win at Texas Tech, 810 AM

“[Naadir] Tharpe seems to be surprising but all that’s been done against teams with inferior talent.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: I was not a big fan of Tharpe’s until this past month. The KU point guard is playing with a sense of confidence I do not recall him displaying. I don’t believe his trey is as good as it recently has appeared, but he runs the floor under control and with an ability to finish.

“Rodney McGruder is one of the best I have seen at moving without the ball. Similar to Steve Alford when he was at Indiana.”
Rich Zvosec, @CoachZZ, Twitter
GH: Mac has four – count ‘em – four Big 12 POTW awards already this season. This is the guy Matt Doherty had questions about his athleticism. I know plenty of questionable athletes. McGruder ain’t one of them.

“What’s going to win or lose this game for Kansas State are the other guys. McGruder’s going to get his.”
Greg Gurley, 610 AM
GH: Does K-State have the offensive firepower to beat Kansas? No…not outside of Bramlage. But this one is inside the OOD – where all things are possible. I still like KU tonight by a sliver.

“They won’t storm the court tonight if they win, will they?”
Nate Bukaty, speculating on the reaction of the K-State fans tonight at Bramlage, 810 AM
GH: This court storming business seems to be a strong concern for many Kansas fans. A Jayhawk would never storm the court at Allen Fieldhouse…although I’ll bet it crossed some Crimson & Blue lobes after that comeback win over Mizzou last March. Gone on, Gavin, admit it. You wanted to go all barnyard and tackle Baby Jay, didn’t you?

“I’ll bet you they do if they win it.”
Dave Armstrong, on whether or not the patrons inside the Octagon of Doom will spill out onto the court after a Wildcat win over KU, 810 AM
GH: I’m with Jack Buck on court storming – “Go crazy, folks! Go crazy!”

“When I got to K-State, those three guys actually thought the draft order was going to be Michael Beasley number one, Bill Walker number two, and Jacob Pullen number three. Then as the season progresses, these guys realized this is going to be harder than I thought.”
Frank Martin, whose South Carolina Cocks will be at Mizzou Arena in the 6:00 PM appetizer on ESPNU, 810 AM
GH: I have talked to high school freshmen who could crack their school’s starting lineup who were sure they were headed to the NBA in a few years. I truly think it is an issue in the black culture. I have seen too many black kids who don’t have a realistic plan to go with their dream.

“If you took Ole Miss’ team and put them in New York, people would be saying they’re a Final Four team. That’s how good I think they are.”
Frank Martin, lamenting the lack of respect that SEC basketball gets nationally, 810 AM
GH: Is Frank talking about realignment again?

“The biggest myth in the world is that I scream at everybody. That I’m the biggest meanie that walks around and tries to deflate everybody from their lifelong dream.”
Frank Martin, when asked by Kevin Kietzman about his coaching style of verbally breaking down players to then build them back up, 810 AM
GH: Manti Te’o is going to be happy to hear this. #myth

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27 Responses to OTC: KU Travels To K-State To Welcome Bruce Weber To The Big 12 / On 38 The Spot???

  1. john doe says:

    KU rolls, 75-58

  2. JP says:

    Kietzman’s comment was idotic about Weber. KU fans know he is the coach who won with Bill Self’s players at Illinois, then fell down when he couldn’t recruit like Coach Self. Let KK have his moment, football season is over. As for KU, they have been waiting to play a big game like this. I think the Hawks win by double digits, and going away.

    It’s funny how the media is panicking over KU. They are #3 in the country and keep finding ways to win. That formula helped them last year, and got them over the hump in the tournament. Ask Peyton Manning what winning by double digits 9 of the last 10 games gets you.

  3. kc says:

    Let’s go Wildcats! I don’t care how you do it, just win, baby! First place on the line. GO CATS!!

  4. donkeypunch says:

    wake me when it’s March….and this is coming from a KU alum

  5. The Smartman says:

    Problem with Guido Martin is he doesn’t dust his kids off after he spews his garlic breath laced venom at them. He’s the kind of coach that players want to kill, not die for.

    Nice article in the Star about why KU/KSU is on 38.

    KSU win would be nice for the league but I don’t see it. All KSU has to do is keep it close and they’ll hold their rank.

    Black kids have easy life choices, athlete, rapper, criminal, convict or corpse and you don’t need a degree or even a GED to excel.

    • john doe says:

      Is it because nobody gives a shit about the “rivalry” except the KC area?
      The same team doesnt win 43 of 47 match-ups in a real rivalry

      At least MU/KU had some real hatred, even though it was also mostly a one sided “rivalry” in basketball. A lot of the KU basketball fans happen to root for KState football, which makes them the same fanbase,

  6. Gavin says:

    K-State may be able to attack K-State’s bench?

  7. Gavin says:

    As for the court storming, let me put it this way: I would never support it and think it’s a classless thing to do. It demonstrates a distinct unfamiliarity with winning. And that will remain my view on the subject until a court storming at Allen actually happens at which time I will point out to you that they’re only a bunch of exuberant kids after all and what the hell is the big deal? Let ’em have their fun.

  8. Truth says:

    I think it’s funny 810 gets killed for taking a picture. 610 pulls a whole fucking show off the air for the peanuts they got for airing a Rockhurst College basketball game that sounded line they put a mic up to a scanner. But Greg won’t think thats a big deal because he’s still trying to get a job over there. This blog is a joke and bias. Greg, admit it!

    • Barles james says:

      Is this nick wrigjt? Also, if haith gets canned, does alden hide under his desk and send that poorthe sob gary link out to do his dirty work?

  9. Joe Blow says:

    38 the Spot huh? Maybe that new big rivalry isn’t quite what it’s made out to be?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Had it been Mizzou/KU, it would’ve been on Big Monday in primetime, or CBS’s feature broadcast nationally on Saturday afternoon.

  10. KCMonarch says:

    “This is a game where K-State may be able to attack K-State’s bench.” Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM

    I’m not a basketball guy and don’t understand this concept. Please explain.

  11. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    38 the spot… B12 perch on the line… a three and an eleven…. seems wrong.

  12. HipityHop says:

    I watched the UMKC game on 62….

  13. Jim says:

    Can we put an end to some of the myths regarding KU fans, John Doe? I don’t know any KU fans that root for KSU football. None. Zero. They despise HCBS and all things Wildcat.

    Regarding “real” rivalries, if your theory was true, there would be no MU/KU rivalry in basketball. Take the last 20 years or the last 100 years. Doesn’t matter. KU has owned MU.

    Gottlieb is right. MU always thinks they are something they are not. That includes their football and basketball programs. You’d think an awesome football program like MU’s would dominate a woeful program like KU’s over the last 10 years or the last 100 years. Yeah, not so much.

    Rivalries don’t have anything to do with scoreboards.

    I guess perception is your reality.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      I knew alot of KU basketball fans who also rooted for Nebraska football back in the 90’s.

    • JP says:

      +1 172-95, that’s a 77 game difference. Does that make it a rivalry?

      • john doe says:

        When MU left, KU fans were saying it was never a rivalry. Their actions and words would say that was a false statement.

    • john doe says:

      Speaking of myths, what does MU think they are, and what are they? People like to say we think we are something we are not, but nobody ever goes into specifics. What do we think we are, and what are we? Do we think we have bad luck? Yes. Do we think we are overrated and underachieve i most things? A lot of us do. Do we shit our pants? Yes, but most other teams have also done that. So, in your own words, what do we think we are and what are we? You guys say MU football program is “awesome” a lot more than we do, so you can throw around the argument that it hasnt been as one-sided as basketball.

      And there is no myth that KU does not support their own football team. They root for basketball and whoever is playing MU in football an given week. You can deny it, but you’d be wrong. I have known KU fans who root for KState football because their grandpa lives in Manhattan, or because their wife went to school there. OR Nebraska because they were born in Lincoln, which means they get to pick and choose which school and which sport they root for.

    • BS says:

      Here is one fan. My first sports teams that I followed growing up were the 1985 Royals and the 1986 KU basketball team (Greg Dreiling, Ron Kellogg, Archie Marshall, Calvin Thompson, Danny Manning). I went to KState for my field of study and was there as the football team gained prominence. Although I am a Wildcat, I have always been a KU basketball fan.

      There are lots of people like me out there.

      • rkcal says:

        Ditto. I imagine there’s alot of people out there like me; moved to the area as an adult, no allegiance to either school. Didn’t think twice about them before I moved here. KSU was/is good in football, so I “root” for them; KU was/is good in BB, so I “root” for them. Yeah, I know; everybody loves a winner.

  14. Zard says:

    You went to KSU and you root for KU?

    BS it is…

  15. Jim says:

    If you all want to perpetuate the myth that there are “alot” of KU fans that root for KSU in football, be my guest. Anecdotal evidence like “my grandpa went to KSU” or “I picked KU when I was a kid, but then went to KSU” is just that. Anecdotal. Why would real KU fans feel the need to root for KSU’s football team? Do MU fans feel the need to do that?

  16. Joey Gallo says:

    This conservation has really gotten stupid.

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