OTC: Mizzou Hoops’ Season Dies A Quick & Painful Death To Colorado State

“We want Pressey to beat us from the outside. He’s made some uncharacteristic threes [during the first half]. He’s 28% from there. We’re going to go under that screen all night. If he’s going to hit from there he beats us from there.”
Larry Eustachy, Colorado State’s head coach, during his on-air interview at halftime on TBS as his Rams went on to eliminate Missouri 84-72 in their first NCAA game for the third consecutive season, TBS
GH: How little respect does Eustachy have for Frank Haith and Mizzou to simply lay out his team’s game plan on national television with 20 minutes left in the game? Eustachy knows what we all know – Haith is simply watching his team, not coaching his team. He has no more control over his team’s on-court play than Norm Stewart…and Norm hasn’t coached in 14 years.

“Colorado State’s been daring Pressey to shoot all night, and he’s now 4 for 12 from the field. No one else has more than seven shots.”
Steve Walentik, @SteveWalentik, Twitter

“Colorado State is flat out a tougher team. Plain and simple. Dudes got grit and heart.”
Kim English, @Englishscope24, who played for MU and Frank Haith last season, Twitter
GH: This might be the unkindest cut of all. I have nothing more to add.

“Just a lack of fight.”
Steve Walentik, @SteveWalentik, Twitter

“Bring me your game not your name because your name is nothing.”
Charles Barkley, warning the bluebloods of college hoops to take no team lightly, TNT
GH: Mizzou is far from a CBB Blueblood but they surely reside much higher on the game’s pecking order than Colorado State – or did. The Rams hadn’t won an NCAA game in 24 years and looked to me to be just what they are – a bunch of hard-working marginal DI ballers who outhustled the much more athletic Tigers on almost every possession, rebound and loose ball. It was embarrassing to watch two kids from Nebraska and one from Lawrence, Kansas just outwork Haith’s specimens.

“I told my wife we’re not going to go home tomorrow morning. We’re going to win this game and fire a shot at Louisville. So, I believe in these guys. But more importantly, they believe in themselves. It’s a great team, it’s the best group of guys I’ve ever been around. I’m proud of them.”
Larry Eustachy, Denver Post
GH: That sounds like a confident coach. I am rooting for the Rams to do the unthinkable on Saturday.

“A #Mizzou fan told me this week he wanted them to lose quickly, just to get it over. Didn’t think it’d be this quick, though.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: I know much of the Mizzou fan base is too young to even remember Norm Stewart’s great teams and the Tiger program I grew up admiring from afar. I cannot express strongly enough how foreign this kind of thinking is when I think of Missouri and their lack of fight. The Missouri I knew would do EVERYTHING to win until their last breath. The football team was even more resilient. I do not know these Tigers of today.

“I love Phil Pressey more than anything in the world. But it might be time to move on.”
Jared Speckman, @Speck60, Twitter
GH: Phil Pressey is a great college basketball player who needs a coach to direct his talents. He is Lindsey Lohan in longer shorts.

“Phil Pressey with 20, 7 dimes, + 1 TO. Colton Iverson with only 4 points. And Missouri loses by 12? Crazy, crazy sport.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter
GH: Pretty hard to be mad at a guy who puts up that scorecard in an NCAA game.

“Same problem that has plagued this team all season: the inability to ever get a defensive stop.”
Carrington Harrison, @CDotharrison, Twitter
GH: The lack of interior defense from Missouri coupled with the absence of defending the three-point arc was staggering. Average to slow white guys from Nebraska and Kansas were driving into the lane and scoring on uncontested layups all evening long. And Mizzou Just. Let. Them…

“Mizzou shooting 46% and has just three turnovers. Still getting blown out. Why? No defense. No toughness. Awful. … I mean, I hate watching Missouri play basketball. Hated it last year vs. Norfolk. Hate it now. Puke.”
Gregg Doyel, @GreggDoyelCBS, Twitter

“Mizzou with a pathetic showing right now. They haven’t played defense all night.”
Lance Veeser, @lanceveeser, Twitter

“Frank Haith is so happy they call this the 2nd round — at least he doesn’t keep losing in the 1st round!”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb sent this tweet out while he was broadcasting Harvard’s upset of New Mexico. Gottlieb is very happy nowadays when the SEC MU Tigers lose. Some Tiger fans are angered by his digs. I find his willingness to be so petty and human entertaining – and excellent fodder for my OTC.

“Calling it. This time next year, Haith, Pinkel and Alden will all be on the hot seat.”
Brian McGannon, @BrianMcGannon, Twitter
GH: Pinkel needs only six wins and a bowl game to keeps his seat cool. Haith is almost assured another NCAA berth as a member of the weak SEC. Alden is the best fundraiser MU has ever had as an AD. I don’t see much changing in Columbia for some time.

“Oriakhi has now made 15 straight shots. I know you can’t just give it to him every trip but FIFTEEN STRAIGHT?”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, Twitter
GH: I think Oriakhi ended his career with 16 in a row. At least that’s one positive.

“Still love my Tigers. #MIZ.”
Evan Chiplock, @EvanChiplock, a Michigan native and a freshman cross country/track runner at Mizzou, in a postgame tweet, Twitter
GH: Not a bad way to end today’s OTC.

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32 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Hoops’ Season Dies A Quick & Painful Death To Colorado State

  1. Ptolemy says:

    Nice work! Late night and “…Lohan in longer shorts…” Ha.

    You’re right…Haith watches his team play. He’s doesn’t coach them. He got desperate with this Miami business and shot his wad with all the other-program castoffs thinking he had to win NOW. You can do that in football, but not more than half the team. In basketball, that’s a disaster.

    Haith-watch has commenced.

    • chuckart says:

      Not too defend Haith too much after this season but the reason Mizzou needed all the transfers was because there were zero freshman brought in under Anderson in his last year and there were 7 seniors last year. Thats a scholarship clusterfuck.

  2. “Still love my Tigers”? After this talented but mentally weak and largely effortless team just sleepwalked through an entire season? I’m with Doyel: Puke to this team, and Puke to Chiplock’s tweet.

  3. Hammy says:

    Weak SEC? Greg I think you will feel different once we actually see the league next year. Half the McD’s AA team is going to SEC schools

    • Instructor says:

      He wasn’t crystal-balling last year. He was talking about THE CURRENT SEASON. And yes, the SEC stinks on ice.

      • hammy says:

        Greg said: ” Haith is almost assured another NCAA berth as a member of the weak SEC” That is referring to next year. Reading is fundamental.

        • Ginger Bonita says:

          These Missouri fans are so sensitive to any perceived slight about the GREATEST CONFERENCE EVAR. They sent three teams to the dance and Missouri’s already going home without even a handjob. SEC sucks in basketball, no two ways about it.

          • chuckart says:

            SEC has a lot more titles than the Big XII

          • john doe says:

            They may suck recently, but since 1990, they have more national champions. Big 12 has one Kansas title. SEC has titles with Arkansas, Florida and Kentucky.

          • JG says:

            They can’t defend their school so they prop themselves up by defending the SEC. You know, that conference they have so much history with. It’s like a homeless man walking into someone else’s house and declaring “My people!”

          • johnny wad says:

            It’s like a homeless man walking into someone else’s house and declaring “My people!”
            Except for the fact that they weren’t homeless.

  4. john doe says:

    Disgraceful way to end the season. Bench your starting SG for the 2nd half in an important game. Refuse to play defense. Refuse to get the ball to your center who hasn’t missed many shots in the last few weeks.

    As much as I want him gone, it’ll be hard to fire a coach with a 53-15 record.

    I’m glad I didnt change my plans and stay home to watch that disaster. I knew they’d get their asses kicked.

    Maybe they should have kept Dixon on the team at least until he was actually charged with something.

  5. The Smartman says:

    Combine the lack of finishing off Ole Miss and not getting started against CSU and the blame falls squarely on Frank Haith. If Mike All Done has any sense he whacks the guy today. The last two games have been Biblically awful. Next year doesn’t look any better. Recruiting isn’t going to get any easier. The only reason to go to MU is because nobody else wants you. As someone stated on another blog SEC at MU means Sucks in Every Conference!

  6. Johnny Utah says:

    The mid-90s MU teams out-toughed and out-worked teams. They were a team no one wanted to play. Now? Who can tell this team from Quin’s teams? There’s too little talent to work so little and expect wins.

    The last decade has seen teams that are very un-Mizzou-like.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    GH: Pretty hard to be mad at a guy who puts up that scorecard in an NCAA game.

    Pressey also shot 7/19 and scored 6 of those points in garbage time with less than a minute left in the game. You could tell what kind of night it was going to be when Pressey missed two 3-pointers in the first four possessions. The team as a whole missed way too many open 3-pointers and failed to drive the ball against a team that was shooting really well. They basically played the exact same game they’ve been playing all season. I don’t understand why Bell only made a brief cameo in the first half — has it came out that he was injured or something? Why else was he just sitting on the bench the whole game?

    I hate that Mellinger quote, though. He already used that line in one of his lame columns a couple of days ago, then makes sure to throw it out there again as another dig at the Mizzou fan base. I hate how, because *one* person said it, he keeps using it to infer that that’s the mindset of the entire fan base. No matter how mediocre the season turned out to be, I would never wish they would just lose in the big tournament they’ve worked so hard to get to — I really don’t believe there can be more than a handful of fans that actually feel that way.

  8. Mark X says:

    … MU means Sucks in Every Conference!

    LOL, nice.

    • HARLEY says:

      MU AD needs to wake up and not wait another year. Despite the ncaa allegations
      and his “acquittal” or mismanagement…get rid of frank now.
      Save yourself the horror of another year of bad basketball.
      Take some of the 80 million bucks and go steal the best coach in basketball.
      Maybe take a shot at a great up and comer…or go take a big 10 coach…you’ve
      gotmillions sitting in the bank.
      You’ve blown the deal with anderson/haith/snyder and the other clowns you’ve
      hired…open that vault and go buy the best you can find.
      This is getting old. 40 years of great talent and nothing to show for it.
      The big 12 bball is declining…the one and done is killing collegte bball.

      I predicted after the 3 game losing streak that mclemore andwithey would
      lead them to a championship. Mclemore has disappointed…will he go to
      nba after 0-8 shooting? But noone can stop withey right now…michigan
      might have the short term answer with mcgary (?) but noones going to
      beat ku right now.
      I think ku had a big advantage playing in kc that won’t be in effect in
      dallas. I can see michigan beating ku friday…ku will finally have a big
      man to offset withey…not many big men in college bball this year…\\


  9. Ginger Bonita says:

    SEC! SEC! SE…what? SE…

    All that braggadocio last year about switching conferences, treating the move from the Big 12 to the SEC like it was moving from Duluth to beachfront property in Hawaii. Somehow I’m hearing far fewer SEC! chants. Missouri thought they were too big for the Big 12 britches and went to what they thought was a tougher conference. True, football may be tougher, but I never understood why Missouri felt it needed the challenge because they never answered it while they were in the supposedly inferior Big 12. And basketball is undeniably weaker in the SEC, and Missouri didn’t do too well there either.

    SEC! SEC!

    • john doe says:

      No, they wanted to be part of a conference and thought the Big 12 was falling apart. If the Pac 10 would have allowed the Longhorn Network, then the conference would have been finished. There is still no guarantee the conference is solid. Texas and OU have the money to be able to leave any time they want.

      • JG says:

        Maybe the Big 12 will fall apart eventually. Who knows. Missouri still bailed too early. They were in a rush to pat themselves on the back and stick an SEC sticker on their chest. See ya

  10. rkcal says:

    and OU. Forgot about them.

  11. The Word says:

    Does anyone know why the logos on the corners of the NCAA floors are? Sometimes I see a conference or a local school. In Philly they had Temple. In Salt Lake City it’s Utah. So why is the logo on the Sprint Center the Valley? Not the Big 12 or the SEC?

    • The Smartman says:

      The logos, in many cases, but not all, are electronically imposed by the networks based on NCAA requirements, contractual obligations, etc.

    • Old Man Kissel says:

      What they are is the logos of the team or conference that is hosting the tournament. It’s a good question. In Kansas City, the tournament is not hosted by the SEC or Big 12, but the Missouri Valley. Why?

      810 scoops 610 once again…

  12. The Word says:

    Wow…I…I thought the SEC was weak….. Seems like the Big 12 is just as over rated. Only Iowa St and well, kind of KU showed up this week. After one round the SEC and Big 12 has the same number of teams still in it. Two…

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The Big 12 has faceplanted badly. OU? Drilled by double digits. Okie State? Beaten by a double digit seed, by double digits. KState, the conference “co-champion”? Beaten by a double digit seed. Now down to 2 teams, ISU who played excellent against ND, and KU, who squeaked by 16 seed Western Kentucky.

  14. The Word says:

    I guess perception is reality. But this year in college basketball that might not be the case.

    Perception is that the SEC was down, some saying weak. While the Big 12, not exactly a world beater was at least better then Southeastern Conference. Well, after the first round the two conferences have the same number of teams still in it. Two.

    During football season, many KU and K-State fans were preaching that the Big 12 was just as good as the SEC. KK was doing this the most saying the SEC was living off it’s past reputation. Then bowl season started.

    The Big 12 went 4-5 with it’s top teams Kansas State and Oklahoma getting destroyed by teams that not only didn’t win their own conferences but didn’t win their own divisions. The SEC on the other hand went 5-3 including the eventual national champion.

    This year in basketball is starting to feel the same. While at the end of the day I think neither the SEC or Big 12 will have a team in the Final Four. All the KU and K-State on the radio or message boards laughing at the SEC seems silly now.

    Might seem even more silly, if the SEC actually has the lone representative out of the two conferences going to the Final Four.

  15. The Word says:

    Now it’s down to one. Will Roy Williams make it 0 for the Sweet 16 for the Big 12?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Nope. Same old Roy. Fielding a soft team, refusing to call timeouts. KU kicked their ass.

  16. BlackJack says:

    Yeah, because how far a team goes in the tournament is the sole, determining factor in how strong your conference is, right?

    Sorry, but the Big12 had half of thier teams qualify for the tournament, while the SEC had 3 out of 14 teams make it in. The Big12 was no great shakes, but it is ranked 5th in RPI, the SEC 8th. Both conferences have one team remaining in the tournament.

    Bottom line: the Big12 was nothing to crow about this season, but the SEC was historically bad

  17. Tim says:

    SEC went further in the tournament dummy

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