OTC: MU’s Dixon Accused Of Rape / Victim’s Own Story Leads Police To Close Case W/O Charges

“Mizzou senior guard Michael Dixon was accused of rape in August [2012], but the case was closed Nov. 16 after an investigation led Tracy Gonzalez of the Boone County prosecuting attorney’s office to conclude there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges, according to a Columbia police report obtained by the Post-Dispatch.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: The details of why Michael Dixon has been suspended this basketball season are now available for public consumption. Read on.

“She [the alleged unnamed victim] said she invited Dixon to her apartment to get to know him better. She said he suggested they turn out the lights because his ‘eyes hurt’ and that, after initially resisting, she agreed to turn off the lights and they went to her bed. … she said Dixon told her to ‘chill out’ and began tugging at her pajama pants. She said she told Dixon multiple times to stop, to which he responded, ‘just chill out.’ She said she tried unsuccessfully to push Dixon off of her but couldn’t. She said she told Dixon, ‘No, you don’t even have protection, this is disgusting,’ and that after saying that, Dixon removed a condom from his pocket and put it on. She said that soon afterward Dixon penetrated her with his penis and she was in pain and unable to move. She said Dixon asked her to turn around so he could penetrate her from behind, which she did. When asked by the investigating officer if she ever tried to stop Dixon, she said ‘she had just let it happen and she did not know why.’ She said she was not afraid of being struck by Dixon. … She said after the alleged rape she walked Dixon to the door and opened it for him.”
Steve Walentik, writer, who fashioned his article from the narrative of the police’s offensive report, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Date rape is a serious crime – but so is the accusation of rape by a woman scorned. “She said Dixon asked her to turn around so he could penetrate her from behind, which she did.” Doesn’t sound like she was screaming for her neighbors to come stop this act. “She said after the alleged rape she walked Dixon to the door and opened it for him.”

“The woman said Dixon stopped after about 20 minutes and she reached for her pajama pants. She said that when Dixon asked why she was trying to put on her pants, she replied, ‘because this was never supposed to happen in the first place.’ She said she went to the bathroom and when she returned Dixon asked her to perform oral sex on him. She said she told him no, and then Dixon asked her to masturbate him, which she did. She stated ‘she didn’t know why she did.’ She said Dixon left soon thereafter.”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: One question: What university board heard this testimony and voted to expel Dixon? Read on, it gets worse.

“She said she and Dixon had not spoke since it happened but that she sent him a text message approximately two minutes after he left her apartment. According to the report: ‘The text she sent said they should hang out together, and was sorry for yelling at him. She also told Mr. Dixon she didn’t want him just using her for sex. Mr. Dixon sent her a text back, saying Okay.’ The woman ‘told Mr. Dixon to send her a text when he was free. Mr. Dixon sent her a text back, saying Okay.’”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Two minutes after leaving her apartment after she was “raped” she is apologizing and wanting to hang out? Props to the Columbia police department and shame on this sham of a board that has allowed this incident to fester.

“A later follow-up report stated that the woman tried to contact Dixon via text message on Aug. 27 but he did not respond. The next day, she told police she sent him another text message and told him he was ignoring her and called him an ‘asshole.’ Woman: ‘Michael, what kind of person has sex with someone then doesn’t want to contact them afterwards. I barely text you. I didn’t even want to have sex with you in the beginning; i pretty much made that clear with you since last semester, but no Michael always gets What he wanta.’”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Anybody out there ever been in a similar situation as Dixon? Just about every guy with a working penis.

“Woman: ‘I told you before I cut those damn lights off we werent going to have sex. I had no intentions of doing that with you Because i don’t have sex with guys i barely know. You only wanted to come over that night for one sex anyways. I just wasn’t going to let you. But no you weren’t taking no for an answer. So that is Why Im mad at you. Because you used me.’”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: So Dixon has been suspended for using a girl? I guess we need to clean out that university of the male population immediately.

“In the final follow-up police report on Nov. 16, [Sgt. Steve] McCormack listed under follow-up remarks: ‘insufficient evidence to file criminal charges.’ ”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Duh.

“Dixon, who was never interviewed by police or charged, has been suspended from the MU basketball team since at least early October for what coach Frank Haith has repeatedly called violations of team rules. His future remains unclear, and MU officials declined comment Tuesday night.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Violation of team rules? I thought he’d skipped class. And universities wonder why we believe almost nothing they say in prepared statements.

“The police report reflects several interviews with the alleged victim and also interviews with her roommates, the result of which evidently led the prosecutor’s office to believe interviewing Dixon was not necessary to reach the conclusion to close the matter.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Gregorian was a guest on Bob Fescoe’s show Wednesday morning and I am glad the guy can write. His narrative of what went on with the Dixon case was even more confusing than the mixed signals coming out of Columbia the past month. I have long enjoyed Gregorian’s work as a writer – but as a talker he failed miserably this morning.

“It’s basically a chancellor’s review board. I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s made up of like five faculty members. People are calling it a student board – it’s not students. It’s faculty members. That board, as I understand it, voted to expel Mike from school.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: This is interesting information – if accurate. Kim English, the victim, the Columbia Daily Tribune, Gregorian – all have stated this was a student board that heard this case and made this decision. If they had access to this same narrative, what the heck were they thinking?

“The [MU] student board is not `a joke.’ … Dixon is a rapist and I know this because im the victim.”
Tweet from the supposed victim in this case, responding to tweets from Kim English who called the student conduct board a joke, Twitter
GH: This victim has been anything but shy about keeping the spotlight on Dixon. She is about to become very famous in the state of Missouri.

“If the committee has, in fact, made a ruling, Dixon has, as suggested by English, the right of appeal to Chancellor Brady Deaton. … Deaton has been out of the country and won’t be back until later this week.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: What country did Deaton depart for – a colony on Mars? How difficult is it for him to take the time to review this case remotely and make a call? This is exactly the kind of publicity that a chancellor should be working to avoid despite a trip abroad. Unless Deaton has been gone since September, this incident should have long ago been decided.  

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69 Responses to OTC: MU’s Dixon Accused Of Rape / Victim’s Own Story Leads Police To Close Case W/O Charges

  1. goonzablazin says:

    Question for Greg: when you write that someone is an “alleged unnamed victim” does this mean that it’s being alleged that the victim doesn’t have a name?

    I’m not sure I’d call Dixon a rapist, but he is a sexual boundary violator. This is what being allowed to get away with palming, traveling, flopping and charging can lead to.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      A sexual predator fits the guy.

      Not convicted but certainly not innocent.

      Good to see GH jumped on the victim and exonerate the perp. (is the sarcasim font working?)

      • Greg Hall says:

        Anyone who is concerned about the crime of rape should be livid with the flacid accusations of “vicitm” number two. Rape victims don’t text their rapist two minutes after they leave the scene of the crime and suggest they hang out.

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          GH: Anybody out there ever been in a similar situation as Dixon? Just about every guy with a working penis.

          You chose to lambast only one participant in this event. I doubt about every guy has ever forced sex on a woman. I know I haven’t.

          No defense for her behavior nor his.

  2. Larry Mondello says:

    I hope her family has deep pockets, because if I was Mike Dixon I would be suing the shit out of her for defamation of character. What was laid out in these interviews is nothing more than a guy using a girl for sex and never calling her. In my day, the girls like this knew their place as “sluts” and happily took their weekly pounding from the males around. Nothing more to see here….this happens everywhere, on every campus and on every team….
    all the damn time.

  3. Michael Dixon says:

    I was at my niggas Chad’s house the night. He had a few people over. Me my niggas Owens and then another girl named Britney. She had a skirt on and I wanted to get inside it. I said to her bitch raise your skirt up. She said, “No I’m scared.” I asked your no virgin is you? She said yeah. I said no you ain’t trick. You’re a slut and you know it. I took her panties off ripped her skirt off, Stuck my dick in her. Nutted inside her and got her pregnant.


  4. JP says:

    I would like to ask all of the Dixon Defenders, if that was your daughter, would you still be pounding the keyboard, making the inappropriate jokes and innuendos. The facts are there was a non-consensual sexual encounter. Under the law, the prosecution did not have enough to bring it forward and that is their discretion. However, hearing the pleas from Missourah fans about this is very disturbing and troubling. I guess it’s all about winning games, someone else’s life ruined be damned.

    • john doe says:

      seems to me it may have started non consensual, then became consensual as time went on. she switched positions for god sakes, then jerked him off later

  5. MightyMo says:

    I have one bone to pick with Mike. You do not ask for the blow after you’ve put it everywhere else. Odds of success are seriously diminished. True ladies prefer the oral/handy in one session and vag/ass in another.

  6. dixon cider says:

    STLPD released records from another charge from 2010.

    I bet he is done at MU now

    • JP says:

      You mean…another rape charge in 2010. Is that crickets I’m hearing from Missourah fan. Yeah, I’m sure you guys would be proud to have such a high class individual representing your school and state. Lesson here: before you go destroying any victim’s reputation, know the damn facts!!!

      • dixon cider says:

        Read the story from August, then you’ll have the facts.

        She was a scorned girl who lied about a rape.

  7. Knowstherightones says:

    Hey Mike quit raping people!

  8. Scott says:

    And the MU staffer he raped. Was she scorned too?

    • dixon cider says:

      Maybe, maybe not. That one has more credence as a legitimate rape.

      The 2nd one was just pissed off because he used her for sex. Not a crime of anything but doing a douchebag. Most guys have used a girl for one thing.

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