OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Staring At Nine Months Of Waiting On NCAA Ruling & Penality

“I hate to speculate on that because I don’t know. My gut would say yes. My gut would say yes – because there’s a lot of smoke here. If Frank Haith gets a ‘show cause’ of any kind, and unethical conduct matches up with a ‘show cause.’ Bruce Pearl got three years.”
Jeff Goodman, when asked by Steven St. John to give his opinion on whether or not Mizzou will be shopping for a new head basketball coach for next season due to the reports that the NCAA is about to rule on Haith’s involvement with the Miami/Shapiro scandal, 810 AM
GH: What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Before Haith and his Tigers were throttled at Ole Miss, the talk was that Mizzou was the favorite to win the SEC. Two embarrassing blowout road losses and a pending NCAA ruling later, and Mizzou’s basketball world resembles Gary Pinkel’s ugly first run through the south. Read on.

“[Mizzou] may have to part ways with Frank Haith. They may have to part ways with Mike Alden for making this hire.”
Bob Fescoe, 980 AM
GH: Mike Alden has also taken some hits to his resume. First the Pinkel problems, now the Haith mess. Will it come back to stick to Alden? He has shown to be remarkably durable in his time at Mizzou.

“It’s a tough deal for Mike Alden. I’m not saying I’m faulting [Mizzou’s] process for hiring him at that time. But it wasn’t too shortly after that all of this started coming to light. It’s kind of been hovering over their heads now for a long, long time. It looks like now it’s coming to a head.”
Dave Armstrong, 810 AM
GH: Alden hired Haith in April of 2011 and YahooSports.com broke the Miami/Shapiro scandal in August of that same year.

“Not at all. I wouldn’t put any blame on [Mike Alden] for hiring Frank Haith – because none of us knew this was going on other than maybe the guys at Yahoo and I’m not sure they knew when Frank Haith was hired.”
Jeff Goodman, when asked if Alden will suffer from Haith’s problems at Miami, 810 AM
GH: I’m not as confident that Alden will skate from Haith’s alleged crime as cleanly as Goodman believes. Haith was not a popular hire. He is becoming an embarrassment. That always reflects on the guy making the hire.

“Normally, coaches who get in this kind of trouble have already been fired.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Goodman is speculating it could be next fall before a final decision on Haith’s penalty could be made by the NCAA. That is a terrible situation for MU’s program, especially when it comes to recruiting. Alden will have to make a tough call – stand by Haith until the axe falls or cut and run. So far, Alden has chosen to show great patience.

“It’s premature to talk, say anything other than that, based on I’m bound by confidentiality based on the process of the NCAA. That’s all I can say.”
Frank Haith, addressing the topic Monday night on his Tiger Talk Radio Show
GH: Haith has a lot of explaining to do. His recent glum faces while seated on the Mizzou bench may not have all been the results of his team’s play.

“It sounds like they don’t believe him. It sounds like they feel he’s lying because his story doesn’t match up with other [Miami] assistant coaches on the staff. … He’s saying he gave this money to his assistants for camp money and it totals just about $10,000. And then Nevin Shapiro is saying he got just about $10,000 back for repayment, that’s where the NCAA is saying right now it does not add up.”
Jeff Goodman, 810 AM
GH: If Haith’s assistants and staff at Miami are pointing the finger at him, his coaching career is about to go the way of Bruce Pearl – but without the used-car salesman personality.

“They’re the judge. They’re the jury. They’re the executioner. They can do whatever they want.”
Jeff Goodman, who broke the latest report on Haith on CBSSports.com, on the NCAA’s power in ruling on Frank Haith’s case, 810 AM
GH: Sounds a lot like al-Qaeda.

“It doesn’t look great right now but we’ll have to see how everything shakes out. Just because he is charged with unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance, does not mean that he’ll definitely get a ‘show cause.’ He could be okay at the end of all this but certainly it’s not looking great right now.”
Jeff Goodman, 810 AM
GH: What a spring, summer and fall Frank Haith has to look forward to…not to mention Mizzou basketball fans. This cannot be good for a team that is already injured and reeling.

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34 Responses to OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Staring At Nine Months Of Waiting On NCAA Ruling & Penality

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Not being able to prove Haith did anything wrong yet handing down a “conviction”? Normally I would be fuming about such a thing. But Caesar’s wife should be above reproach applies in coaching.

    NCAA — PRIDE & EXCELLENCE SINCE (someday, maybe, hopefully, doubtful)

  2. omar epps says:

    It’d been a few months since I had gone over to Tigerboard to watch the implosion. Think I’ll take a little trip there now!

  3. john doe says:

    Meanwhile, the NCAA does nothing with Roy Williams and his players taking fake classes.

    Apparently, allegedly giving money to a player is worse than proven academic fraud for close to 10 years.

    Haith definitely has to be fired, and Alden has to be in consideration.

    • Mike says:

      To be fair, the academic fraud at UNC goes back to before Roy made the jump from KU to UNC, but it sure continued unabated under his watch.
      But I agree with your NCAA sentiment. The NCAA is quick to persecute any perceived extra benefits case of athletes BANKROLLING their coffers (Myck Kabongo), yet the NCAA turns a blind eye to rampant academic fraud???!
      The NCAA is a sham, power-hungry (and a tad hypocritical) institution that appears to now exists to solely exploit ‘student athletes’ for their own financial gain. See: Mark Emmert’s multi-million dollar salary as a head of a ‘nonprofit’.
      Looking back, it was foretelling their primary intentions as an organization in ’97 when they left KC for Indy in a large land-and-money grab for their HQ operations.

      • The Smartman says:

        Agreed! The NCAA makes the KGB look like The Knights of Columbus. Not gonna change. Even the pointy headed academia geeks in the seats of power at most colleges know they need to suck some athletic department dick in order to maintain those luxurious tenured positions and fat pensions. Based on the original intent of the NCAA it is FUBAR.

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Did you know the president of Monarch Eggs? Goes back quite awhile.

          He converted to Judasim in his 20s, got the knife and all.

          He helped a lot of Jews escape the Soviet Union. Outran the KGB on a Moscow subway platform to ditch his tale. The Eggman was about 350 at the time.

  4. Jim says:

    The NCAA wouldn’t even know the definition of hypocrisy, john doe. Until some recent cases, coaches have burned programs to the ground and moved on to greener pastures. Just the way it is.

  5. AaronB4MIzzou says:

    I’ve got to stand up for Mike Alden on this…it’s my understanding that a hire of this magnitude is “vetted” by the NCAA prior to the actual hiring. If this is true, Mizzou, and Alden did what they were supposed to do, they checked the candidate out and then after he was cleared, hired him. I really have no idea what’s going to happen here. The closest case I can think of is when Indiana hired Kelvin Sampson, but they knew prior to the hiring that Sampson had NCAA baggage. That wasn’t the case with Haith. This may just be a first for the NCAA and coaches. As to Omar up there…Tiger fans are already imploding, but that’s honestly pretty normal. I’m not sure there’s a fan base out there that’s harder on themselves than us Tiger fans.

    • Gavin says:

      I have heard that too, Aaron, that a hiring like this is vetted. Of course, hypcritical douchebags that they are at the NCAA I’m sure that their vetting also contains the proviso that their vetting doesn’t absolve the school for any violations that are later determined to have happened or that were not disclosed by the NCAA when the member institution inquired about the coaching candidate. Of course, without the Yahoo! reporting, I don’t think the NCAA is ever investigating Shapiro and Miami in the first place.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    I thought Haith had these questions before he was hired?

    I mean, if Miami is paying multiple basketball players a total of $10K, just imagine how much the players at the bigger programs are raking in..

  7. The Smartman says:

    Time for Mike All Done to go. Haith was a bad hire and even with NCAA vetting Alden should have and could have done more. Only dead men keep secrets. Best thing for MU to do is clean house, Alden, Haith and Pinkel too. Tigers need a serious kick in the pants in football. Recruiting not going well compared to other SEC programs. 6-6 looks like a stretch for 2013 season. No need to add another 10,000 seats when that would be 20,000 too many for most games. But don’t fret little tiggers, the move to the SEC was all about academics and that’s what college is all about.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Eh, I’m sure Missouri will strongly consider suggestions from a decidedly anti-Mizzou poster..

      • The Smartman says:

        Hey, I’m a Mizzou guy….or at least I’d like to be. Pinkel should have been whacked after the DUI and Haith should have never been hired. MU is in deep athletics shit with the adjustment to the SEC. They need a M1 Abrams tank to lead them out of the muck, not a BMW X5

        • Joe Blow says:

          Hmm, ok. I don’t think a DUI should have whacked Pinkel — shit happens — and he’s been good enough to survive a little garbage. But Haith has been a really weird thing. He’s a WAY better coach than Mike Anderson, but, like I said, I’m pretty sure there were investigations before he was hired. It would be an easy out to can him if the investigation turns up anything, but where does Mizzou go from there?

  8. Gavin says:

    I’m not saying I think he’s guilty and I’m not gloating (god knows I want to, but it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum swings back around as it does with pretty much every school) but I think Mizzou has to fire him at the end of this season.

    Haith is going to have an impossible time recruiting in the face of this (especialy if his team doesn’t step up on the court) so expect the next class to take a beating. If the rumblings about no resolution until next fall are true, that means a second class takes a pounding and then it’s a real problem. They appoint an interim to take over next season and “suddenly” it’s a spiral and no decent coach will want the gig because they will take over a bare cupboard and have huge expectations to succeed in a very tough SEC.

    Again, I’m not gloating, but I just don’t see how Mizzou can sit on this.

    • john doe says:

      Instead of going the interim route, they could just promote Tim Fuller, who is the main recruiter. He’s probably due to leave for a HC job sometime soon anyway

      • Gavin says:

        If you say so. I don’t know anything about the man so I have no idea if that would be a good call. I’ll take the word of a Mizzou fan on it.

        But it strikes me that it wouldn’t be nearly splashy enough of a hire for a school of MU’s profile. High-level BCS schools don’t typically promote assistants from within, do they? I’m sure I’m just not able to think of any examples, but it seems to me that schools at that level either usually go out and get a hot prospect head coach from a smaller school (Brad Stevens/Shaka Smart) or promote a high-level assistant from a giant program (Roy Williams/Quin Snyder). Sometimes you will see a Bill Guthridge get promoted as a placeholder, but you don’t usually see that happen with the long-term future in mind.

        I’m sure someone will think of a metric shit ton of examples that aren’t coming to my mind right now, but I still think MU needs to secure its fan base with as big a name as it can get if they have to get rid of Haith.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Uhhhhh….Frank Martin ring a bell?

          • Gavin says:

            See? I said there were certainly some I wasn’t thinking of.

            But even Martin is an exception, in a way. K-State hired him on an almost emergency basis so they’d be able to hang onto Michael Beasley after Huggins decided to split. They promoted the assistant to keep the splashy player who got recruited by the previous coach who HAD been the splashy hire.

        • kcredsox says:

          Sorry, this is an easy one, Frank Martin at KSU.

          • Gavin says:

            Yes, it is an easy one. Which is why GWSWOT mentioned it above and I pointed out that those circumstances were rather extraordinary in and of themselves.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Regardless, it was a promotion from within.

            That being said, I can see MU fans clamoring for Shaka Smart.

          • Gavin says:

            Absolutely. It was a promotion from within and one that I didn’t think of. But I think the point about those things being rarities is also a salient one. Martin would appear to be the exception, not the rule, and he was an exception because of K-State’s need to make (or, if you prefer, continue making) a splash by keeping Michael Beasley on board. Most of the time, big schools don’t do that. That’s all I’m saying.

            If MU fans say that Fuller is the guy (and Gabe DeArmond just said that he’ll definitely be a candidate if Haith leaves), I have no reason to doubt them at all. All I’m saying is that promoting an assistant from within isn’t very sexy. It seems to me, an admitted outsider, like MU fans have been getting kicked in the teeth lately and I’d wonder if they need to get a guy with a little more sex appeal than promoting an assistant. If Fuller is tied to a kid like Michael Beasley, it makes a lot of sense to keep Fuller in place, but if I’m an MU fan, I’d really be clamoring for them to break into that Wal-Mart money and get the Next Big Name.

  9. b12 says:

    Mizzou basketball is a pretty good job. It will survive Haith getting a “show cause” and leaving Columbia. Mizzou fans should be disappointed, pissed, etc…but a good coach will have that program right back where it should be, which is just a rung below UK in the SEC.

    Alden survives, too. Dude is teflon.

  10. Frank P. says:

    You’re about as much of a Mizzou guy as you are an Obama guy… please, child! I also loved the comment about Mizzou going to the SEC because of academics – academics doesn’t earn you a projected $34 million in 2014 as a part of the SEC. This is about stability, money, and nothing else.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


    • The Smartman says:

      Since MU moved to the SEC academic grants have skyrocketed. Sure there is revenue from the sports side but unless MU gets serious as hell about football and basketball both programs will wallow in the bottom third of the SEC, continuing on in the mediocrity that tigger fans are far too willing to accept.

  11. john doe says:

    Any guesses on where the lead investigator (before she was fired) went to law school?

    Not saying there was any prejudice, but it adds to the legend.

  12. Barles James says:

    Makes one wonder if Mizzou is working with the NCAA in running Haith out the door. Not sure how any AD can survive missing two out of three bball hires, no matter how good the Pinkel hire was for the first 10 years.

  13. john doe says:

    All I want is a guy who can recruit, coach in mid-March and keep his damn nose clean. Is that too much to ask?

  14. Jim says:

    Recruiting is a messy, messy business, John Doe. There is always going to be some ugliness to the whole thing when you are going after Top 50 kids. All, and I mean ALL, coaches spend some time in the grey area because that’s what it takes to compete in the highest levels of D1 basketball. Every program lives in a glass house and it’s best not to throw stones at another. All you can do is hold your nose and root for your team.

  15. Jeff Gelski says:

    Keep Alden. We need him for fund-raising right now. Deal with Haith cautiously. Let the case run its course, even if it means Haith is still the coach at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. We probably owe him some loyalty to an extent. If he eventually gets a 3-year ban from the “show-cause,” the wording in his contract may keep him from receiving any buyout money. When is the SEC TV money, reportedlly around $34 million per school per year, supposed to hit? That would help in any possible search for a new coach.