OTC: NCAA Looks Like Miami Cons / Does That Exonerate Haith? / CBB Upsets!

“This is obviously a shocking affair. We have to get the answer to, how did this individual who was working with Shapiro end up engaging in these activities on our behalf? It’s stunning that this has transpired.”
Mark Emmert, NCAA president, on the fact Shapiro’s lawyer was paid by the NCAA to provide information to build the NCAA’s case against Miami, SI.com
GH: Emmert’s NCAA could hardly look worse. The watchdog of collegiate amateurism  has rabies. SMU, Penn State, USC, Miami and pretty much the entire SEC is chuckling over Emmert’s embarrassment. But we still are unsure of Frank Haith’s guilt. Read on.

“Now that NCAA president Mark Emmert has shown the guts to finally admit publicly that his organization…just might be as contemptible as the alleged scoundrels it is supposed to be investigating, I have but one annoying question lingering in my head: Where does Frank Haith go to get his reputation back?”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: A better question – does Haith deserve to have his reputation restored? Does an unethical maneuver to attain damaging information about Haith change the truth about Haith?

“Does anyone really think this is the first time the NCAA has “sat in” on depositions?”
Wright Thompson, @wrightthompson, Twitter

“Did he do it or not? Now we’ll never know for sure, and that’s as big a crime by the NCAA as anything it ever has suspected Haith of doing”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Why won’t we ever know? Did we really ever consider the NCAA as the Solomon of truth? Why aren’t Burwell and his media brothers and sisters exercising their journalism degrees to either exonerate or condemn Haith? Sounds lazy to just punt this pungent football into the trash.

“It’s hard to fathom how bad this is for the NCAA. But it’s even harder to fathom how unfair this has all been to Haith and everyone else caught in the web of this disturbing and flawed investigation. There have been so many leaks, so much intentional damage done to his reputation without Haith being in a position to properly defend himself.”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: If Haith and Miami and everyone else attached to this steaming pile of South Beach garbage are all innocent, Burwell makes an excellent point. Farfetched, but poignant. But somehow, despite these issues, Haith has managed to snare and keep a job that pays him more than $2-million a year from a school that Haith lied to initially when he stated he did not know Shapiro.

“I’m not here to carry the Mizzou basketball coach’s water in this battle with the NCAA. Neither is this some pathetic act of blindly defending the University of Missouri, either, because we still don’t have any idea if Haith knowingly participated in impermissible recruiting of players while at the University of Miami in some systematic routine that he orchestrated, or if he simply turned a blind eye on it under the convenient cover of plausible deniability.”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: If Burwell isn’t carrying Haith’s water, he sure is doing an excellent impersonation of just that role. Does Bryan know Ronaiah Tuiasosopo?

Waterboy“I don’t know how the NCAA can honestly move forward with this investigation now after this staggering admission. It no longer matters if Haith is innocent or guilty, because who would believe anything the NCAA has to say about the Miami case after this garbage?”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: It no longer matters if Haith is innocent or guilty? Is Burwell chanelling Hillary here? A line of thinking only a water bearer would take. Do your job, Bryan. Be an objective columnist not a waterboy.

“Hoax mastermind Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, posing as the mysterious Lennay Kekua, was the falsetto voice on the other end of the all-night phone calls with the Notre Dame star, the scammer’s lawyer said.
The Heisman Trophy finalist ‘thought it was a female he was talking with,’ lawyer Milton Grimes acknowledged to the Daily News. ‘It was Ronaiah as Lennay. … Te’o apparently never realized it was Tuiasosopo disguising his voice to assume the persona of stunning, sassy Stanford coed Kekua.’ ”
Nancy Dillon and Larry McShane, New York Daily News
GH: Hoax mastermind? How about gay boyfriend wannabe? Read on.

“This wasn’t a prank to make fun. It was establishing a communication with someone. … It was a person with a troubled existence trying to reach out and communicate and have a relationship.”
Milton Grimes, Tuiasosopo’s lawyer, New York Daily News
GH: But the two never met? Manti still got some ‘splainin’ to do.

“The rumor going around is that these assistants are leaving because [Bill Snyder’s son] Sean Snyder is taking over.”
Soren Petro, on the exodus of numerous K-State football assistants, 810 AM
GH: That is a pretty strong rumor to roll out on the Kansas State University’s sports radio affiliate. Not that 810 deals in rumors…

“NW beats Minnesota. Duke smoked. Butler loses. TTech beat ISU and Drake beat Creighton. Armageddon Wednesday. I love college hoops…no matter how bad you think it is for your team, wait a day and you’ll feel better about yourself.”
Jon Miller, @HawkeyeNation, on the myriad of upsets Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: I watched Drake take out Creighton last night as my wife impatiently waited to watch a DVRed episode of Downton Abbey with me. [Downton timeout: Love the cutting Countess Violet, the witty Mrs. Patmore, Carson’s baritone, Anna’s faithfulness and the evil Thomas’ coolness. Hate the haughty Lady Mary and utterly clueless Countess Cora.] Hated Creighton losing but had to feel good for those frozen few in Des Moines who stormed the Bulldog’s home court. 

“Iowa State suffers an unforgivable loss at Texas Tech. Wow. Fair to say Cyclones will be desperate against K-State on Saturday.”
Kellis Robinett, Twitter
GH: How did this happen? Monsieur Mayor? Les Miserables! 

“Big 12 teams just got a wakeup call when they make that trip to the South Plains. Nice win for young Red Raiders!”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, on Texas Tech’s upset win over Iowa State, Twitter
GH: Easy, Fran. If Lubbock is now a place to be feared for aspiring NCAA teams, the Big 12 truly is upside down. 

“Things I know for sure:
1. The sun will come up today
2. I love my team
3. We will get better
4. We won’t point fingers
5. Learn and move on”
Greg McDermott, Creighton’s head coach, following the Blue Jays loss at Drake, Twitter
GH: 6. Avoid loose meat sandwich stands on I-80 for pregame meals. Doug McDermott sat on the bench for most of the crucial final minutes of this Valley contest – supposedly due to a tainted pregame meal.  

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that ANYONE can beat ANYONE at anytime.”
ESPN College BBall, @ESPNCBB, Twitter
GH: This is not necessary true if you happen to follow Nebraska basketball. Still looking for that first NCAA tourney win…

“Mike Krzyzewski just told me Dan Patrick’s report is NOT accurate that his Duke team practiced from 1:30-4:15 am after loss.”
Jeff Borzello, @jeffborzello, after Patrick made this claim following Duke’s blowout loss at Miami, Twitter
GH: This news had to make every college basketball fan outside of Durham, NC smile.

“Going HAM after Revis would be the kind of bold move that’d put a fanbase on notice that ownership is truly in it to win it. Please, no more Stanford Routt acquisitions. No more rolling the dice on guys like Peyton Hillis. Make. Real. Moves.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: The Chiefs do seem to expend a lot of energy on middling spare parts and almost never grab that one difference maker. Were Joe Montana and Marcus Allen the last to fit the Revis model? 

“Just yacked on the floor of Chiefs weight room. Trying to make it 4 LBs in pro bow for 2013!”
Andy Studebaker, @studie32, Chiefs linebacker, Twitter
GH: You got to love this guy’s work ethic – if not his side-to-side wheels.  

“John Harbaugh just snuck on a conference call with his parents — who are talking to reporters — to ask: “Is it true you liked Jim better?”
Kevin Van Valkenburg, @KVanValkenburg

“From a BBC One documentary series on wildlife in Africa comes the most incredible nature footage ever captured on film: A squirrel responding with anthropomorphic shock to the sight of a hungry leopard.”
Click here to view the video, Gawker.com
GH: This is how I react when my wife comes home from work and I am sitting on the couch eating Cherry Garcia.  

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23 Responses to OTC: NCAA Looks Like Miami Cons / Does That Exonerate Haith? / CBB Upsets!

  1. Red says:

    The NCAA apparently broke its own rule by getting info through the third hand use of a subpoena, but it is dumb to say that was contemptible or in any way comparable to cheating by paying players. It also in no way means the info they got was false — just that they should not have gotten it that way under their internal rules.

  2. The Smartman says:

    Don’t be dissing the Maid Rite’s Greg!

    The NCAA is about as useful as The Teamsters. It’s corrupt, self serving and sure as hell not performing and delivering value for its member institutions as per the charter. The NCAA has more in common with the Gambino’s than the Huxtable’s. Let’s stop pretending that coaches are all 40 year old virgins when they are Caligula Jr. Not getting caught does not absolve you of guilt. And yeah, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there it makes a sound. Although, my farts never seem to smell unless other people are around.

    Dickie V had the upset flag out the other night. UMKC coulda beat Duke. Wonder how many Duke alums bet the money line on The U to win? There’s your investigation NCAA.

  3. Royals Free Out says:

    Details……..but Haith’s salary is not over $2 million, rather somewhere between $1.5 and 1.6.

  4. Jim says:

    Anybody that takes one side or the other in the Miami/NCAA probe at this point in time is WAY premature. For a journalist to do it is laughable. If the NCAA really believes they have the goods on Haith, they aren’t going to back off. If they think their case is flimsy without the tainted evidence, they are going to drop it. Right now, NOBODY knows where that stands.

  5. The Word says:

    I wish KC Star had Bryan Burwell. Mellinger stinks.

  6. J Rok says:

    Haithers gonna Haith

  7. Gavin says:

    I still think that, even if the NCAA lets the entire thing drop, Haith comes off looking bad and it ends up hurting Haith and Mizzou. As Greg points out above, Haith has denied knowing Shapiro and it can be demonstrably proven that he’s a liar. He’s dirty. I’m not the first one to point out that all coaches, even my beloved Bill Self and St. Roy Williams, all have to be comfortable with a certain level of filth if they want to compete at the highest levels of college basketball so I don’t necessarily think that what Haith did is necessarily any worse than what many other coaches do. Or maybe it is a lot worse, but it’s still only a matter of degree.

    Point is, he’s dirty. Burwell can look around for a fainting couch because of his delicate sensibilities being offended on behalf of poor, misjudged Frank Haith, but Haith is caught in a lie. Any evidence obtained If Mizzou keeps him, the school is complicit in supporting his lie. Other schools will certainly use that against them (even as they flaunt the very same rules they excoriate Haith for breaking in the first place). The evidence against Haith may have been tainted in the way it was obtained, but that doesn’t mean it’s false or proves Haith’s innocence.

    To give credit where it’s due, Mike Alden has placed a premium on being ethical since the Quin Snyder debacle. Jon Sundvold practically begged Mizzou to go after Bob Huggins when he was cut lose from Cincinnati but Alden, for better or worse, wanted to get the guy who would paint the school in an honorable light. He dealt with Gary Pinkel’s problems swiftly and firmly too. But if Haith gets to stay around after all of this, that reputation Alden has worked so hard to build up could very easily be trashed.

    The NCAA having an incompetent or even unethical team of investigators doesn’t mean for a second that Haith is clean. All the unethically obtained evidence in the world getting thrown out won’t clean Haith if he’s dirty.

    Here’s a serious, non-pimping question for Mizzou fans: If it turns out that Haith was dirty and lied about his relationship to Shapiro but all of the evidence that proves it was obtained illegally by the NCAA and is therefore somehow inadmissible, do you want Haith to stay anyway? If the NCAA can’t hit him with a show cause order because they don’t have the evidence, but you know it’s all true, do you want him around? Does it even matter what his record on the court is?

    • john doe says:

      If your scenario played out, I’d want him gone because you know the NCAA will be looking at the program pretty damn closely, knowing that he is dirty. Coaches will recruit against it, and if/when Haith does have a violation, the PR could be pretty bad given the Miami situation.

      I dont care about his W/L record, it’s his stupidity I’m worried about. Most coaches cheat. I would think that most of them use cash instead of checks.. If you want to cheat, great, but be smarter about it.

    • Hammy says:

      When has Haith denied having met Shapiro?

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Yeah, I must’ve missed the part where he said he never met Shapiro.

      • Gavin says:

        Sorry fellas, I was a little fast and loose with my language there. What I was trying to convey, and failed miserably, was Haith’s denials that he’d ever had any dealings with Shapiro more than meeting the guy. Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but I thought that Haith had said that his interactions with Shapiro were only of the most facile kind and that there was never anything of substance between them and that is clearly not the case. My bad.

  8. Flea says:

    I’m a Mizzou fan. Obviously Haith lied about not knowing Shapiro, since there are pictures of the two of them together. But, even if the Goodman story about the “show cause” coming down, the story said that while the NCAA could not prove anything against Haith, they didn’t fully believe his story to them and therefore were going to punish him anyway.

    I understand that the NCAA is not a court, but that is laughable at best. With them, you are guilty until proven innocent.

    Alternatively, for those saying that Haith has to be fired for even having these allegations, what does is say about Mizzou that they fire a successful coach after two years over rumors? Bottom line, Mizzou is in a lose-lose situation here, something that seems to happen all to frequently in Columbia (and remember, I am a fan)

  9. Hammy says:

    Greg, I love how you rip anyone who dares defend Haith. You don’t know he is guilty anymore than they do he is innocent. Stop carrying the water for the NCAA

  10. Barles james says:

    Ronny T to Manti: “I guess ehat they say is true, I could never be the right kind of girl for you, I could never be your woman…”I Smartman got any lines to add?

  11. The Smartman says:

    NEVER trust anyone named Tuiasosopo or Patel.

    Sing to the tune Mandy by Barry Manilow

    I remember all those calls
    I had a feeling in my balls
    With the love bug, I was stricken
    One hand on the phone the other chokin my chicken

    Oh Lennay you came and you made me look silly
    Ronny sent you my way
    Oh Lennay I shot loads and loads of my chili
    I talked to Katie today. Oh Lennay

    Workin on my Heisman plan
    I never thought you were a man
    You were a fraud like me versus Bama
    You died the same week as my fuckin grandma

    Oh Lennay you came and you made me look silly
    But the AD covered my ass
    Oh Lennay I think I’ll be drafted by Philly
    Mike Vick will be riding my ass. Oh Lennay

    Oh Lennay I wanna slit my wrists with a razor
    Mel Kiper lowered the boom
    Oh Lennay I feel just like Harley and Glazer
    Are you my bride or my groom. Oh Lennay

    • chuck says:

      Ok, that was pretty fuckin funny.

      There is not ONE college coach in any sport who doesn’t at least cheat when it comes to academics.

      Some of these “Scholars” on the court and on the gridiron, left on thier own, couldn’t pass a test adminnistered to the strays at Wayside Waifs.

      All of America is now, has been and will continue to bullshit themselves about the the academic achievments of their college sports heroes.

      So all the huffin and puffin over Haith, or any onther coach who cheats to get a stud on the court, originates from willfull impercipience before it hits the fuckin door.

      Gimme a break.

      College sports reeks of corruption and hypocrisy.

  12. randyraley says:

    No one ever accused Bryan Burwell of being a journalist

  13. Kyle Rohde says:

    If Jeff Rosen or any other Chiefs fan expects that Dorsey is going to immediately step into this job and go blow $10-15 million on Darelle Revis is nuts, IMO. Big free agent signings or trades are not the way Dorsey has been trained in, especially when he’s just getting to evaluate the roster along with Andy Reid. Not a chance people.

    • JP says:

      2 words: CHARLES WOODSON. Just watch America’s Game, where he got a “second chance” with the Green Bay Packers, of which Dorsey was an employee at the time. The rest is history.

      I agree that the Chiefs shouldn’t use free agency to stock the team, but a piece like Revis immediately gives them one of the best secondaries in football.

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        I know, and Woodson made a huge difference for the Pack but he was signed about six years into the Ted Thompson regime, when he had a clear feel for the roster and where it was headed. That’s why the timing isn’t right for the Chiefs to go spend a ton of money on Revis a month into Dorsey’s regime.

  14. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    rom Andy Katz, minutes ago:

    Fresno State announces that former Miami assistant and current ast Michael Schwartz will not receive a notice of allegations from NCAA 1/2.

    The NCAA let Schwartz know he was in the clear on Tue, the day before the Wed announcement of the unethical conduct by NCAA enforcement.

    For Mizzou, the important takeaway is that we now have fundamental proof that Goodman’s source was wrong. From Jeff’s Monday story about Haith:

    The source also said the three assistants previously on Haith’s staff — Jake Morton, Jorge Fernandez and Michael Schwartz — each will receive unethical conduct charges. Morton is currently at Western Kentucky, Fernandez left Marshall after last season and Schwartz is on the Fresno State staff.


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