OTC: Ned Yost Calls Out Royals’ Fans While He’s Lost Looking For Trees

“Maybe when we get home, I can go to the third base tree and pick another third baseman. … Obviously, third basemen who can hit and hit with power, they must grow on trees. They’ve got to. Like relief pitchers. And starting pitchers. Right fielders. Left fielders. First basemen. All of these guys must grow on trees, and you must be able to just go get another good one. A ripe one. Make sure it’s ripe.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: What’s ripe is Ned Yost’s act – ripe to the point of starting to stink. Read on.

“Is there a manager tree?”
Frank Boal, KSHB TV 41

“Those trees are at a hidden location but, obviously, they’re somewhere. Because that’s what everyone wants to do. Let’s just go pluck another one out of the tree. That’s the nonsense that really ticks me off.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Those “trees” are located in the scouting networks of MLB franchises, Ned. Those trees are nurtured by talented baseball people who know a ball player from a blowhard. There are no secrets to success, Ned. Just talent and hard work. If the job’s too tough, David Glass might need to fire up a Wal-Mart-issued chainsaw.

“The kid (Moustakas) is going to be fine. Yes, he’s fighting it right now. They’re all fighting it. They want success. They want to bring a championship to Kansas City. At times, the desire to win overwhelms them.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Yeah Ned, that’s why you don’t roll the kid out there every game and let his confidence turn into vapor. Read on.

“(Moustakas) is 1-34 and hitting .178 and it’s May 20th.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM

“I’ve been in baseball my whole life. I know which kids are going to work and which kids aren’t. He’s going to work. I’ve seen it too many times. (Being patient) with young guys works. It works.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Yost being able to draw a paycheck and become a multimillionaire due to his baseball acumen is one of life’s great mysteries. Instead of shouting it, he should be embarrassed by it.

“Ned Yost apparently knows everything – yet he continues to throw Mike Moustakas out there and he continues to hit poorly.”
Mike Welch, host of The Night Shift, 610 AM

“I’m going to tell you something, if I’m wrong on this kid, it’ll be the first. I’ve never been wrong on one of these kids who I’ve had conviction with. None of them. We’re talking about 15 guys over a 30-year career. There are just too many smart baseball people who see what I see. So with Hos, with Moose, Salvy (Perez) and (Alcides) Escobar…all of these kids, they’re going to be fine. They’re going to be very productive players.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: So Ned is the new Bob Boone? Our resident baseball never-wrong genius? How’s that Hochevar guy working out, Ned?

“But if you think they’re going to be productive from the moment they get here just because they had great minor-league careers … no. There are huge lessons and journeys to endure at the major-league level.”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Here we go with the “baseball is hard” routine told to us by another MLB manager who struggled to play the game. What a load of crapola. See the ball. Hit the ball.

“No. You’re wrong. Give them time to develop. But I understand it. I know what the fans want. They want it, and they want it now. Instant gratification just doesn’t work (in baseball).”
Ned Yost, in Saturday’s Kansas City Star
GH: INSTANT GRATIFICATION???? The thought that ANYONE associated with the Royals organization would roll this phrase out to point out the problem with the Royals fan base is so obtuse it makes Frenchy look like a picky hitter.

“I think Ned’s job is on the line from some of the statements he’s making and some of the decisions he’s making.”
Caller Ted, Bob Fescoe Show, 610 AM
GH: It damn sure ought to be on the line.

“Guys are going to start covering their own ass and part of that is going to be Ned Yost being the fall guy. Dayton Moore will get rid of him and he’ll put it on Ned Yost.”
Mike Welch, host of The Night Shift, 610 AM

“Next year the fall guy is going to be Dayton Moore.”
Mike Welch, host of The Night Shift, 610 AM
GH: The Royals need to fire Yost yesterday and tell Moore he has until October. Done.

“We felt the time to move was now. We felt we have reached a point where the only way to win is to try to win every year.”
Dayton Moore, on the Royals off-season moves to trade Wil Myers for the Rays’ James Shields and Wade Davis, MLB.com
GH: Reason #1.

“I think with this group we’re definitely going to win a world championship down the road, the next couple of years.”
Ned Yost, during spring training, MLB.com
GH: Reason #2.

“This is an interesting move here. He’s bringing in Bruce Chen when this situation would normally call for Aaron Crow.”
Steve Physioc, while sharing the Royals’ play-by-play duties Sunday afternoon with Steve Stewart, when Yost chose to bring in Chen to pitch the seventh, Royals Radio
GH: Physioc has received much deserved criticism here in the OTC and the Comments section but he was stellar in first-guessing Yost Sunday on Chen and then again when Yost brought in the faltering Herrera. Physioc never backed down from criticizing Yost’s late-game decisions on Sunday – although he never said Yost’s name.

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21 Responses to OTC: Ned Yost Calls Out Royals’ Fans While He’s Lost Looking For Trees

  1. Screw Patience says:

    Everyone was all losses in the Shields trade because we gave up “six years of Wil Myers”. But we are halfway through our six years of Hoz and Moose, and if they ever figure it all out, it is going to be just in time for them to go somewhere else. We have a tiny window and the team is pissing it away. That is why the fans are mad, Nerdy.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Ned Yost is a complete boob. The dude got whacked in Milwaukee during a playoff season…that’s how much of a detriment the Brewers thought he was to the team.

    • R.H. says:

      Exactly. I’m starting to think that it is probably of matter of time before Yost is relieved of his duties (better to do it now or he’ll take the whole team down with him once again).

      It’s evident to me that Yost doesn’t know how to manage a team that is in a position to win games and do something big. He has a “chicken little” mentality, he micromanages to a point where it becomes a detriment to the team, and he doesn’t have a “winning” attitude.

      To rip a page from the late NFL coach Lou Saban: “He’s (Ned) killing us, Whitey, he’s killing us!”

  3. charlie4ku says:

    Let me manage the team since the Shields fiasco and I can guarantee they Royals would not be .500. And yes, I grow on trees!


  4. Paul says:

    I guess my question is, if not Moustakas, then who? To a point Ned is right. Who do we bring in/up to replace Moose? Frenchy, however, is a different story. It’s time to go.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      at this point, a washed up Tejada can double moose’s production. As Hud would say, “YOU GOT TA GO”

  5. The Smartman says:

    Ned Yost talks shit and gets called on it immediately. The White House does it and nobody cares.

    Are we really more fearful of Jay Carney and Barack Obama then we are of Ned Yost and Dayton Moore?

    • chuck says:


      The Ideological Revenue Service will now be knockin on your door smarty.

      • The Smartman says:

        Bring those cocksuckers on! Other than my right wing libertarian political leanings my ass is cleaner than a Barbie doll’s. Audit me, put a drone on my ass 24/7, read my e-mails, tap my phones. C’mon you government pricks show me what you got. You wanna schedule some time now or wait until the Benghazi, Tsarnaev Bothers, IRS/Tea Party, AP/Fox News things get cleared up?

  6. I’d watch out calling Yost “obtuse” like that. That tends to make never-wrong wardens even more prickly than usual.

  7. mike t. says:

    +1 (@ independent rage, because my ‘replies’ almost always do not appear under the comment i’m replying to.)

  8. BS says:

    You can be a dick if you are successful. You’rr still a dick, but you keep your job and advance in life because you are good at what you do. Ned Yost is not successful, and he is a total dick. I hope he gets his ass canned.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Tony LaRussa = Dick, but extremely successful at his job to the tune of 3 World Series championships. Ned Yost = Dick, an utter flop at his job.

  9. Ron says:

    The Royals drafted a 2B in the first round a few years ago. Bring him up. See what happens. As for 3b, Irving Falu hit well when he was up last year. Bring him up. See what happens. Why keep running the same guys out there? It doesn’t have to be a permanent move. Just shake things up for awhile. When Dyson comes back, he should play every day. Forget contracts and long term control stuff. Take some chances and see what happens..

  10. geoknows says:

    Actually, no, the Royals didn’t draft a 2B in the first round a few years ago. They drafted a shortstop who isn’t good enough to play there: Christian Colon. They could have had Chris Sale (and, up until Colon’s name was called, everybody thought it would be Sale). They could have had Matt Harvey. They could have had Mike freakin’ Trout. But no, they wanted to draft a shortstop because they didn’t have one. So they did. And what do they have? Another second baseman who can’t hit his way out a paper bag. And they STILL won’t give Giavotella an honest shot in the majors.

  11. Ultimate Dude says:

    I actually agree more with Ned on this particular topic than most. It’s not easy, its not a simple as sending Moose down. Who are you bringing up? Royals have sucked elephant cock my entire time on Earth. They haven’t done a damn thing. These 1 run losses are only different this year, because they’re one or two run losses and not the 4 and 6 run ass rapings I’m used to. They’re in contention. They hit lights out in spring, and anyone with a lick of common sense knew it wouldnt carry over into the regular season. If they are in contention with dreadful hitting and its almost June; that is fine to me. This doesn’t happen in my life. It will even out. I don’t believe Ned is the answer at manager, and he needs to quit acting like fans dont know the game, but the media and some critics are equally as bad. There’s a lot of truth in what Ned said, fans are expecting a lot out of young team based on nothing. They finally got good starting pitching but the bats have yet to come around in some games. I expected a roller coaster ride of winning some games 11-2 and dropping some 2-1. It’s frustrating, but its baseball.

  12. JP says:

    3 words Fuck Ned Yost! Here that ticking clock. That is the Yost watch-I give it to July. We Royals fans just want any type of gratification for wasting time watching this team. This season is on Yost and Moore!!

  13. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    1. A lot of aged institutions, like collegiate academia, and baseball have this culture of elitism. It is this “we are so much smarter than you that it is not even worth explaining it to you” mentality. In this case, Ned did provide an explanation, and it was very condescending and disrespectful.
    2. It looks like Ned is starting to stress out a little.
    3. Everytime Ned stayed loyal to one of his guys… there was probably one other person unhappy in the situation. Those numbers may be expanding.

  14. Kyle says:

    Royals were 17-10 with a 1-0 lead after 8 innings and a dominating pitcher on the mound on May 6. Since Ned pulled Shields, the Royals are 3-11 and are now 5 games out of 1st 15 days later. It cannot be overstated how big of a momentum killer that move was. This is ALL on Ned.

    • JP says:

      +1 I have been saying that as well. Yost never took responsibility for that move, and that may be the point in the season when everything went to hell.

      One other point, where is Dayton and can he go on without his security blanket Ned. I am sick of hearing how things were done in Atlanta. They only won 1 World Series. Dayton is performing his GM duties more and more like Pioli. He knows one way and ONLY ONE WAY to win baseball games. The Braves Way. That could be his undoing as well, if this team doesn’t turn things around. If they lose the series to the Lastros, expect the media to be frothing at the mouth when this team comes home on Thursday.

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