OTC: Raiders Embarrass Chiefs In 15-0 Win / Pioli’s & Crennel’s Legacy Of Ruin

“The weird thing about Kansas City [Chiefs] is that there is absolutely no smoke to make you believe a chance [at the GM position] is coming. Usually, there is smoke first and then a fire.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: While there may be no smoke drifting from The Clarks or NFL insiders, all one has to do is watch this Chiefs team play and you can see, smell and feel the bonfire that is searing the senses of all those who even have a passing understand of the game of football.

“If Pioli and Romeo had any dignity, they’d save Clark Hunt the trouble and announce their end-season resignations now.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter

“It’s staggering to me that there is even a discussion on whether or not this regime should be brought back – even if Clark Hunt has to fall on a $15-million [salary] grenade.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Will Hunt want to watch Arrowhead turn into Mayor Sly’s downtown light rail boondoggle? A ridiculously expensive home for the few? Retaining Pioli will empty Arrowhead’s parking lot faster than a September monsoon.

“Every play, every quarter, every half, every game an indictment against Scott Pioli and Romeo…”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“I think the Jovan Belcher stuff changes how they go about it but I don’t think it changes the decision.”
Sam Mellinger, 610 AM
GH: How do you respectfully fire someone? Having sat on both sides of that conversation I can say that it is difficult at best. No employer hires an employee in hopes of firing that employee. When that time comes, there is no good way to do it but swiftly and professionally. Neither makes the blow less damaging.

“Knowing the Chiefs, they will probably fire Scot Pioli on New Year’s Day when no one in the media is working. … If it doesn’t happen on January 1st, then we can start a countdown – because they’re all getting fired. There is no way anybody keeps there job.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“Everybody’s accountable. The collective coaching staff from the head coach to the offensive assistants to the offensive coordinator to the players. Something is definitely amiss there. You can’t even get a first down until sometime in the third quarter? It’s the Raiders, guys! They’re not that good.”
Bill Maas, when asked to comment on the futility of the Chiefs’ season, 610 AM
GH: Something is definitely amiss. The outtakes from the Chiefs’ offensive series in Oakland would fill a segment on NFL bloopers. Slant passes ricocheting off of a receiver’s facemask, an offensive lineman called for facemask on the defensive lineman who gets the sack, a first-round draft pick jumping after passes like he’s scared of the ball and a quarterback throwing an outlet pass that slips from his hand and falls three yards away. Amiss? What a wonderfully nice word for incompetence.

“That might be the worst non-weather-related game I’ve ever seen the Chiefs play.”
Todd Leabo, @Leabonics, Twitter

“Do we really have to talk about this sh*tty team tomorrow?”
Aaron Swats, @a_swarts, Twitter
GH: This has to be a bit of a dilemma for the local sports talk shows. Is there any reason to breakdown a 15-0 loss to a dreadful Raiders’ team? No – except to fire up the heat on Clark Hunt to fix his franchise. I watch the other NFL games and I don’t even consider the Chiefs to be in that league. I wonder what Clark Hunt sees?

“They dominated a former rival, snapped a six-game losing streak and earned the bonus points that come with posting a shutout. Upon close observation of the scoreboard, the Raiders on Sunday looked fabulous. They don’t look nearly as good, though, once you back away from their 15-0 win over Kansas City and see how it puts a pimple on the face of their next draft pick. … As much as the Raiders players wanted a win as a reward for all their months of effort, the future of the franchise was threatened in the process.”
Mote Poole, writer, on the Raiders win over the Chiefs, Insidebayare.com
GH: Poole’s lead sentence says a lot – “They dominated a former rival…” Not even the Raiders consider the woe-begotten Chiefs a rival any longer. How quickly the Chiefs have fallen into obscurity and shame. Mr. Pioli, that is your legacy.

“I feel bad for Kevin Harlan…. Solomon is an absolute idiot.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, Twitter
GH: Here is a great question for Kevin Kietzman to pose to Harlan today in his 5:00 PM interview – “Who did you piss off at CBS to get stuck with Solomon Wilcots?”

“I wonder if the SAP button on my tv makes Shannon Sharpe speak English?”
Robert Sigrist, @DocSig, Twitter

“Cornerback Brandon Carr signed a $50 million contract as a free agent to join the Cowboys this year. Previously, he played for Kansas City, where current Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was head coach. He said he used knowledge of Haley’s tendencies to good use in overtime.”
Ed Bouchette, writer, on Carr’s OT interception and return to inside the Steelers’ one-yard line, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Knowing coach Haley, I kind of figured that play would be coming at some point in the game. It was zone coverage, so I was able to read the quarterback and the ball. … It helped a lot playing for him, because it let me know how he thinks.”
Brandon Carr, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
GH: I imagine Carr had a Lil Wayne tune playing in his head as he cut in front of the Steelers’ receiver and almost completed the Pick Six. BTW; word out of Pittsburgh is that Ben Roethlisberger was not too happy with Haley’s play calling in Dallas. Look for Haley to start growing a beard and skipping bathing for Christmas.

“My lil brudda @BCarr39 always said when he felt appreciated ‘just watch.’ lol I’m coming to that playoff game bruh str8 up.”
Brandon Flowers, @BFlowers24, Twitter
GH: Does a professional athlete really need to feel appreciated to perform? What’s the paycheck for – ammo?

“Multiple sources have confirmed what @GabeDeArmond first reported: Mizzou promotes OL coach Henson to OC and WR coach Hill will coach QBs.”
Terez A. Paylor, @TerezPaylor, Mizzou beat writer for the Kansas City Star, Twitter
GH: I also saw the Columbia Daily Trib’s Dave Matter and other members of the media credit DeArmond with this scoop. I found it refreshing to see members of the media who cover the same beat not get caught up in “who’s first” on a story but rather reporting what they know. The social media age of journalism has flaws but it also has a very bright future with character like this on public display.

“That’s about all I know – family, football and faith.”
Bobby Petrino, the former Arkansas head football coach, in an interview with Paul Finebaum on his new position at Western Kentucky, Sirius XM 91
GH: The line of the week for me. Finebaum let him say this with a straight [but I’m guessing somewhat pavement-scarred] face.

“Well, the thing is in this business you look for opportunities. … That conference got very tough while I was there and it’s getting even tougher.”
Tommy Tuberville, on why he chose to leave Texas Tech for Cincinnati, Sirius XM 91
GH: Tuberville took the Cincy football job because he thinks the Big 12 is just too tough for a team like Texas Tech. That says something about Bill Snyder, Charlie Weis and ISU’s Paul Rhoads. At least these guys are willing to battle it out with the “haves” in an unbalanced football conference.

“Two unwatchable games tonight. KU under scheduled and KSU has over scheduled.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Kansas’ easy win over Belmont and K-State’s loss to Gonzaga, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: How can Kansas State overschedule in basketball? They are a perennial NCAA program with a veteran team. I just don’t understand this kind of thinking from a fan. As a Nebraska fan, a team whose basketball program is just dreadful, I don’t want to watch them play UMKC. Meaningless wins are just that – meaningless.

“Belmont and Colorado both probably will be in the NCAA Tournament despite those bludgeonings of the past 2 weeks.”
Gary Bedore, KUSports.com beat writer, @GaryBedore, Twitter
GH: While KK called KU’s home game with Belmont underscheduling, it might just be that Kansas is very, very good. And the bad news for the rest of the Big 12 is that they are likely to get much, much better.

“As a journalism junkie you have to watch tonight’s 60 minutes about Newtown…absolutely stunning how thoughtful and thorough.”
Michael, @biggest711, Twitter
GH: Much of the media coverage on the Newtown shootings has been in my opinion incredibly self-serving and also invasive of the families and people directly affected. I too thought 60 Minutes did a thoughtful and thorough job in their reporting. Much more so than the media mongers who jammed cameras and microphones into the face of kids the day of the shootings.

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28 Responses to OTC: Raiders Embarrass Chiefs In 15-0 Win / Pioli’s & Crennel’s Legacy Of Ruin

  1. Renton says:

    I think Bobby Petrino left out an F word that he is also familiar with. Two, if you count ‘fidelity.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Missouri’s promoting of Josh Henson to offensive coordinator was done because no one else would take the job. Missouri native Jim Chaney was MU’s first choice and they threw close to $800k per year at him. (Yost was being paid 350k) Chaney decided that Arkansas offered more stability, and took that job instead. He’d just been through “Dead Coach Walking” with Dooley, and preferred not to go through that two years in a row. Jeff Tedford decided he’d rather stay on the west coast. Darrin Hinshaw was snapped up by Florida before Mizzou could get to him. So, Pinkel was left with Andy Hill or Josh Henson. Barring a miracle, the 2013 season will be Pinkel’s last at Missouri. Then the real question becomes, how serious is Mizzou about playing football in the $EC? If they pursue someone like Bobby Petrino, that’ll tell you they are serious and outward appearences be damned. Hire some unknown coach from the MAC, and that’ll tell you they are screwed.

  3. Esteban O'Riley says:

    On a positive note…this Chiefs season has done WONDERS for my waistline and the number I see on the bathroom scale. It took me all of two offensive series (how’s that for a double entendre?) before deciding to head to the gym for a workout.

  4. Gavin says:

    I don’t understand why Clark Hunt is remaining so quiet on this. He fired Carl Peterson mid-season, didn’t he? I worry that by waiting he’s leaving the door open for a Pioli return and also missing the chance to get in line for a good GM candidate.

    As for Todd Haley, rumor has it that he’s favored to take over as head coach in Phoenix. Which tells me something not very flattering about the Bidwell family.

  5. P says:

    The Chefs offensive line is a joke….I don’t care who you put back there at QB the line is soooo bad they don’t stand a chance.

    Big Ben’s out pass was Taylor Martinez bad….high and way behind his receiver, of course it got picked off.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Agreed. Had the ball been thrown correctly, it would’ve been completed. The INT was due to Ben R. throwing a horrible pass, not some great intuitive play by Carr.

  6. The Smartman says:

    In the pre game interview Roethlisberger did he said he was not thrilled with Haley coming in and changing the offense. It wasn’t like it was broken and needed to be fixed.

    Even if The Clark’s want to be overly empathetic and ask Piolio and Crennel for reason(s) why he should not make a change, what in the hell could they possibly say? I’m as big of a bullshitter as they come and I can’t think of anything remotely sane or logical that I could say to The Clark’s if I were in their shoes being asked to justify my continued existence.

    Newtown? Rule number one of responsible gun owners, KEEP YOUR GUNS AND AMMO LOCKED UP. ONLY YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCESS THEM.



    • rkcal says:

      Rule number one about Smartman, HE IS BATSH*T CRAZY.
      “Newtown will look like a bloody nose?”……..completely uncalled for. Hall, monitor this stuff.

      • The Smartman says:

        Great, now I have people wanting to take away my First Amendment rights too. Tough start to the week out here on the right wing.

  7. Java Man says:

    Tricky situation for Hunt. His people need to figure out a way to pay hush money to the GM and head coach over the Belcher deal.

  8. tigerdan4 says:

    Scott Pioli has built the worst Chiefs team in franchise history. Maybe one of the worst in NFL history. The 2008 Chiefs, 2008 Lions, even the 1976 Buccaneers were all more competetive squads than this sad sack bunch of losers. Congrats to us. We have the worst. Nobody in the history of football has ever experienced a more futile, depressing, embarrassing, angry, apathetic, and unwatchable season as we have this year. If Clark Hunt is indeed blind enough to bring Pioli back next year, the fans will NOT come back. Go ahead, Clark. If you want to flush your franchise down the toilet, go ahead and bring Egoli back.

  9. JP says:

    It could be said that both Colorado and Belmont are at least equal to if not better than Gonzaga. For KK to say that idiotic line about over and underscheduling shows he knows that the K State basketball run is just about over.

    Kevin Harlan must have pissed someone off at CBS to be stuck with such a dogshit game as Chiefs/Raiders. That game made me start hating football. If Clark Hunt sticks with Pioli, there will be one positive, Kansas City will only have to watch the Chiefs 8 times (the road games). Season tickets will revert to the 1988 levels.

    Any school that hires Bobby Petrino deserves the darkness and scorn that will be heaped upon it.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Make no mistake, Petrino will get a good gig again. He wins, and seems to do so without any NCAA violations. Now, is he a slimeball? Probably, but so is John Calipari & Rick Pitino.

  10. Kyle Rohde says:

    Much as I despise it, it’s a streetcar line, not a light-rail line. No less of a boondoggle but a very different thing nonetheless.

  11. PV_Pathfinder says:

    If Clark decides to keep Pioli, I’m guessing he doesn’t announce it until AFTER the first payment is due for season tickets. #Suckers

  12. Johnny Utah says:

    The Chiefs game was great for a Sunday afternoon nap, and I could wake back up when cbs switched us to the end of the Pittsburgh/Dallas game. I knew what I was going to get in Oakland.

    No TD’s. That means if it were a soccer game, it would have been a scoreless draw.

  13. Uncle Dick says:

    Much like a soccer game, no one cares. You know it’s a bad sign when the Chiefs player who gets the most press is a dead murderer. It’s so bad at Arrowhead, Westboro Baptist is protesting at the next game. God hates FG’s.

  14. Rick says:

    “That game made me start hating football.” Great line. I felt the same way.

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