OTC: Rex Hudler Commits Royal Screw Up – Dreams Of Salvy In Yankee Pinstripes

“Imagine what it would be like if he wore the pinstripes here (in New York).”
Rex Hudler, Royals TV color analyst, as he discussed how much more popular the Royals All-Star catcher, Salvador Perez, would be as a Yankee than as a Royals player, FSKC
GH: Boom! With that sentence Rex Hudler went from harmless bumbling comedic broadcaster to scorched earth outsider. A Royals broadcaster publicly dreaming about a beloved young Royals All-Star player dressed in Yankees pinstripes? Rex reached another level of dumb with this boner.

“You go ahead. You spend the rest of the night imagining that and I’ll think about something else.”
Ryan Lefebvre, in response to Hudler’s foot-in-mouth disease, FSKC
GH: Lefebvre tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent Hudler from his historically bad gaffe. The Beav twice said “NO!” while Hudler was attempting to articulate his nonsense. But dumb just can’t be cured when mixed with a microphone.

“What’s a video-machine guy? Are you saying he’s like a cartoon character?”
Ryan Lefebvre, who appeared to take some pleasure in poking fun at Rex Hudler about his lack of command of the English language, FSKC
GH: Lefebvre sounded like he wanted nothing to do with Hudler after he made an ass out of himself and alienated the Royals viewing audience. It sounded to me like Hudler’s comments gave Ryan a chance to publicly air some pent up frustration he has housed while having to work with the denseness that is Rex Hudler. Ryan used his intellect to slice Hudler into little pieces and watched them shrivel and squirm. It was a priceless moment in Royals TV the likes of which of which we rarely are treated.

“Don’t go there, Rex. Whatever you were trying to do you can’t go there. … (Rex) is kind of like that friend you bring along with you but you don’t know what he’s going to say, but he’s there and you’re just waiting for that spark to go off.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: And this is the guy the Royals signed to broadcast their TV broadcasts?

“Hearing Rex Hudler hint that Salvy Perez would look good in pinstripes made me want to throw up. And they fired Frank White for this guy?”
@fox4sports, Twitter

“Seriously? HUD suggested that Perez would look good in pinstripes? What a moron- more than I had already thought. Fire him.”
Robert Sigrist, @DocSig, Twitter

“Please don’t quote Rex anymore. He is now on the NoFly list after his ‘Sal would look good in pinstripes’ comment.”
Eric Clarkson, @Eric_Clarkson, Twitter
GH: Who wants to bet the Royals have Hudler make a formal apology on tonight’s broadcast? They better write it out word for word for this clown because if he is allowed to go off script he might trade Alex Gordon to the Mets.

“This is why I didn’t like the Royals going out and hiring Rex Hudler and bringing him here. He has no understanding of the fan base and he doesn’t have any knowledge of this team’s history.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Hard to argue with that logic.

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56 Responses to OTC: Rex Hudler Commits Royal Screw Up – Dreams Of Salvy In Yankee Pinstripes

  1. jimmyd says:

    Just another case of Rex opening his mouth and having no idea what’s coming out of it. I’m just glad Ryan doesn’t enable him like his buddy Physioc. I would love to see video reaction of the Anaheim fan base when they found out Rex and Physioc were leaving the Angels and coming to KC. They knew we were getting bums. “Butler must have had some Billy sauce on his barrel.” – Rex Hudler

  2. Eric says:

    Keep imagining Sal in pinstripes, Rex. We’ll keep imagining you in an orange jumpsuit… on Alcatraz Island.

  3. Renton says:

    Fireable offense.

    Hud should know the history of Kansas City baseball and the way the Yankees lived off — then broke the hearts of this city.

    Time to trade this guy to the Marlins.

  4. The Smartman says:

    Sal would be a stud in NYC. And let’s be honest how many guys playing in the bigs don’t think the same thing when they go to play the Yankee’s. NOBODY grows up dreaming of playing for the Ol Roy-als. If your kids are having those dreams those are called nightmares.

  5. Red says:

    Much ado about nothing. He was correctly saying that salvy would be seen as superstar if he were in a media marke likie NYCt. The outrage over it is just confirmation of KC’s inferiority complex.

  6. Mike DeArmond says:

    Rex was hard to take when the Royals were in their losing skid. He is worse now that they are challening .500 again. He is easily the worst broadcaster in Royals history. No one else even close.

    • Greg says:

      Let’s just face it. Rex was hired because even 87-IQ Danny Boy Glass is smarter than him.

  7. Mike says:

    Steven said it quite succinctly. I find it incredulous that Rex can’t grasp the utter disdain KC has for anything Yankees. THIS GOES BACK TO THE 50’s and 60’s, REX!!! Good god.
    This goes back to an observation I had last year…sometimes Rex gets ahead of his thoughts, which results in verbal diahrrea.
    The Yanks aren’t getting anywhere near Salvy. God forbid, if the Royals ever get to a point where they gotta move him, he’s going to the NL.

  8. Java Man says:

    At least with Bill Grigsby, we assumed that he was drunk.

  9. Herbie says:

    Ask yourself this question: Would Frank White ever suggest Salvy would look good in Yankee pinstripes?

    • Joe Blow says:

      No, he would stutter over himself trying to tell you that a catcher who throws out baserunners is good.

    • Paul says:

      Listening to Frank stumble through the Sonic Slam inning verbiage was brutal. Brutal.

  10. Captain Morgan says:

    Fireable offense? Fescoe’s been saying stupid stuff for years and he’s still got a job.

  11. GB says:

    Rex is great. You are all a bunch of delicate flowers.

  12. nick says:

    Bob Fescoe: “(Rex) is kind of like that friend you bring along with you but you don’t know what he’s going to say.”

    That’s kinda funny coming from Fescoe.

    I don’t get mad at Rex. He wasn’t the one who didn’t want Frank White back. White was GREAT in the TV booth, but he’s gone. I kinda like Rex, especially when teamed with Lefebvre. Lefebvre is a good broadcaster, but VERY straight-laced and proper and kinda bland. Rex’s positivity and style is kind of refreshing.

  13. rkcal says:

    He just said what everybody else thinks. It’s kinda like saying Kansas City would look good with a mountain view, or a shoreline, or a vibrant downtown, or more women at their ideal body weight, or relevant sports teams.

  14. nick says:

    Rex Hudler will be on air with Danny Parkins, JC and Carrington at 2:30. He’ll be asked about his “controversial” statement that riled sensitive Royals fans.

  15. Zard says:

    What a bunch of girls! Nobody even gets the point. If Salvy was a Yankee he would be a star, the next Thurman Munson or Bill Dickey. Here in baseball wasteland he is a good player who gets no play. It’s amazing how thin skinned you people are. Rex was dead on, if Salvador Perez was in New York he would be hailed as Pudge 2.0.

    • ad guy says:

      finally some common sense. that’s all the guy was saying. Seriously, we need a winner because all we’re talking about it an announcer these days? I forgot the Beav was so great.

    • harwood benjamin says:

      Ivan rodriguez was Pudge 2.0. Carlton Fisk was Pudge 1.0.

  16. nick says:

    I never heard of this “controversy” until I read Greg’s column today. 610 played the “shocking” comments from last night, then interviewed Hudler just now.

    An absolute NON story. What a joke. C’mon KC fans, nobody is REALLY bothered by any of this are they?!

    If this blog enabled roll-eyes smily faces, I’d leave a 100 of them right here.

  17. BlackJack says:

    I don’t believe Hudler’s comments were openly “rooting” for SP be wearing the pinstrips uniform, as some has suggested. I think it was more of “can you imagine all the media hype this guy would be getting if he played in NYC?” type of deal.

    That said, Rex is a buffoon. I fail to see how he is an upgrade of Frank White.

  18. Joe Blow says:

    A good young player would have much more hype playing in a market like New York? The hell you say! How dare a Royals broadcaster say something like that!

  19. Dano says:

    Hudler should be fired. This is the same as Obama suggesting we all move to Canada because it’s better. Or Bill Gates recommending you use a Mac. How about David Glass telling you to shop at Target? The Royals “leadership” is a JOKE, the ownership is a JOKE and they will not get another penny from my pockets. Mark Cuban would’ve fired that guy between innings. So would Jerry Jones. Just like any loyal owner would. The Royals, as an entire organization, have NO respect for their fans. As someone that watched those playoff games in the 70’s and early 80’s, that chanted A-O on all those opening days and cheered when Hal McRae spiked someone at 2nd – I am embarrassed and ashamed.

    • david says:

      Hudler should be fired because you can’t get over playoff losses from 30+ years ago? As was said above… very thin skinned fans.

  20. Say what? says:

    This is more about the small man complex of the KC fanbase that roots for loser teams in a part of the country that no one cares about.

    If you can’t understand that good players in NY will get more media attention than the same good players in KC, then you are a moron.

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