OTC: Rex Hudler Explains Himself & The KC Sports Talk Radio Hosts Take Sides

“All it was, was fodder! It’s just preparation and doing a little bit of homework.”
Rex Hudler, in an interview Wednesday with Danny Parkins, Carrington Harrison and Jayice Pearson, attempting to explain his comments about why he asked the Royals TV audience to imagine the Royals’ Salvador Perez in Yankees’ pinstripes, 610 AM
GH: Day Two of Hudler’s odd comments regarding Perez was even more ridiculous that Day One. The explanation made even less sense than his original blathering. And how the Kansas City sports talk radio media reacted to Hudler’s words was split right down that wide line that separates 610 and 810. Read on.

“Me and Ryan were having fun. … It was kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Is Hudler really this dense? I believe he might be.

“I don’t think (Hudler’s) the sharpest tool in the shed. For him not to realize how this would be perceived…even with the best of intentions (Royals fans) are not going to take it the right way. He was clueless about that.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“Ryan’s tongue-in-cheek I thought was great! He said, ‘Hud, the only pinstripes we’re going to see on Salvy is when he’s accepting that MVP award after a World Championship with the Royals.’ It was beautiful!”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: I have a feeling the shed is sharper than Hudler.

“When you understand the source – I’m not a controversial figure guy. I’m a straight-up, straight-forward, I’m-gonna-tell-you-like-I-see-it guy. And sometimes tell you what’s on my heart.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: For some reason Hudler thinks this is an excuse for him to make ridiculous comments during Royals broadcasts. Hudler is a buffoon. That’s not a tell-you-like-I-see-it guy. That’s a clown on a mule with a microphone. Should we expect more? Yes. A helluva lot more.

“I was surprised at the outrage on Twitter. I didn’t think anything that Rex Hudler said was that bad. I didn’t think it was a huge deal.”
Danny Parkins, prior to having Hudler on his Tuesday show, 610 AM
GH: Surprised? Could Parkins underline the fact that he’s a recent Kansas City import more profoundly? This is where the media can show their true mettle. Hudler is a weekly guest on Parkins’ radio show and 610 even uses a Hudler drop from a Royals’ broadcast where he is promoting Parkins’ and Carrington’s show. But Parkins whiffed. He either is out of touch with the KC fan base he serves or attempting to soften the blows being rained on Hudler. Both are bad moves for a young guy trying to make it in this market.

“Kansas City hates to see their home-grown stars going to play in another market. You just don’t go down that road – especially in their house.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Harrison is a Kansas City guy who understands this city, their fans and the history between the Royals and Yankees. He also appears to know that critiquing Hudler fairly is the smart move here – even if it makes his next conversation with the Royals’ broadcaster a bit uncomfortable.

“Hud gets in the way of Rex Hudler … Hud gets in the way of Rex Hudler. I think that’s the way to put it. It was not the best piece of broadcasting the Royals have ever seen.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Sidestep, Petro. Soren did not seem to want to take a side in this one. I was disappointed.

“I can understand why there might be some people who might be a little bit upset about that but it’s coming from a guy, I have none of that (Yankee) bitterness in my heart. I don’t have any thoughts that are going to lead to something else. I simply do homework and hang out and I share and talk about the grand game of baseball.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: So maybe it’s not Hudler’s fault that he is an outsider who was hired to broadcast baseball games for a long-suffering fan base that he has zero relationship with or understanding of their pain. But it sure as hell is somebody’s fault that Rex is in front of a microphone every night.

“In this particular instance, do you regret saying it at all and even bringing it up?”
Jayice Pearson, in a question to Hudler, 610 AM

“No! No! Not at all! It’s what people were talking about yesterday (in New York)! My job is to share with the people and the audience what they were talking about. How popular there in the Latin community Salvy would be. That was it! If I have any information as a broadcaster that’s being talked about, I bring it up. I feel it’s my responsibility to share that.”
Rex Hudler, Rex Hudler, responding to Pearson’s question, 610 AM
GH: But Hudler didn’t relay his “information” in that manner. He didn’t say, “The Yankees were saying today can you imagine Perez in pinstripes?’ Unfortunately, the 610 crew never called Hudler out on this point.

“Did you hear from anybody with the Royals about what you said?”
Danny Parkins, to Hudler, 610 AM

“No. Not at all. Why should I? I don’t see what I said was – outside of maybe the history of the Royals losing players to big-market teams. I can understand that. You know what’s beautiful? No one from the organization ever calls me or ever says, ‘Don’t say this, don’t do that.’ What I have is a creative position. It’s a wonderful, wonderful job.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Since Hudler is so ignorant of the Royals’ history, I am guessing he’s never heard of the guy he replaced in the Royals TV booth, Frank White.

“I think (Hudler) dug his own grave. I don’t think they’re going to fire him right now but I don’t think they’re going to renew his contract. I’m not sure he can say he’s sorry for what he meant. I’ve never heard of anybody else like Rex…and we don’t want this here.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: This was about as opinionated as I have ever heard Frank Boal be while publicly discussing another member of the media. It says just how far outside the local media Hudler’s orbit circles.

“If I’m a homer and people say I’m a homer, well too bad because I cover this team for 142 games and I get attached to our royal blue! I hope it doesn’t come across that way but I’m certainly pulling for Billy Butler to hit a Billy Bomb with some barbeque sauce on it!”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM

“I just want people to understand that I’m real. I do make mistakes. I don’t have a great command of the English language, obviously. I’m a baseball-educated human being. … Look, I don’t have any idea what’s going to be said when it comes out. I just say stuff.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Sounds like the perfect guy for the job of broadcasting 142 games without a script. Nicely done, Royals.

“That just made me sick last night.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Hudler’s Salvy in pinstripes comments, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is a huge Frank White fan and has the former Royals’ Gold-Glove second baseman on his show weekly. He aggressively supports White and has scolded the Royals for firing him from their TV booth. Parkins and Carrington have Hudler as a weekly guest and they tilt toward supporting him and overlooking his shortcomings. Would the two radio stations react differently if White was a regular on 610 and Hudler was a regular on 810? Sure. It’s radio. They change their pinstripes at the drop of a sponsor.

“By the way, @kkwhb if you’re going to call for a guy’s job and you have his phone number, call him and invite him on the show. Radio 101. But I forgot, @kkwhb throws stones from his ivory tower. I’ve been in KC for over 2 years and I’ve seen him at exactly one event. ONE!! Apparently. He’s a coward. And when you’re not accountable for your opinions you can say ridiculous, unsubstantiated and sometimes untrue things a la @kkwhb. Rant over.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Two years into his career in sports media in Kansas City Kevin Kietzman was covering all the same events that Parkins brags about attending. Why does Kietzman need to personally confront Hudler? Because he has voiced negative opinions about his work? KK is stating his thoughts on a 50K watt radio station. It’s not like he’s hiding. I just don’t understand the media’s temper tantrums when they think one of their own has been besmirched. Was Parkins this upset when KK went after mark Mangino? Or John Currie? Or a hundred other sports figures? The media could use a tougher hide.

“Moustakas and Hosmer both strike me as guys who would go to the Yankees as fast as they can get there.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: You want to talk about a controversial statement?

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47 Responses to OTC: Rex Hudler Explains Himself & The KC Sports Talk Radio Hosts Take Sides

  1. The Truth says:

    Thank you Greg! You hit the nail on the head. Of course Parkins will defend this guy. My question is how many color guys on TV have to go on radio to defend themselves or clear up what they have said? Its time for Hud to move on somewhere else. Maybe he can co-host with Danny in the afternoons. Parkins showed his bias, the same thing he kills other media for. Bad look for him yesterday

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Agreed. I don’t listen to the afternoon show on 610 but I dl’d the podcast and listened and Parkins sounded just as bad as Hudler did the night before. Clearly there is no KC blood running through his veins.

      Say what you will about 810, but I’ll stick with the local station that uses local talent over the Philly-based Entercom and its sports jock imports any day.

  2. rkcal says:

    “Moustakas and Hosmer both strike me as guys who would go to the Yankees as fast as they can get there.”
    Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

    Yeah, or the Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, etc….biggest paychecks, biggest spotlights, legitimate chances to win championships. How could they be so callous?

  3. Cletus Frade says:

    KK has Frank White on his show regularly and supports him aggressively for one reason: To crap on Royals’ management. He hates them with a passion ever since his station lost $milliions on the team’s broadcast rights, and they didn’t take his recommendation and build a downtown stadium. He also uses Sporting KC and even the T-Bones to do the same thing. Try to make the Royals management look as bad as possible.

    There is nothing Rex Hudler said that hasn’t been said many times before. Every time the Royals get a star player, everyone says he sure would be much more famous if he played in New York. I’m sure it’s common all around the league. People always think all players want to play in New York in order to expand their fame and money-making potential. Rex Hudler did not have an original idea here. It’s been said many times before for decades about many players.

    • JP says:

      +1 on the KK comments. He is so transparent on this point, it’s ridiculous. Makes you want the Royals to make postseason just to piss KK off more.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Except for the fact that what you stated is NOT what Hudler said. If didn’t say, “Boy, can you imagine how famous Salvy would be in the NY latin community if he were a Yankee” — he didn’t even infer that. You’re giving him far too much credit. Seems pretty obvious that Hudler was projecting his boyhood Yankee boner onto Perez.

  4. The Smartman says:

    Simple solution. Find somebody that heard Hud say the N-word in the last 30 years and he’s gone.

  5. Kyle says:

    Nice work by Parkins calling out KK.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Calling him out for what? KK has no obligation to call Rex Hudler and tell him he thinks he should be fired. Sheesh, Kietzman actually did one better than calling Hudler personally — he broadcast his thoughts to 4-5 states over the air. If you want to criticize KK as a broadcaster on this issue, then criticize him if he is unwilling to question Royals management about the gaffe. If any broadcast journalis should be called out over this it should be Parkins for completely dropping the ball with Hudler and letting him change his tune.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    I know what he was trying to say and agree being in Yankee pinstripes adds 100-points to your RBIs & batting average.

    His surprise reminds me of when Bo Jackson signed with the Raiders. Forgive them for they know not what they do…

  7. KCPRGuy says:

    I didn’t hear Hud’s comments live so when I read OTC yesterday I kind of shrugged my shoulders. Having listened to the remarks, all I can say is “AWKWARD.” That was no tongue-in-cheek segment. Beaver sounded like someone trying to shut up his drunk friend and keep him from getting his ass pounded in a fight. He sounded pissed to me to that he had to deal with it at all.

    All of this illustrates what KC wants in its local media – LOCAL. And it’s going to be what continues to keep Entercom chasing 810. Honestly, I’ve been listening to Danny more and more these days and despite his quirks, he is growing on me. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before he moves on somewhere else and Entercom will start all over again with another import.

  8. nick says:

    I like Hudler. At least he puts a PERSONALITY in the booth.

    I’ve long loved hearing Mathews. He’s comfortable. But if the radio’s in the background, it’s impossible to know when something of importance happened or if the Royals did something good or not (whether one likes Bob Davis or not, Davis is GREAT to listen to when working or doing chores around the house…LOVE the way his voice ramps up when something big happens). Lefebvre is fine, but “personality” isn’t a word to describe him. Physioc? If there’s gonna be the wrath of God inflicted on a Royals broadcaster, I’m stunned it’s not him.

    Frank White was great in the booth, to me, because he was interesting, knowledgeable, and had a good sense of humor, however dry it was. Hudler will never be as good as Frank White in the booth. But his positive, sometimes-goofy style is fresh air to me.

  9. Java Man says:

    “Moustakas and Hosmer both strike me as guys who would go to the Yankees as fast as they can get there.”
    Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

    Young, single and wealthy. The BBQ is good, but not that good.

  10. donkeypunch says:

    GH, off topic, but what’s with the fat kid in the picture on the OTC homepage?

    • Tigerpiper says:

      That’s the 16 year old Italian shortstop the Royals just signed on his first visit to Kansas City. Scouting director to be fired tomorrow.

  11. P says:

    Rex only speaks the truth, any decent player that has ever started or come thru KC always ends up hitting a big pay day in a place like NY.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      If Rex’s statement is just the truth, then that’s why this is controversial. The last guy got canned for speaking too truthfully about the hometown team’s misgivings. If Rex is willing to unload about the unfairness of small market teams versus cash daddy’s like the Yankees, let her rip Hud! But we know that’s not going to happen.

  12. Mike says:

    I love that picture. Caption time!
    Rex: “Mmmmmmmm….I love to smell! Does this have fruit filling? I want to eat it.”

  13. I couldn’t believe that 610 took the track of defending the comments. In truth, the incident was a bit overblown but it does illustrate Hudler’s disconnect with the fanbase and lack of skill in broadcasting. However, 610 seems like they pulled out all of the stops to throw Hudler a lifeline (in spite of his inability to know when to shut up). KK went a bit too extreme on this; Clinkscale and Petro had it right: Hud being Hud…couple fries short of a happy meal.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Nailed it. That was my reaction as well but I absolutely get why anyone would react the same way KK did. I wasn’t AS pissed as him but it was yet another straw that should have broken the Wonderdog Camel’s back.

  14. tiad says:

    To nick: Except that Bob Davis used to get excited even if a pitcher threw a tight strike on the low and outside corner.

  15. jimmyd says:

    Look, I don’t have any idea what’s going to be said when it comes out. I just say stuff.”
    Rex Hudler

    This comment is just as bad as the one that got Maloof fired. How this man has such a high profile job is ridiculous.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Agreed — to think of all the people that work their ASS off to learn the broadcast biz and do it justice and this clown comes out there and wings it, insults every longtime Royals fan, and gets off scot-free. Yet another reason out-of-town ownership is bad business.

  16. Dan says:

    I’m more troubled not by what Hud says but how he says it. His poor grammar makes this high school journalism teacher’s ears bleed. With all the qualified people out there, it is beyond me how someone with such poor language skills can get a job in broadcasting. Top that with his lack of insight and his stupid sayings and it is clear that he is just taking up space in the booth.

  17. Given its size, the Big Apple has a lot more restaurants than KC. Not to mention White Castle. I think that’s the LAST PLACE that Moustakas should want to end up at. He needs to stay here in the pasture with Billy. Less eats.

  18. E.Jack Hewlett says:

    there are people who actually care what Rex Hudler and Danny Parkins have to say?

  19. Captain Morgan says:

    We’re still talking about this? (yawn)

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      I’m sure someone held a gun to your head and made you read these comments too.

      • Captain Morgan says:

        “I’m sure someone held a gun to your head and made you read these comments too.”

        How am I going to know I’m bored by it if I don’t read, dipshit?

  20. Herb says:

    GH: But Hudler didn’t relay his “information” in that manner. He didn’t say, “The Yankees were saying today can you imagine Perez in pinstripes?’ Unfortunately, the 610 crew never called Hudler out on this point.

    Like I said earlier, it’s all in how you say it.

    And it’s just plain shitty radio not to call him on it.

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