OTC: Rex Hudler Explains Himself & The KC Sports Talk Radio Hosts Take Sides

“All it was, was fodder! It’s just preparation and doing a little bit of homework.”
Rex Hudler, in an interview Wednesday with Danny Parkins, Carrington Harrison and Jayice Pearson, attempting to explain his comments about why he asked the Royals TV audience to imagine the Royals’ Salvador Perez in Yankees’ pinstripes, 610 AM
GH: Day Two of Hudler’s odd comments regarding Perez was even more ridiculous that Day One. The explanation made even less sense than his original blathering. And how the Kansas City sports talk radio media reacted to Hudler’s words was split right down that wide line that separates 610 and 810. Read on.

“Me and Ryan were having fun. … It was kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Is Hudler really this dense? I believe he might be.

“I don’t think (Hudler’s) the sharpest tool in the shed. For him not to realize how this would be perceived…even with the best of intentions (Royals fans) are not going to take it the right way. He was clueless about that.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“Ryan’s tongue-in-cheek I thought was great! He said, ‘Hud, the only pinstripes we’re going to see on Salvy is when he’s accepting that MVP award after a World Championship with the Royals.’ It was beautiful!”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: I have a feeling the shed is sharper than Hudler.

“When you understand the source – I’m not a controversial figure guy. I’m a straight-up, straight-forward, I’m-gonna-tell-you-like-I-see-it guy. And sometimes tell you what’s on my heart.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: For some reason Hudler thinks this is an excuse for him to make ridiculous comments during Royals broadcasts. Hudler is a buffoon. That’s not a tell-you-like-I-see-it guy. That’s a clown on a mule with a microphone. Should we expect more? Yes. A helluva lot more.

“I was surprised at the outrage on Twitter. I didn’t think anything that Rex Hudler said was that bad. I didn’t think it was a huge deal.”
Danny Parkins, prior to having Hudler on his Tuesday show, 610 AM
GH: Surprised? Could Parkins underline the fact that he’s a recent Kansas City import more profoundly? This is where the media can show their true mettle. Hudler is a weekly guest on Parkins’ radio show and 610 even uses a Hudler drop from a Royals’ broadcast where he is promoting Parkins’ and Carrington’s show. But Parkins whiffed. He either is out of touch with the KC fan base he serves or attempting to soften the blows being rained on Hudler. Both are bad moves for a young guy trying to make it in this market.

“Kansas City hates to see their home-grown stars going to play in another market. You just don’t go down that road – especially in their house.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Harrison is a Kansas City guy who understands this city, their fans and the history between the Royals and Yankees. He also appears to know that critiquing Hudler fairly is the smart move here – even if it makes his next conversation with the Royals’ broadcaster a bit uncomfortable.

“Hud gets in the way of Rex Hudler … Hud gets in the way of Rex Hudler. I think that’s the way to put it. It was not the best piece of broadcasting the Royals have ever seen.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Sidestep, Petro. Soren did not seem to want to take a side in this one. I was disappointed.

“I can understand why there might be some people who might be a little bit upset about that but it’s coming from a guy, I have none of that (Yankee) bitterness in my heart. I don’t have any thoughts that are going to lead to something else. I simply do homework and hang out and I share and talk about the grand game of baseball.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: So maybe it’s not Hudler’s fault that he is an outsider who was hired to broadcast baseball games for a long-suffering fan base that he has zero relationship with or understanding of their pain. But it sure as hell is somebody’s fault that Rex is in front of a microphone every night.

“In this particular instance, do you regret saying it at all and even bringing it up?”
Jayice Pearson, in a question to Hudler, 610 AM

“No! No! Not at all! It’s what people were talking about yesterday (in New York)! My job is to share with the people and the audience what they were talking about. How popular there in the Latin community Salvy would be. That was it! If I have any information as a broadcaster that’s being talked about, I bring it up. I feel it’s my responsibility to share that.”
Rex Hudler, Rex Hudler, responding to Pearson’s question, 610 AM
GH: But Hudler didn’t relay his “information” in that manner. He didn’t say, “The Yankees were saying today can you imagine Perez in pinstripes?’ Unfortunately, the 610 crew never called Hudler out on this point.

“Did you hear from anybody with the Royals about what you said?”
Danny Parkins, to Hudler, 610 AM

“No. Not at all. Why should I? I don’t see what I said was – outside of maybe the history of the Royals losing players to big-market teams. I can understand that. You know what’s beautiful? No one from the organization ever calls me or ever says, ‘Don’t say this, don’t do that.’ What I have is a creative position. It’s a wonderful, wonderful job.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Since Hudler is so ignorant of the Royals’ history, I am guessing he’s never heard of the guy he replaced in the Royals TV booth, Frank White.

“I think (Hudler) dug his own grave. I don’t think they’re going to fire him right now but I don’t think they’re going to renew his contract. I’m not sure he can say he’s sorry for what he meant. I’ve never heard of anybody else like Rex…and we don’t want this here.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: This was about as opinionated as I have ever heard Frank Boal be while publicly discussing another member of the media. It says just how far outside the local media Hudler’s orbit circles.

“If I’m a homer and people say I’m a homer, well too bad because I cover this team for 142 games and I get attached to our royal blue! I hope it doesn’t come across that way but I’m certainly pulling for Billy Butler to hit a Billy Bomb with some barbeque sauce on it!”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM

“I just want people to understand that I’m real. I do make mistakes. I don’t have a great command of the English language, obviously. I’m a baseball-educated human being. … Look, I don’t have any idea what’s going to be said when it comes out. I just say stuff.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Sounds like the perfect guy for the job of broadcasting 142 games without a script. Nicely done, Royals.

“That just made me sick last night.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Hudler’s Salvy in pinstripes comments, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is a huge Frank White fan and has the former Royals’ Gold-Glove second baseman on his show weekly. He aggressively supports White and has scolded the Royals for firing him from their TV booth. Parkins and Carrington have Hudler as a weekly guest and they tilt toward supporting him and overlooking his shortcomings. Would the two radio stations react differently if White was a regular on 610 and Hudler was a regular on 810? Sure. It’s radio. They change their pinstripes at the drop of a sponsor.

“By the way, @kkwhb if you’re going to call for a guy’s job and you have his phone number, call him and invite him on the show. Radio 101. But I forgot, @kkwhb throws stones from his ivory tower. I’ve been in KC for over 2 years and I’ve seen him at exactly one event. ONE!! Apparently. He’s a coward. And when you’re not accountable for your opinions you can say ridiculous, unsubstantiated and sometimes untrue things a la @kkwhb. Rant over.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Two years into his career in sports media in Kansas City Kevin Kietzman was covering all the same events that Parkins brags about attending. Why does Kietzman need to personally confront Hudler? Because he has voiced negative opinions about his work? KK is stating his thoughts on a 50K watt radio station. It’s not like he’s hiding. I just don’t understand the media’s temper tantrums when they think one of their own has been besmirched. Was Parkins this upset when KK went after mark Mangino? Or John Currie? Or a hundred other sports figures? The media could use a tougher hide.

“Moustakas and Hosmer both strike me as guys who would go to the Yankees as fast as they can get there.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: You want to talk about a controversial statement?

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47 Responses to OTC: Rex Hudler Explains Himself & The KC Sports Talk Radio Hosts Take Sides

  1. newbaum turk says:

    I only notice announcers when they are bad. Hardly any of them bother me. People like Dan Deirdorf or somebody that everybody hates doesn’t bother me a bit. They are in the periphery for me. That said, I can’t stand Hud. There is no not noticing him. He is terrible. He is insincere and full of crap. He sounds like a televangelist or Tony Robbins. I can spot a fraud a mile away and this guy surely is one. I wouldn’t buy a pack of gum off Hud. Physioc sucks too. Don’t tell me how great the Royals No. 1 pick is doing in the minors when the fact is he has well over a 5 ERA.

  2. IrishClone says:

    Does anyone still listen to 610 or 810? All same BS all KC all the time it get’s really old Thank the Sweet 8lb Baby Jesus for 102.5 The Fan we got Rome and here different thought’s and they talk about more than Bald Billy Self,Neddy,and Fat Andy.Local Sports Talk is Kansas City is DEAD 12 hour’s of the same BS on both station’s how can anyone admit they listen too that BS. Thank You Greg Hall for keeping me informed of the stuff i never here.Same old bs every day Like A Swift Kick In the Nut’s. Can’t DO IT, CANT’ LISTEN TOO THEM,WON’T LISTEN TOO THEM.Someone need’s too shake the lineup’s of both station’s really old tired and well they SUCK>

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      $100 bucks says you are not a Kansas City native, born and bred, am I right IrishClone? If you were you wouldn’t be so tired of local sports talk and so enamored with the Jungle.

      • IrishClone says:

        Wrong there Markus lived here for 30 year’s which is 75% of my life. Love the Chief’s.Royal’s ,went too hundred’s of Royal’s Cheif’s, King’s &,Comet’s so wrong you are Mr.Local sports talk is DEAD same subject’s both station’s it is un-listenable all day long,With the new station i get sport’s and a break from the same old story hour after hour day after day. A national perspective on sports is very refreshing J Feinstein has great story’s and is very knowledgeable about many thing’s not just KC related, Rome is very funny and get’s all the best interviews he talk’s MMA,GOLF,FOOTBALL,BASKETBALL,BASEBALL sorry if i offended you but get a grip and change the STATION ONCE IN A WHILE THERE IS MORE OUT THERE.The grass is greener sometime’s.PS have many photo’s in the early 80’s with the many of the Royal’s players when they were great. Get your fact’s baby before you spew like Old Man Kissel.nighty night

  3. CM70 says:

    Does anyone remember how the Royals got Hud and Phys?
    They were both FIRED by the Angels at the same time. Maybe now we know why…

  4. Red says:

    Keitzman wants monty to be the color guy because he is a part owner of 810 and comes on 810. He has been trying to undercut hudler since day 1 in his passive agressive way. Hudler finally gave him the ammo to come fully out. Monty would be terrible at it IMO.

    • JP says:

      KK did the same thing when Bill Maas was at the station, talking up his analysis prowess. He has also mentioned Brian McRae, who is a part owner as well. His transparency is so ridiculous and over the top. He is still whining about the lack of a downtown baseball stadium.

  5. Mike DeArmond says:

    Hudler’s continuing idiocy almost makesme want to reactivate Twitter so I could criticize him daily. Almost. But not quite.

  6. Janine says:

    Gee it seems like all male sports fan are perfect.I am a female fan and really enjoy Hud and Phys.Don’t get so technical,throw away that stupid record book and enjoy the “boys in blue” and their “beautiful”season.

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