OTC: Royals Lose Series To Lastros & It’s Bad / Is Moose Lazy?

“It’s bad.”
Buster Olney, MLB expert for ESPN, when asked by The Border Patrol how bad was it for the Royals to lose a series to Houston, 810 AM
GH: The Royals went 1-2 in Houston and came darn close to getting swept by the Lastros. How bad is this Houston team? Let’s let Buster explain. Read on.

“(The Astros) are possibly one of the worst baseball teams in history. … They’re going to set an all-time record for strikeouts. They are on a pace to win about 46 games. They are on a pace to have a run differential of something in the range of minus 300 – which would be one of the worst of all time. So this is just an absolutely abysmal team that according to scouts might have four or five major league players.”
Buster Olney, MLB expert for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: But be patient, Royals fans. These things take time.

“When you’re 1-33 you have no confidence.”
George Brett, on the slumping Mike Moustakas, 810 AM
GH: Moose is now in a 2-41 tailspin that his manager thinks can be cured by patience. Maybe it can. But there has to be something the Royals can do to help this second-year player that is more than just watching and waiting. If not, why does David Glass pay these guys to be baseball geniuses?

“Last year, when he struggled. I mean (Moose) was a mess. There were times when you’d have to sit him for a ‘mental day.’ This year, he’s been in a great frame of mind. … He’s going to be fine.”
Ned Yost, on the same slumping Moustakas, Kansas City Star
GH: When I hear Ned talk about Moustakas or Hosmer or his team, I hear a man who is talking about himself and his job performance. Yost has no other options than to preach patience and more patience. He doesn’t know what else to do. Read on.

“He’s a PR nightmare.”
Soren Petro, on Ned Yost, 810 AM

“Moustakas has never been a big believer in studying videotape, and his latest struggles have only reinforced the notion that he needs to simplify his approach. Less analysis; not more.”
Bob Dutton, Kansas City Star
GH: When I read Dutton’s story on Moose in The Kansas City Star, one word came to mind – lazy. Fair or unfair, that’s what I think when I hear about a player who thinks less work will return better results. Your kids probably think the same thing when you tell them to mow the lawn. Sometimes a manager has to quit being a cheerleader and start being the bad parent.

“I’m different than a lot of these other guys. Some guys like to watch film. Like Billy (Butler), he gets in there and watches film all day. He’s able to break it down. Gordo (Alex Gordon) does the same thing. I’ll watch film from when I was going good. I don’t break down everything I’ve done. I just try to find a couple of at-bats where I look comfortable, see what I was doing and work from there.”
Mike Moustakas, Kansas City Star
GH: What a surprise that the Royals two best hitters wear out the video machine watching their at bats and Moose tries to find just “a couple of at bats.” This kid needs a coach not an enabler.

“Even though they’re big leaguers and they’re professionals, these last five games are tough to get amped up for! Very small crowds in Oakland. Very small crowds here (in Houston). Now that doesn’t mean the Royals aren’t prepared… Some teams play better in the bigger venues against the higher profile teams than they do in these venues against the lower profile teams.”
Ryan Lefebvre, attempting to explain the Royals poor play on this 3-6 road trip, Fox Sports KC
GH: Ryan went on and on and on about his excuses as to why the Royals are losing to bad teams in front of sparse crowds. It was one of the more pathetic displays of broadcast bullshit a Royals broadcaster has ever attempted to shower on this fanatical fan base. Twitter wasn’t buying ANY of what Beav was selling – and neither was Rex Hudler. I think we all know why Ryan stayed in the Royals booth and Frank White got canned.

“That’s what a good arm do!”
Steve Physioc, after Alex Gordon threw out yet another base runner from left field Wednesday night, Royals Radio
GH: In contrast to Beav’s display of ridiculous excuses for the pathetic play of the Royals, Steve Physioc has spent this road trip growing a spine in the radio booth. Physioc has first-guessed Ned Yost on personnel moves as well as pitching changes – and he’s done it with candor. Something changed in Phys this trip and I hope he leaves that switch flipped. He has been a joy to listen to on the radio of late…despite sounding like Rick Dees.

“There are so many guys who wear the powder blue (Royals jersey) around here. Come on! You look like a giant fat donut!”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Newsflash to all grown men who wear baseball jerseys – we all look like doofuses. Is there anything odder at a ball game than the 45-year-old guy in an Alex Gordon jersey hanging over the rail trying to snare a grounder with his $450 Rawlings Dual Core PRM1275H? 

“When should the (Royals) fans get over it? When should they drop that part of it? I had a buddy who beat cancer. For four years you couldn’t go ten minutes without him telling you he beat cancer. I got it! When is it time for the fans to drop the ‘I’ve had baseball cancer for 25 years?’ When is it time to admit you’re healed?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: The Royals do not get a pass on our cynicism just because it is ongoing. The bitching doesn’t stop until the itching heals. 

“I think (Ben McLemore) is very solid at number two. There are a lot of people who think Ben McLemore is going to be a bonafide superstar in the NBA. He’s got a perfect shooting stroke. You keep hearing the name Ray Allen. I think McLemore is a surefire number two guy. … I think McLemore has a great chance to go number one overall.”

Chris Mannix, SI.com writer, on the former KU shooting guard’s NBA draft chances, 810 AM

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44 Responses to OTC: Royals Lose Series To Lastros & It’s Bad / Is Moose Lazy?

  1. Ultimate Dude says:

    McLemore could easily go #1??? That dude wasn’t talking WNBA was he?? McLemore has bust written all over him. Not nearly aggressive enough and will defer to other players to make things happen. Take the money and run (and laugh), Ben.

    • Splitlog Quindaro says:

      I agree on McLemore…. He was not a consistent player at KU.. Actually, quite erratic. Maybe had too much on his mind. He won’t even whiff Pierce’s NBA legacy.

    • Ronnie says:

      McLemore going #1 has much more to do with the strength of this years draft vs. his ability. He’s the best of the worst so to speak.

  2. T Rich says:

    There’s two of them. Anybody thinking that might be part of the problem….

  3. T Rich says:

    That was supposed to be a reply to this:

    mike t. says:
    May 23, 2013 at 1:01 pm
    speaking of the hitting coach, where is he in all this mess about moose?

    There’s two of them. Anybody thinking that might be part of the problem…

    Which brings up another point. Ned keeps saying that sending Moose to AAA won’t help him because you don’t see “Major League” caliber pitching every day, but they brought up the minor league hitting coaches to help the major league hitters. Maybe they don’t know how to teach hitting off of major league pitchers.

  4. Scott says:

    @ T Rich — that’s exactly what I was thinking listening to Seitzer talk about how you have to adjust at the major leagues, having a plan, etc. Maybe the stuff they’re teaching in the minors doesn’t translate???? Regardless, if Moose doesn’t see the irony in his words about Butler & Gordon watching film, then he’s not aware enough to hope he’ll be able to consistenly adjust.

  5. rico_suave says:

    hmm.. Paul Finebaum going to ESPN in August..
    summer is fun.. but for sports– can’t beat Fall.

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