OTC: TBP Consider WSU & KSU As KU’s “Little Brothers” / Self Calls Tharpe “As Valuable A Player As We Have

“I’m not going to just be bought. I’m not going to go to Allen Fieldhouse for a check.”
Gregg Marshall, head basketball coach at Wichita State, when asked by Sean Keeler about the Shockers playing the Jayhawks someday, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: Sean Keeler, just like Jeffrey Flanagan has done at times with his Royals columns on Foxsportskansascity.com, stirred up some locals with some titillating quotes from an area coach or athlete. The Border Patrol especially expressed some strong opinions over the worth of a KU/WSU basketball series – especially the Kansan contingent side of the Patrol. Read on.

“I think there are enough schools in this state that find themselves inferior to Kansas. We don’t need two… It’s pretty clear what I said.”
Jake Gutierrez, on whether or not Kansas should schedule Wichita State, 810 AM
GH: It was sure clear to me what Jake was saying – as I am sure it was to all Kansas State fans.

“Jake’s saying we’ve already got one little brother. We don’t need another one.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: Can we book Jake and Aaron as guests on Kevin Kietzman’s next show? Preferably in place of Mad Jack’s segment?

“We love Gregg Marshall, and not just because he coaches like he’s on a rolling 10-day contract and his players play like the jerks on the other team just swiped their kid brother’s lunch money. It’s also because the next bush he beats around will be the first.”
Sean Keeler, writer, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: Marshall has a reputation for rubbing a lot of people the wrong way – especially people his teams beat. Poking the big bear in Kansas isn’t all that dangerous since he knows Bill Self is not about to schedule the Shockers. But it does make for some interesting conversations.

“I just don’t see how it helps Kansas to maybe lose or have a tough game against Wichita State.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: When did college sports degenerate into how playing an in-state rival or a former conference rival helps or hurts a school? Why not just play the games that matter the most to your school, your fans and fans of the sport? Is Kansas’ NCAA bid really going to hinge on whether they played or did not play WSU or MU? Doubt it. But would those games put a huge national spotlight on college basketball in our area? Hell, yes.

“Ultimately, we’ve got to put ourselves in a position where playing (the Jayhawks) or not playing them has no bearing on our success, and that’s what we’re doing. We’d like to play home-and-home. It would be helpful, but still, we’re putting ourselves in a position where it doesn’t matter if they want to play or not. That’s what we have to do. One day, when it behooves them, then maybe it’ll happen. … (Kansas) is a special program, they’re elite, and we know that. We’re just trying to be the best that we can, consistently. And if we can be in the same conversation with them, it’s usually pretty good.”
Gregg Marshall, Foxsportskansascity.com
GH: Marshall comes off as pretty respectful here. I like a lot of things about Bill Self but I dislike how he has placed his KU fan base to always be in defensive mode when it comes to scheduling WSU and MU. Just play ‘em, Bill.

“Marshall, for his part, is ready and willing. Not only that, he says he’s even pitched a three-game series to the KU camp — and, as a perk, none of those games are at the Shox’s cozy, raucous Koch Arena, better known as ‘The Roundhouse.’ The set-up: One game at Allen Fieldhouse, one at Sprint Center in Kansas City, and one at Intrust Bank Arena in downtown Wichita. The response: Silence.”
Sean Keeler, writer, Foxsportskansascity.com

“Here’s the bottom line. (Naadir Tharpe) is as valuable player as we have. He can play. The kid can play.”
Bill Self, while discussing his point guard, Hawk Talk
GH: Self said he was not happy with how Tharpe reacted when he was benched earlier this season due to his actions “on the court and off the court.” Many Kansas fans I know are not happy with Tharpe and his outside shot – or his eagerness to take the deep three. To hear Self proclaim him, “as valuable player as we have,” was startling news to me when you consider the list of future NBA players on KU’s roster.

“I really didn’t anticipate (Joel Embiid) playing this much this soon to be honest. … We’re a deep team up front, there’s no question about that. But if the big fella keeps getting better, he needs to get 30 minutes a game. He’s a sponge. He wants to learn.”
Bill Self, on his freshman post player, Hawk Talk
GH: Jason King has penned a terrific read on KU’s recruitment of Embiid’s and his short time so far under Bill Self. Read it here at King’s new home on BleacherReport.com.

“Tarik (Black) like today, he’s the best player in practice. He needs to get some breaks. He wants it so bad that sometimes he puts too much pressure on himself.”
Bill Self, on his large senior transfer from Memphis, Hawk Talk
GH: Black might be the biggest early-season disappointment of KU’s slew of new players. Self seems to think we will change our minds about the muscular big man once the conference season begins. But with Embiid’s emergence, it might already be too late for Black to get his minutes.

“Yeah, but that kid was a hard-rockin’ cat. We still haven’t had anybody since I’ve been here that was a tougher or more clutch player than him.”
Bill Self, after Bob Davis stated that KU had a true post player and point guard to rebuild their team after their 2008 national championship, Hawk Talk
GH: Neither Davis nor Self mentioned Sherron Collins by name but there was no need. It was simply taken for granted that everyone knew to whom Self was referring. I love how Self cherishes his tough, competitive players like Collins. I get the feeling he doesn’t see that kind of toughness in his team yet. Self told a great story about how Travis Releford recently watched the team play and remarked that he thought the Hawks are “soft.” If Self can get his youngsters to toughen up, that Big 12 banner isn’t going anywhere.

“If you’re 2X I’ll give you one right off my back.”
John Dorsey, offering Soren Petro his gray Chiefs sweatshirt during an interview Monday afternoon, after Petro commented about Dorsey’s sweatshirt, 810 AM
GH: Petro whiffed on a rare and genuine live radio opportunity when he declined Dorsey’s offer. Petro picked exactly the wrong time to go all Shawnee Mission East Rich Kid on the radio when he told Dorsey his family has had Chiefs season tickets for years and he already owns massive quantities of Chiefs gear. Petro told Dorsey that he had been “blessed” and that the sweatshirt should go to someone more deserving. What, like maybe somebody from Raytown? How great would it have been for Dorsey’s image to whip off his sweatshirt on the air and hand it over? Anybody see King Carl or Scott Pioli doing that? The ability to recognize a great moment in live radio is not one of Petro’s gifts. In other words he’s not as blessed as he thinks. 

“He’s the coach of the Millennium! What he’s done with your franchise is nothing less than spectacular! … It takes a lot to get me excited…”
Mitch Holthus, introducing Andy Reid to the crowd at his Chiefs Kingdom radio show, 810 AM

“I’m just glad (Jamaal Charles) is on our team! I’m glad I’m not going up against him! He’s a great player.”
Kendrick Lewis, Chiefs defensive back, in an interview with Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: We second that thought, Kendrick. Jamaal Charles has come a long way since Carl Peterson plucked him out of Texas with a draft pick the Chiefs received from the Vikings in the Jared Allen trade. Jamaal Charles has been set free by Andy Reid and he is still running.

“(Julian) Bailes (founder of the Brian Injury Research Institute), stressed that if (Jovan) Belcher’s brain is found to have CTE, it can’t be used as a direct explanation for the murder-suicide last December. Bailes points out that there are horrific and criminal acts committed without the presence of CTE. But there are too many unanswered questions for Belcher’s family to not be curious.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Interesting if macabre story – and one many believe will prove next to nothing due to the time the body has been buried. But I had one overwhelming thought when I heard this story first reported…

@mellinger To not even mention the lawsuit as a possible motivation for digging up his decaying corpse is totally irresponsible journalism.”
@bkparallax, in a direct tweet to Sam Mellinger on his recent Jovan Belcher column on his family requesting his body be exhumed, Twitter
GH: Bingo. With all the infighting that occurred over the child and the discussion about the million dollars set aside by the NFL for the baby – how does Mellinger NOT go there in his column? As a matter of fact, why isn’t this point the focal point of his column? Does anybody think this was done without the thought of suing the NFL for cash?

“I was unaware of it and I’m doubtful it will solve anything.”
Becky Gonzalez, mother of Kasi Perkins who was the mother of Belcher’s child, Kansas City Star
GH: There seems to be one sane side of this family and it’s not the one with the backhoe.

“For a metro area parched for nourishment from its professional sports, Sporting KC has shown the way.”
Vahe Gregorian, Kansas City Star
GH: Vahe hasn’t done much for my excitement level with his writing or subject choices but there is no denying that Kansas City has sure won a lot since he moved here from St. Louis this summer. The Royals, Mizzou and now the Chiefs are rolling like they haven’t in years. Maybe Vahe deserves his own Gregorian Chant at the next game.

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  1. FJH says:

    Bill Self is a p***y? Are you in the 5th grade? You can’t make your point in a more intelligent way?

  2. JP says:

    GH: Petro whiffed on a rare and genuine live radio opportunity when he declined Dorsey’s offer. Petro picked exactly the wrong time to go all Shawnee Mission East Rich Kid on the radio when he told Dorsey his family has had Chiefs season tickets for years and he already owns massive quantities of Chiefs gear.

    I’m sure if Petro was offered a Sandwich by Dorsey, instead of a sweatshirt, he would have taken it and devoured it in seconds. Petro never misses a meal.

  3. JP says:

    KU thus far has played Duke (neutral court), Villanova (neutral court), at Colorado and at Florida and New Mexico at the Sprint Center. They will play Georgetown and if memory serves, play San Diego State later. These are all potential NCAA tournament teams and in some cases, very high seeds. This is not a pussy schedule, but a rugged test, and much harder than any other local schools.

    You can argue that KU should play Wichita State. I would point out that WSU only got really good the last 3 years, and if they scheduled them, there is the chance that WSU regresses again. These teams used to play in the late 80’s/early 90’s but KU totally dominated that series to the point it was discontinued. I would be all in for KU playing WSU ONLY IF K State also was required to play WSU. I agree with Be Reasonable, why does KSU get a pass for not having to play WSU. Rip on Self all you want, but why are there crickets chirping around Bruce Weber?

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