OTC: Has Mizzou Hoops Become Irrelevant? / KSU At WVU Is A Season Changer / Chiefs At Raiders Not Prime Time

B22iQipCAAAl663“Student Section at Mizzou Arena”
Mike Kelly, @mikekelly1120, play-by-play voice of Mizzou basketball, as he tweeted out this photo of the Missouri student section Wednesday evening from Mizzou Arena, Twitter
GH: I do not know what the problem is with Mizzou basketball fans. The attendance at Mizzou arena last night was 5,563. Yes, it was Oral Roberts…but 5,563? Is it the fans or the team? It seems to me that Norm Stewart’s teams never had this problem – definitely not to this extent.

“Guys, I don’t know how else to say this: Students don’t care about this Mizzou basketball team. It’s become an irrelevant program. Put a good product on the field and the students will come. For better or worse, it’s always been that way with Mizzou basketball.” Brandon Kiley, @BKSportsTalk, Twitter
GH: An irrelevant program? Is the attendance drop off really success related? That seems so, well…not college. But Kiley isn’t the only Tiger to think the hoops program needs to win to expect fans to show up. Read on.

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OTC: Kentucky Embarrasses Kansas By 32 / Oakland Signs Billy Butler For $30 Million

“We didn’t make any shots and we took some very ill-advised shots. … We didn’t play well and we didn’t play as well as we’re capable of. Give them a lot of credit too.”
Norm Roberts, KU assistant basketball coach after the fifth-ranked Jayhawks were dumped 72-40 by top-ranked Kentucky,, 810 AM
GH: Give Kentucky most of the credit. Maybe Kansas is as awful as they looked Tuesday night but I do not believe that to be true. I also do not believe there was much KU could have done to reverse what happened to them in Indianapolis. Kentucky appears to be that much better than the ten-time-consecutive Big 12 champs. And very possibly every other team not in the NBA.

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OTC: KU & UK Match Blueblood Types Tonight / Tennessee Feels Sorry For Mizzou? / UMKC Hoops Be Hopping!

“If you take (Kentucky’s) first and second teams and split them up, they’d probably have the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the nation. John (Calipari) should go 45-0 with that talent.”
Larry Brown, SMU head basketball coach, USA Today
GH: Brown was probably kidding his former Kansas assistant coach (at least somewhat) but his point is solid. Kentucky once again has more young talent this season than most coaches are able to recruit in a career. How Calipari is trying to keep all that basketball talent happy is an interesting story. Read on.

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OTC: Chiefs Stonewall Seahawks & Take Over AFC West / Is KU’s FB Coaching Search Over? / Kim Anderson’s Honeymoon Cut Short By Roos

“The Broncos lost to St. Louis and the @KCChiefs just beat the Suberbowl Champs. I don’t smoke, but pass me a Camel.”
Chris Stigall, @ChrisStigall, Twitter

“Three or four weeks ago we’re talking about Denver running away with the division and locking up home-field advantage…now all of a sudden Kansas City is in position to win that division.”
Howie Long, studio analyst, Fox

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OTC: ESPN Blows The Whistle On The K’s & Arrowhead’s Food Provider Aramark

“A cook at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City used a garbage can as a place to hold his ladle when it was not being used.”
Paula Lavigne, reporter, regarding a story broadcast by ESPN’s Outside the Lines on alleged unhealthy food practices at both Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead, ESPN.com GH: Lavigne and ESPN’s Outside the Lines does what they do best with this story – ring the alarm bell loudly and shine a spotlight on the cockroaches. And in this instance – they did that literally. Read on.

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OTC: Mizzou To Play BYU At Arrowhead Next November / Is That A Good Thing?

“We made a commitment to get Tiger football back here in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. So here you’ve got a matchup of two pretty darn good teams. There are an awful lot of people around the country that are excited about this game.”
Mike Alden, discussing Mizzou’s 2015 non-conference game versus BYU at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: The game is schedule for November 14, 2015, exactly a year from tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather is a bit better next year at this time. I like that MU is stepping up their non-con schedule but why play a no-count non-con game in November when you might be in the hunt for an SEC title? Would we be excited if MU played BYU this Saturday? Meh.

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OTC: Is Alex Smith The Chiefs’ Answer Or Is He Still A Question? / Can Kim Anderson Make STL Like Mizzou?

“I don’t know that there is a great deal of difference between an Alex Smith and a Russell Wilson. They are both so well read – they are both so well prepared. They’re very smart. They’ve got very sharp eyes and quick reactions. Both incredibly bright. Although it may be a kind of a far-reaching comparison, I don’t see a great deal of difference.”
Kevin Harlan, on the two quarterbacks that will meet at Arrowhead this Sunday, 810 AM
GH: So, just how good is Alex Smith? Is he Russell Wilson good or just Game-Manager good? The opinions on this topic continue to differ. Read on.

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