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OTC: Royals Lose Series To Lastros & It’s Bad / Is Moose Lazy?

“It’s bad.” Buster Olney, MLB expert for ESPN, when asked by The Border Patrol how bad was it for the Royals to lose a series to Houston, 810 AM GH: The Royals went 1-2 in Houston and came darn close … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs’ Draft Looks Brown Bag Exciting In First Dorsey/Reid Attempt

“My enthusiasm for the draft has been crushed and squashed for the last three weeks by what the Chiefs are doing. I was convinced that the era of drafting offensive linemen and missing the playoffs in Kansas City were over. … Continue reading


Kevin Kietzman Wants To Steal Your Summer And It’s Only April

“Between the Royals’ improvements and the Royals’ bullpen, I’ve got them finishing second [in the ALC].” Buster Olney, ESPN MLB writer, on his preseason prediction for the Royals, 810 AM GH: Buster’s preseason optimism for the Royals is not being … Continue reading


OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Goes Stormin’ After Hogs’ Mike Anderson / Sweet Revenge Reigns

“Miscommunication.” Frank Haith and Mike Anderson, during their separate postgame pressers when asked the reason for their heated words and actions, 810 AM GH: One thing we can be sure of is that there was no “miscommunication” inside Mizzou Arena … Continue reading


OTC: Mizzou Hoops Gets SEC Signature Win Over Florida / Haith & Miami Get NCAA News

“Believe. Time and time again at Mizzou Arena, [Phil] Pressey delivered that message to his teammates as they encircled him during dead balls and timeouts. He said it when the Tigers trailed No. 5 Florida by double digits midway through … Continue reading


OTC: ESPN’s Rob Parker Gives ESPN Just What They Want — Controversy, Crazy & Tweets

“But my question, which is just a straight, honest question, is: Is [Robert Griffin III] a brother or is he a cornball brother?” Rob Parker, ESPN commentator, ESPN GH: Rob Parker, a formerly anonymous newspaper guy, is one of many … Continue reading


OTC: K-State Chokes Away BCS Title Shot, Heisman and COTY All In A Wild Night In Waco

“You choked it away. You should have beat Baylor. I don’t care what happened – you should have beat Baylor, regardless. They choked it away. I’ve done three Baylor games this year. I’ve seen that team. And there’s no way … Continue reading