OTC: Mellinger Calls Out Ned Yost For Calling Out Royals Fans / And Fescoe & Klingler Are Appalled By Sam & The Star

“On a glorious night for the Royals, Ned Yost manages to dump on the fans”
Headline for Sam Mellinger’s column in Wednesday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Mellinger’s column touched off a firestorm of local sports talk along with the national media picking up on his column’s theme. Want some irony? Here was the headline for Sam’s column the day before… “This team still deserves to get its share of some national attention.” Okay then…

“It’s the most dramatic win of a spectacular-so-far season, the kind of moment we’ll remember in five weeks if this thing heads into the playoffs — and then, dang-it if manager Ned Yost didn’t take away from the whole thing with a clumsy, misguided, insulting and out-of-touch whine about only 13,847 people showing up on a school and work night with temperatures into the 90s. First came the sarcasm. ‘I mean, what, 13,000 people got to see a great game?’ he said in his post-game news conference.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Did Yost mean his words to be taken as sarcasm? We might never know. I do know that Jeffrey Flanagan used the same term in his game story on FoxSports.com to describe Ned’s comments about the fans. Read on.

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OTC: Royals’ Ned Yost Dealing W/ Pressure Of A Pennant Race & National Scrutiny One Day At A Time

“We don’t think like you guys. We think about today. That’s all we think about. We don’t think about keeping it up. We don’t think about anything but today. When you have that mindset, it takes so much pressure away from having to think about what the other team’s doing, how many games are left, how we’re going to keep this up, all these thoughts leave your mind when you stay focused on what we have to do today. When that occupies all of your thoughts, it makes it a lot easier.”
Ned Yost, when asked about the Royals being able to keep up their torrid 19-4 pace of the last month, 810 AM
GH: Whether Ned likes it or not – and he obviously does not – he is going to be asked about the pressures of a pennant race from now until his club clinches or is mathematically eliminated. This is what big-time MLB late-summer baseball is all about. Ned faced this scenario in Milwaukee and melted in the heat of that pennant race. It only makes sense that he be asked what he has learned and how he will escape what caused him to be a September casualty as the skipper of the Brewers.

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OTC: Chiefs Offensive Line Looks Very Offensive / KK Says MU Wouldn’t Be ESPN Target If They’d Stayed In B12

“When (Andy Reid) says he’s got to better job, that means his offense was terrible.”
Danny Clinkscale, after the Chiefs were embarrassed by Matt Cassel and the Vikings Saturday night at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: WHB’s Steven St. John cautioned Chiefs fans (like me) who are already pessimistic about this season’s squad to NOT overreact to what we are seeing in the preseason. After watching this debacle, we can only hope this is not what the 2014 season has in store for us.

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OTC: Mizzou Vows To Do Better After ESPN Again Shames Tigers W/ Derrick Washington News / Will Safety Concerns Kill Youth FB?

“According to ESPN, Missouri assistant football coaches and the victim’s adviser were aware of the sexual assault allegation (made by a female MU student athlete about MU’s Derrick Washington in 2008) but didn’t report it to the university so the school could start an investigation as required by Title IX. Also, the assault victim told ESPN that she felt her coach said she should decline to press charges against Washington in order to keep her scholarship, a claim MU chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said was unsubstantiated.”
Todd Palmer, MU beat writer, Kansas City Star
GH: R. Bowen Loftin is new on the Mizzou campus and has no ties to the list of sexual assaults and other crimes against students by MU athletes since Derrick Washington made headlines. Somehow, Loftin’s predecessor, Brady Deaton, is still held in high regard for his role in how his administration team and athletic department mismanaged these crimes, criminals and victims. We often talk about student athletes not displaying the proper amount of accountability, but what about the millionaires on campus wearing the suits? Shouldn’t these folks display some embarrassment for their lack of ethics, judgment and shame?

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OTC: Chiefs’ PR Trying To Prop Up A Sagging Eric Fisher At LT / Is Ned MOTY Or Is Sept. His Waterloo?

“Eric Fisher has not looked good in camp and he has not looked good in games.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: There is not a more scrutinized player on the Chiefs roster than their 2013 first overall draft choice out of the MAC. He has not passed the eye test and he looks to be heading to where he might not pass the smell test as well. These are the kind of picks that can haunt a franchise’s reputation for decades. The Chiefs need Eric Fisher to snap out of it or go on the IR and get his shoulder healed sufficiently for NFL play.

“(Eric Fisher) had his best day today (Wednesday). It should be noted that they did not wear pads today and they was no hitting.”
TJ Carpenter, on the Chiefs much-maligned second-year left tackle, 810 AM

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OTC: Billy Butler Is On The Cover Of SI — THAT Is How Nuts This Royals Season Has Become!

26319357_BG1“Billy Butler said the Royals are no longer looking in the rear-view at Detroit. ‘We’re not scared of nothing this time of year,’ he said.”
Andy McCullough, @McCulloughStar, Twitter
GH: You know what? I am starting to believe that to be true. These Royals are 70-55 here in late August – after being tossed away by me and many others as dead for most of the season. This second half of the season just keeps getting better.

“This whole town is different when they’re winning and in first place.”
Jaime Bluma, 810 AM
GH: A 30-year dust storm is showing serious signs of abating here in Kansas City.

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OTC: How Good Is Mizzou Football? Can They Be SEC Worthy Again This Season? / Nick Wrong Gets Exposed Again

“I think Missouri’s being a little bit ignored. The preseason polls are out and Missouri’s not in either preseason poll.”
Blair Kerkhoff, KC Star college sports columnist, 810 AM
GH: How good are this season’s MU Tigers without DGB and L’Damian Washington? Without James Franklin? Without Michael Sam? Great programs shake off these kinds of personnel losses each season and roll on to another nine- or ten-win campaign. Is Mizzou football now in that elite stratosphere where they can absorb these hits and still go bit-time bowling? I can’t wait to find out.

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