Royals Baseball In October Is…

Royals baseball in October is The K lit up on a frosty fall night
And there is baseball to be played.

Royals baseball in October is Gordon, Cain, Aoki and Dyson surgically removing
The opposition’s will with leather gloves.

Royals baseball in October is my wife going to bed in the sixth inning each night
Because she thinks it’s good luck.

Royals baseball in October is the Hen House, Price Chopper and Hy-Vee selling
More Royals shirts than pumpkins.

Royals baseball in October is SungWoo Lee on a plane from Korea
Because he positively needed to be here.
And here positively needed him to be.

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OTC: Chiefs Reset Their Season With Stunning Upset In San Diego / Bob Lutz On Denny Matthews’ Indifference

“A monumental win. A giant win for the Kansas City Chiefs. I think this is a monster win. I think this is an organization locked and loaded and ready to roll.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Well, as they say, this changes everything. Or at least it gives the Kansas City Chiefs the opportunity to hit reset on their season and start dreaming about the playoffs and not an early 2015 draft pick. The Chargers came in as one of the NFL’s hottest teams with an offense that looked to be unstoppable. Somehow, the Chiefs’ pieced together enough of a team to win where Chiefs wins are rare.

“The Chiefs are 1-9 in San Diego since 2004.”
Steven St. John, prior to the Chiefs 23-20 victory over the Chargers in San Diego, 810 AM
GH: That was the history that was staring at Cairo Santos as he lined up his 48-yard field goal as the Chargers called time out to freeze the rookie kicker.

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OTC: 29 Years Later, The Royals Remind Kansas City Just How Great This CowTown Is / World Series, Baby!

“The Royals will play in the World Series. Saying or hearing or reading those words will send chills down the arms of fans across Kansas City and beyond. This is the kind of thing that always happens somewhere else. Not Kansas City, where they tailgate hard because they know that might be the best part of the day. The franchise once defined by a manager saying it can always get worse is now, somehow, America’s team and the greatest story in sports.”
Sam Mellinger, G
H: Mellinger does the moment proud with his ALCS-clinching column. The little town that never could somehow did. Damn. It is good to be alive and living in one of the country’s best kept secrets, Cowtown, USA.

“’Cow Town’ has been mistaken for ‘Crown Town.’”
Joe Perez, @joe_perezkc, Twitter

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OTC: Royals Look To Have Baltimore Series Wired W/ 3-0 Lead / Mr. Moose Builds On His Postseason Legen

“So, my day. I was attending a mediation in West Virginia and this one was pretty much as pleasant as I’ve ever attended (and I’ve done hundreds). Everybody seemed to want to get this over with and there was a spirit of cooperation I don’t always see in my line of work.

But that’s not what made today so cool. After all, I get paid whether it’s difficult or easy and I love my job, even the difficult parts.

What made today really cool was how often people, when they found out I’m from Kansas City, said something to the effect of ‘Go Royals!’ The mediator said it. Opposing counsel said it. Even the plaintiff said it. The guy who checked me into my hotel said it as did the guy who sold me my pizza I took back to my hotel room to contentedly munch on while watching game three. The mediator said that he believed that every sports fan in the country, unless they have a legitimate rooting interest, were cheering for the Royals to win every game they played and I agree with him.

I know I’ve done my share of bitching about the Royals, about David Glass, Ned Yost and every manager that preceded him. I’ve complained bitterly about how they made a mockery of the game I love and the team I’ve loved since I was aware there was such a thing as sports.

But I tell you, this feels magical. It won’t make the 29 years of suck go away and I won’t forget them, but this is why I’ve maintained my love for them (even as I was disdainful as I could possibly be). Because being loyal pays off and I finally feel as if my loyalty is being rewarded.

Anyway, that’s how things are today for this traveling Royals fan. Enjoy the game Wednesday. Unfortunately, I’ll be on a plane home when they throw the first pitch, but with a little luck, I’ll be home in time for the clinch.”
Gavin, OTC email
GH: Gavin’s note pretty much sums up a lot of what many of us are experiencing this month with our Royals. We have suffered through so many dreary summers that led to somewhat hopeful Septembers that fizzled out into so many “maybe next years.” And then this happens. This glorious perfect seven-game postseason run that has not only captured loyal and not-so-loyal Royals fans but baseball fans everywhere. The country has been bitten by a Moose, goosed by a Zoom Squad and has made Yost toasts a nightly ritual. Oh, October. I hope you can tell how we have missed you!

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OTC: Mizzou Gets Bowled Over By Georgia 34-0 As Season Appears To Be Crashing / Royals’ Magical October Continues

“A loss this atrocious demands a look at the schedule to see if Mizzou can scratch out two more wins to become bowl eligible.”
Joe Walljasper, @JoeWalljasper, Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor, following Mizzou’s 34-0 loss at home to Georgia, Twitter
GH: Well. This was not what we expected. I listened to the first half of the UGA/MU game while in the car and I have to give the Mizzou radio crew credit for their honest assessment of what they were seeing. Even with the score only 6-0 in UGA’s favor, Mike Kelly, Howard Richards and Chris Gervino let their audience know Mizzou looked ugly on offense. Not enough college radio crews deliver frank play-by-play and analysis as Mizzou’s threesome. K-State’s broadcast rarely has a negative comment no matter the score and Kansas’ crew is just trying not to fall asleep.

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OTC: Royals’ Dyson Says The Orioles Know It’s Over / Orioles Beg To Differ W/ KC’s Little Fish

“Jarrod Dyson is a walking sound bite. Everything that has come out of his mouth since I’ve spoken with him has been a money quote. But this one of course bothered some of the Orioles players.”
Scott Braun, reporter for MLB TV Network
GH: Dyson sparked some controversy with a quote that The Kansas City Star’s Andy McCullough tweeted out following Saturday’s win in Baltimore…

“No sir I don’t. And I don’t think the Orioles think that either.”
Jarrod Dyson, in answer to The Star’s Andy McCullough asking him if he thought the ALCS would be returning to Baltimore, via McCullough’s Twitter
GH: Dyson could have stopped with, “No sir,” and that would have been the end of it. But Dyson doesn’t do anything as he should – including sliding into second.

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OTC: Georgia’s Todd Gurley Is The Latest College Athlete To Suffer From NCAA’s Backwardness

“I have video of Todd Gurley doing a private autograph signing ***. He has been paid thousands of dollars for his stuff over the last 18 months. I personally paid him for this signing on the video. I have bought and sold game used equipment from him. I want no compensation. Just want someone to leak this story that’s deserving. If you have any interest, give me a call or email. I attached a photo of him in my car signing a mini helmet that I just sold last week on my eBay store. All I ask is some privacy until we can touch base. I live in Georgia and would crucified if my name was released. The video is about 5 minutes long but doesn’t show the money exchange. My cell is ********** I believe this would be the lead story on sports center if ESPN got their hands on this. Hope to hear from you soon.”
Email to Spencer Hall and Steven Godfrey on September 30, 2014, at GH: I hope the state of Georgia relinquishes all bans on crucifixions. At least for this POS.

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