The Boston Marathon Is Old, Stained And Unbreakable

IMG_0896I wrote and posted this column a year ago, following my experience at the 117th Boston Marathon. I hope you forgive me for revisiting this one. This one is special to me.


The finish line at the Boston Marathon is a mirage – or so it seems at the conclusion of this 26.2-mile trek. It is only three-and-a-half blocks from the left-hand turn off Hereford Street onto Boylston Street. Runners will tell you though, that the finish-line banners appear to move away from them rather than get closer.

“It’s like a horror movie,” is how one marathon finisher described this floating finish line to me as we chatted affably after the 117th running of the prestigious race. We stiffly made our way through the finish area to receive our Mylar blankets, medals, snack sacks and personal bags of clothing.

Oh how I would remember his words as this grand celebration of endurance, camaraderie and tradition turned dramatically and forever into a crime scene.

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OTC: Rex Hudler’s “His Kind” Comments Inflames KK and Mad Jack / Nolan Ryan Likes Ace Ventura

“I respect a lot what (Jackie Robinson) did, uh, for his kind. But also how Branch Rickey picked the right guy.”
Rex Hudler, Royals TV color analyst, in a conversation with Ryan Lefebvre prior to Wednesday night’s Royals game on Fox Sports KC
GH: Hudler’s use of the phrase “his kind” was the topic of the day on Kevin Kietzman’s Wednesday afternoon sports talk show. If Hudler’s comment made news elsewhere, I missed it. He was back on the Royals broadcast Thursday night and he did not appear to have been reprimanded for his comment. There is no question this phrasing is no longer accepted in American culture, especially by a broadcaster to a TV audience. Kietzman went the extra mile or two to point that out and take some shots at the Royals while he was at it. Read on.

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OTC: Fire-Throwing Ace Ventura Might Be Part Dragon? / Chiefs Draft A “Crasp Shoot”

“I have no explanation how a 5’11″ guy can command fire like this. I am left with one inescapable conclusion: Yordano Ventura is a Targaryen.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: Ace Ventura might just have some dragon in him. Every start of his is going to be must-see-TV this season…and hopefully for years to come.

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My Unscheduled Night In Hopkinton The Eve Of The @BostonMarathon #BostonStrong

I first posted this story after I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. As I prepare to return to Boston this weekend with 36K other runners for the 118th Boston Marathon, I am remembering my adventure in Hopkinton the night before the race. Here is my tale.

Part I


Memphis Nancy from the NYRR Club took Greg Heilers and my photo at the Boston Marathon Expo before our drive to Hopkinton on Sunday night.

The first person I spoke to from Hopkinton, Massachusetts the eve of the Boston Marathon was a cop.

My good friend and running mate, Greg Heilers, had just dropped me off at the corner of Main and Grove Street in Hopkinton at about 6:30 PM. As I opened the passenger door to his rental Kia, Heilers asked me one last time the same question he had asked a dozen times that day. “Are you sure about this?” he repeated.

It was my grand plan to stay in HopTown, the place where the Boston Marathon begins each Patriots Day, the night before the race and soak in even more of the energy and atmosphere of this 117-year-old tradition – despite having made no prior plans for lodging.

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OTC: KC Star’s Mellinger Calls For Chiefs To Trade Eric Berry & The Media Responds / Royals Bats Powerless

“Most of you will think I’m nuts for this, but the Chiefs should trade Eric Berry.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: The Kansas City Star’s highest profile voice on their sports page wrote a column in the Sunday edition of The Kansas City Star advocating that the Chiefs trade one of their most popular players, the three-time Pro Bowler safety, Eric Berry. If you can get around The Star’s paywall you can read it by clicking here. If you can’t, read on for an excerpt on his reasoning…

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