OTC: K-State Kicks Away Chance To Beat Auburn / Detroit/Royals Open Most Important Series At The K Since 1985

“Kansas State is annoying.”
David Pollack, CFB analyst, as Auburn led KSU 10-7 at the half, ESPN
GH: Pollack’s ESPN booth mates chuckled at his comment. This comment annoyed me. Kansas State has built a football program over the past 20 years or so that is far more than “annoying.” They have two Big 12 championships and a number of 11-win seasons along with an annual bowl trip under Bill Snyder. Pollack diminishes these accomplishments and the level of play that Kansas State displays by calling them “annoying.” Check with Auburn and see if they thought the Cats were nothing more than annoying.

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OTC: Thank You Ron Prince For Auburn At K-State / These Great Non-Con Games Are All Too Rare In Manhattan

“If we don’t break the all-time attendance record, it will be because we didn’t sell standing-room tickets. We have not sold the 500 standing-room tickets we sell for most games because we know our student section will be as packed as it’s ever been with 9,400 students having bought tickets again this year, so we’ve allowed for overflow out of the student section onto the hill.”
John Currie, K-State athletic director, on the expected crowd for tonight’s game against Auburn, CJOnline.com
GH: What area college football fan hasn’t been looking forward to this one? Both teams are undefeated and ranked and both represent everything you either love or hate about college football – the Big 12 and the SEC. Even Kansas fans are rooting for KSU tonight – and that happens about as often as Aoki gets 11 hits in a three-game series. But Auburn will have some local backers as well. Mizzou Nation will be rooting for Auburn and Nick Marshall just as hard as they were rooting against them in last December’s SEC title game. The North and South will go at it again tonight and it should be delightful to watch.

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OTC: Chiefs Look Good Losing In Denver / Should Sideline Reporters Report Injuries Live? / NFL O

“I was really proud of the way the Chiefs play, considering who they didn’t have. I thought they put up a pretty good fight considering they had one hand tied behind their back and on one leg.”
Brad Fanning, TV sports anchor for KCTV 5, 610 AM
GH: I felt the same way as Fanning did about the Chiefs effort in Denver, Yes, this is the NFL and we don’t give out medals just for showing up – but I was expecting Peyton Manning and the Broncos to treat the Chiefs like they were the Kansas Jayhawks (more on that club’s effort at Duke later). This was not only a competitive game but one the Chiefs almost pulled out. As Maximus asked, I was definitely entertained…and in the end that is a lot of the reason I show up to watch each week.

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OTC: Royals’ Dyson & Gore Show ChiSox Dat What Speed Deux! / Denny Matthews Continues To Snooze Through Pennant Race

Love this photo from today’s KC Star’s by the lens wizard himself, Mr. John Sleezer.

“Un-freaking-believable ending! As for Dyson and Gore? Hell I can’t even think that fast.” Mike McCartney, @mikemccartneykc, PA voice of The K, after the Royals staged one of the most thrilling and timely ninth-inning comebacks in franchise history Monday night with a 4-3 win over the White Sox at The K, Twitter
GH: If you saw it, you know of what McCartney speaks. Dyson scored the tying run from second base on a wild pitch. And then Gore scored the game winner from second on an infield chopper by Lorenzo Cain that didn’t have enough momentum to reach the outfield grass in an empty park. All of this after the Royals looked as lost and anemic as they did during most of the Boston series. They remain 1.5 behind Detroit but it beats the hell out of where they were headed before that ninth inning unfolded .

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OTC: Fire Ned Yost. It Is Not Too Late. But It Soon Will Be. / Royals Drop 3 Of 4 To Boston As Crow Flies Like A Granny

“Because I had confidence in Aaron Crow. That’s why. Aaron Crow’s inning is the sixth inning. Kelvin’s is the seventh.”
Ned Yost, when asked why he didn’t opt for Kelvin Herrera or another pitcher from his bullpen before Crow game up the game-deciding grand slam to Boston’s Daniel Nava Sunday afternoon, Kansas City Star
GH: THIS is the reasoning we get from the manager of a team in their first September pennant race in 29 years? He had confidence in the guy who he sent down to NW Arkansas last month to pitch in a game that may very well have decided the Royals’ postseason fate? Fire Ned Yost. Fire Ned Yost today. “Aaron Crow’s inning is the sixth inning.” What is this, Little League? Is Mrs. Yost up in the stands keeping track of how many innings the kids play? Fire Ned Yost. Milwaukee did it before he cost them their postseason. It is still not too late. Fire Ned Yost.

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OTC: Big Game James Slows Royals Free Fall From First W/ Huge Win Over Tigers / Are The Chiefs This Bad?

Shields in his younger days w/ Rays went after the BoSox!

“(James Shields) pitches with emotion. Quite frankly, anything that will piss him off – I’m glad. Because it just makes him better. He has a real knack for pitching with a lot of emotion and being real successful doing it.”
Ned Yost, after James Shields shut down Detroit Wednesday night, Fox Sports KC
GH: This is the Ned Yost I can root for – the guy who talks from his heart and isn’t preoccupied with belittling the media or defending his decisions with arrogance. I don’t think Ned is built for a pressure-packed pennant race and that is going to eventually unravel his team’s chances at a World Series title. But I’ll be damned if I am going to quit watching, listening and rooting for his team despite his own self.

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OTC: Dyson’s Lost Focus Sinks Royals Hopes For A Win In Detroit

Jarrod Dyson after getting picked off second base in the ninth Tuesday night.

Headline in Wednesday’s Kansas City Star after the Tigers 4-2 Tuesday night
GH: The tag line for this Royals headline read, “Teams now tied for AL Central lead.” But the photo that accompanied this headline showed a frustrated Lorenzo Cain after he had struck out with two on in the second inning. While the Royals and Tigers might be “knotted up” in the ALC, the Royals appear to be the club that is also knotted up when it comes to nerves, clutch play and getting the job done in September.

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